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January 23, 2010

BiLatinMen: Dumbo bangs TooShy

BiLatinMen writes:

“Per members request, we convinced Dumbo to do a guy-on-guy sex scene. Dumbo says he is straight, although he loves trannies. He is neverous at first but soon his dick gets hard in Too Shy’s mouth and asshole.”

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January 1, 2010

Randy Blue: Gunner, Reese and Nico’s hot threeway

Gunner Pierce, Nicco Sky and Reese Rideout make their own fireworks with a smoking hot three-way on RandyBlue.com!

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December 20, 2009

WorldOfMen: Juan Velez fucks Alejandro Fernandez

WolrdOfMen: Juan Velez fucks Alejandro Fernandez

Collin O’Neal of WorldOfMen.com writes:

“I really wanted to find a unique looking hairy Colombian model so one night when we threw a party in our hotel in Bogota, Juan Velez came by with some friends and I immediately thought he would definitely fit the bill.

Juan was happy to do a scene, especially with a guy with a nice round butt. I had a model planned, but he backed out at the last minute so I turned to a friend of mine and asked if he knew anybody. A quick phone call and the scene was back on.

We drove to the bar, a very cool seedy joint, in a grimy neighborhood, to film the scene with Alejandro. All of the staff wanted to watch so I had a few issues shooing them off, then we went back to work. Watching Juan fuck Alejandro’s pretty, smooth, tight butt made me think how hot my job is.”

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December 5, 2009

Stag Homme: “Cruising the Urinals” with Jean Franko and Lucio Saints

StagHomme: "Cruising the Urinals" with Jean Franko and Lucio Saints

StagHomme writes:

“This video footage was filmed during an actual club night at the legendary Spanish hook-up bar “Black and White” (discoblack-white.net). Jean Franko walks into the toilets to take a piss. Lucio Saints notices Jean and follows him into the toilets as well. What unravels is one of the best public suck and fuck-fests of the year.”

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November 27, 2009

Randy Blue: Dawson Riley rims and fucks Nicco Sky

RandyBlue: Dawson Riley rims and fucks Nicco Sky

Randy Blue writes about this hot scene:

“Dawson Riley and Nicco Sky really wanted to fuck. It was actually really cute. Each one started hitting me up asking if they could do a scene with the other. I held off for a bit, giving them both excuses for a little while over how we were too busy or I couldn’t coordinate their schedules. I had a feeling if I made them both really hunger for it they would deliver a really hot video.

Finally, I told them we were going to do it. But when the day came I kept them from even seeing each other until just a few minutes before we started shooting. I know my guys well and when two guys want each other bad enough they can get started before the cameras even go on, and I didn’t want to waste a second of the incredible energy these two had. And when they started to fuck they went at it like rabbits.

And that Dawson just loves to eat ass. The look of pure joy on his face as he dug his tongue deep into Nicco’s hole is priceless. He just couldn’t get enough, and Nicco was loving every minute of it. Nicco is quickly getting to be known as Randy Blue’s cumshot champion, and he didn’t disappoint. His cum shot so high he almost hit my camera!

Not to be outdone, Dawson dumped a huge load of his own sticky stuff all over Nicco’s sexy chest. But overall, as much as I love a good cumshot, seeing the two of them making out AFTER they both climaxed somehow made the whole video perfect for me.”

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November 17, 2009

College Dudes: Armando Silva busts a nut

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CollegeDudes: Armando Silva busts a nut

CollegeDudes writes:

“Armando Silva is a hot Brazilian-American who is finishing up his college career, and we finally managed to get him to take a day off to show us his big thick piece of Latin meat! After taking off his clothes and getting his juicy dick hard, Armando pumps it for all it is worth. We especially love his hairy butt and the way he rubs his beautiful pecs as he is getting himself off. Laying on the bed, he slowly strokes it up and down until he cums all over his beautiful bod. Hot solo!”

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November 11, 2009

Randy Blue: Nicco Sky tops Brett Swanson

RandyBlue: Nicco Sky tops Brett Swanson

Don’t miss Randy Blue‘s latest update … Brett Swanson gets topped by Nicco Sky, who is so horned up he shoots a load so huge it has to be seen to be believed.

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November 11, 2009

HotBarebacking: Calvin Hudson gets gang-banged

HotBarebacking writes:

“Five tops please themselves with Calvin Hudson’s hot ass in this horny gangbang. Phoenix Rising comes on the scene to get his fair share and then the young guns arrive: Leon Knight, gay-for-pay David Marritt, punk rocker Ethan Palmer, and Latino boy Tommy. They make a hell of a raw ass-slamming team and you’re going to want to see all their skills.”

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September 17, 2009

Randy Blue: Nicco Sky gives Dallas Evans an amazing blowjob

RandyBlue: Nicco Sky gives Dallas Evans an amazing blowjob

Randy Blue writes:

“Nicco Sky is laying out in the warm California sun trying to even out his tan line by not wearing a suit. Now who wouldn’t be tempted to rub one out at such a hot visual? So when Dallas Evens saw him laying there he couldn’t help himself. Rather than spoil the fun, I just set up my camera and started shooting. But I wasn’t about to let him shoot his wad before giving a Nicco a chance to go down on him.

This is Dallas’ first Randy Blue video with another guy and I wanted it to be really special, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to do it with him than Nicco, who’s quickly becoming a fan favorite. But even though he’s still fairly new, it didn’t stop Dallas from going after what he wanted. He tells Nicco exactly how he likes it and even guides his head gently onto his cock with his hands. And it’s not like Nicco needs all that much guidance.

He sucks another man’s cock as if it were his own, giving everything he has to drain those balls of every ounce of cum. And Dallas is obviously loving every second of it. Not one to passively sit there and get blown, he fucks Nicco’s adorable face until he’s almost ready to burst. Then Nicco gets the upper hand, pardon the pun, by jerking Dallas off to completion and then shooting his own hearty load.”

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September 5, 2009

Randy Blue: Christian Sharp, Malachi Marx and Nicco Sky have a hot three-way

RandyBlue: Christian Sharp, Malachi Marx and Nicco Sky have a hot three-way

Nicco Sky gets to do his first Randy Blue three-way with the sexiest pair of guys, Malachi Marx and Christian Sharp.

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