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November 17, 2014

HotHouse: Trenton Ducati pounds Marc Dylan

HotHouse: Trenton Ducati pounds Marc Dylan

Marc Dylan takes Trenton Ducati’s thick cock in “High Voltage” at HotHouse.com.

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January 14, 2014

Falcon Studios: Steve Vex fucks Marc Dylan

Falcon Studios: Steve Vex fucks Marc Dylan
Falcon Studios: Steve Vex fucks Marc Dylan

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Steve and Marc get things moving fast. Steve begins by devouring his partner’s big throbbing asset. He soon demands a return on his investment and the men trade places with Marc deepthroating Steve’s cock down to the base.

Now ready for intensive anal takeover, Steve stretches Marc’s cheeks apart and screws him with his power pole. He continues to fuck non-stop as Marc lays his muscled body down, rocking back and forth with every jab. Marc grabs ahold of his erect dick and jerks himself off until he shoots his wad.

Steve then pulls out and cums, mixing his spooge with Marc’s hefty deposit and both feel satisfied and completely liquidated.”

– Watch the full-length scene at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios
October 15, 2013

Raging Stallion: Damien Crosse and Marc Dylan flip fuck in “Sexo in Barcelona, Part 2”

Raging Stallion: Damien Crosse and Marc Dylan flip fuck in “Sexo in Barcelona, Part 2”
Raging Stallion: Damien Crosse and Marc Dylan flip fuck in “Sexo in Barcelona, Part 2”

RagingStallion.com writes:

“When Marc Dylan answers his doorbell, Damien Crosse bursts in with such force, you suspect foul play. Bodies collide, tongues meet, and the intruder’s momentum propels Marc into the bedroom, whereupon they fall on the bed. Damien’s too horned up to waste a second.

While they’re bouncing on the bed from the impact, Damien’s got his shirt off. By the second bounce, Marc has removed his and Damien is sucking his cock. The landscape of Marc’s chest is hard as rock, ridged in all the right places and complemented by a thatch of hair.

Damien maintains constant suction and unbroken eye contact until his hard-on demands relief.

Marc is quick to trade places, grabbing Damien’s hairy balls like a handle while his mouth descends over Damien’s uncut cock. They arch and stretch into a power 69, Damien feeding on Marc’s ass while Marc continues to suck.

The intensity and uninhibited action continues with a smooth roll that finds Damien’s cock lodged in Marc’s chute. Each plunge sends jolts of sexual energy through Marc, who is sparked to switch roles again.

Marc turns Damien around and spikes him from behind. Sweat pours and muscles ripple as they grapple towards orgasm. Damien shoots a load that covers his chest, with Marc’s jism in hot pursuit.”

– Watch the full-length scene at RagingStallion.com

Raging Stallion
October 4, 2013

Raging Stallion: Goran bangs Marc Dylan in “Sexo in Barcelona, Part 2”

Raging Stallion: Goran bangs Marc Dylan in “Sexo in Barcelona, Part 2”
Raging Stallion: Goran bangs Marc Dylan in “Sexo in Barcelona, Part 2”

RagingStallion.com writes:

“It’s late, and there aren’t many guys left at the sex club, but Goran still hopes to connect with someone. In the shadows, a muscular hulk, Marc Dylan leans against the wall. Goran approaches, making sure the first point of contact is cock. Marc, wanting the same, responds with a kiss.

Goran lifts Marc’s shirt and the shadows accentuate his muscled body, from massive pecs to the deep cleft dividing his abs. Goran sinks to his knees in need of harder flesh to hold and to suck. Marc wants to suck, too, but Goran would rather eat his meaty ass, so Marc holds his cheeks apart.

His hole provides the appetizer and the main course, when Goran puts his meat where his mouth was. Marc bucks, his cock and heavy balls swaying in counterpoint to Goran’s thrusts. The find something for Marc to lie on and for Goran to get the leverage to fully deliver a power fuck.

Goran’s orgasm begins with sweat coursing down his tanned torso followed by a thick white eruption that bastes Marc’s stomach.”

– Watch the full-length scene at RagingStallion.com

Raging Stallion
October 1, 2013

Raging Stallion: Paddy O’Brian pounds Marc Dylan in “Summer Lust”

Raging Stallion: Paddy O'Brian pounds Marc Dylan in "Summer Lust"
Raging Stallion: Paddy O'Brian pounds Marc Dylan in "Summer Lust"

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Paddy O’Brian is classic, a macho stud who’s ruggedly handsome, fearsomely built and breathtakingly hung — a gigantic helmet head crowns a thick cock that’s solid steel. No less than voluptuous, meaty muscle star Marc Dylan is Paddy’s partner, offering up his incredible bubble butt.

We see the ‘real,’ playful Paddy first, when the guys roughhouse in the pool — he’s a sparkling bundle of fun. He turns serious about his lust, and Marc lavishes utter worship on the enormous slab of Prime Beef between his legs.

Paddy goes for Marc’s ass, throwing a mean, high-power slam fuck. Sweat runs down his face, drips off his nose. Marc sits on the colossal cock, banging the bounty of his butt down so hard that not an inch of Paddy’s steel shaft shows outside the tight clench of ass lips.

Paddy’s relentless bone burying shocks a shuddering load of cum from Marc, and Paddy leaves his own big and heavy globs of snow white jizz on his trembling buddy.”

– Watch the entire scene at RagingStallion.com

Raging Stallion
September 20, 2013

Raging Stallion: Marc Dylan, Francesco D’Macho and Frederic Duris’ hot threeway in “Sexo in Barcelona, Part 1”

Raging Stallion: Marc Dylan, Francesco D'Macho and Frederic Duris' hot threeway in “Sexo in Barcelona, Part 1”
Raging Stallion: Marc Dylan, Francesco D'Macho and Frederic Duris' hot threeway in “Sexo in Barcelona, Part 1”

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Marc Dylan and Francesco D’Macho are strolling hand-in-hand when they run into Francesco’s old friend, Frederic Duris. Francesco invites Frederic home with them. Immediately, Frederic and Francesco start making up for lost time. Marc seems stunned until Francesco signals him to join in.

Francesco is the first one naked. His muscular arms bulge under the inked sleeves running from his shoulders to forearms. Marc and Frederic take turns sucking, with Francesco holding their heads so they leave no inch unswallowed. All of them are sporting body hair — not the norm for the usually smooth bodybuilder Marc. Skin collides with skin, cock with cock, meat with muscle.

The heat intensifies when Marc gets on his back, with Francesco eating his ass and Frederic tea-bagging him. Frederic leans forward to suck Marc’s cock and Francesco, his face inches away, tongue-fucks Frederic’s mouth alternately with rimming Marc.

Momentum builds; they improvise relentlessly, becoming a mass of primal suck-fuck-kiss-rim connectedness that finishes in a sweaty sex sandwich with Frederic in the middle and Marc playfully trying to catch everyone’s load in his mouth.”

– Watch the entire scene at RagingStallion.com

Raging Stallion
August 1, 2013

Pride Studios: Marc Dylan and Brian Bonds fuck each other in “Wet Dream: The Phantom Fuck”

High Performance Men: Marc Dylan and Brian Bonds fuck each other in "Wet Dream: The Phantom Fuck"

PrideStudios.com writes:

“Did you ever have a wet dream when you were younger that was so vivid you could not believe it wasn’t real? HPM Founder Gio Caruso did and he never forgot it. So, he thought, why not take two of the hottest men in gay porn and have them recreate it so that everyone could enjoy it as much as he did!

The scene opens with Marc Dylan in a deep slumber and finding himself someplace in between R.E.M. sleep and hopeful reality. Soon a hand is stroking his growing cock and as he opens his eyes he discovers the object of his desire and soon to be Phantom Fuck is Brian Bonds.

The two stroke each other for a while before embracing in a deep kiss as they partake in some classic frottage as their cocks grind against each others hard bodies. Marc is soon on his knees as he deep throats Brian’s 8′ cock and strokes his own at the same time. Brian then returns the favor as he devours Marc’s cock and then lifts his legs over his head as he eats Marc’s ass and gets it all wet and ready for his cock.

Marc begs Brian to fuck him and although Brian starts out slow he soon increases the intensity while Marc approves of every deep thrust into his beautiful ass. The two then find themselves in a hot 69 and before too long, Marc has his tongue buried deep in Brian’s ass.

Marc then has Brian on all fours as he drives his cock deep inside Brian’s beefy ass. Marc fucks him long and hard before Brian says he wants to ride Marc’s cock. Brian climbs on top of Marc and rides his cock for all it’s worth while Marc strokes Brian’s cock.

Brian then shoots a thick creamy load of cum all over Marc’s stomach. He then dives between Marc’s legs and as Marc strokes his cock, Brian sucks on his balls releasing a nice load of hot creamy cum from Marc’s thick shaft. Brian then sucks out the remaining cum as Marc lies back, eyes closed and breathing heavy. As Marc opens his eyes, he looks down to discover that he is alone and with a smile on his face he rolls over and drifts back off into a deep sleep”

– Download the full-length scene at PrideStudios.com

July 11, 2013

Raging Stallion: Marc Dylan gets pounded by Landon Conrad, Erik Rhodes and Trenton Ducati in “Body Shop”

Raging Stallion: Marc Dylan gets pounded by Landon Conrad, Erik Rhodes and Trenton Ducati in "Body Shop"
Raging Stallion: Marc Dylan gets pounded by Landon Conrad, Erik Rhodes and Trenton Ducati in "Body Shop"

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Trenton Ducati sneaks off into the supply room and starts jacking off. But this hiding space isn’t much of a secret because Erik Rhodes makes his way back there too with the same release in mind. Catching each other with their matching hard-ons, the big-muscled, studly giants crash into one another’s embrace sucking face and then sucking cock.

Meanwhile, down in the shop, Marc Dylan can’t keep his eyes off Landon Conrad’s hunky body. Marc is so distracted that he has to unzip his co-worker’s pants, pull out Landon’s thick cock and gobble it down. Landon returns the favor and nurses on Marc’s dick.

Then with Marc standing on a hydraulic jack and elevated, Landon rims his ass. Having primed his manhole, Landon fucks Marc, working feverishly until one after the other they shoot their loads.

But before Marc and Landon can catch their breath, Trenton and Erik come in from the supply closet and continue the ass assault on Marc who quickly surprises everyone with a second spray of jizz.”

– Watch this hot scene at RagingStallion.com

Raging Stallion
November 30, 2012

NakedSword: Raging Stallion’s “Explosive”

Raging Stallion writes at NakedSword.com:

“Raging Stallion’s Explosive blazes with brute sexuality that’s bold and rugged. It’s an all-sex scorcher with action that flares up into eruptions of hot cum.

Four of the hottest power bottoms you’ve ever seen ignite three master tops who trigger everything they want from their guys. The set is a leatherman’s vision of a soundstage, where director Bruno Bond lights the fuse by putting his stunning men up front and center, and letting combustion do the rest.

Explosive stars four sensational Raging Stallion Exclusives. Adam Champ gives you the hirsute masculinity you want to worship in two dynamite scenes. Derek Parker shoots his hot looks at you with a “POW!” of muscle and inked physique. Alexander Garrett plunges his massive detonator and hits the spot. Stud bottom Angelo Marconi brings new meaning to fire in the hole offering it up like never before.

They’re joined by sex hound Jessie Colter, stallion Fabio Stallone, and the mass of voracious young muscle, Marc Dylan. Explosive is a meat mauling, ass blasting blowout that’ll get you off like fireworks.”

– Watch “Explosive” at NakedSword.com
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November 10, 2012

KinkMen: Marc Dylan

Superstar Marc Dylan is taken to the limit with extreme edging and brutal bondage positions.

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– Get the full-length scene at KinkMen.com

October 17, 2012

Falcon Studios: Valentin Petrov fucks Marc Dylan

Falcon Studios writes:

“Valentin Petrov and Marc Dylan are weary after lugging a heavy ice chest. With all their muscles straining, they stop to rest. Valentin kneads his buddy’s neck and shoulders, but Marc needs a lot more. Before long, he’s got Valentin’s balls cupped in his hand as he sucks his gigantic, thick, uncut cock. The horny Russian pulls off his sweatshirt to reveal his perfectly muscled body and Marc eagerly bathes the ripped torso with his tongue.

The men switch positions and Valentin works his oral magic on Marc’s swollen dick, making the big man’s big pecs and washboard abs bulge. Then he rims Marc’s ass, licking the hole and juicing it up.

Marc braces himself against the tree and Valentin fucks him up the ass charging in and out non-stop. Encouraged by his partner’s pleas for more, Valentin continues plugging away as Marc lays back on the ice chest. Finally standing side by side the jocks jerk themselves off. Valentin is the first to cum and Marc quickly follows, blasting a hefty wad.”

– Watch the entire scene at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios
October 15, 2012

NakedSword: Falcon Studios’ “Summer Lust”

Falcon Studios writes at NakedSword.com:

“The famed Falcon style scores a peak in the blazing `Summer Lust.` Languid summer days flare up when the star-studded cast transfer their lusty desires and hard bodies from the pool to the bedroom.

Four sun-drenched scenes, directed by Tony Dimarco, are all sex, all sweaty, all steamy and filled with the fiery passion that long-hot days with sexy housemates stirs in each of their groins.

`Summer Lust` features Falcon Exclusives Landon Conrad, D.O., catapulting-to-stardom Jimmy Fanz, and the red-hot Paddy O`Brian, who scorches not one but two sensational scenes with manly looks, devastating cock, and heaving fuck-action. He`s certainly found the right home in his first release from Falcon.

Smoldering with these horned up exclusives are superstars Dean Monroe, Bryce Star and Marc Dylan. These guys are heavy hung, happy, and ready for that famous Falcon man-action. So jump on in — the pool`s about to boil over with their Summer Lust.”

– Watch “Summer Lust” at NakedSword
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NakedSword Video on Demand
October 10, 2012

ManRoyale: Christian Wilde fucks Marc Dylan in “Fresh & Clean”

Christian Wilde walks into the shower to join his muscular friend Marc Dylan. After some hot oral action Christian takes Marc to the bedroom for an intense fuck session.

– Get the full-length scene at ManRoyale.com