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September 20, 2011

Samuel O’Toole: Connor Maguire, Kyle Quinn and Samuel’s hot threeway

SamuelOToole.com writes:

“Samuel O’Toole has a pretty extensive collection of shoes. However, he pays a price for looking so well coordinated. Namely, some of those great looking pairs of shoes hurt his feet something silly. Luckily Samuel also has an extensive collection of friends willing to rub his feet at the end of a long day. Of course, his feet aren’t the only parts they’re willing to rub.

Kyle Quinn is ready and willing to rub whatever Samuel can slide his way, and the only thing better than two cocks is three, so Samuel calls Connor Maguire and asks him if he wants any part of it. Which, of course, he does. Before you know it, Samuel’s feet aren’t hurting anymore, but his dick is about to bust and rock fucking hard. Guess that’s what friends are for…”

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September 20, 2011

Raging Stallion: Jason Adonis bangs Damien Crosse

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Damien Crosse is stroking on his thick Cuban steak when jock strapped and arm banded Jason Adonis gets his attention. In a moment, Jason is on his knees servicing the stud’s cock.

Jason soon bends Damien over the armrest of the leather couch and feasts on the warm center between Damien’s two hot mounds of flesh getting it primed for a pounding.

He starts smooth and slow, and then he picks up the pace and rhythm, delivering every inch with strength and force. Then the hungry bottom wants to ride his hot top, and moans and grunts in appreciation as he does.”

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Raging Stallion
September 19, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Waterfront flip-fucking with Cavin Knight and JR Matthews in “Heat Wave 2”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Strutting around a luxurious deck, the gorgeous Cavin Knight and hunky JR Matthews can’t help but show off their stuff. But they’re both truly displaying for each other, and it doesn’t take long for them to have their paws all over each other, touching each other’s sculpted torsos and smacking lips– there is plenty of tongue kissing — Cavin can barely even stay in his Speedo!

JR leans Cavin against a deck chair and starts blowing him, lapping up his cock — Cavin can’t help but throw his head back and eat up every last second! But Cavin is as much a giver as JR, and he returns the favor by falling to his knees and servicing JR’s shaft with his wet lips.

When JR thinks Cavin is ready, he bends him right over and digs his tongue into his ass, giving it a full bath before he slips into his sculpted cheeks and starts fucking him. Cavin opens wide for JR as be pounds him near the open water. With hot aggression, Cavin sits on JR’s lap and rides him, JR holding on to his hips.

Quickly after, JR flips onto his back on the dock and Cavin fucks his partner deep until he blows his load in Cavin’s open mouth!”

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Lucas Entertainment
September 19, 2011

Corbin Fisher’s American College Sex: Aiden, Rudy and Ashley’s bi bareback threeway

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Ashley and Aiden put Rudy through his paces – and he loves every second of it!

All three of them kiss and get each other’s clothes off. Aiden and Rudy feel each other’s cocks experimentally through their underwear, then kiss. Ashley gets into the game, kissing Rudy’s dick while Aiden eats Ashley out around her thong.

Ashley goes up and down Rudy’s cock. Aiden fingers Ashley, and strokes his thick dick. He doesn’t waste any time and slides his cock into her. She keeps sucking on Rudy, but it’s challenging with as much muscle as Aiden is pounding into her!

Aiden smacks her ass and fucks her faster. Rudy says he’s jealous of her getting that cock. I can see why! Ashley’s face shows how much pleasure she’s in getting railed by that huge dick! Aiden wants to see Ashley ride Rudy’s cock. She climbs up on Rudy’s dick and grinds against him.

Rudy sucks Aiden’s mammoth cock while he fucks Ashley. Ashley rides a little while longer, then Aiden says he wants to taste Rudy’s cock. The guys 69. Aiden hungrily goes down on Rudy, enjoying the taste of Ashley’s pussy all over Rudy’s cock.

Aiden licks his finger and slides it into Rudy’s ass. He drives his tongue into Rudy’s hole, then swallows Rudy’s cock again. Ashley jumps in for some cocksucking action. Aiden shoves his cock into Rudy’s ass.

Rudy’s ass is super tight! Aiden has to work his finger back inside Rudy to warm him up more. Then Aiden is able to slide in. Aiden fucks Rudy, and pulls him even closer to go deeper. Rudy has a huge grin on his face at one point and it’s clear he’s loving every inch!

But Rudy’s also almost sliding off the bed from the hard pounding! Ashley gets on the floor and holds up his head as Aiden drills him even harder.

Aiden pumps his cock into Rudy as deep as he can. Ashley kisses Rudy. Ashley suggests they flip him over so he can’t “run away.” Like Rudy wants to!

Rudy gets on his side and Aiden fucks him from behind. Their bodies slap together as Aiden pounds him. Rudy tells them how much he loves that big cock. Aiden watches, almost hypnotized as Rudy strokes his cock … and then suddenly, Aiden can’t hold back!

Aiden pulls out and blasts his load all over Rudy! Cum lands all over Rudy’s cock and balls. Aiden slams his cock back inside Rudy. Rudy uses Aiden’s cum as lube and jerks a thick load out of his dick!

All three kiss and Rudy says “I might need help up.” Good thing he doesn’t have to be anywhere!”

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September 19, 2011

Hot Jocks Nice Cocks: Jeremy Bilding bangs Landon Mycles

HotJocksNiceCocks writes:

“Jeremy Bilding and Landon Mycles are enjoying the summer day while playing some volleyball. The winner of the match is debatable, but what isn’t is how hot these two guys are. So what do two hot guys do when they are already hot and sweaty?

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September 18, 2011

Cocksure Men: Mitch Vaughn barebacks Spencer Williams

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Before the cameras even started to roll we knew this scene was going to be a H-O-T. Mitch Vaughn and Spencer Williams, a real life couple, blew us away! The passion between these two studs is absolutely electrifying.

After a sweltering make-out session the two take turns swallowing each other down to the base of their cocks. Spencer gets on his knees and throws his ass in the air for Mitch to munch on. You literally see Mitch’s dick throb with anticipation as he works Spencer’s hole, getting it ready for his rock-hard cock.

Spencer is also rock-hard as Mitch pounds his lover’s ass bareback. It feels so good that Spencer blows a thick, creamy load all over Mitch’s ripped abs while Mitch’s cock is still buried deep inside him.

With Spencer still on top of him, Mitch splatters one of his famous multiple loads all over Spencer’s back, butt, and asshole. Still dripping with cum, Mitch eases his thick dick back into Spencer’s ass for a few final loving thrusts!”

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September 17, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Alexsander Freitas fucks muscle-bottom Marc Dylan in “Lucky Fuck”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“The sexy, southern Marc Dylan has great taste: he’s cruising the Lucas Entertainment website, playing with himself under the desk, when he enters a chat room with photographer Alexsander Freitas. Marc shows Alexsander every inch of his sculpted torso — he has the build of a superhero, and the Flash underwear to top it off! Alexsander needs to see the hunk in person, so Marc flies to Manhattan for a photo shoot. But pictures are not what Alexsander is interested in — after a brief shoot, the submissive Marc gives his body to Alexsander.

The top laps Marc with wet kisses and worships the grooves of his defined muscles. Alexsander pops his pants off, and his fat, uncut cock bounces out; Marc swallows it right up, opening his throat for every inch of the Latino’s meat.

Alexsander returns the favor by sucking on Marc’s dick: Marc grabs hold of Alexsander’s head and pumps his mouth, his low-hanging balls flopping with each thrust.

Marc is a passionate power-bottom always craving cock: Alexsander gives his muscle boy’s hole a wet, hard tongue bath before before slipping on a condom and sliding into Marc’s ass. Alexsander shows Marc no mercy, and the bottom asks for none — as he takes every deep plunge from Alexsander, he cries for it harder and harder!

Alexsander fucks and pumps Marc silly, flipping the naive country boy in various positions, each one showing off his ripped body!”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

September 17, 2011

Randy Blue: Jarrett Rex fucks Andrew Stark

Randy Blue hunks Jarrett Rex and Andrew Stark show you what kind of hardcore fun a couple of horny farmhands can get up to.


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September 17, 2011

Falcon Studios: D.O. pounds Erik Rhodes in “Roughin’ It 2”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Parking their Jeep on a cliff overlooking a valley, D.O. and Erik Rhodes need a quick stop for a sip of water. Shirtless, sculpted D.O. wants more than a quick break for water, the surrounding nature has turned him on and he starts to make out with Erik. D.O. wants a taste of Erik’s thick hard dick.

Engulfing Erik’s cock with his mouth, D.O. works the big man over allowing him to fuck his face. The Jeep is the perfect playground for these stunning men, and D.O. opens the rear so he can stand up in the back end and give Erik a perfect view of his immense and gorgeous cock.

Looking up at the ripped abs of D.O., Erik takes his time to pay tribute to the man and his meat lapping at it, licking it and gulping it down repeatedly, and then giving his mouth to D.O. to use at his will.

It’s not too long before Erik is doing the same with his meaty, round ass bending over the roll bar of the jeep so D.O. can tongue, rim and finger his taught manhole. D.O. is an expert in preparing Erik’s hole for a good fucking, and that’s exactly his intent.

Erik holds on tight to the roll bar as D.O. begins an all-out fucking on the big man’s ass, sliding it in and pulling it out, and then going back for more rhythmic strokes. Watching the smaller ripped D.O. find every way to deliver his stiff staff to Erik’s eager hole is worth the price of admission.

Putting Erik on his back on the hood of the Jeep, D.O. props Erik’s legs in the air to really deliver the goods, and spread his cheeks so wide that he can deliver every last thick inch of his tool.

He pounds Erik with a fervor inspiring a huge load which Erik is in position to receive on his face and in his mouth. After catching D.O.’s load, Erik jerks out a huge one himself.”

– Watch the full scene at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios
September 16, 2011

Rod Daily: Jay Cloud and Rod’s hot pool fuck

RodDaily.com writes:

“Rod Daily is can’t make up his mind for this scene. He’s got his hot guy – Jay Cloud, and he’s got an endless set of possible scenarios for the scene, but none of them seem quite right… until he sees the pool. From there it is on like Tron.

Jay is already ready and waiting, stretched out on a deck recliner with a cock-starved look on his face. Done and done. Before you know it, the two of them are fucking and sucking and flipping the script over and over. Try to keep up, and try to hold out til the end.”

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