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August 21, 2012

Sean Cody: Jarek creampies Christian

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

““I like to get out and have fun,” Jarek said, looking at Christian. “It helps me bond with the guy I’m about to fuck!”

Christian nodded his head in agreement. They were getting to know each other and they really opened up once we got out in the woods. “I feel like Tarzan looking for my Jane, or I guess in this case my John!” Jarek joked. He was rocking the facial hair, and with his muscular torso he definitely looked the part.

“I’ll be your John any day!” Christian said, his blue eyes sparkling in the sun. He was clearly ready! The sexual tension was building. On the car ride back they couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

The shirts quickly came off once we got back to the house. “You have great muscles,” Christian said, sliding his hands across Jarek’s chest and abs. “Nice and toned.”

But it was Jarek’s dick that got the best reviews from Christian. “His dick is pretty amazing,” I commented during a piss break. “What do you think?” “Thick… long… and rock hard!”

“And you like it?” “I do very much,” he said. “It slid right in!”

Jarek was a few feet away with a huge smile on his face as Christian talked about getting fucked.

“That’s awesome,” I said. “What’s been your favorite part so far?” “It was hot when he went balls deep. I could feel him all the way inside me.”

Jarek chimed in. “Wait ‘til I cum in your ass!”

That’s exactly what Jarek did. He was fucking Christian hard when all of a sudden he got this intense look on his face and his nuts tightened up. He shot his load deep into Christian’s hole.

“Wow that looked pretty hot!” I said. Cum was dripping out of Christian’s ass.

“I could feel him cumming inside me!” Christian said. “It felt warm… I could get used to this!””

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August 21, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Johnny Venture goes balls deep in Hayden Colby in “Position to Fill”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“When Hayden Colby first performed for Lucas Entertainment in “Auditions 40: Rafael Carreras’ Uncut Canada” he looked like a twink. But he’s since beefed up, and if he’s going to be able to perform on camera with Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Johnny Venture, he’s going to have to prove that he has what it takes.

He first takes a shower for Johnny, who gets rock hard right away and starts jerking off — but what a waste when Hayden can take care of Johnny himself. It’s certainly a struggle at first: Johnny hops in the shower with Hayden, and the bottom boy gets on his knees starts sucking on Johnny, but it’s a challenge and he has to stretch his mouth open to fit as much of Johnny’s cock into his mouth as he can.

Johnny gives Hayden a rest and sucks on the bottom’s cock as a reward for his hard work.

When they are both hard and ready for more action, the hot guys towel off and head over to the casting couch, which Hayden bends over and prepares himself. Johnny doesn’t go slow as he slams into Hayden’s hole, who moans and groans as he takes every pound and thrust delivered into his ass!”

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August 19, 2012

BaitBuddies: Josh Long fucks Johnny Glyserin

Johnny Glyserin gets fucked by hairy stud Josh Long in this smoking hot scene at BaitBuddies.com!

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August 19, 2012

Raging Stallion: Spencer Reed pounds Derek Parker in “Pure Sex”

RagingStallion writes:

“Tatted up muscle man Spencer Reed is entangled in a serious make out session with bearded muscled stud, Derek Parker. They exchange saliva, nipple biting, heavy rub downs and lusty fist slaps before Spencer can’t wait any longer to wrap his mouth around Derek’s pulsing hard cock. Slurping and sucking lead to mouth fucking, and Spencer working Derek to the edge. A fantastic cock sucker in his own right, Derek gets on his knees to service the super-sized Spencer.

Staying on his knees, Derek slips down on all fours to offer his round striking butt, and the ass eating he receives is top-notch with Spencer tonguing and fingering his hot hole and prepping it for a pure pounding.

Derek takes every thick inch of Spencer who slams away at Derek’s tight hole producing moans and groans. Now, Derek on his back with boots up and legs spread takes a relentless pummeling from a vocal Spencer until they both spray loads all over Derek’s fine torso and stomach.”

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August 17, 2012

ChaosMen: Muscle studs Booker and Solomon bang each other raw

Choasmen.com writes about this hot bareback flip-fuck scene:

“I certainly wanted to put these two muscle dudes together!

Both guys are versatile, so I knew I would have some flip-flop action. Solomon’s dick was in working order (no accidental bending/bruising) and he Tops Booker like a pro.

Even Booker, who does prefer to bottom, was on Top of his Game! Both of them have a little bisexual attitude growing in them, and I think the mutual muscle admiration was keeping them charged up rather than the pussy flick playing for them.

Solomon still looks like he’s in pain through most of it, but like I keep saying, that is a GOOD thing for him! Whereas Booker likes a gentle approach that makes him nut.

The only snafu we ran into was we discovered Booker can’t cum while standing. We were all setup for him to Juice Solomon, and we tried and tried and tried, but alas, Booker needed the cum fucked out of him! So we did a quick change about and sure enough he was busting BIG TIME. Booker even shot himself in the face.

I think we also got Solomon better at ramping-up, and he added his own load to the one already on Booker’s face. Nice facial action and Booker even kept his mouth open for it.

Lots of progress for these “amateur” guys and I think everyone will be genuinely happy with their performance!”

– Download the entire scene at Chaosmen.com

August 16, 2012

Men.com: Alexsander Freitas drills Tyler Sweet in “Custodian’s Fury”

Men.com writes:

“Tyler Sweet is left to pay the price when the school janitor Alexsander Freitas decides to fight back against disrespectful students. “Custodian’s Fury” is one of the most intense punishment scenes from MEN.COM’s “Drill My Hole” subsite in a while!”

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August 16, 2012

TimTales: Josh West fucks Race Cooper

TimTales: Josh West fucks Race Cooper

TimTales.com writes:

“Josh and Race are long time colleagues as Pornstars in the big Porn industry. So it´s strange that they have never shot a video before together.

Well, we are not a major Porn Company, but we have the first episode with Josh and Race ;-)

We actually had not planned to shoot the entire scene in the bathroom, but the two guys were so horny for each other, the intensity got so high within seconds that I simply did not want to interfere. So i said nothing and just let them have fun.

Two sexy and horny men don´t need no directions. See for yourself.”

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August 16, 2012

Randy Blue: Christian Sharp fucks Andrew Jakk

Christian Sharp returns to Randy Blue in a wild hot hardcore video that ends with him shooting a load of hot steamy cum all over the handsome face of Andrew Jakk.

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August 15, 2012

Men.com: Colby Jansen fucks Jimmy Fanz in “Discharged”

Men.com writes:

“Jimmy Fanz is helping his friend Colby Jansen move. When he discovers that Colby was in the Military he learns that he was discharged because of a near connection with another soldier before the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. Jimmy takes the opportunity to show Colby what he missed!”

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August 14, 2012

Raging Stallion: Zeb Atlas pounds Landon Conrad in “Built Tough”

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Zeb Atlas towers over his extremely horny co-worker, Landon Conrad, who sports scruff on his handsome face and hair on his chiseled chest. Sucking away, Landon is busy gulping furiously on Zeb’s thick cock intensely deep-throating the meaty tool.

The two construction workers smother each other with gritty kisses. Then, the hulky he-man blows Landon. It’s not long before Zeb wants more. He wants to bury his huge tool in Landon’s ass, and the burly stud gets what he wants.”

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