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January 27, 2013

TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Ian

TimTales: Tim Kruger fucks Ian

TimTales writes:

“This week we have a new Tim Video for you.

His partner in this scene is Ian, a blue eyed sexy man from Hungary. He was in town for the Circuit Festival and since we always wanted to shoot with him we took the chance.

Tim had a real good sexual connection with Ian, I (Grobes) could even see that through the camera monitor. The sex got really wild and the recording of it will surely turn you on as well. So, have fun now with the video.”

– Download the full-length scene at TimTales.com

January 25, 2013

NakedSword Originals: Marcus Isaacs and Leo Forte pound each other in “Undiscovered, Episode 4”

NakedSword Originals: Marcus Isaacs and Leo Forte pound each other in “Undiscovered, Episode 4”
NakedSword Originals: Marcus Isaacs and Leo Forte pound each other in “Undiscovered, Episode 4”

NakedSword writes:

“The most important lesson for an aspiring porn star to learn? Expect the unexpected. In the final episode of Undiscovered, NakedSword Original’s porn-star-training program, a model misses his plane — and porn star trainer Leo Forte fills in.

Luckily, the model in training is Marcus Isaacs, a furry East Village rascal with green eyes, a full beard and a firm bubble butt. Professor Leo has become a big fetish star, but hasn’t totally broken into mainstream porn — could this be his big chance as well?

The boys are smitten, the sex is off-the-wall and after this explosive ending — don’t expect either to seem Undiscovered anymore.”

– Watch “Undiscovered, Episode 4” at NakedSword.com
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January 25, 2013

ChaosMen: Ace (aka Adam Wirthmore) and Vander bang each other raw

Chaosmen: Ace (aka Adam Wirthmore) and Vander's hot raw flip-fuck
Chaosmen: Ace (aka Adam Wirthmore) and Vander's hot raw flip-fuck

Chaosmen.com writes about this hot scene:

“‘Ace’ and Vander had been seeing each other for many months. They have been doing the whole long-distance relationship thang. Not sure I would say “boyfriends” what with each of them living on opposite ends of the country, but you will quickly see that these two guys are totally enamored with each other.

I basically let them do whatever they wanted and chased them around with a camera. A couple times I did have to remind them to “let us in” so we could see what was happening, but overall this is just one steaming hot sex scene where they get to finally have sex after not seeing each other for a couple months.

They start off in the shower with Ace obviously hungry to get Vander’s cock down the back of his throat. Not sure I have seen anyone deep throat him so deftly! Ace has had some practice doing it with Vander before. Vander is hungry for Ace’s hole, and eats him till he is begging to be fucked.

It still surprises me these guys can take Vander’s monster cock, even for someone as experienced as Ace is. His cock sure liked all the attention, and before I knew it Vander had lifted Ace up off the tile and was fucking him up against the shower wall. I had a twinge or fear as I had visions of Vander’s feet sliding out from under him, but before everyone went splat on the tile, they dismissed themselves for the comfort of the bed.

Ace climbs into bed, leaving Vander an amazing view of his perfect ass. Vander slides in then slides his cock back into Ace. After that it is just like watching two hungry dogs fight over a bone. They both take turns fucking each other, each getting harder with the other dude’s cock inside them.

Ace kept halting because he was going to cum and I did finally have to direct them into a more “cum shot friendly” position. I was setting up my main camera when Ace started yelling he was cumming. I kind of missed getting a nice close-up shot of it, but thankfully the other cameras were set and ready to catch Ace’s awesome nut shot.

Vander licks up his load, then starts fucking him some more. He loves to eat ass, so he starts licking his hole, which puts him over the top. He unloads over his hole, and jams the rest in.

Not one to waste cum, he eats out Ace’s cummy hole, then climbs on top to swap some cummy kisses!

This one scores mighty high on the satisfaction meter because these are two guys clearly have thing for each other!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen.com

January 24, 2013

Sean Cody: Jarek creampies Sheridan

SeanCody: Jarek barebacks Sheridan
SeanCody: Jarek barebacks Sheridan

Sean Cody writes:

““Wow this is really unusual!” Sheridan said as Jarek was showing off his foreskin. “I’ve never seen another one before!”

“Never?” Jarek asked. “Not in the shower at the gym or anything?”

“No,” Sheridan replied. “I haven’t”

Jarek laughed. I knew that Sheridan was proud of his foreskin so it was fun seeing his reaction to another.

“You know it feels a lot better when you get fucked by one of these!” Jarek said in his cocky way.

“Really?” Sheridan said. “I didn’t know…”

Jarek laughed again. He loves to fuck with people.

Of course, Sheridan had no frame of reference. But I think he definitely enjoyed it!”

– Download the full-length scene at SeanCody.com

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January 24, 2013

Next Door Studios: Donny Wright fucks Cameron Foster in “Attention to Detail”

Next Door Studios: Donny Wright fucks Cameron Foster in "Attention to Detail"

NextDoorBuddies.com writes:

“Donny Wright has contracted Cameron Foster to redesign his club. Cameron is a great designer, and he’s always happy for the work, but he has taken this job with an ulterior motive. Knowing that Donny’s club is a gay club, Cameron puts two and two together and figures he may be able to indulge in a secret fantasy of his.

Donny senses his excitement and makes a move on Cameron’s thigh, unsure whether or not Cameron will be receptive. Cameron is a bit nervous at first, but something about Donny’s touch just feels right. And when Donny grabs his package and Cameron’s shaft swells with a rush of energy, he decides to go with his instincts and let Donny have his way with him. And Donny is up to the challenge, falling to his knees and sucking Cameron off until he’s good and hard.

Cameron tries his hand at it, and not to Donny’s surprise, he’s a natural at it, taking Donny balls deep and smacking Donny’s head against his tongue and lips. Donny asks Cameron if he’d like to get fucked and Cameron is ready, willing and able, so Donny eases it in at first, but as he sees Cameron getting more and more turned on with every thrust, he begins to pound more energetically, until he is fucking Cameron’s ass with every ounce of energy he has.

Cameron strokes his cock as Donny fucks him from the side, shooting his load messily all over his legs, and then Donny lets loose with such a massive load that Cameron thinks it’s all over twice, only to be blasted by even more cum.”

– Download the full-length scene at NextDoorStudios.com

Next Door World
January 23, 2013

TimTales: Lito Cruz pounds Alessandro raw

TimTales: Lito Cruz pounds Alessandro raw

TimTales.com writes:

“Finally, another video with “The Man” Lito Cruz.

This time we paired him with a young and very handsome man from Italy, Alessandro. His blue eyes are hypnotizing, he´s so beautiful he could be a model for fashion and we heard that he really had done that before.

Nevertheless he can take a really good bareback pounding by an XXL and he especially likes masculine mature men like Lito.

So Lito did not hesitate a second to work on Alessandro’s little hole until it was wide open and then gave him a nice big load.”

– Download the full-length scene at TimTales.com

January 22, 2013

Jake Cruise: Dean Monroe gets fucked by Jimmy Roman

JakeCruise: Dean Monroe rides Jimmy Roman

Jake Cruise writes:

“Jimmy Roman just got through an intense workout. His shoulders are dead tired. Dean Monroe is more than happy to give Jimmy a rub down to help those aching muscles. Jimmy hasn’t even finished getting his wraps off before Dean starts kissing his neck and rubbing his cock through his shorts. Jimmy stands up and decides it’s time to take the monster out for air.

Dean swallows Jimmy down to the base with incredible ease. Both uncut guys are hard as nails and play around docking their foreskins. Jimmy gets down on his knees and gives Dean a little oral lovin’.

Dean gets on all fours and begs to get fucked. Jimmy eats Dean’s ass to ensure it’s primed and ready before planting his big dick inside. Jimmy pounds away, fucking Dean hard and fast right off the bat.

This certainly isn’t Dean’s first rodeo, and he proves to Jimmy his ass can take whatever Jimmy can dish out. Jimmy Roman thrusts faster and faster until Dean blows his load all over his fuzzy belly. Jimmy immediately hops up and cums on Dean Monroe’s face, giving him a big mouthful which they exchange in a sloppy kiss. HOT!”

– Download the entire scene at JakeCruise.com

Jake Cruise
January 21, 2013

Cocksure Men: Ty Roderick fucks Adam Herst

CocksureMen: Ty Roderick fucks Adam Herst

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Muscular fuckers Adam Herst and Ty Roderick are horny and eager to get each others’ rocks off. Adam peels down Ty’s pants and goes to work on his hog. Ty fucks Adam’s juicy mouth while Adam strokes his raging hard on. Some frotting leads to a foot job which gets Adam all worked up and ready to fuck.

Ty eats Adam’s hot hole and then buries his big dick deep inside. Adam moans in pure ecstasy from Ty’s furious fucking.

After getting his asshole worked over, Adam Herst cums onto his ripped abs. Ty Roderick shoots his load onto Adam’s furry chest while he is still writhing around from his own orgasm.”

– Download the full-length scene at CocksureMen.com

January 20, 2013

LucasEnterainment: Jonathan Agassi takes every inch of Paddy O’Brian in “British Pounds”

LucasEntertainment: Paddy O'Brian pounds Jonathan Agassi in "British Pounds"
LucasEntertainment: Paddy O'Brian pounds Jonathan Agassi in "British Pounds"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Paddy O’Brian takes a well-earned break after he and Jonathan Agassi work on fixing up an old warehouse. Jonathan takes a lunch while Paddy takes a seat and rests his big sweaty muscles. While he’s sitting idly by he touches his aroused crotch; Jonathan returns and notices the lump growing in his buddy’s pants.

Jonathan runs his hand over the bulge before pulling it out and swallowing the fat piece of meat with his wet lips and hungry throat. Paddy enjoys the service and Jonathan doesn’t waste a second offering it.

Paddy and Jonathan climb the scaffolding for a view while Jonathan eats out the top’s hairy man-ass before he bends over and prepares himself for Paddy’s hard, thick cock. Paddy bangs Jonathan’s ass hard before they hop down and get dirty on the mattress. Paddy ensures that Jonathan feels every inch of his manhood as they fuck toward climax!”

– Download the full-length scene at Lucas Entertainment

Lucas Entertainment
January 19, 2013

MaverickMen: “Fat Cocks and Hairy Holes”

MaverickMen: "Fat Cocks and Hairy Holes"

MaverickMen.com writes:

“Are you ready for a SCORCHING HOT fuck video!?! We are bumping up this video to the front of the line because when we posted a little teaser and pic of our boy PJ so many of you have been emailing us asking when it will go live. Well as you know; your wish is our command.

You fucking little piggies and piglets are going to squirt all over the place when you see how beautiful PJ is – with his big thick cut monster cock, low hanging hairy balls, furry muscle ass, and hairy hard body, “WOOF” is the only word to describe our vers-top buddy, PJ.

I have to admit, part of the reason it took so long to post this video is I keep getting sidetracked with having to stop and beat my meat during the editing. PJ reached out to us and wanted to check “us” off his bucket list, and we were happy to help.

A masculine, sweet, and funny manly man, PJ is someone special to us and we ended up making two videos during his stay. It was one hot weekend of non-stop sucking and fucking.

So yes, there is another full fuck video in the can that you guys will eventually be shown. And hopefully it won’t be the last!

PJ, if you’re reading this, you know you have an open invitation to come back for a fun visit any time you like. We miss you, sexy boy!”

– Download the full-length scene at MaverickMen.com