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December 30, 2015

Corbin Fisher: Harley and Zeb flip fuck raw

Corbin Fisher: Harley and Zeb flip fuck raw

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Harley’s been training hard and is ready to release some tension. New addition to the Dean’s List, Zeb, is always eager to play. When Zeb catches Harley jerking off to porn on his phone, he jumps in and gives Harley a helping hand!

These two go at it fast and furious. They both want to fuck and get fucked – so they take turn after turn! Zeb pounds Harley, then Zeb rides Harley, then Harley offers up his ass so Zeb can rim and fuck it again, which makes Zeb blast his load into Harley’s mouth. Harley piledrives Zeb, and shoots his load into Zeb’s waiting mouth!”

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April 10, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Tanner barebacks Harley

CorbinFisher: Tanner barebacks Harley
CorbinFisher: Tanner barebacks Harley

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Tanner’s Southern charm makes him almost irresistible. Harley finds out he can’t resist Tanner either, and before he knows it, he’s on his knees sucking Tanner’s cock!

Harley and Tanner both are the types of guys you’d never think would be so open sexually. Harley is an athlete that wants to go into the military, and Tanner works at a factory, so you’d think these two would be the kind to down a six-pack of beer, rather than lick each others’ six-packs! Yet, Harley’s enthusiasm showed from his first day here, and Tanner’s easy-going nature and high sex drive keeps him coming back for more.

Harley’s in heaven when Tanner eats out his ass – and he gets even more ecstatic when Tanner slide his cock inside his ass and pounds him. These two fuck hard and Tanner pumps a load out of Harley’s dick that sprays all over Harley’s ripped abs. Tanner keeps fucking Harley, until he pulls out and feeds his load to Harley, who swallows it all!

Less filling than beer … and tastes great!”

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Corbin Fisher
March 29, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Brant fucks Harley raw

CorbinFisher: Brant fucks Harley bareback
CorbinFisher: Brant fucks Harley bareback

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I really didn’t expect to see Brant back … but this handsome baseball stud is ready to put his bat where he’s never swung before … inside Harley!

I liked Brant from the beginning. Easy-going, polite, handsome and confident, and of course he has a great body and a nice long dick. Harley was the perfect choice to break Brant in. They are both athletic and not shy at all.

In fact, both Brant and Harley are hard as a rock as they undo their jeans and start jerking. Brant’s a little nervous, but Harley quickly gets him over his nerves. Harley grabs Brant’s cock and strokes it. Brant says he enjoys using his tongue and is ready to show Harley what he can do with it.

Brant and Harley stroke each other a while, then Harley goes down on Brant’s cock. After blowing Brant, Harley bends over and Brant rims his ass. He is good with his tongue!

Brant plunges his dick deep inside Harley and pounds his ass. After he fucks Harley a while, he sucks Harley’s uncut cock, then Harley jumps back on Brant’s dick and rides it. Brant fucks a load out of Harley, then bends him over to fuck his ass more.

Brant pulls out and blasts his load all over Harley’s ass, then finishes him off with a creampie. For his first time with a guy, Brant showed no hesitation – and came harder than he ever thought he would!”

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February 13, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Cameron cums in Harley

CorbinFisher: Cameron cums in Harley

Corbin Fisher writes:

“After a workout in the gym, Cameron is getting undressed when Harley comes in. The tension is obvious and there’s only one way to dispel it – and that’s by fucking!

Cameron and Harley make a great match. Similar in size and physique, they also share an enthusiasm for sex that turns them into eager fuckers once they start making out.

It’s so hot to see how far Cameron has come since his first attempts at sucking cock. He goes down on Harley and takes care of Harley’s cock the way he wants his sucked.

Harley always puts 100% of himself into what he does and when he came to CF, he jumped into guy/guy action with no hesitation. He’s just gotten better and better, as he proves when he sinks to his knees to blow Cameron.

Cameron rims Harley as Harley kneels over the bench. He slides his cock inside Harley and pounds him. Harley moans loudly, enjoying Cameron’s dick thrusting in and out of him. Cameron speeds up as Harley holds onto Cameron’s neck.

Flipping Harley over, Cameron fucks him hard, holding Harley’s legs wide apart so he can go in as deep as he can. Cameron fucks a huge load out of Harley, that lands all over Harley’s legs, tight chest and abs.

Cameron keeps fucking Harley and the cum keeps cumming. Cameron pounds Harley until he’s ready to blow – and instead of shooting it on Harley, he pumps his load inside him.

That’s definitely one way to relieve post-workout tension!”

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Corbin Fisher
August 15, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Aiden barebacks Harley

Corbin Fisher writes:

“I’ve been waiting for this one!

Will Harley’s amazing urban climbing skills help him scale “Mount Aiden?” Of course they do!

I love both of these guys. They get so into what they’re doing, whether it’s pumping iron or pumping cock. Aiden loves to get fucked, but always enjoys fucking a tight ass as well. There’s something insanely hot about watching this massive bodybuilder pound the tighter, compact Harley.

Both guys got so verbal, which I love as well. Sometimes in the heat of fucking, guys clam up. Listening to a guy talk dirty is one of my favorite parts of this job – well, that and watching all these dirty-talking studs get naked and fuck!

Harley and Aiden were all over each other. Harley enjoyed the hell out of Aiden’s big cock and let him know it. Aiden enjoyed it too, laughing and moaning when Harley spit on his cock to lube it up even more.

Once Harley rolled back onto the couch, Aiden rimmed him and slid a finger in to tease Harley’s hole. These two totally relished playing with each other and I think it shows. Aiden sucked Harley’s nuts and deepthroated Harley’s cock.

Aiden plunges his thick dick into Harley’s ass. Harley’s uncut cock stood straight up as he took every inch of Aiden’s dick. Aiden kisses Harley as he fucks him. Harley bent over the sofa and Aiden fucked him from behind. He goes face down in the pillow as Aiden nails his ass.

Aiden sit down and Harley sucks Aiden’s cock. Harley climbs up on top of Aiden and rides him in a crabwalk. Aiden gets Harley back on his side and fucks him even harder, Harley yells that he’s cumming as he blasts a huge load all over his ripped abs. Aiden follows up by shooting his thick load, further drenching Harley in cum.

Whew! Definitely worth the wait!”

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June 27, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Chandler dicks Harley

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Harley’s enthusiasm for sex is getting him a lot of fans. One of them is big-dicked Chandler! These guys make out eagerly and Chandler wastes no time getting Harley to his knees and getting his mouth on his Chandler.

Chandler slaps Harley’s face with his cock. Harley strokes his own cock and spits on Chandler’s dick as he sucks it. Chandler tells him he likes that and tells him to do it again. Harley gets farther down on Chandler’s long dick than I would have imagined he could!

Harley bends over the bed, and Chandler pulls down his pants to show off Harley’s beautiful bubble butt. Chandler lubes up and teases Harley’s ass with the head of his cock. He tells Chandler he wants to be fucked hard.

Chandler tells Harley to spread his ass for him. Chandler drives his dick into Harley’s tight ass. Harley moans as Chandler slides all the way in. “Oh fuck, you have a huge dick!” Harley says. Chandler pulls out then shoves it back in.

Harley jerks his cock as Chandler pounds his ass. “I love when you fuck me hard,” Harley says. Chandler rolls Harley onto his back and fucks him in the missionary position. These two guys are so into each other, they never stop telling each other what to do and how good it’s feeling.

“You’re so deep,” Harley says. Chandler slams his cock in and out of Harley’s tight ass, asking if he likes it. “Tell me how big I am,” Chandler demands. Harley shouts out as he gets nailed and Chandler slaps his face and covers his mouth.

Chandler fucks a thick load out of Harley. Cum lands all over his ripped abs. Chandler pushes Harley onto his stomach and keeps fucking him. Chandler pulls out and blasts a huge load all over Harley’s back.

Whew! These two had an intense chemistry together. Harley clearly enjoyed taking Chandler’s cock as much as Chandler enjoyed fucking Harley’s tight ass!”

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January 11, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Carson cums in Harley

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Carson not only has one of the hottest bodies around, hes one of the sweetest guys imaginable. Hes soft-spoken and intelligent, and a little on the shy side. Except in bed! Carson is aggressive, but his enthusiasm for fucking a tight ass never keeps him from being passionate with a guy, either.

Harley’s still new to guy/guy play, but after his initiation from Travis, he was eager to get some more experience. Harley doesn’t do anything by half, and once hed been fucked, he wanted more. Carson would be the prefect balance to Harley’s intensity.

Carson enjoys exploring a guys body fully, and that starts off with kissing them. Harley responded naturally. I would never have thought Harley was the type of guy who could be so tender with another guy – his military look and attitude made me think hed be more brusque. But first with Travis and now with Carson, Harley’s shown how much he really enjoys being with another hot guy.

The kiss lingers, each guy feeling the others body and crotch. Carson pulls Harley up and over to the bed, where he relishes Harley’s ripped torso with his hands and lips. He presses against Harley with his own massive chest, then licks and kisses his way down to Harley’s underwear.

Carson blows Harley, making his cock rock-hard. Carson stands up so Harley can suck his dick as well. I was impressed with Harley. Its only his second cock, but he swallowed down Carson’s thick dick like a pro, no matter how much it choked him.

Harley’s ready to get fucked. Carson eases a finger into his ass to get him ready. He teases his ass with his cock, then slides it in. Harley looks back at Carson as he gets fucked. You can definitely see a few times that Carson goes so deep that Harley is taken by surprise. But he never asks Carson to slow down or stop. He just keeps on riding the intense waves that are getting him closer to coming!

Carson gets Harley on his back and shoves his cock back inside. He rocks Harley back and forth on his dick. Harley’s abs tighten as he gets fucked. The guys continue to kiss as Carson pounds Harley faster. He fucks a huge load out of Harley. Cum shoots all over Harley’s ripped abs and chest.

Harleys ass tightens around Carsons dick as he cums – and that makes Carson shoot his load inside Harley!

Im glad to see Harleys enthusiasm. I wonder how he would do on top for a change …”

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