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March 15, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: TitanMen’s “Breakers”

Titan writes at Lucas Entertainment:

“Back at the beach, TitanMen exclusive François Sagat peels off his clothes and jumps into the ocean for an al fresco dip. To dry off, he goes for a run along the shore, passing TitanMen exclusives Victor Banda and Dillon Buck on the way.

The two lovers pack up their stuff and head towards the campground where they hook up with TitanMen exclusive Diesel Washington. Things get heated up quickly as Dillon watches Diesel push Victor’s head down on his extra-long cock, growling with delight as Victor gags on every inch of it. As Victor starts sucking on Dillon’s equally humongous cock, Diesel starts shooting piss all over himself.

Diesel and Dillon double-team cock-hungry Victor, who’s on his knees trying to service both guys’ huge cocks with his mouth and throat. Diesel and Dillon then hoist Victor up between them and then all three dump their creamy loads all over Victor.

But things are just getting warmed up; they splay Victor over the hood of their truck and take turns eating his furry ass. Before long, the two major studs are towering over him, taking turns stuffing the compact buck’s greedy ass.

Diesel does some more of his trademark piss-spurting before they throw Victor first onto a surfboard and then the ground where they all shoot another set of hefty loads all over him.”

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March 13, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Muscle studs Shay Michaels and Dylan Roberts pound each other in “Gentlemen Vol. 4: In Hot Pursuit”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“The more Vito falls for Chris, the more he obsesses over what he doesn’t have: power, wealth, and a suit to flaunt it all. He sees Wall Street power-player Dylan Roberts down on Gold Street and wonders what his story is. Dylan works the numbers of his bank day in and out, but he needs a break and sneaks away on his lunch to meet his friend with benefits, beefy hedge fund manager Shay Michaels.

Up in Shay’s luxurious apartment, he starts sucking on Dylan as he undoes his pants to let his erection out to play. Dylan has a smooth, tight hole, and it calls out to have Shay eat out with his aggressive tongue. Dylan loves it, moaning and craning his head back to see Shay working on him.

While Shay is blowing and licking Dylan, he gets hard himself and the two hot guys in suits switch positions and Dylan swallows up Shay’s curved cock.

Eventually Dylan hops onto Shay’s bed on all fours, and his asshole is perfect for a fucking. His dress shoes and socks are still on, not to mention his shirt and blazer, and he’s tangled and trapped in clothes as Shay fucks him doggy and on his back — there’s no escape in Shay’s high-powered circle of sex.

The guys switch positions and Shay sits right down on Dylan’s hard cock! They get so hot and heavy they strip their suits off, but there’s not enough time to take their socks off. Their sexy escape leads to two explosive cumshots!”

– Watch the entire scene at LucasEntertainment.com

March 13, 2012

NakedSword: Raging Stallion’s “Nasty Fuckers”

Raging Stallion writes at NakedSword.com:

“Monster cocks are busting out again in a super-sexed ruckus where Raging Stallion’s ‘Nasty Fuckers’ get down and dirty!

They’re rough, they’re tough and they’ll knock your socks off, delivering their massive meat in all the right places. Scene after scene of rough and rugged play – given and received by big-cocked studs who like their sex on the raunchy side – is what you get with this cast of ‘Nasty Fuckers’.”

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March 11, 2012

ChaosMen: Vander barebacks Patrick Rouge

Chaosmen.com writes:

“I LOVE doing these Glory Hole videos where the guys don’t just blow each other! Even better, two eager gay guys who are way into a little dirty action. The Piss version available sometime, somewhere, but removed because of CCBill anti-pee on people policy..sorry! I think I have enough to do another USB drive or even a DVD now!

Ok, back to the Glory Hole. There are some fancy editing and special camera tricks to help make this video stand out from all the rest. I hope you guys enjoy it. I haven’t seen a video like this edited quite like this, and I think it is very effective.

Patrick and Vander trade oral like pros, and poor Patrick spends most of his time trying to not cum! He is such an eager bottom, one look at Vander’s monster cock and he was ready to jump up and down on it. Vander’s dick was literally making Patrick cum hands free.

They both also solved the problem of the barrier between them. Vander slides underneath, and Patrick rides his cock cowboy and reverse cowboy style.

The finally move over to where the trough is and Vander fucks Patrick until he is about to cum. Patrick jumps up and is practically cumming as Vander lays down to take his load in his mouth. Vander sucks all the cum out of his cock, and then Patrick bends down for a cum-soaked kiss.

Vander wasn’t done with Patrick as he uses his hole to dump his load all over and inside!

Very hot, very different editing.

I KNOW you all will love this pairing!”

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March 10, 2012

Randy Blue: Reese Rideout fucks Sean Zevran

Sean Zevran gets the hot hardcore treatment with Reese Rideout giving him a blowjob, a rim job, some primo ass fucking and topping it off with a creamy facial.

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March 10, 2012

Sean Cody: Phillip and Liev fuck each other bareback

Sean Cody writes:

“”So what do you think?” I asked Liev. “What do you mean?” “What do you think of this guy?” I pointed to Phillip. Liev got a bit grin on his face. “He’s fun. He’s Russian. Russians are fun!”

Then they both said something in Russian that I think meant “brothers.” But I don’t know.

They started exploring each other’s bodies and Liev was very direct… “Oh I like this!” he said as he rubbed Phillip’s furry abs. “This is fuzzy.” “You don’t have any fuzz?” Phillip asked. “No.” “No? Well you can have some today!”

The two of them had a great time together. Phillip, who says he is normally a top, was in heaven with Liev’s dick inside him.

Afterward, Liev said, “I think this is the most chemistry I have had with someone… maybe you guys should pair me up with more Russians!””

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March 6, 2012

Men.com: Diesel Washington pounds David Chase in “Diesel’s Way”

Big-dicked muscle-stud Diesel Washington has his way with David Chase’s ass in this smoking hot scene at Men.com!

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March 6, 2012

Next Door Studios: Adam Wirthmore, Julian Smiles and Jay Kohl in “Scout’s Bonor”

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Regular Scouts Adam Wirthmore and Jay Kohl end up with their fair share of ridicule due to their affiliation with the Scouts, but Julian Smiles is about to discover all the benefits that they enjoy as Scout members.

Seeking his own purple badge, this junior member of the Scouts realizes he’ll have to earn it, but he has no idea what’s in store for him. But Adam and Jay are in agreement as to what to do, and that’s show Julian the Scout’s Way.

So without hesitation, Adam tells Julian to mount him. Stinging at first, Julian soon warms up to the new experience, as Jay stokes his cock and steadies Julian on Adam’s cock. Once the novice has had his turn, Adam and Jay display advanced Scouting techniques and when the three of them cum-splode all over Adam’s chest Julian soon gains an appreciation for all the Scouts have to offer. Enjoy!”

– Download the full-length scene at Next Door Studios

March 5, 2012

Lucas Raunch: Michael Lucas humiliates muscle stud Marc Dylan with waves of piss in “Drenched”

Lucas Raunch writes:

“Marc Dylan might be a muscular, hot-shot pornstar, but it takes Michael Lucas to properly introduce him into the world of raunchy gay porn.

Marc begins by showing Michael’s cock its proper due — a hot blowjob, and Michael makes sure the beefcake bottom struggles to swallow his 10-inch uncut Russian cock.

After Michael is satisfied with the initial oral action, She stands over Marc’s face, tells him to open up, and fires a stream of hot piss into his bottom bitch’s gaping mouth. The piss flows out of Marc’s mouth as he gargles it up so he doesn’t choke.

Marc gets wet himself: he lets loose a torrent from his dick that makes it looks like the southern pornstar has not pissed in days! Marc soaks the leather mattress so much that Michael cups his hands and splashes wave after wave of piss all over Marc’s face and asshole.

Michael doesn’t wait to roll on a condom and prove what he can do to a bottom boy’s ass: Marc’s hole puckers up and Michael slides right in, slamming him in a pool of raunchy gay piss!

While Marc is moaning and groaning with each thrust, Michael smacks piss into Marc’s mouth to shut him up.

After they’re done fucking, Marc sucks on Michael some more before they both soak their dicks with more urine. And what better to mix in with the steaming yellow mess than an explosion of cum? Michael and Marc never fail to deliver!”

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March 5, 2012

Cocksure Men: Samuel Colt and Colby Keller’s hot flip-flop fuck

CocksureMen.com writes:

“We find Colby Keller giving Samuel Colt a nice rubdown on the bed. Samuel complains to Colby that he didn’t massage his ass. Colby slides down Samuel’s underwear and gives his ass a rub. Colby can’t resist that bubble butt and drops down to get a lick of Samuel’s tasty asshole.

Next thing you know Samuel’s cock is completely down Colby’s throat. Colby makes sure Samuel gets a mouthful of meat before he leans back and offers up his own tight hole for Samuel to fuck!

Colby strokes his thick cock as Samuel bangs his tight hole. The guys flip and now Samuel is getting stuffed by Colby! Riding Colby feels so good that Samuel pops his load all over Colby’s stomach with Colby still deep in his ass. Colby jacks his cock with Samuel’s head on his belly, then explodes a wallop of a load onto Samuel’s face. Samuel sucks the last bit of cum out of Colby’s cock and, with cum dripping off his chin, goes in for a hot cum kiss.”

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