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August 14, 2013

Men of Montréal: Gabriel Clark fucks Marko Lebeau in “A Reunion to Remember”

Men of Montréal: Gabriel Clark fucks Marko Lebeau in “A Reunion to Remember”

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“Marko Lebeau & Gabriel Clark have been friends ever since they both started doing porn some 3 years ago. After doing a scene together back then for one of the major studios, they each continued with porn, but went down different paths. So the time was right for a rematch. Gabriel has become quite the power top since his first days in porn and Marko quite the bottom cub. Yet, he did seem to be a bit anxious about the pounding he was going to get from a dick that he felt had grown a full inch since he last took it.

There was no scripting this scene. Experienced as they are, and comfortable with one another, both guys just let loose and got into some intense sex play. We all know how Gabriel loves to suck and fuck and it’s no secret that Marko can take a pretty good pounding. So, after chatting for a few minutes, they just went at it.”

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Men of Montreal
July 30, 2013

Men of Montréal: Marko Lebeau and Felix Brazeau’s hot flip-fuck in “Auditioning At Campus Bar”

Men of Montréal: Marko Lebeau and Felix Brazeau fuck each other in "Auditioning At Campus Bar"
Men of Montréal: Marko Lebeau and Felix Brazeau fuck each other in "Auditioning At Campus Bar"

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“Men of Montréal (MoM) is celebrating 6 months of existence! So we decided to do a Special scene featuring our host Marko Lebeau and newcomer Félix Brazeau. The scene was shot at the famed Campus male stripper club – the longest serving male strip club in the city. Both our models started their careers in the adult market by dancing at the Club, and the bar has been very accommodating in allowing us to recruit and allowing their men to take the porno plunge with us.

So, to set the stage, the guys decided to create a fantasy encounter… Indeed, when a guy first walks into a stripper club to audition, many things go through his mind about what an audition could entail. Auditions don’t include sex, but that doesn’t stop future dancers from thinking or fantasizing that it might happen.

The first to arrive for his audition is our lifeguard, Félix Brazeau. Chris the bartender is there to greet him and have him wait for the owner to audition. After a while, Marko Lebeau also arrives for his audition. By then the owner is running late. He calls in and tells Chris to do the auditions in his place as he is caught in traffic…

So, first guy on stage is Felix. He struts his stuff and strips down completely nude. Marko isn’t impressed with Felix’s performance and says so. Chris tells him that if he thinks he can do better, then it’s his turn to show us what he is made of. Marko gets going and soon shoves his boned up cock in Félix’s face while still wearing his briefs. Things start heating up and the guys go all out. Felix blows Marko’s cock and then they get down on their knees so our hairy host can suck on his newfound partner’s large curved cock. He then moves Felix into a doggy style position for a good rimming and then fucking.

Felix has developed quite the liking to taking dick up his ass, but this time he too wanted a piece of ass. He was anxious about getting his rod up Marko’s butt crack.

They then move back onto the stage from the bar area and Felix got down on his knees to prep Marko’s ass for a good fucking. This flip-flop culminated with Marko and Félix moving to a more comfortable position on the bench at edge of the stage. There he started pummeling Felix’s ass until he dropped his load on his partner’s dick and hand. Felix used his cum-splattered hand to jerk off and shoot his own load.

Once back at the bar counter, it was no surprise to anyone that Chris gave the guys the green light.”

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Men of Montreal
April 5, 2013

Men of Montréal: Alec Leduc fucks Marko Lebeau in “Marko’s Challenge”

MenOfMontreal: Alec Leduc fucks Marko Lebeau in "Marko's Challenge"

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“This scene was requested by subscribers of Men of Montréal, and during the interview, Marko quizzed Alec on how his porn actor career is going. Alec is becoming pretty comfortable and tells Marko that of his previous scenes, the one with Hayden Colby is his fave. Hayden is experienced and very engaging, and Alec really got off on that. So, Marko stated that he had a tough act to follow. Which Alec confirmed amusingly.

They get right into it and after some kissing and fondling foreplay, they start stripping and Alec dives down for Marko’s nipples. It isn’t long before they get naked and Marko starts going back and forth between Alec’s cock and mouth. Then Alec returns the favour and starts going down on Marko’s dick, deep throating and gagging frequently on our hairy blond host. Alec’s BJ technique has vastly improved and Marko is really turned on by the attention he is getting.

The guys then move into some 69 action where Marko delivers his own deep throating of Alec. He preps Marko’s ass for fucking with a talented rim job. With his dick being hard all along, Alec then takes Marko’s ass for a joy ride from behind, putting our bottom boy in heaven.

They shift positions so Marko can ride Alec’s cock for a while before moving into a missionary position to reach climax. You get to see Alec’s massive thighs and huge bubble butt moving sensuously in and out of Marko’s hole before he pulls out to shoot his load on Marko’s balls. Marko then gets into his zone to bone up and shoot his own load on his chest, shooting as far as his nipples.

After the scene the guys chuckled about the fact they know each other outside of porn, and that shooting together was initially a bit weird. But they did it for the fans and to their own surprise had a great time hooking up. The fact that both were horned up from several days without sex definitely helped them overcome their initial friendship-based hesitation.”

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Men of Montreal
March 22, 2013

Men of Montréal: Hayden Colby, Ben Rose and Marko Lebeau’s hot threeway in “A Steaming Hot Winter Chill”

MenOfMontreal: Hayden Colby, Ben Rose and Marko Lebeau's hot threeway in "A Steaming Hot Winter Chill"

MenOfMontreal writes:

“If in Rome, do as the Romans… Well, when in Montreal, you have to embrace the four seasons, including our chilly winters! So, that is exactly what our trashy trio of Marko Lebeau, Ben Rose and Hayden Colby did in February by frolicking and making out in an exterior hot tub at Maison Des Jardins, a Montreal Guest House, that hosted a weekend full of Men of Montréal shooting.

There was plenty of eye candy for the guests and staff of the B&B, as our threesome of guys was particularly exhibitionist and pretty excited about shooting this scene. Even though it was sunny, make no mistake, it was cold. The thermometer was hovering at about -10 Celsius (14 F) and the wind chill made it even colder. So, you will have to forgive the guys if they eventually made their way back into the guest house to really get into some intense sucking & fucking.

We started the day with the photo shoot. And, with the hot steam rising from the water we decided to do an extended bonus photo shoot that would capture the magical, yet eerie atmosphere in the tub. So, there are pics in the photo set that didn’t translate into actual video footage.

The guys were really playful and lent themselves to a flurry of shots that captured the mood of the moment. Chucking moons, then sucking each other, eating ass, kissing… they were unstoppable. When we got to shooting the actual video scene though, the sun had moved and was going into hiding… So the trio lost its warming effect and we needed to get them back inside to resume things.

As we were shooting in the living room, guests would occasionally come across our guys making out. Sometimes surprised, but never offended, some decided to hang around for a few minutes to take in the action. The guy’s playful attitude continued inside and they worked each other’s cocks and asses with dedication and determination. Hayden, as usual, just loves getting his ass plowed on and on. Ben got caught in the middle of the sandwich as he fucked Hayden, while getting plowed by Marko. Marko sucked and rimmed the guys before plowing his dick in each of their asses.

Within seconds of each other, Ben and Marko both shot generous amounts of seed on Hayden’s face, while he lapped up their dicks dry. Hayden was primed to get off, and with a bit of nipple play from Ben and Marko, flew over the top. The chemistry between these three was great thorughout. Once done, they got off on the idea of chilling (pardon the pun) again in the hot tub…”

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Men of Montreal
March 4, 2013

Cocksure Men: Carlo Cox pounds Marko Lebeau

CocksureMen: Carlo Cox pounds Marko Lebeau

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Marko and Carlo are so hot-o! Carlo Cox kisses Marko Lebeau from behind, his hands all over his sexy, young chest. They kiss passionately as they work their way down towards each others’ cocks. Marko drops to one knee and takes Carlo’s fat dick in his mouth. Carlo is rock hard instantly and loves the feeling of Marko’s warm mouth. Carlo returns the favor and swallows Marko down to his base. Carlo is an expert cocksucker with years of experience.

Marko is all worked up and ready to get fucked. Carlo eats Marko’s hole to prep it for his monster prick. Marko eases back slowly onto Carlo’s meat pole. Once in, Marko relaxes and can really enjoy every inch of Carlo deep inside him. Marko especially loves being on top where Carlo lets loose and pounds his ass hard.

After giving Marko everything he has, Carlo lays back on the back and strokes out a thick load onto his hairy stomach while Marko licks his balls. Marko Lebeau then gets comfy and creams Carlo Cox’s face with a healthy load.”

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February 26, 2013

Men of Montréal: Marko Lebeau manhandles Hayden Colby in “Sub Seeking Master!”

MenOfMontreal: Marko Lebeau manhandles Hayden Colby in "Sub Seeking Master!"

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“This scene has an interesting twist. It was supposed to be a solo to introduce Hayden Colby to the site. However, when he arrived, he was presented to Marko Lebeau and admitted that he had a thing for him. Marko had just finished a scene an hour earlier, so doing a second scene in a day was a bit much to ask. But, we knew that Hayden had a bit of a domination fetish and Marko was willing to take on the role of bossing Hayden around and putting him through the grinder without going into a full-on sex scene. A serviced video with a twist. In fact, Marko has wanted to do a scene with Hayden ever since he met him…

With a grin and evil eye, Marko decided he was going to blindfold Hayden and put him literally through the ropes. Hayden’s eyes lighted up and things got going. Marko held back from giving his boy any more information about what would happen, which only added to Hayden’s interest. As a guy who’s done porn on and off for several years, this was a new experience for him.

Marko took charge and, quickly, Hayden got really excited. He was so revved up that Marko had to pace himself, so he wouldn’t send Hayden over the top too quickly. This only made the sub boy more excited and pumped. Using his mouth, tongue and fingers, a butt plug and dildos, Marko took Hayden for a trip that he was not going to soon forget.

Moaning and groaning, our 28 year old bottom boy came intensely and ended up lapping up his own cum from Marko’s hands. It was clear that Marko enjoyed playing the bossy Master to a happily submissive Hayden. We’ll need a full blown hard core rematch between these two in the near future.”

– Download the entire scene at MenOfMontreal.com

Men of Montreal
February 8, 2013

Men of Montréal: Muscle hunk Christian Power gets pounded by Marko Lebeau in “David Fucks Goliath!”

MenOfMontreal: Muscle hunk Christian Power gets pounded by Marko Lebeau in "David Fucks Goliath!"

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“Christian Power casually states during his interview with Marko Lebeau that he is nervous for this scene, as this is his first time in front of a camera. He is indeed and it shows sometimes during the shoot, even though he appeared to be quite relaxed during his conversation with our host.

There are times throughout the scene when he looks overwhelmed and distracted by the presence of cameras and the crew. At 6′ and 265 lbs. of solid muscle, this body-builder/personal trainer’s massive frame can come across as intimidating, even to Marko as he sometimes doesn’t seem to know quite how to handle a guy 100 lbs. pounds heavier than him.

But our host seems appreciative and after he starts kissing Christian and caressing his body, he quickly plunges for his cock. Moving back and forth from his cock to his nipples and abs, Marko goes down so deep on him that he shed’s a tear!

After a rimming that Christian appeared to clearly enjoy, Marko rams his bulky bottom’s ass mercilessly!

Even though Christian worked his ass with a dildo prior to Marko’s attack, we aren’t sure he enjoyed the fucking as much as the rim job he got. Yet, he’s lucky it was Marko’s 6.5-7 inch cock and not an 8 or 9 incher that initiated him to the art of bottoming.

After fucking Christian in a few positions Marko lays him on his back on the edge of the bed and fucks him again until he shoots, unloading on Christian’s balls and abs, then rubbing his seed over the bodybuilders’ abs.

Then, Christian ramps up to unload his own juice to Marko’s chant of Good Boy!!

All in all, a job well done! Christian was a real trooper. It was obvious that he was overwhelmed at times, but he carried through and is now committed to doing more. Next time up, he will be teamed with veteran actor Alexy Tyler!”

– Download the entire scene at MenOfMontreal.com

Men of Montreal
January 30, 2013

Men of Montréal: Marko Lebeau bangs Lorenzo Star

MenOfMontreal: Marko Lebeau bangs Lorenzo Star

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“This is Marko Lebeau’s first scene for his site. Busy traveling he has called upon his friends Gabriel Lenfant and Ben Rose to sub for him in the first run of shoots. Marko was eager in breaking the ice and for his this scene he asked Lorenzo Star to team up with him.

He knew that Lorenzo was an intense sexual animal and he was keen on bedding him. In fact, Marko was in serious need of fucking some ass.

He had just worked out at the gym and suggested that Lorenzo join him in the shower to get things started. They eventually made their way to the shower, but only after undressing each other while kissing passionately.

After some sucking, rimming and fucking in the shower, and by the bathtub… and dripping sweat and lube on the camera, the guys continued fucking on the floor and on the bed, making their way to shooting their loads.

Lorenzo being the sex addict he is, mixed their juices together and lapped it up while grinning from ear to ear.”

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Men Of Montreal
November 8, 2012

Next Door Studios: Marko Lebeau gets fucked by big-dicked bodybuilder Max Chevalier

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Come away with Next Door Studios and experience the beautiful Canadian countryside!

You’ll meet up with natives, Max Chevalier and his companion Marko Lebeau as they lounge near the pool. When you arrive, you’ll find them just gearing up to get right into some hot action. Max is just coming over to Marko’s sun chair to give him a nice taste of his fat cock.

Marko is very eager to get his mouth around Max’s hard piece. You’ll notice Max’s very muscular physique, Marko’s ideal body on a guy.

After enjoying this nice treat, Max is going in for a bit of Marko’s chubby dick. He sure does suck passionately! Then he’s having a nice few lickings of Marko’s tender ass, loosening it up for what’s next.

You don’t wanna miss this journey to the friendly land to the north, where muscle bound Max is pounding sweet Marko’s tight hole under the warm, partly cloudy sky. Enjoy!”

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Next Door World
May 12, 2012

Next Door Studios: Marko Lebeau gets fucked by Brec Boyd and Tyler Torro in “Wrong Place, Right Time”

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Marko LeBeau has made an epic mistake; dressing in the Varsity locker room when one is not a member of the Varsity squad is strictly prohibited and the punishment is simple. Not a member, then you get the Member(s).

Tyler Torro and Brec Boyd are well versed on the rules. Having come up in the system, they have made the same mistake and been made to serve the requisite punishment, so they have little compassion for Marko as he pleads his case of innocence. Instead Tyler shoves Marko’s face into his sweaty crotch, then makes him repeat the same thing on Brec.

Whipping their cocks out, Tyler and Brec take turns fucking Marko’s mouth and there is nothing he can do about it.

Moving along, Tyler bends Marco over a bench, and while Brec shoves his cock in and out Marko’s mouth, Tyler does the same with Marko’s ass, instantly realizing when Marko shrieks with pleasure that he enjoys it, and that this is maybe not so much punishment after all.

So Tyler puts the pedal to the metal and really tries to fuck Marko extra hard, but the harder he tries, the more Marko seems to love it, as he reaches down and begins stroking his own dick.

Marko figures if you can’t join them, beat them (off), so he pulls on their cocks longingly until they both cum all over him, whereupon he is so turned on that he cums as well. As he does, Marko thinks to himself, “This is a mistake I’ll have to make again very soon.””

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