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June 2, 2014

GayHoopla: “Five-Way Friends”

GayHoopla: "Five-Way Friends"

GayHoopla.com writes:

“JJ, Jaden, Cole, Dmitry and Phillip… is it even possible to imagine more big cocked power in one room anywhere else?

The sexual energy is palpable as these old friends get together to fill mouths and assholes with fat hard cocks.

Which pair needs more privacy and sneaks away to another room to fuck each other? Which three remain behind to fill one another’s mouths and explode copious amounts of hot cum over some even hotter abs?”

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April 28, 2014

GayHoopla: Jaden Storm and Jason Keys blow each other

GayHoopla: Jaden Storm and Jason Keys blow each other

GayHoopla.com writes:

“Who better to break in Jason in than Jaden, his housemate. After a few strokes on the green, they become far more interested in stroking one another and move inside a nearby cabana.

There Jason sucks a cock for the first time, and he’s lucky enough to have that cock be Jaden’s.

Reciprocating, Jaden is determined to show off some of his experience, and he soon has Jason deep in his mouth. Jason’s moans tell all as one of the most anticipated GayHoopla pairings heats up each and every member.”

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March 24, 2014

GayHoopla: Hot fun with Jaden Storm and Cole Money

GayHoopla: Hot fun with Jaden Storm and Cole Money

GayHoopla.com writes:

“Two favorites take one another on in a new duo for GayHoopla fans. Cole Money and Jaden Storm tease and torment one another until mouths are stuffed with cock and tongues are sliding over tight hairy assholes.

Laughter is soon replaced with moans and the intense pleasure two friends can give one another permeates the room. Share their closeness and feel their pleasure as they both explode for and with viewers.”

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December 16, 2013

GayHoopla: JJ Swift and Jaden Storm play with each other on cam

GayHoopla: JJ Swift and Jaden Storm play with each other on cam

GayHoopla.com writes:

“Jaden and JJ catch up after months apart and spend some time playing with each other. There’s lots of hot kissing, blowjobs, ball sucking, and assplay. Makes us wonder what they may have in store for the next time they meet…”

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September 4, 2013

GayHoopla: Jaden Storm uses his butt toy

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GayHoopla.com writes:

“Jaden Storm is back again after a nice long vacation. He started off in the shower and ended in the bed… with a dildo. As usual, Jaden is a great showman.”

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April 8, 2013

Fratmen Sucks: Jayden and Rico

FratmenSucks: Jayden and Rico

Jayden and Rico blow each other at FratmenSucks.com!

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– Download the full-length scene at FratmenSucks.com

March 31, 2013

Fratmen Sucks: Jayden and Vincent

FratmenSucks: Jayden and Vincent

Muscle jocks Jayden and Vincent get each other off in this smoking hot scene!

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– Download the full-length scene at FratmenSucks.com

October 23, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Grady and Jayden

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“Another pledge falls for Jayden at Fratpad. Watch the hot role playing between Jayden and Grady in this scorching duo.

Fratmen Grady acclimated well to the sexy craziness of Fratpad, and he was ready for more action. After spending time with all the guys naked all day, he felt that Jayden would be the best candidate for pressing boundaries.

Fratmen Jayden, an instigator for guy-on-guy action, was happy to fulfill Grady’s desires.

The setting is unlike other events in the past. It’s a bit on the kinky side. Jayden plays a dominant role with Grady. He is blindfolded and subjected to Jayden’s sexual whims. This update has the usual mutual masterbation, blowjobs, and kissing, but it goes even further into minor buttplay.

Have a look, and see what happens!”

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August 22, 2012

Fratmen: “[email protected]

Check out this hot solo photo/video shoot of Jayden showing off his incredibly hot body at Fratmen.tv!

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– Get the full scene at Fratmen.tv
– See more of Jayden at Fratpad.com and FratmenSucks.com

May 19, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Ajay, Micky and Jayden

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“Ajay and Micky are two brothers that are very athletic, very sexy, and, as of late, very mischievous with the other Fratmen.

We find them wrestling on the mats at Fratpad. Wearing only singlets the twin brothers grapple and toss each other’s muscular bodies until they’re both exhausted.

After stripping from their sweaty gear, Micky and Ajay pass a sleeping Jayden and hit the outdoor spa. The twins are a little noisy, and wake Jayden from his afternoon nap. Jayden decides to join them. This isn’t the first time he’s enjoyed a pair of twins, after all.

Ajay and Micky keep Jayden between the both of them them as he jerks and sucks their cocks. It’s amazing watching these perfect male specimens pleasure each other freely and sensually.

Jayden and the twins find themselves on the bed where they go for one more round of oral sex. All three cum, and Jayden quickly falls back asleep. Micky and Ajay finish the evening with a satisfying cigarette.”

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– Download the full scene at FratmenSucks.com

April 15, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Jayden and Ford blow each other

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FratmenSucks.com writes:

“Recently, Ford passed through Cyberspace and met Jayden in the Frathouse, our 24/7 live cam living quarters. Under the watchful eye of our members, these two agreed to some competitions where the loser would have to pleasure the winner.

Our muscled fratboys striped down and played some beer pong. Jayden brought his A-game and bested Ford in the intense match. Ford ends up having to blow one of Fratmen’s most experienced alums. Looking for something a little easier, Ford challenged Jayden to some video games, but lost again. Feeling sorry for his new buddy, Jayden turns the tables and gives Ford an impressive blowjob.

After years of action, Jayden really knows how to handle a dick.

After enough naked, erotic fun, Jayden and Ford jerk off to full orgasm. Jayden’s cumshot is especially intense. Also included in this video is some fun in the shower afterwards…”

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March 17, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Jayden and Micky

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“Every so often, our military stud Micky has some time to stop by Cyberspace to visit with the Fratmen. Today, he kicks back a few drinks with Jayden before matters turn to the erotic.

Both of these studs start by taking off their shirts and exposing their flawless physiques. Their arms, abs, backs and chests are sculpted in all the right places. It isn’t long before Jayden and Micky whip out their thick, throbbing cocks and start stroking together.

Our amazing muscular frat boys take turns sucking on each other’s cocks, kissing a bit, and giving mutual handjobs. Jayden and Micky sensually explore each other’s bodies before they move to a massage.

As Jayden rubs Micky’s shoulders, his dick gently graces Micky’s ass cheeks. Still aroused from all the naked fun, our jocks go for another round of blowjobs before ending the afternoon with two hot cum shots. It’s amazing seeing these two young, ripped bodies lie exhausted and fully satisfied in pools of their own cum!”

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March 1, 2012

Fratmen: An afternoon with Calvin and Jayden

Fratmen.tv writes:

“Don’t miss a single minute of an afternoon spent with Fratmen Calvin and Jayden. These old time Fratpad alumns not are only best of friends but are the very guys that outlive any of the wildest imaginable fantasies in blood pumping gym workout, relaxing hot tub session and climatic moment on the sunbed.”

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– Download the full-length scene at Fratmen.tv


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