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January 23, 2010

Randy Blue: Porter Wescott pounds Trent Davis

Randy Blue studs Porter Wescott and Trent Davis have an all out fuckfest with some hot rimming, deep kissing and talented cock sucking.

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January 22, 2010

Pride Studios: Nick Moretti bangs Sebastian Keys

MenOver30.com writes:

“We here at MenOver30.com know nothing looks as hot a hairy stud under the water with all that fur dripping wet. Therefore, our update this week is with sexy, hirsute uber-dad Nick Moretti in the shower, much to the delight of the peeping Sebastian Keys. Catching Sebastian in the act, Nick’s takes his towel off as Sebastian’s hands start to explore Nick’s muscular bod. This daddy must live at the gym.

He slurps and gags on Nick’s massive meat as he tries to get as much of it in his mouth. Nick starts to strip his young friend while still feeding him dick. Nick is loving the attention as he fucks Sebastian’s throat while holding his head in place. “Let me see your ass!” Nick orders, as he bends Sebastian over onto the chair. Nick’s not one to wait for what he wants, and is soon pounding that ass with reckless abandon.

Sebastian takes every deep plunge with ease. “Aww that feels good” he coos, as Nick continues to fuck away at his hole. The sound of Nick’s balls slapping away fill the room as Sebastian can only beg for more. Nick lifts those smooth legs and slides back inside the hairless hole that will soon claim his load. Sebastian takes that thick cock to the hilt as Nick pounds him harder and harder. Sebastian is soon busting his nut all over his contracting abs. Nick is next as he pulls out and blows his thick load all over Sebastian’s chest and cum-coated abs. Clean up in “Aisle Fur!””

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January 14, 2010

Hot House: Arpad Miklos pounds Craig Reynolds

Hot House Backroom writes:

“An after-hours delivery turns into a muscle-man fuck fest when Arpad Miklos and Craig Reynolds meet in an ally. Reynolds sucks his long hard cock and teases the foreskin before stripping down and offering up his enormous bubble butt. Miklos licks and lubes Reynolds’ tight hole then rams him with his fat cock inside. Once on his back Reynolds milks his own cock while Miklos fucks him hard then blows his load.”

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January 11, 2010

Randy Blue: Donny Drake and his furry butt

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The adorable Donny Drake couldn’t wait to show off his hearty cock and fuzzy butt for Randy Blue!

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January 7, 2010

Randy Blue: Dominic Brown gives Jonathan Bartell his first male blowjob

Randy Blue writes:

“Dominic Brown’s steamy 69 with Mike West was so hot that I wasted no time in getting him in here to do another scene. That guy loves sex so much that it’s a nut busting experience watching him do pretty much anything with another model. Jonathan Bartell is a recent addition to the Randy Blue family, with his lush carpet of chest hair, handsome face and beautiful cock. And when these two got together the chemistry was instant.

They went from polite introductions to passionately making out like they’ve been fuck buddies for years. And it just gets better from there. Dominic is so much fun to watch giving head because you can just tell how much he’s getting into it. And seeing the look on Jonathan’s face as he gets his first blowjob from another dude is priceless. I also made it a point to focus a bit on Dominic’s hot ass and low hanging balls because as much as I love good head, I’m a sucker for a hot ass.

And when Jonathan shot his load all over Dominic’s smooth chest I could tell the whole idea of this being such a new experience for him drove him right over the edge.”

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December 28, 2009

Raging Stallion: David Taylor pounds Cole Streets

RagingStallion writes:

“Talk about a brilliant pairing: this two way between Cole Streets and David Taylor is so passionate, you’ll be boned up with in seconds. Cole’s hairy hottness contrasts beautifully to David’s smooth, tattooed muscle to produce a fur-on-hairless partnership certain to be remembered.”

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Raging Stallion
December 22, 2009

ChaosMen: Vance fucks Kay bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“I thought I would start of this End of Year Blow Out with a quickie.

If you pay attention to the film dates, you can see I filmed this about 6 months ago. Kay went on to work for quite a few sites, and as this was his first time sucking dick, it seemed a bit unbelievable. But as far I as I know, it was his first time.

I kind of wanted him having to suck dick as the the focus of the beginning of the video. I asked Vance to massage his back and ass, all the while keeping his cock within sucking range. Not really forcing him to suck his dick, but just putting it out there.

Kay also was also still new to fucking, as this was only his second time. Vance had to take it easy, but they do finally ramp it up and Kay gets properly fucked.

If you like Kay or Vance, you will enjoy this short film of them, but overall, I would likely not have released this video but for the Marathon.

As usual with these marathons, I try to not have a bunch of solos, so I wanted to start off with a sex film, so I hope you will enjoy this quickie!”

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December 14, 2009

Stag Homme: Manuel Lopez, Francesco D’Macho and Damien Crosse in “REC”

StagHomme writes:

“We brought Manuel Lopez back for another fuck, this time with Francesco D’Macho. REC starts off with Manuel Lopez doing some pull-ups on his sunny outdoor terrace while fucking Francesco’s face. What was supposed to be a sweaty two-way fuck scene turns into a three-way when the horny camera man (Damien Crosse) can’t keep himself out of the action in just about any part of the scene including feeding his dick to Manuel while he pounds Francesco on all fours, joining Manuel Lopez to piss in D’Macho’s ass and even blows his load with Manuel on his face unleashing an enormous simultaneous double facial all over Francesco.

As soon as the first couple of squirts gushes onto Francesco’s face, he shoots all across his hairy chest making this one of the hottest simultaneous 3-way cumshots we’ve ever seen!”

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Stag Homme
December 5, 2009

Cocksure Men: Tristan Jaxx bangs Zach Alexander

CocksureMen: Tristan Jaxx bangs Zach Alexander

CocksureMen writes:

“They’re both hot, they’re both hairy, they’re both hung, they both wear glasses and they’re both uncut. Time for some fun. They start out with some “docking,” or fitting one guy’s dick head in the other’s foreskin. Seeing those tools rub together and watching them play ‘hide and seek’ with their dick heads is enough to melt your computer. Zach somehow takes all of Tristan down his throat before they roll into a blazing-hot rimming 69.

Tristan shoves that big dick into Zach’s hairy hole. Zach takes every inch and begs for a hard pounding which Tristan certainly delivers. Zach cums all over Tristan’s furry chest while still getting hammered. Tristan follows suit, jerking out a wave of cum while Zach plays with his balls. Both guys agree, this was a HOT one!”

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November 10, 2009

Raging Stallion: Ricky Sinz bangs Manuel DeBoxer

RagingStallion writes:

“The results are magical when you put bearded beauty Manuel DeBoxer together with GayVN-winning Ricky Sinz. The two spunks are packing boxes when the allure of Manuel’s buldging biceps becomes too much for Ricky. He approaches him from behind, groping at his muscles before Manuel turns around and sucks on his admirers meat. Ricky then throws his hairy partner on the table to pound that furry hole.”

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Raging Stallion