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October 6, 2009

Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex: Vince and Bryan’s bi tag team

CorbinFisher's AmateurCollegeSex: Vince and Bryan's bi tag team

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Neither Vince nor Bryan has yet had the opportunity to get into some all-out bi fun and so it was high time that changed! As you’ll see here, it seems both were more than happy and eager to experience this and get it on with another guy and girl at the same time!

I really have to skip through to the part where Vince is fucking Bryan on his hands and knees while Bryan is eating out the girl. Both guys could not have possibly looked more into the action at this point! Not only is Vince grunting and mouthing, “Oh yeah!” over and over again while he pumps Bryan’s ass, but he also can’t help but stare down at Bryan as he has his face buried between the girl’s legs. I think he was insanely turned on by seeing a guy doing something so straight (eating out a girl) while also taking his dick in his ass.

For his part, Bryan also looks like he’s incredibly turned on by it all. He’s definitely more familiar with doing stuff with girls and more experienced with that, but has taken to guy/guy action quite well since arriving at CF. That’s as true as ever here, as he can’t keep his hands off of the girl and is totally getting off on doing stuff with her, while loving having Vince fuck his ass deep and hard.

Bryan takes it doggy style long and hard, and then gets on to his back so Vince can fuck him while his legs are in the air. That position is what really does it for Bryan, as he gasps out, “Fuck!! Here it comes!” and starts to spray a huge load all over his chest and abs. That turns Vince on immensely, and he pulls his own dick out of Bryan’s ass to let him know he’s about to cum all over his stomach, and then proceeds to do just that.

Both Bryan and Vince have shown that they really get off on seeing another guy cum and that’s evident here, as neither can help but stare at the other’s spewing cock while they’re shooting!

“Did you enjoy that?”, Vince asks Bryan.

“That was the best!”, Bryan responds, before they all kiss deeply and make out at the end of their hot fuck.”

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September 20, 2009

ChaosMen: Davin, Dyson and Zane’s hot threeway

Chaosmen: Davin, Dyson and Zane's hot threeway

Chaosmen writes:

“I don’t do very many TagTeams, mainly because they cost more, and I really don’t make more on them. So if you love more than two guys, tell your friends and get them to join, ‘cuz I like shooting them, but dang they get expensive. Economics aside, I thought I would just toss three of my veteran guys onto a bed and they would just go for it. Didn’t really happen that way.

Instead, all of them, even nutty Zane, seemed a lot more reserved. The video starts off a little awkward, but it does start to really ramp up during the sucking and fucking.

I had A LOT of footage and it was tough piecing it together AND keep the video to a downloadable size. Anytime a movie creeps up to the 25 minute mark, I know I will have members complaining about download speeds. There are some fast cuts and fades as I tried to edit this video down to a tolerable size, so forgive me if it seems a bit jumpy.

I thought for sure Zane would be the instigator, but Davin was the talker and he generally kept things going.

Dyson actually busts up inside Zane, and just like real life, there is just not much to show for it. I really tried to talk Zane into spreading his ass and squeezing the last drop out kind of thing, but I think I need to show them how it’s down for them to get it right. Thrust, thrust, thrust, pull out, squirt once, shove back in! But it’ the real deal.

What’s not real is Dyson swore he could stay hard after cumming. He can with a girl after all. But can you really blame him?

So we did give him some time to reset and he continued to fuck Zane for a few. Zane loves to get fucked while he cums. Well, Dyson was spent. Somewhere along the way he plops out but keeps on thrusting, and thankfully Zane nuts in no time. I think Davin’s giant cock in his face did the trick this time out.

And Davin! Talk about good timing! Zane barely catches his breath from nutting and is still in recovery mode when Davin cums all over his face.

It’s dang hard to get these guys to cum near or at the same time and 3-ways are even more challenging. But each guy was able to cum in their favorite position(fucking, fucked, facial!), so not a bad ending to a crazy TagTeam!”

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September 5, 2009

Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex: Zeke and Lucas’ bi tag team


Corbin Fisher writes:

“I get flashbacks to chemistry class when filming these bi scenes. I can distinctly remember my chemistry professor mixing different substances, and then throwing a catalyst in there so that we could observe how it impacted the chemical reaction. For those of you in need of a refresher, a catalyst is essentially a substance used to alter a chemical reaction – usually speed it up (that’s my hacked, layman’s definition). What in all hell am I going on about catalysts for?

Well, just like how the catalyst in chemistry class could be thrown i to the mixture to significantly accelerate the reaction (while the catalyst itself remains unchanged or altered at the end of the process), the girl is often the catalyst to the “chemical reaction” between two guys here at ACS. She comes out of it unchanged (well… perhaps she has a newfound appreciation for just how hot guy/guy sex can be) but what takes place between the guys is greatly enhanced by her being there – they fuck harder, are way more turned on, are a lot more horny, and have incredibly hot sex. All that certainly takes place in the absence of girls over at ACM, but it’s sure as hell fun seeing how the girl impacts things when the guys go at it here on ACS!

Just watch Zeke and Lucas go at it here. They look like they’re that much more turned on sucking dick and even making out with another guy simply on account of the fact that Chloe is right there. Getting fucked and fucking seem to feel even better for them with her around. The action between them is amped up by her presence as they can’t help but be turned on by the fact that she’s there, likely want to prove something in front of her, and also discover it can be downright hot to do what they’re normally used to doing outside of CF (having sex with a girl), yet with another guy thrown in to the mix!

Hell… come to think of it… I could even be way off about just who the catalyst is in these situations. While I’ve always felt the girl played that role, in many ways it’s actually the guys that are the catalysts. Sex with a girl is the “chemical reaction” these guys are so used to and experienced with, and yet things get amped up so much more when another guy is thrown in to the mix! Sure, they love to go down on a girl and eat her out. But they can’t help but find it hot to immediately go from doing that to wrapping their lips around a hard dick! And, yeah, having a girl blow them is something they can’t get enough of. But doing so while also sucking a guy off themselves just makes things that much more wild and intense! Pounding a girl is always fun, but pounding another guy as masculine and hardbodied as themselves, his hard dick bouncing around while you drill him, just has to be that much better when a cute girl is watching, inches away, and even making out with you!

Indeed, for so long I’ve felt the girls were really the catalyst to hot guy/guy action at ACS in these bi threeways but it’s more and more apparent another guy being there actually accelerates, enhances, and amps up the straight sex beyond what it might otherwise be! Eureka, I’ve found it!

You just know there’s something at work when Lucas blows two massive loads – one while pounding Zeke and the other while fucking Chloe – and Zeke cums buckets after getting fucked for just a few minutes by Lucas’ rockhard dick!”

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August 2, 2009

StraightFraternity: “5 Man Cum Fest”

Lane, Bo, Justice, Greg and Ink audition for an upcoming shoot for StraightFraternity.com and Lane gets drenched with the others’ cum. Five cum shots total!
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Straight Fraternity
July 19, 2009

Randy Blue: Brandon Christian, Malachi Marx and Mike West’s hot threeway

RandyBlue: Brandon Christian, Malachi Marx and Mike West's hot threeway

In this hot new scene on RandyBlue.com, Brandon Christian gets his sexy body worked over by hot sweaty gardeners Mike West and Malachi Marx.

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July 15, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Keith gets tag-teamed by Elijah and Connor

CorbinFisher: Keith gets tag teamed by Elijah and Connor

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“I’d mentioned, when we first introduced Keith, that he’s the kind of guy that just doesn’t do anything half way. When he makes up his mind about something, he goes all out and puts his all in to it. That’s precisely what happens here, as he takes on both Connor and Elijah at the same time – and does a great job of it!

I knew Keith would make a good candidate for a tag team after his very first action scene with Travis. I wasn’t expecting him to be so enthusiastic and in to it, yet certainly won’t complain that he was! Being just as energetic when he bottomed for Adam, there was no doubt he had the potential to be an incredible bottom in a tag team and Connor and Elijah were going to find that out.

With the kind of enthusiasm and energy he shows here, I half wonder if we couldn’t have tried anything mid-scene and gotten him to go along with it. He looks like he couldn’t possibly be any happier sandwiched between Connor and Elijah, moving his mouth back and forth between each of their dicks to take turns sucking on them both. He was hard the instant the cameras started rolling, and continued to be throughout all the action.

Both Connor and Elijah were totally wrapped up in the action, as well. They couldn’t help but be quite in to the fact that they had this guy totally at their mercy, clearly loving anything and everything they were doing to him, and ready for whatever they had in store. His mouth would swallow their dicks at every opportunity, and his ass was eager to get fucked!

Connor was the first one to slide his dick in to Keith’s hole, while Elijah was getting the royal treatment at the other end. On his hands and knees, being spit roasted by these two studs, all we hear are grunts and moans from Keith as he swallows Elijah’s dick with Connor pumping him from behind.

Soon, it’s Elijah’s turn to fuck Keith’s hole as he and Connor flip him over and trade places. Keith takes him without any trouble whatsoever, eagerly sucking on Connor while doing so. Connor wanted to get some more ass, though, and soon as Keith sitting on top of him as he thrusts up in to him. That left Keith’s mouth readily accessible and available, which Elijah quickly takes advantage of!

Not surprisingly, it’s Keith that blows his load first as he’s on top of Connor. Elijah then follows that by shooting his cum all over Keith’s chest and shoulder – a huge load at that! Last, but not least, Connor fires off his own on to Keith’s legs and balls! If you make it through all that, there’s a ton of bonus footage included with this one, as well!”

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July 3, 2009

Randy Blue: Benjamin Bradley, Sean Everett and Trent Davis have a wild threeway

RandyBlue: Benjamin Bradley, Sean Everett and Trent Davis have a wild threeway

When Benjamin Bradley and Sean Everett wake up hung over from a wild night on the town they find that they somehow picked up a third, Trent Davis, who brings them much more than breakfast in bed.

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June 26, 2009

TommyDxxx: Tommy gets fucked by the Studding twins

TommyDxxx: Tommy gets fucked by the Studding twins

The Studding twins are back with Tommy D and they are ready to tag team his sweet little ass.

Tommy loves these furry masculine little guys and with all their energy combined it’s going to lead to some hot sweaty grinding.

It’s the twins first time fucking Tommy and they both get to tear up that ass just the way he likes it.

Get that lube ready and sit back for an awesome 3 way cum shot that soaks up Tommy’s chest.

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June 19, 2009

Randy Blue: Ryan Rockford, Reese Rideout and Jeremy Walker’s hot threeway

RandyBlue.com: Ryan Rockford, Reese Rideout and Jeremy Walker's hot threeway

Ryan Rockford, Reese Rideout and Jeremy Walker have a threeway that gives new meaning to the phrase ‘hot as fuck

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June 18, 2009

Randy Blue: Kevin Falk and Travis James

Kevin Falk and Travis James at RandyBlue

A quiet romantic date becomes a wild suckfest with Kevin Falk shooting one of his biggest loads all over Travis James.

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