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July 13, 2009

ChaosMen: Vance bangs Ivan’s virgin hole bareback

Chaosmen: Vance bangs Ivan's virgin hole bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“Ivan is headed off for foreign lands, and he wanted to do a video before being out of commission for a while. He figured he would go out with a bang, and finally agreed it was time for him to not only suck some dick, but to take it up the ass.

I wanted someone who had experience but wouldn’t split him in two and scare him away from doing more. Vance was just the man, and I thought I would get out the ‘ole massage table to do the scene on.

Usually the “top” takes control, and Ivan has struggled with knowing what to do. So it is great to see him be more passive, and Vance takes control of the situation. What is so awesome about this video is Ivan is clearly turned on by this. His dick rarely wilts, and it’s so cool to see his dick hard with a butt plug up his ass, and a cock in his mouth!

In between takes, he was basically commenting, “Golly gee, I think I can cum while being fucked!” Duh! He was always very skeptical that the guys he was fucking were actually enjoying it.

Never one to pass up that opportunity, we recycled the “on his back, legs in the air” position. Vance tentatively fucked him until he nuts. He pulls out just as he is cumming, but overall, a pretty good “fuck the cum out of your buddy” shot. You can tell Vance thinks Ivan will not nut if he pokes him too much, but Ivan is yelling “Harder!” What a reversal!

Vance has a tough time playing catch up, so it takes him a minute or two to bust. Ivan’s dick goes down, but the cum is still wet when Vance nuts all over Ivan’s spent cock.

It’s a very hot video where Ivan finally gets a cock in his mouth and ass!”

– Download the entire scene at Chaosmen

July 8, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Bryan fucks a guy for the very first time

CorbinFisher: Bryan fucks a guy for the very first time

Corbin Fisher writes:

“The lead up to filming this one was almost as fun as the actual filming! That Bryan had agreed to give guy/guy action a shot had me pretty excited to see this stud in action with another man and see him put his dick to work. That Caleb had been away for so long and was now back, taking on Bryan’s dick, made for some hot excitement itself.

For his part, Bryan was quite the trooper! He’s young, horny, and always ready. Though it’s his first time ever doing anything with a guy, he’s one of those hot, young men that can get hard and horny at the slightest breeze, and so getting sucked by Caleb and then having Caleb’s tight ass swallow up his dick was more than enough to make Bryan feel good and get him into it.

How could Bryan not get turned on as Caleb bounces up and down on his cock!? Even a straight guy must get incredibly turned on by seeing just what their cock is doing to someone and how much someone else is loving having it inside them. Caleb can’t help but talk dirty, moan and groan for more, and grunt about how Bryan’s cock is stretching his ass – and Bryan can’t help but get caught up in that and get a bit verbal himself. “Your fucking dick is so big,” Caleb grunts. I’d imagine Bryan’s self-esteem was just as big by the time they were done!

Caleb has a lean, tight frame. So it’s really quite the visual seeing Bryan’s dick drive in and out of him, and you can’t help but be impressed by Caleb’s ability to take every inch of it, and take it so well!

As long as I’ve known Caleb and as much hot action as I’ve had the pleasure of filming him in, I’ve never seen him become so overcome with lust – so animalistic, even – as he is here, while approaching orgasm with Bryan’s dick inside him. Caleb shoots a massive load all over himself, which Bryan immediately follows up with his own huge load to the point where Caleb’s abs and chest are totally drenched!”

– Download the entire scene at Corbin Fisher

June 26, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Derek pops Vince’s ass cherry

Corbin Fisher: Derek pops Vince's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Ultra sexual Vince is set to experience something his horny, young self never has before! From shooting Vince’s still photos to filming his solo video, it was apparent that Vince loved sex, went wild for hot girls, and was insatiably horny. All of his ample sexual energy had been focused on females, though. It wasn’t until arriving at CF that he finally experienced sex with a guy. He used that big, uncut dick of his on Brent’s hole, and how he’s getting his own hole fucked for the first time!

For those that have followed CF for awhile, you know how lucky Vince is in having gotten to top a star like Brent in his first guy/guy experience, and getting to bottom for a stud like Derek here and now. That having been said, I think Vince has the makings of a potential Deans List candidate himself, and that’s more than apparent here! Not only does he have a remarkable face and great dick, but that sexual energy of his – which we’ve seen him exert with girls – comes out here as well!

He makes out with Derek deeply and passionately, and then sucks Derek’s dick eagerly while the two sixty-nine. What’s more, that hot face of his looks even hotter with mouth agape, eyes closed, sweat dripping down the forehead as Derek plugs his hole and pops his cherry!

Bent over the side of the bed, Derek thrusting in and out of him from behind, we’re treated to the sight of Vince’s big, uncut dick swinging back and forth as he moans and groans in response to these new and intense feelings. As they move up on to the bed, the guys fucking on their sides, Vince’s moans get louder and louder. For his part, Derek also can’t help but moan and pant as he slides his dick in and out of Vince’s tight hole.

Vince’s dick progressively gets harder and harder the more used to these new feelings he gets. By the time he’s on his back with his legs in the air, you can see how stiff his dick is getting. While still on his back, Vince ends up giving himself a few strokes and blowing his load all over his abs. That sends Derek over the top, and he immediately declares he’s going to cum to too – pulling out and doing just that all over Vince’s abs as well! The boys deserve the shower they share – and that we film and have included here – at the end of this hot one!”

– Download this hot scene at Corbin Fisher

June 24, 2009

ActiveDuty: New recruit Conrad gets fucked for the first time in “Battle Cry 3”

Gorgeous new recruit Conrad bottoms in "Battle Cry 3" this week at ActiveDuty

Active Duty writes:

“The first scene of Battle Cry 3 features Dorian, Kaden, Conrad and Payne and it’s Conrad’s first time bottoming. Who does the honors? Our hunk of Marine Dorian takes Conrad’s virginity and promises that he’ll never get it back.

Kaden also bottoms for that sexy uncut beautiful cock of Payne’s and does a mighty damn fine job of taking the fat cock hard and deep. Conrad kept asking me the night before if I wanted him to bottom on this trip and I said it wasn’t necessary but he kept insisting, “but you really want me to bottom, don’t you?” I assured him again that he didn’t have to but he insisted, “Yeah but you want me to, right?” So what the hell was I supposed to say? Talk about persistence.

So, I got Dorian all lathered up to the idea and Kaden was surprisingly eager to bottom for Payne and once you see how well he took it, you might figure out why he was eager. I was amazed. I’m filming Dorian bang Conrad’s virgin ass and I look over and suddenly Payne is buried balls deep in Kaden’s sweet ass.”

– Watch the entire scene at ActiveDuty.com

June 19, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Josh pops Brett’s ass cherry

Josh pops Brett's ass cherry at Corbin Fisher

In a sense, having Brett’s first bottoming experience be with Josh is as close as we could get to having Brett top himself! Both of these guys’ dicks are a lot alike in size, girth and shape.

With each being no stranger to stretching others’ holes, it’s only fitting that Brett’s first hole-stretching takes place with a guy armed with a cock much like his own!

– Get this super hot scene at CorbinFisher.com

June 10, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Adam pops Keith’s ass cherry

Adam pops Keith's ass cherry at Corbin Fisher's Amateur College Men

When Keith had his first time on CF’s Amateur College Men (fucking Travis) it lit a bit of a fire in him. He had an amazing time and it showed! As he and Travis went at it, they ended up having such hot sex that the video became one of the most popular clips on CorbinFisher.com!

In CF’s latest update Keith is back in action – this time on the receiving end of things! You gotta see how much fun he has as a bottom!

Adam made a great candidate to be the first to ever top Keith. He’s new to CF, yet definitely knows how to fuck and fuck well. He loves to top so Corbin wasn’t the least bit concerned about having a new arrival to CF be the one to break in another straight college jock.

Both of the guys did, as well, as their dicks are hard from the get go!

– Download the full-length scene at Corbin Fisher’s Amateur College Men

May 15, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Dawson pops Josh’s ass cherry

The wait is over and the moment has arrived! Josh is getting fucked on CorbinFisher.com!

Indeed, this video is full of firsts for Josh: Here with Dawson, Josh sucks dick for the first time. Further, he gets rimmed for the first time. And finally, he gets fucked for the first time!

– Download the complete scene at Corbin Fisher