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July 22, 2010

Falcon Studios: Justin Cox and Brent Biscayne fuck Zach Alexander in “Layover – Los Angeles, Part 2”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Justin Cox, Brent Biscayne and Zach Alexander look like three peas in a pod as they sit side by side with a wink and a smile, anxious to get things going. Brent leans over to gobble down Justin’s cock leaving himself and his meatstick vulnerable to Zach’s oral attack. Then Brent and Justin alternate sucking their buddy’s dick with an occasional tongue swipe of his balls.

The trio wheel around with Brent and Zach 69-ing while Brent eats ass. Then Zach ends up the middle of a 3-man sandwich getting fucked up the ass and in the mouth by Brent and Justin. With Brent still slamming his asshole, Zach’s body tenses up and he busts his nut. And then Justin, then Brent follow up with their own spurts of creamy jism.”

– Watch the entire scene at FalconStudios

Falcon Studios
July 18, 2010

Falcon Studios: Tristan Jaxx and Girth Brooks fuck Chris Porter in “Depths of Desire, Part 1”

FalconStudios writes:

“Terrorized Chris Porter is a caged animal struggling with Tristan Jaxx and Girth Brooks who free him long enough to then strap him down onto a St. Andrews Cross. The baby-faced Chris holds on for dear life as he’s forced to suck his tormentors’ cocks. He’s afforded temporary succor as Tristan starts to nurse on his cock while he’s still swallowing Girth’s sword.

Then the bruisers play tough again as Girth grabs Chris’ ankles to spread his legs apart so Tristan can jam his tongue inside his ass. The carnal frenzy escalates as the two thuggish tops take turns cornholing their charge up his butt and down his throat.

The intense experience not only unsettles young Chris but excites him enough to make him cum and shoot his wad. Amused, Tristan and Girth lay Chris back down onto the cross to await their retribution. One after the other, they blast him in the face with gooey jizz, even blinding his left eye with a warm squirt of spooge.”

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Falcon Studios
July 14, 2010

Falcon Studios: Adam Killian fucks Gavin Waters in “Snap Shot”

FalconStudios writes:

“Gavin Waters and Adam Killian tear into each other like wild dogs, kissing and grabbing in an aggressively playful manner.

Then Gavin opens wide to swallow and savor Adam’s stiff cock. They find a sofa to nest in and Adam starts nursing on Gavin’s uncut cock. Then he munches his friend’s pink butthole, licking it clean with spit.

Adam upends Gavin so the blond stud’s butt is smack in his face and he resumes rimming. Even upside down, Gavin can lean in and suck his assailant’s cock.

Wanting more, the tattooed stud screws Gavin up the ass. He continues pumping hard, even as Gavin manages to cram a dildo up his ass. The men work up a sweat as Gavin rides Adam’s cock until he finally busts his nut. Then he lovingly and orally facilitates his man’s explosive follow-up.”

– Watch the full-length scene at FalconStudios

Falcon Studios
July 6, 2010

Falcon Studios: Mustang’s “Crotch Rocket”

FalconStudios writes:

“Falcon Superstar Erik Rhodes blasts another hit outta the park. Be it riding a revved-up motorbike or better yet, another man, nothing beats the feeling of rolling thunder throbbing between your thighs. So join our cast of nine as they hop on their personalized Crotch Rockets to speed off on new and exciting adventures that quickly exceeds all their wild expectations.”

– Watch the entire movie at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios
June 24, 2010

Falcon Studios: Samuel Colt, Arpad Miklos and Brenn Wyson fuck Alessio Romero in “Crotch Rocket”

FalconStudios writes:

“Samuel Colt hits a popular bar while waiting for his repaired bike. He spots Alessio Romero and Arpad Miklos playing pool as barkeep Brenn Wyson reports that the loser’s agreed to bottom for a gangbang.

Alessio loses and Arpad, Samuel and Brenn waste no time holding the wiry jock to the deal. They corner Alessio like a pig in a pole and drown him in dicks and spit. They brutalize him with taunts, punches and slaps as they jam their cocks into his mouth, even two at a time.

Then the unholy trinity each take turns fucking their compliant manwhore after prepping his asshole with a rimming. Samuel and Brenn doubleteam Alessio stretching his sphincter wide as they cram both their cocks inside. Samuel, Arpad and Brenn then finish by showering their quarry with their cum.

Brenn is the first to blast Alessio straight in the face, then Arpad drizzles his spooge all over and Samuel creams him with his load. And only after all that can Alessio jerk himself off to finally bust his nut.”

– Watch the entire scene now at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios
June 17, 2010

Falcon Studios: Drew Cutler and Conner Habib bang each other in “Crotch Rocket”

FalconStudios writes:

“Drew Cutler and Conner Habib wanna party hearty but the club’s already closed. Feeling hot to trot, nothing’s gonna squelch their efforts to whoop it up. They decide to revel right there in the street.

They kiss and grapple like horny teenagers before Conner starts sucking away on Drew’s corncob. Then the big man returns the favor, drawing Conner’s dick outta his jeans so he can stuff it down his throat. The guys switch it up again and Drew grabs hold of Conner’s head and forcefeeds him his engorged dick. He then primes Conner’s ass, stretching the cheeks apart so he can slap and lick the hole.

Conner sighs with pleasure as he sits atop Drew’s dick and rides him fast. They continue screwing with Conner gasping his approval. Then they trade places and Drew lays back to get his hole drilled. They face off and Drew is the first to cum as he blasts his buddy’s mug with his juice. And Conner follows up, matching his partner-in-crime squirt for squirt.”

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Falcon Studios
May 24, 2010

Falcon Studios: “INNtrigued”

FalconStudios: "INNtrigued"
FalconStudios: "INNtrigued"

FalconStudios writes:

“Behind its quaint exterior the Inn hosts a horny clientele seeking refuge in this nest of intrigue. Its Victorian and placid facade belie what this special bed and breakfast inn is all about. All the hot and bothered guests who’ve come down for some rest and relaxation quickly find the Inn’s hospitable front desk man and his cohorts generous to a fault; all of them eager to generate enough fierce manaction to blow the Inn’s indulgence rating off the charts.”

– Watch the entire movie at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios
May 17, 2010

Falcon Studios: Leo Giamani and Tommy Defendi’s hot flip-flop fuck in “INNtrigued”

FalconStudios: Leo Giamani and Tommy Defendi's hot flip-flop fuck in "INNtrigued"

Check out this hot scene from Falcon Studios‘ latest flick “INNtrigued”!

– Watch more scenes from this movie at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios
May 13, 2010

Falcon Studios: Tyler Saint fucks Andre Barclay in “Rhodes’ Rules”

Andre Barclay gets fucked by Tyler Saint

FalconStudios writes:

“Tyler Saint wanders the club looking for some action and soon finds Andre Barclay who’s busily entangled with a mechanical dildo which has been set up to drill his ass continuously. This unsettling but striking floorshow is intriguing enough to whet Tyler’s interest and draw him into play. He takes advantage of the immobilized Andre and feeds him his engorged cock. Getting plugged at both ends quickly has Andre wallowing in pig heaven. His appetite is inexhaustible and his energy unlimited.

After a spell, Tyler decides to take a crack at Andre’s crack, delivering the man-on-man interaction that the young buck’s sore asshole’s been missing. Every fierce jab up his stretched sphincter has Andre sighing and growling with throbbing pleasure. Then the two men disengage so they can jack themselves off. Andre is the first to climax and cum, followed quickly by Tyler who blasts his hefty load onto his buddy’s mug.”

– Watch this hot scene at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios
April 28, 2010

Falcon Studios: “White Hot”

FalconStudios: "White Hot"

FalconStudios writes:

“When you’re burning White Hot, all you can do is watch the sizzle! Seared into the consciousness of the 8 super studs gathered here is the desire to burn white hot – so hot as to glow with a bright white light. The physical heat in concert with their twisted appetite for lusty self-indulgence generates a sexual burning all of them are willing to endure.”

– Watch the full-length movie at FalconStudios.com

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