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March 15, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 11”

Latin Leche: "Numero 11"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“Back in front of the camera, this returning cock sucker begs for the chance to taste more Latin man meat. The director is more than happy to pimp out his sexy mouth, putting together a little scheme to entice his friendly neighbor.

Given the prospect of a much needed blowjob and some extra cash from the willing bottom, it seems too good to be true!

The two neighbors meet up with their eager stud and dive deep into fucking and sucking… all while the clever cameraman keeps recording!”

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March 10, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 10”

Latin Leche: "Numero 10"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“The landlord’s nephew is working hard, slaving away in the heat to make this dump of an apartment look good for prospective tenants. The cameraman can’t take his eyes off of him, turned on by his sexy body and handsome face.

When he asks the boy how much he makes a day, the cameraman was quick to offer him the same to just jerk off for 10 minutes! For this kid, that’s a one less day of sweating his ass off!

After a couple minutes, the cameraman gets himself involved, pulling out his own cock and paying the boy to touch him and suck him. The working boy is hesitant at first, but he’s quick to see that he’d rather suck a stranger’s cock than have to keep sweeping up the floors! In fact, he’ll even take a raw cock up his straight ass!

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March 1, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 9”

Latin Leche Numero 9
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“When this camera man finds a hot stud walking down the street, he stops to ask him questions his sex life. The guy doesn’t seem all that interested at first, but once the director pulls out his cash, it was hard for him to resist such easy money.

The cameraman couldn’t wait to learn more about his body and cock, giving him even more to come back with him to his studio. And it was worth every penny!

This stud has a perfect body and one of the biggest dicks the director’s ever seen! And for a few extra bucks, this straight stud is willing to let the cameraman touch it! It’s amazing what a little money will make a straight guy do… even get fucked and fingered on camera!”

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February 25, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 8”

Latin Leche: "Numero 8"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“When the horny cameraman comes across this sexy 19 year old, he barely needs to offer him any money to get him to jerk off on film. But knowing that he’ll be asking for more, he keeps that wad of cash on him!

Once the boy is at his place, he can’t get past how sexy his ass and legs are, offering him more and more money to touch him.

Soon, the cameraman gets the boy to suck him of… and to even take his big cock up his tight hole!”

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February 16, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 6”

Latin Leche: "Numero 6"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“It’s another good day for the horny cameraman! This guy has no fear going up to the first straight guy he sees and probing him for details about his sex life. Turns out he’s an unemployed straight guy with a girlfriend. Seems like he could use some money!

When the man behind the camera pulls out his handful of cash, the guy agrees to answer his questions, even go with him back to his place!

The promise of more and more money gets him to let the cameraman touch him all over. Not only does he have a beautiful, tight body, but he’s got a perfect, thick cock!

This straight guy will do anything for a little extra money… even take a big, raw cock up his tight, hairy hole!”

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January 19, 2018

Latin Leche: “Numero 2”

Latin Leche: "Numero 2"
Latin Leche Special Offer

LatinLeche.com writes:

“For guys who only ever top, bottoming can seem scary and painful. And because of that, seeing them take it makes it even more exciting.

Our favorite documentarian found a tall, beautiful guy on the street who said he’d really only ever topped. Naturally, the cameraman took this as a challenge and asked him to be part of his series.

The guy agreed to jerk off, but I had no idea what would come next. With a few cash incentives, he does more and more, eventually coming to the point of no return and spreading his hole for the guy’s big, fat cock.

You can see the look in this eye just how intense it is for him – practically like it’s his first time!”

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