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June 6, 2017

Men.com: Jean Franko pounds Ken Summers in “The Parlor, Part 3”

Men.com: Jean Franko pounds Ken Summers in "The Parlor, Part 3"
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Men.com writes:

“Ken Summers and Jean Franko enter the parlor for a sensually good time. After taking turns slobbering each other’s rods, the guys enjoy some good ole’ fashioned butt fucking resulting in massive loads of cum.”

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May 14, 2017

MenAtPlay: Jean Franko pounds Paco in “First Impressions”

MenAtPlay: Jean Franko pounds Paco in "First Impressions"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“Appearances can be very deceptive. What you wear can really make people prejudge what they expect from you. This couldn’t be truer of the suited man. The suit holds such powerful symbolism that we assume any man seen wearing it is a respectable 9-5 kind of guy, may be a bit straight-laced, conformist and prudish.

So with that in mind we can forgive Jean Franko for dismissing Paco as wrong for the job, when he turns up for a bar position dressed in a suit. Now this is no swanky hotel bar, it’s a dark sleazy club where staff are expected to not only serve the drinks but to attract the customers with their cock teasing physiques.

Paco looks stunning in his suit but he’s obviously in the wrong joint right? Well, put on the spot Paco is forced to prove just how wrong first impressions can be by ripping out of that suit (literally) and showing Jean Franko that far from being stuffy and uptight he’s ready to let go and offer up his perfect peach of an ass for Jean Franko to sample the goods.”

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March 13, 2017

MenAtPlay: Jean Franko fucks Dani Robles in “Medicate”

MenAtPlay: Jean Franko fucks Dani Robles in "Medicate"

Doctor Robles gets fucked by horny patient Jean Franko at MenAtPlay.com.

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December 11, 2016

MenAtPlay: Mike De Marko gets pounded by Jean Franko in “Mantrap”

MenAtPlay: Jean Franko pounds Mike De Marko in "Mantrap"

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“Menatplay have an early Christmas present for all you porn lovers – the return of hairy, latino hunk Jean Franko who makes his return after a 3 year absence. And he’s back in Dominant Top mode, ready to fuck the hell out of any hot bottoms out there.

And the first lucky victim to get a taste of his thick, meaty cock is our very own Mike de Marko who unwittingly becomes Jean Franko’s very own fuck-toy.

Mike gets all the uncut dick he could wish, as Jean Franko plays with him and rams his thick meat all the way down his throat. But after his time away, what Jean Franko needs is to get his dick inside a warm, tight hole and Mike is just the man he needs. Watch as Mike gets a rough dick-pounding that will have you all wishing you were him.”

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October 22, 2012

Men.com: Goran fucks Jean Franko in “The Telescope”

Muscle stud Goran pounds Jean Franko’s ass in this smoking hot scene!

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October 15, 2012

Men.com: Damien Crosse bangs Jean Franko in “The Detective”

Jean Franko gets thoroughly fucked by Damien Crosse in this smoking hot scene!

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March 19, 2012

MenAtPlay: Jean Franko pounds Scott Hunter in “Take It All”

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“If you’ve ever found yourself sitting across a handsome stranger in the underground or in a waiting room and got lost fantasizing what you would do if you had your chance with him, trying to hide the growing bulge in your pants, you will know exactly what Scott Hunter is going through when he clocks the sexy Jean Franko in the office reception.

Staring at his package he gets lost in thoughts of unzipping his trousers and taking out his fat dick before feasting on it and swallowing it whole, while his ass is gagging to get fucked good and proper… first with a medium dildo, then with a monster dildo and finally pounded senseless by Jean Franko’s rock hard, uncut dick.

His hungry ass taking it all in like a real pro begging to fuck him harder, and harder. Until finally he gets a shower of hot, juicy cum over his face, just the way our horny Scott likes it!”

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January 30, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: “Men In Love”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Sex is brought to an entirely new level when you’re in LOVE. It’s a heightened experience for your whole body. There is romance, tender and slow caressing, eye contact and the intense chemistry of two men connecting beyond lust.

Watch boyfriends Jonathan Agassi and Issac Jones as they make passionate love. Handsome admirer Will Helm seduces Damien Crosse on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean. Latin lover Rafael Carreras bathes and ravages Leo Helios by candlelight. Strong and romantic men Ben Brown and Scott Carter have sex amongst the waves. Powerful Jean Franko takes control over sensual bottom Jessie Colter and feeds him his load.

Take sex deeper than ever before and get ready to fall in LOVE.”

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January 24, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Jessie Colter gets fucked by Jean Franko in “Men in Love”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Young, muscled power bottom Jessie Colter isn’t just about fucking — he enjoys when a strong man takes him in his arms and makes deep and passionate love to him.

Meeting his needs is Jean Franko, a powerful man who uses his thick uncut cock for both sexual gratification as well as treating the men who submit to him with tender care.

Jessie wastes no time showing Franko the attention he deserves: he worships his hard uncut cock with his lips and tongue, keeping the top hard and ready for what’s to come.

When Jessie’s ass is prepared, Franko enters him with deep, penetrating ferocity, testing the limits of what Jessie can handle in his ass. But for his love, Jean, the intensity is all pleasure as they reach orgasm.”

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December 20, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Power-top Jean Franko fucks Tavor Wolf up the ass deep in “Auditions 43: Euro Guys”

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi closes out this round of auditions in Ibiza by talking to tall, hunky Hispanic man Jean Franko and the handsome, demure Tavor Wolf. Jonathan’s talk gets these two hot guys ready for sex, and in this sexy romp it’s Jean who is taking control.

Tavor is going to be his bitch, and he starts out by running his hands all over Jean’s impressive body. Tavor’s mouth is hungry for cock, and Jean’s hard, uncut piece of meat is alert and ready for oral alert. Tavor sucks and swallows on Jean, who can’t get enough.

Tavor likes to be dominated, so Jean smacks and slaps his bottom’s ass, getting it ready for the ultimate punishment. Jean hammers away at Tavor when he’s ready: his massive, uncut dick takes no mercy on Tavor’s backside, who submits his ass totally until their orgasms are complete.”

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October 8, 2010

LucasKazan: Jean Franko pounds Giuseppe Pardi in “Taken”

Lucas Kazan writes:

“The title I had in mind was “Beauty and the Beast”. Pretty boy Giuseppe Pardi as ‘Beauty’; manly, hirsute Jean Franko as the (sexual) ‘Beast’.

I decided to play it safe and leave Disney alone, but the original concept permeates every minute of this 18 minute long episode. Latin stud Jean Franko devouring Giuseppe’s ass is a wonder to behold.

And when he ferociously, mercilessly pounds him… You gotta see it to believe it.”

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