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July 8, 2017

Men.com: François Sagat, Paddy O’Brian and Sunny Colucci in “Dream Fucker, Part 3”

Men.com: François Sagat, Paddy O'Brian and Sunny Colucci in “Dream Fucker, Part 3”
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes:

“Paddy and Sunny decide to experiment and see if they can share a dream with the Dream Fucker. Spoiler alert: it works, and soon the three hunks are working the poles and the holes toward an orgasmic conclusion.”

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July 1, 2017

Men.com: François Sagat and Sunny Colucci flip fuck in “Dream Fucker, Part 2”

Men.com: François Sagat and Sunny Colucci flip fuck in "Dream Fucker, Part 1"
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes:

“Sunny Colucci falls into a deep sleep and meets the Dream Fucker Francois Sagat.”

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June 24, 2017

Men.com: François Sagat returns to gay porn, bottoms for Paddy O’Brian in “Dream Fucker, Part 1”

Men.com: François Sagat returns to gay porn, bottoms for Paddy O'Brian in "Dream Fucker, Part 1" (Sneak Peek)
Men.com Special Offer

Men.com writes about this scene:

“Paddy O’Brian drifts off into dreamland and meets the man of his hottest fantasies: Francois Sagat. Francois treats Paddy passionately, the two studs working up a sweat until explosive release.”

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June 24, 2017

Behind the Scenes: François Sagat on the set of Men.com

Francois Sagat makes his first ever appearance with Men.com following a long hiatus from gay porn.

The three-part series “Dream Fucker” was shot on location in Barcelona, where the French model co-stars alongside Irish stud Paddy O’Brian.

The French sex symbol has been a dominant figure not only in the gay porn industry, but he has created some big waves in mainstream media; from being featured in numerous magazines, to surrounding himself with renowned fashion, film, and artistic figures.

In the world of gay porn, Francois Sagat is well-known for his appearances with Titan Men and Raging Stallion, and in doing so has emerged into a much larger cult phenomenon.

Sagat has made appearances in Hollywood films such as LA Zombie and LA Zombie Hardcore directed by Bruce LaBruce as well as American horror film Saw VI.

He has been featured in countless fashion magazines such as Loverboy Magazine, Satellite Magazine, C Homme, Dull Magazine, Instinct Magazine, and much more.

Director Alter Sin says about his work with Francois Sagat: “Shooting with Francois Sagat was a total dream. I feel tremendously honored and privileged to have met and worked alongside such a sensational character.

Not only is Francois Sagat an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, but he carries himself in a very professional manner which makes him even more of a delight to work with! We’re very excited about the Dream Fucker series and hope that it’s reflected in our work!”

December 11, 2014

TitanMen: “Francois Sagat: Volume 1”

TitanMen: "Francois Sagat: Volume 1"

TitanMen.com presents “Francois Sagat Volume 1”. A compilation of hand picked scenes starring TitanMen exclusive Francois Sagat in all his glory.

Watch all the hot, sweaty, muscular action this beefy hunk gets into…

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July 1, 2014

TitanMen: “Hardwood”

TitanMen: "Hardwood"

TitanMen.com writes:

“If you like your sex outside in the fresh air, you’ll love Hardwood: TitanMen in the Great Outdoors a collection of six of the best outdoor hardcore sex scenes from the TitanMen vault. Join TitanMen exclusives Francois Sagat, Dean Flynn and Dario Beck and many more as they suck and fuck in the Great Outdoors.”

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October 12, 2012

TitanMen: “3 Ways” featuring David Anthony, Alex Baresi, Tober Brandt, Damien Crosse, Francois Sagat and Will Parker

TitanMen.com writes:

“The French call it Ménage à trois…we just call it fun! The very best of TitanMen 3-ways picked from the vaults by Bruce Cam himself!

Six classic scenes featuring some of the best sucking, fucking, rimming and spit-roasting we’ve ever filmed. Featuring TitanMen exclusive stars Francois Sagat, Alex Baresi, Tober Brandt, Damien Crosse, Michael Vincenzo, Victor Racek and David Anthony.

Over 2 hours of the biggest and baddest 3-ways in TitanMen history! A true collector’s item for the connoisseur of masculine, muscular men sharing with their buddies.”

– Watch the full-length scene at TitanMen.com

July 2, 2012

TitanMen: “Top to Bottom – The Best of Versatile Titan Men”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Top to Bottom presents the very best versatile TitanMen. Hot, hairy and handsome men fucking and getting fucked. Six hardcore scenes of the very best in flip-flop fucking TitanMen are sure to pop your load!

Hand-picked scenes by Bruce Cam and Brian Mills feature the most iconic versatile men in the TitanMen vault: Francois Sagat, Jake Deckard, Tober Brandt, Matthew Rush, Michael Brandon, Kent Larson and more!

Over 2 hours of the hottest TitanMen fucking and getting fucked! A true collector’s item for the connoisseur of masculine, muscular and versatile men.”

– Watch the entire movie at TitanMen

April 6, 2012

TitanMen: “Marco Blaze: Thick and Uncut”

TitanMen.com writes:

“One of the most popular TitanMen of the past decade, Marco Blaze set the screen on fire with his smoldering good looks, perfect body and his thick uncut cock! This Argentinean god burst onto the scene and immediately become one of the most wanted men in gay porn!

Now for the first time ever his very best performances are gathered together in a limited edition DVD. Marco Blaze: Thick and Uncut features his very best scenes with hours of ass-pounding action starring TitanMen exclusives Dario Beck, Dean Flynn, Alex Baresi, Dirk Jager and Francois Sagat.”

– Watch the entire movie online at TitanMen.com

March 29, 2012

TitanMen: David Anthony, Francois Sagat and Junior Stellano in “Incubus 2: The Final Chapter”

TitanMen.com writes:

“As visions of his ordeal race through his mind, Francois Sagat wakes up suspended from the ceiling as his doppelganger issues commands. He blacks out and wakes up possessed — whispering evil into the ear of Junior Stellano, who joins him for a photo shoot taken by David Anthony.

Francois emerges from the dressing room with tortured eyes and a boner that pulses even harder when he spots Junior on his knees worshipping David’s massive meat. Francois approaches, the sucker taking turns on their dicks before his furry body is coated.

David slides his cock inside Junior, who moans as the sound of their smacking flesh fills the set. Francois then gets his turn, pounding Junior as David snaps shots.

Francois offers his hole, Junior gyrating in for a sultry fuck as the bottom’s ass hair clings to the top’s cock. Junior and David kiss above, soon switching positions as David’s huge sac pounds against Francois’s muscle-ass — the top’s defined shoulders and arms shining on camera as three more loads soon fly.”

– Watch the complete scene at TitanMen

March 15, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: TitanMen’s “Breakers”

Titan writes at Lucas Entertainment:

“Back at the beach, TitanMen exclusive François Sagat peels off his clothes and jumps into the ocean for an al fresco dip. To dry off, he goes for a run along the shore, passing TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda and Dillon Buck on the way.

The two lovers pack up their stuff and head towards the campground where they hook up with TitanMen exclusive Diesel Washington. Things get heated up quickly as Dillon watches Diesel push Victor’s head down on his extra-long cock, growling with delight as Victor gags on every inch of it. As Victor starts sucking on Dillon’s equally humongous cock, Diesel starts shooting piss all over himself.

Diesel and Dillon double-team cock-hungry Victor, who’s on his knees trying to service both guys’ huge cocks with his mouth and throat. Diesel and Dillon then hoist Victor up between them and then all three dump their creamy loads all over Victor.

But things are just getting warmed up; they splay Victor over the hood of their truck and take turns eating his furry ass. Before long, the two major studs are towering over him, taking turns stuffing the compact buck’s greedy ass.

Diesel does some more of his trademark piss-spurting before they throw Victor first onto a surfboard and then the ground where they all shoot another set of hefty loads all over him.”

– Watch scenes from this movie online at LucasEntertainment
– Watch this and even more movies at TitanMen.com

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