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July 16, 2015

IconMale: Billy Santoro fucks Jessie Colter in “Forbidden Encounters 3”

IconMale: Billy Santoro fucks Jessie Colter in "Forbidden Encounters 3"

In this scene from IconMale’s “Fordbidden Encounters 3”, Jessie Colter finds God and tries to go straight but hot, muscular Billy Santoro has other ideas…

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June 18, 2015

IconMale: Andrew Fitch fucks Jessie Colter in “Gay Massage House 3”

IconMale: Andrew Fitch fucks Jessie Colter in "Gay Massage House 3"

Muscular Jessie Colter gets to the bottom of ‘straight’ guy Andrew Fitch’s tension and anxiety in this scene from IconMale’s “Gay Massage House 3”.

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August 6, 2013

Raging Stallion: Charlie Harding pounds Jessie Colter in “Body Shop”

Raging Stallion: Charlie Harding pounds Jessie Colter in “Body Shop”
Raging Stallion: Charlie Harding pounds Jessie Colter in “Body Shop”

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Charlie Harding is one sexy hunk who wields his rugged handsomeness wherever he goes. In the body shop, he oozes a manly charisma that co-worker Jessie Colter is dying to sop up.

The young grease monkey races to Charlie’s big cock and sucks it down with gusto. He clamps the thick shaft with his lips and slides up and down the length; he circles the tasty knob with his tongue and swallows it whole.

The guys then shift gears, and Charlie takes his turn throttling his partner’s firm stick shift. He guzzles it down his throat and makes Jessie pant excitedly.

Before long, the men start to fuck and Jessie gasps even harder. His eyes glaze over as Charlie drives his mighty tool deep inside him.

Then laying back, Jessie begs for more. He jerks himself off until he explodes, splashing cum across his stomach. Charlie is quick to follow and he laughs smugly as he shoots his wad all over.”

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Raging Stallion
June 12, 2013

Men.com: Phenix Saint pounds Jessie Colter in “The Straight To Gay Show 3 – A Man Knows Best”

Men.com: Phenix Saint pounds Jessie Colter in "The Straight To Gay Show 3 - A Man Knows Best"

Men.com writes:

“With a hunky straight neighbor like Phenix Saint it’s no wonder Jessie Colter is seeking professional advice to get some straight cock! The Str8 to Gay Show helps Jessie devise a plan and catches all the action on discrete camera pen.

An awesome blowjob is the gateway to an intense anal fucking that Jessie takes like a champ!”

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May 24, 2013

TitanMen: Hunter Marx, David Anthony and Jessie Colter’s hot threeway in “One Thing Leads To Another”

Titan Men: Hunter Marx, David Anthony and Jessie Colter's hot threeway in "One Thing Leads To Another"
Titan Men: Hunter Marx, David Anthony and Jessie Colter's hot threeway in "One Thing Leads To Another"

TitanMen.com writes:

“With beers in hand, David Anthony and Hunter Marx watch baseball on TV. But Hunter has a wandering eye and a request — he wants to send his wife photos. “Pictures of what? Your dick?” asks a surprised David, soon relenting as he snaps shots. “Now get it hard,” he instructs, whipping out his massive beast out for inspiration. The two stroke, the slowly seduced Hunter’s gorgeous eyes fixated on his friend.

David’s neighbor Jessie Colter stumbles on the scene, gladly taking the camera. David strokes his bud, his boner grazing Hunter’s leg—soon kneeling down to suck the hairy-chested hunk. Jessie strips down, his big boner pulsing in the foreground as the two please each other. Jessie then takes turns on their cocks before bending over, getting plowed by David as Hunter fills the bottom’s mouth.

The two switch positions, Jessie engulfing David’s balls. Hunter then gets pounded doggie style by David as Jessie sits on a big dildo and watches—soon dumping his monster load down David’s leg. David releases on Hunter’s hairy stomach, then strokes off his bud — who flashes a smile as he intently stares at the top.”

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May 13, 2013

Men.com: Marcus Ruhl drills Jessie Colter in “Conjugal Visit”

Jessie Colter gets fucked hard by muscle stud Marcus Ruhl in this smoking hot prison sex scene!

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March 20, 2013

NakedSword Originals: “Wilde Road”

NakedSword Originals: "Wilde Road"

NakedSword writes:

“Cash, Grass, or Ass: No One Rides for Free. Join NakedSword exclusive Christian Wilde for the wildest ride of his life across Northern California!

Along the way, he encouters a dirty trucker, watches Tantric sex, eats a plate of magic brownies and learns a lesson in what it takes to be a man.

Join the cast of super-hot men for a sexual trip that only director mr. Pam and NakedSword originals could take you on!”

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NakedSword Video on Demand
December 11, 2012

Men.com: Colby Keller pounds Jessie Colter in “E-Male”

Colby Keller accidentally sends a sexy email to his coworker Jessie Colter… What ensues is a smoking hot office fuck!

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November 30, 2012

NakedSword: Raging Stallion’s “Explosive”

Raging Stallion writes at NakedSword.com:

“Raging Stallion’s Explosive blazes with brute sexuality that’s bold and rugged. It’s an all-sex scorcher with action that flares up into eruptions of hot cum.

Four of the hottest power bottoms you’ve ever seen ignite three master tops who trigger everything they want from their guys. The set is a leatherman’s vision of a soundstage, where director Bruno Bond lights the fuse by putting his stunning men up front and center, and letting combustion do the rest.

Explosive stars four sensational Raging Stallion Exclusives. Adam Champ gives you the hirsute masculinity you want to worship in two dynamite scenes. Derek Parker shoots his hot looks at you with a “POW!” of muscle and inked physique. Alexander Garrett plunges his massive detonator and hits the spot. Stud bottom Angelo Marconi brings new meaning to fire in the hole offering it up like never before.

They’re joined by sex hound Jessie Colter, stallion Fabio Stallone, and the mass of voracious young muscle, Marc Dylan. Explosive is a meat mauling, ass blasting blowout that’ll get you off like fireworks.”

– Watch “Explosive” at NakedSword.com
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November 27, 2012

Men.com: Jessie Colter gets fucked by Rocco Reed in “Show Me You Want It”

Men.com writes:

“Jessie Colter has a job opening in his gay bar but (pretends) he’s a little reluctant to hire a straight dreamboat like Rocco Reed. To be sure Rocco is going to be able to handle the advances from his customers, Jessie puts Rocco to the test. First the shirt comes off, then the pants and slowly turns up the heat until Rocco is pounding his hole and drenching him in cum.”

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November 19, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Power tops slam hungry bottoms in “Fuck It!”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Rafael Alencar and Jessie Colter sneak off to a secluded corner of the beach at Fire Island after canoeing there in their Speedos.

Jessie loves to bottom, but Rafael is a lot for anyone to take and Jessie gapes when the top is done fucking him.

Sex on the beach continues with the British ginger hunk Ben Brown who tops for the first time with Scott Carter, and he’s quite skilled at fucking.

Will Helm’s brooding good looks shouldn’t deceive you: this handsome guy has a rock-hard cock that he pounds into Damien Crosse’s ass.

And European lovers Jay Roberts and Adriano Carrasco take anal sex to a new and passionate level on their sexy vacation.”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
November 12, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: “Gentlemen 05: Business & Pleasure”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“When Corporate America shuts down for the day, all of the powerful men in charge lose their ability to distinguish between “Business and Pleasure.”

Jimmy Durano begins by convincing his subordinate, Mitchell Rock, to put in overtime on his thick uncut cock during an interview.

Vito Gallo pays his wealthy divorce lawyer, Dakota Rivers, with sex instead of cash.

Jessie Colter secretly sucks and rides Landon Conrad’s fat cock in the boss’ office.

High-end contractor Bryan Cole bribes Marcus Ruhl to work faster and harder using his deep throat and tight ass.

And businessmen Adam Killian and Jeremy Stevens settle their executive differences by swallowing each other’s seed.

Never before has the line between “Business and Pleasure” been crossed so much… and it’s never been sexier!”

– Watch all scenes from this hot movie at LucasEntertainment.com

October 17, 2012

Lucas Raunch: Jessy Ares pounds Jessie Colter in “Pantyhos”

LucasRaunch.com writes:

“There’s a message waiting for Jessie Colter when he arrives in the bedroom: “Put these on and get ready.” Jessie, ever the masculine yet submissive bottom guy, smirks and undresses. He starts putting on the gift waiting for him — a pair of black fishnet stockings and small black panties.

Jessie wraps the feminine garb around his muscular legs, meaty ass, and big hard cock. Jessie rubs his body in the stockings and relishes feeling like a lady.

Jessy Ares appears wearing stocking on his arms and he doesn’t hesitate manhandling Jessie, who loves the attention.

Jessy bends Jessie over and grabs his ass and fingers his hole, loosening it up for an invasion of stocking — Jessy slips a strand of stockings into Jessie’s ass and slides it right out!

Afterwards they swap blowjobs, and they swallow each other up like it’s the first meal they’ve had in weeks!

Jessy bends the bottom over, grabs him by the shoulders, and slams his ass deep and hard. Jessie Colter doesn’t like it slow or easy, and Jessy Ares isn’t happy unless he’s fast and deep.

Jessy twists the bottom around into every position he can handle until it’s time for them to bust their loads!”

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