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October 6, 2014

Lucas Entertainment: Dato Foland’s bareback sex premiere with Michael Lucas

Lucas Entertainment: Dato Foland’s bareback sex premiere with Michael Lucas

Lucas Entertainmen writes:

“In Dato Foland’s premiere gay bareback sex scene with Lucas Entertainment, he debuts with Michael Lucas.”

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September 30, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: “Surrender to Love”

Lucas Entertainment: "Surrender to Love"

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“There’s no greater expression of strength and affection than when the Lucas Men leave everything behind and “Surrender to Love.”

Kayden Gray offers both his body and heart to Woody Fox during a passionate morning of lovemaking.

Demian Holt travels to the United States to experience romantic ecstasy with Michael Lucas.

Darius Ferdynand passionately enters Edji Da Silva from behind for the first time on Lucas Entertainment film.

Adriano Carrasco and Tony Rivera prove that Latin love is the best kind.

And Hans Berlin escapes to England with Jonathan Agassi for a passion-filled weekend.

Run away with the Lucas Men and “Surrender to Love”!

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February 5, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: Michael Lucas fucks Leo Domenico in “British Pounds”

LucasEntertainment: Michael Lucas fucks Leo Domenico in "British Pounds"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Michael Lucas spots Leo Domenico, a young and handsome hunk ready for sex, and whisks him away into a great English manor. Michael places a “Do Not Disturb” on the door and moves in to make out with Leo, who loves all the attention the porn legend showers on him.

They kiss against the bedpost before Michael directs Leo down to his knees to suck on his erect 10 inches of uncut cock, and there’s no shortage of slobber strands as he does the sucking!

Leo’s chest, stomach, and legs are covered in the sexiest down of short course body hair and it’s never been more masculine on any other gay porn star! Michael is prepared to put Leo through some serious acrobatics, but first he lubricates the guy’s hole with his tongue.

With his condom on, Michael fucks Leo in all sorts of positions: doggy, on his stomach, missionary, and even some reverse jackhammering!”

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Lucas Entertainment
December 11, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Michael Lucas breaks in Justin Cruise’s ass in “Auditions 48: Popping D.O.’s Cherry”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Blond twink and fresh-faced bombshell Justin Cruise has already appeared in previous Lucas Entertainment scenes, but it’s not possible for someone as hot as him to be truly broken in by until Michael Lucas himself gets a go.

These two Russian porn stars have a conversation before Justin shows off all of his bottoming skills for the boss. Michael leans back and lets his erect 10-inch cock stand tall and tease Justin before he wraps his lips around it and swallows whole like a sword, foreskin and all.

Justin has a beautiful little hole and Michael knows it: there’s no way he’s going to waste it, so Michael hoists Justin’s ass up in the air and eats it out long, wet, and hard.

When the time comes for fucking, Justin is ready to go and Michael takes him in every position you can imagine. But the highlight is Michael lying down and Justin straddling the boss and bouncing up and down on that huge cock; Michael totally going balls deep in the twink, eventually bringing him to orgasm!”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

November 10, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Huge uncut cocks pound tight holes in “Fuck It!”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Michael Lucas opens by pulling Adam Killian into his apartment where he lays him down and penetrates his ass in a series of positions, most prominently on his hands and knees and on his back.

Power-bottom Braxton Bond hops up onto a pool table where Rafael Alencar shows him who is boss. He first opens his ass wide with his fat uncut dick before drilling him with a series of dildos.

And Jonathan Agassi makes an appearance with the handsome and fresh-faced Gabriel Lenfant. The boys have a lot of sweaty fun flip fucking, showing each other what they’re capable of doing with their cocks.

The fucking has never been harder or hotter!”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
September 25, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: “Cock Suckers”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Lucas Entertainment brings together its hottest and sluttiest “Cock Suckers” to demonstrate just how many cocks these guys can swallow.

Dozens of men show off their oral skills right here in over 30 scenes of wet deep-throating action: there’s no shortage of dick in over two hours of pure cock-sucking and throat-fucking!

Some of Lucas Entertainment’s finest are gathered together here, including Jonathan Agassi, Vito Gallo, Mathew Mason, Adrian Long, Adam Killian, Rafael Alencar, Will Helm, Tate Ryder, Damien Crosse, and Michael Lucas.

Watch our “Cock Suckers” loosen up their jaws on some of the biggest meat in gay porn!”

– Watch this movie online at LucasEntertainment.com

August 26, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: “The Power of Love”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

““The Power of Love” shared between two strong and masculine men in their deepest throes of passion is unmatched.

The romantic odyssey begins with poolside lovers Rafael Carreras and Mitchell Rock, who have intense sex together.

Vito Gallo and Alex Marte romance one another against the waves of the Aegean.

Will Helm and Tony Axel experience sexual ecstasy while overlooking the Greek countryside.

Michael Lucas makes secret, romantic love to Mathew Mason.

And Jonathan Agassi bathes and admires Trenton Ducati’s muscular body in the sea.

“The Power of Love” has never been stronger between the handsome and masculine men of Lucas Entertainment!”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

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July 27, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Michael Lucas fucks Mathew Mason in “The Power of Love”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Candlelight glows around Michael Lucas as he romances Mathew Mason, a secret lover he has special affection for. They kiss slowly and passionately, and each time their lips meet it’s a fervent and unmatched union.

Mathew runs his hands up and down Michael’s body before settling between his legs and giving him a slow and sensual blowjob.

Michael can’t keep his own hands off of Mathew — he pushes the sensual bottom onto his back and raises his firm butt. With Mathew’s cheeks spread apart, Michael affectionately licks and kisses the Australian’s hole, making it a wet and slippery orifice.

Michael shows Mathew his aggressive side and slips into his ass with his hard cock. The top begins slowly, but when he’s sure Mathew can handle it, he thrusts harder and harder while Mathew is on his side and back.”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
March 5, 2012

Lucas Raunch: Michael Lucas humiliates muscle stud Marc Dylan with waves of piss in “Drenched”

Lucas Raunch writes:

“Marc Dylan might be a muscular, hot-shot pornstar, but it takes Michael Lucas to properly introduce him into the world of raunchy gay porn.

Marc begins by showing Michael’s cock its proper due — a hot blowjob, and Michael makes sure the beefcake bottom struggles to swallow his 10-inch uncut Russian cock.

After Michael is satisfied with the initial oral action, She stands over Marc’s face, tells him to open up, and fires a stream of hot piss into his bottom bitch’s gaping mouth. The piss flows out of Marc’s mouth as he gargles it up so he doesn’t choke.

Marc gets wet himself: he lets loose a torrent from his dick that makes it looks like the southern pornstar has not pissed in days! Marc soaks the leather mattress so much that Michael cups his hands and splashes wave after wave of piss all over Marc’s face and asshole.

Michael doesn’t wait to roll on a condom and prove what he can do to a bottom boy’s ass: Marc’s hole puckers up and Michael slides right in, slamming him in a pool of raunchy gay piss!

While Marc is moaning and groaning with each thrust, Michael smacks piss into Marc’s mouth to shut him up.

After they’re done fucking, Marc sucks on Michael some more before they both soak their dicks with more urine. And what better to mix in with the steaming yellow mess than an explosion of cum? Michael and Marc never fail to deliver!”

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February 3, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Michael Lucas fucks Franco Ferarri in “Auditions 44: Hung for Hung”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“‘Auditions 44: Hung for Hung’ begins with Michael introducing the gay porn studio’s new exclusive model, Franco Ferarri, in one of his famous interviews before the fun begins.

The guys strip off their clothes while kissing deeply, letting their hands do the talking after the interview is over. Franco’s pants come off first, and his uncut Brazilian cock is hard and ready for some attention. But Michael is the top man, and once his own uncut dick pops out of his pants, Franco attentively begins sucking the big piece of meat.

These two hung pornstars mash and grind their bodies into one another in between Franco using his hot lips to suck on Michael’s cock and foreskin, leading up to Michael exposing Franco’s tight and puckering asshole for a wet tongue bath.

Michael teases and tempts Franco before taking the ultimate step of entering his asshole with his huge dick: Franco starts out by taking a direct seat down on Michael’s cock, easing it in before aggressively riding it.

He switches to his back next, and Michael grabs Franco’s ankles while he drills the Brazilian stud. A mouthful of hot cum is Franco’s reward for a successful first audition.”

– Watch the entire scene at LucasEntertainment.com

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