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October 4, 2015

Men.com: Landon Mycles bottoms for Jimmy Fanz in “The Next Men Exclusive, Part 1”

Men.com: Landon Mycles bottoms for Jimmy Fanz in "The Next Men Exclusive, Part 1"

Men.com writes:

“It’s time we sign a new MEN.com exclusive but with so many great candidates we decided to enlist the help of existing exclusives to see who fits in best with the MEN.com family.

First we have Landon Mycles being paired with Jimmy Fanz. Jimmy fucks Landon’s tight hole until the two blow their huge loads.”

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September 2, 2015

Men.com: Landon Mycles fucks Brenner Bolton in “Lustful”

Men.com: Landon Mycles fucks Brenner Bolton in "Lustful"

Men.com writes:

“These two gorgeous men lustfully go at it. Landon Mycles fucks Brenner Bolton’s perfect ass, until they both shoot their loads and enjoy the taste of their hot cum.”

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January 28, 2014

Raging Stallion: Tommy Defendi fucks Marcus Mojo

Raging Stallion: Tommy Defendi fucks Marcus Mojo

Raging Stallion writes:

“Tommy Defendi welcomes Marcus Mojo into his studio, anxious to photograph the hunky model for the new underwear ad. He sets up the shot, working like a pro to get his sexy subject calm and relaxed.

He can’t help but focus on Marcus’ masculine beauty — his handsome face, his muscled body with those massive pecs, and that golden glow emanating from him. He’s a mannequin of human perfection; a delicious piece of eye candy and Tommy wants a bite.”

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June 27, 2013

Falcon Studios: Brandon Lewis fucks Marcus Mojo in “Escape”

Falcon Studios: Brandon Lewis fucks Marcus Mojo in "Escape"
Falcon Studios: Brandon Lewis fucks Marcus Mojo in "Escape"

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Brandon Lewis can’t keep his eyes off Marcus Mojo as the young buck stands under a relentless waterfall. His muscled body glistens with the falling sheets of water and all Brandon can do is watch and whack off. Soon the men are kissing under the pouring shower, their toned torsos meshed tightly into each other.

Wanting more, Brandon goes down on his buddy sucking down his engorged cock. Marcus responds and gets his licks in, deepthroating Brandon’s thick shaft and tongue-tickling his balls.

Both men are drowning in lust when Brandon begins fucking Marcus up the ass, making him ooh and ahh with every deep plunge. Marcus then skewers himself down on his partner’s cock and rides it hard. Brandon pumps in and out even faster to heighten the friction.

Finally sitting side by side, they jack themselves off until they both cum. Marcus roars as he squeezes out his load and Brandon discharges an even larger blast causing them both to laugh after their successful and satisfying tryst.”

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Falcon Studios
April 11, 2013

NextDoorStars: Marcus Mojo gets fucked by James Huntsman in “Pumped and Pounded”

NextDoorStars.com writes:

“Marcus Mojo fans everywhere have been clamoring to see Marcus with a very special scene partner…James Huntsman! They’re finally coming together, in the gym, for a hot session of pumping iron and cranking up some sexy action.

Both Marcus and James are gym rats who spend significant time fine-tuning their incredible physiques to look perfect. I think it’s safe to say their efforts have paid off! James’s body is amazing, and his dick is thick and luscious. Marcus has salivated at the idea of welcoming James onto his set for a long time and is showing it by slurping hard and deep on that hard, pulsating cock. Watch him squeeze and shake James’s toned but plump ass cheeks while enjoying this physical masterpiece.

Then it’s time for James to experience Marcus’s tight, waiting hole, right here on the weight bench. James giving a powerful pounding, just the type of fucking for which Marcus was hoping. It’s a matchup you have to see to believe as these outrageously hot dudes get together for a smokingly sexy training room bang.”

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Next Door Stars
March 28, 2013

NakedSword: Marcus Mojo stars in Next Door Studios’ “The Perfect Bottom”

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Next Door Studios writes at NakedSword:

Marcus Mojo is The Perfect Bottom and Brad Star, Tony Newport, James Jamesson and Joey Soto all know this from experience.”

– Watch “The Perfect Bottom” at NakedSword.com
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November 30, 2012

Marcus Mojo: Marcus gets fucked by Brady Jensen in “Built for Speed”

MarcusMojo.com writes:

“Marcus Mojo has welcomed over a new friend by the name of Brady Jensen. The two met while pumping serious weight at the gym and realized they have much in common. They find themselves posing in front of Marcus’s bedroom mirror, comparing their bodies to one another. They’re while Brady flexes, Marcus squeezes various muscular areas on Brady’s body.

He works his way down, eventually reaching Brady’s firm but ample butt cheeks. Brady laughs when Marcus tells him he has a big bottom. But Marcus reassures him it’s a good thing, just before going down on his knees and biting right into one of those plump cheeks.

Then Brady takes a look at Marcus below the belt, pulling his pants down and taking Marcus’s cock in his mouth! From there, it’s to the bed where Marcus gets his own lips around Brady’s huge dick.

But it’s not long before Brady is positioning Marcus on top of his massive erection for a muscle-bound pounding you’ll certainly enjoy to the max!”

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Next Door World
November 16, 2012

Marcus Mojo: Marcus fucks Jett Jaxx in “Rub and Fuck”

MarcusMojo.com writes:

“When Marcus Mojo seeks relaxation from strong hands, he heeds the advice of a close friend, and makes an appointment with a young man named Jett Jax. Marcus is pleased to see that Jett is a very strapping, good looking guy.

As Marcus enjoys his strong hands kneading and rubbing, the two strike up some light conversation. Marcus mentions their mutual friend said Jett sometimes provides services beyond the standard massage. Jett admits he in fact does, and goes in for a taste of Marcus’s ass. The sensual flicking of his tongue seems to melt Marcus right there on the table.

Then Marcus flips over to allow Jett to work his front side. Jett takes Marcus’s stiff cock in his mouth and sucks passionately but slowly at first. Soon Marcus takes to his feet to suck Jett’s large dick. Then Marcus takes position and slides his erection into Jett’s warm, waiting hole.

Watch this masseur and client fuck as they work up to a hot, frenzied explosion of intense euphoria.”

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Next Door World
November 2, 2012

Marcus Mojo: Marcus fucks Brandon Lewis in “Country Boys”

MarcusMojo.com writes:

“Marcus Mojo and Brandon Lewis are a couple of simple guys who put in a hard day’s work and expect a nice hard reward when they are done. With all the plants watered and tended to, they make their way over to bale some hay.

While working, though, they get distracted and decide to take a break. Brandon is sweating from working hard, but Marcus has his mind on other exercise, specifically the bulge in Brandon’s pants. Grabbing his friend’s package and holding it firmly, Marcus can tell that Brandon would not be opposed, so he unzips Brandon’s pants and goes down on him in the hot sun, resting on a bale of hay and stripping out of his clothes, he feels Brandon growing in his mouth.

Brandon, always one to give as good as he gets, returns the favor, and before too long, both guys are naked and glistening in the summer heat. Reclining back, Brandon mounts Marcus and spreads his legs as Marcus pumps him from underneath.

Brandon strokes his dick as Marcus fucks him and then they switch positions, with Brandon on his knees as Marcus pounds him from behind, before finishing up reclined and stroking off amidst the hay and the heat. Enjoy!”

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Next Door World
October 19, 2012

Marcus Mojo: Donny Wright fucks Marcus in “Release the Mojo”

MarcusMojo.com writes:

“Marcus Mojo is ready to max and relax as he enters into Donny’s massage room. With no hang-ups and nothing clogging his mind, he is ready to release some inhibitions and take a metaphorical chip off his shoulder.

Donny knows how to use to his hands, and is more than eager to run them up and down Marcus’ naked body as the two them, minute by minute, start thinking the same thing… seconds later Donny has flipped Mojo over and is slobbering all over his cock, as Marcus closes his eyes and soaks it all in.

Pushing his head down onto his cock as he fumbles through Donny’s pants, Marcus is enjoying every minute of it, especially when Donny flips him onto his knees and begins to eat Marcus’ ass, before slowly working his hard cock into the moist hole.

Marcus lets out a moan of pleasure as Donny begins to pound away, and Marcus slips a Fleshjack over his cock and begins stroking, immediately getting full on hard as he fucks and Donny pumps away, ultimately pulling the sex toy off his lubed cock just in time to wet his rippled chest with a well earned blast of hot sticky cum.”

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