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September 10, 2011

Hot House: Drake Jaden fucks Parker Perry in “Cruise Control”

HotHouse.com writes:

Drake Jaden hits his favorite cruise spot and whips out his big cock knowing that a cocksucker will come along soon. Parker Perry sees Drake sitting there stroking and gets on his knees to worship his perfect cock. Parker can’t keep his giant cock restrained any longer; he strips naked and mounts Drake to fuck his face.

Drake swaps from deep-throating Parker’s tool to licking his ass. He’s ready to fuck the furry little stud – hard. Drake sticks his dick deep into Parker’s ass and pounds him until he blows a thick load. As soon as he nuts, Drake’s out of there, leaving Parker to jack off and shoot on his own.

– Watch the entire scene at HotHouse.com

Hot House
September 9, 2011

ChaosMen: Taylor fucks Valentino bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“These two really hit it off. It took hours to film this video. NOT the actual filming, but the two guys pretty much like all the same things…sports, motorcycles, and of course, girls. The two kept trading fuck stories, basically trying to one-up each other.

I totally wanted to get these two together. Both big muscular guys, one hairy, one naturally smooth.

Valentino said he would bottom the whole time IF we did a little piss play. This is of course been edited out in keeping with CCBill Terms, but I actually shot the video with the fact I would have to edit it out, so it’s not nearly as disruptive like when I had to hack up finished videos. Just not a lot of pan over the creampie, cuz Taylor pisses it off after unloading. Definitely be a Director’s Cut one day.

Even Taylor was in the trading mood. In order to get out of bottoming, he said he would take a load to his mouth. I wasn’t about to pass up his first facial…mouth open no less!

I got them all gussied up in bright underwear, and the two just went at it like animals. Both of them got-off to the oral, and they even handled the 69-action with ease.

Valentino did get a bit worried when he saw how fat Taylor’s cock was getting, so that’s when he started bargaining with piss-play. “Would I have to get fucked less if we he pissed on me?”

“Suuuuuuure!” I would say, knowing full-well that the minute or two of pissing wouldn’t cover much time.

Thankfully, once Valentino got out of doggy position he was actually starting to enjoy it, demanding Taylor to fuck him harder! I do believe while I was filming the undershot, he actually bitch-slapped Taylor to make him more aggressive.

As for the ending, Taylor delivers one of his biggest loads yet, and as I mentioned earlier, in the Director’s cut version you get to see Taylor piss the cum away.

True to his word, Taylor took a load to the face and it actually went inside his mouth. He is a bit frozen, but he was choking back a little bit on the taste of another dude’s sperm.

This is one very hot video, with very hot chemistry, and a nuclear ending!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen.com

September 8, 2011

Randy Blue: Paul Wagner shoots a big load

Paul Wagner really gets into the outdoors, mostly by running his hands all over his furry chest and stomach, working his way to his big thick cock.

– Download the full scene at RandyBlue.com

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September 8, 2011

TitanMen: Hunter Marx, Casey Daniels, Archer Quan, Troy Daniels and Jayden Grey fuck in “Fixation”

TitanMen On-Demand writes:

“After interviewing to be a model, Troy Daniels gets to watch a shoot. Donned in military gear, hairy stud TitanMen Exclusive Hunter Marx is flanked by smooth Archer Quan and blond bombshell Casey Daniels, who is soon on his knees as his expert lips and tongue get to work.

Hunter orders Casey to stand up, taking out his cock to repay the favor. Casey takes off his shirt, revealing his smooth, super-ripped body. The three keep sucking and spit into each other’s mouths before Hunter eats Archer, who soon has two loads on his chest.

Casey and Archer then take turns riding Hunter’s incredible cock, the sound of clanging dog tags filling the studio. Hunter then fucks them on their backs, a low shot capturing his huge cock sliding in and out. The trio then squirts — including two more wet wads from a super-excited Hunter, who coats his own hairy quad muscle with an impressive third load.

A horny Troy is excited by the oral work he just witnessed. “Show me,” says Jayden, who stands up and offers his bulging boner. Troy sucks his verbal boyfriend, rubbing his toned body and tonguing his balls. Jayden returns the favor, sucking Troy’s uncut cock and teasing the foreskin. Jayden gets Troy on the couch, pinning his lover’s head to the cushion as he fucks his gagging face before the two cum.”

– Watch the full-length scene at TitanMen On-Demand

September 5, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Robert Van Damme fucks Jessie Colter in “All Star Studs”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“No one in porn was built for the industry quite like Jessie Colter: he’s a hot power-bottom with a killer body only matched by his passion for sex.

That’s a lesson he teaches to Robert Van Damme, a steamy top stud with a looming, rock-hard physique.

These two have intense chemistry from the beginning: they worship each other’s cocks long and hard, swallowing deep. Robert, whose meat is thick and uncut, at one point has to lean against the wall just so Jessie can swallow him!

Robert then flips the power-bottom over and licks his hole into an excited frenzy that can only be fulfilled by a hard, intense fucking. Robert hammers Jessie as hard as he can, and Jessie takes every slam until the top is ready to drop his seed all over Jessie’s face and in his wide-open mouth!”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

September 3, 2011

ChaosMen: Darius barebacks Roger

Chaosmen.com writes:

“What can I say, this one seemed like an odd pairing. But it worked!

Roger wanted to do a sex scene, agreed that bottoming would be easier for him, and also wanted to work with someone uncut, but not TOO big.

Enter Darius. In my mind, not super hung.

But I kind of forget that Darius IS rather well-endowed. He is such a massive guy, tall and thick, that though his dick looks appropriate and it is in scale with his body, his cock is really impressive!

So Roger was not too happy when he saw how big Darius was getting.

Darius was pleased as punch, because he knew we would be playing with some toys, and the dude is just a pro. He loves talking dirty and using the toy on Roger, but moreover, loved having someone take a toy to him.

He Tops quite nicely in this video, but the boy seems to be truly a Bottom. I have got to get him fucked or TagTeamed! (Vander! Vander! Vander!)

Roger struggles a bit to take the cock, but eventually succumbs.

I think the hottest moment is Roger riding Darius’s cock, while Darius has a vibrating toy up in him. Talk about one hard cock!

Like his last video, he even uses the toy to cum. His cumshot is not trimmed down because I thought it was hot watching him fuck himself with the toy until he cums all over Roger’s hole and breeds him.

We fade to Roger’s cumshot as he nuts then sucks on the cock that was pillaging his hole moments earlier!”

-Download the full scene at Chaosmen.com

September 2, 2011

Lucas Raunch: Jonathan Agassi soaks and fucks Manuel DeBoxer in “Hard & Wet”

LucasRaunch.com writes:

“The brawny Manuel DeBoxer is enough to make even the most stoic porn viewer salivate: he’s blessed with rugged good looks and a hard physique. The only thing that matches his looks is his piggish attitude: he loves raunch!

So, there’s no one better to pair him with than the king of piss himself, Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi!

The pair pulls down their jockstraps and starts spraying arches of golden, heated piss from the onset. Manuel is a meaty statue standing over Jonathan, who takes all of his partner’s urine with a gleefully open mouth.

But because Jonathan is the original piss god, Manuel submits his ass to him: Jonathan fucks and pounds Manuel’s beefy, fuzzy cheeks (which are dripping and damp).

They even take pause so Jonathan can insert a small, metal funnel into Manuel’s asshole, filling the bear-turned-bottom with his steaming nectar!”

– Watch the entire scene at LucasRaunch.com

August 31, 2011

TitanMen: “Overheated”

TitanMen On-Demand writes:

“Temperature rising. Sweat building. Biceps burning. You’re Overheated, and you need some fluids fast. Fear not: TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares, Philippe Ferro and Hunter Marx run to the rescue with a pack of hot and horny hellions ready to help you recover. So lay back and soak up the sensual sun as relief rushes to every inch of your body.

After sharing a suck session with smooth beauty Cavin Knight, hairy Hunter Marx plows Ethan Hudson over an outdoor bathtub as the buds bask in their own juices.

Dreamy Jessy Ares takes turns sucking with trim and hairy Philippe Ferro, the two then bending over for each other in an uncut anal assault that gets sweatier by the second.

After deep-throating each other’s monster cocks, Adam Killian and Damien Stone fill both of Cavin Knight’s holes in an aggressive fuck that has them grunting and groaning.”

– Watch the entire movie online at TitanMen On-Demand

August 28, 2011

Sean Cody: Stuart bangs Robert

Sean Cody writes:

“I had no doubt that Stuart and Robert would have fun together. Robert was actually very interested in Stuart’s hairy body and started exploring it right away. Their energy was very playful which kind of helped get things started with both guys showing off their holes.

Robert clearly loves getting fucked and couldn’t wait to have Stuart pounding into him. There’s nothing hotter than watching a big-dicked bottom getting fucked while enjoying every minute of it. It was obvious by the look on Stuart’s face that Robert’s ass felt really good too.

Once Stuart flipped Robert onto his back, he really hit it hard and they both shot their loads. The bed definitely sounded like it needs some tightening up after this workout!”

– Download this hot scene at SeanCody.com

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August 26, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Arpad Miklos pounds Jessie Colter in “Auditions 41: Rock Hard”

Lucas Entertainment writes about this hot scene:

“The burly top-king Arpad Miklos says with whimsy that it was love at first sight when he met Jessie Colter — and why shouldn’t it be? Arpad takes no greater pleasure than digging deep into a hot bottom, and Jessie gives new definition to “power bottom.”

With an iPad in hand, the two have a chat about their lives and sexual hungers: it’s this kind of chit-chat that’s come to define the “Auditions” series. But Jessie is more interested in using his mouth to service Arpad. He hops on Arpad’s lap, still wearing jeans, and grinds the beefy top’s lap while making out. Jessie’s eager hands pull off Arpad’s clothes to reveal his hulking mass; Arpad uses the opportunity to flip the lusty bottom over and eat out his boy’s ass, causing Jessie to moan and grind his face into the bed.

It’s intense rimming, and when Arpad takes off his white briefs, Jessie preps him with a blowjob before the deep penetration begins. Arpad is an unstoppable force as he plows Jessie, who totally submits to his master. Arpad even switches between his cock and a dildo replicated after his own member! As Arpad is digging into Jessie deep, the bottom cums, and soon after Arpad unloads into Jessie’s mouth!”

– Watch this hot scene at LucasEntertainment.com