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May 12, 2010

ActiveDuty: Shawn and Dorian bang each other in “Double Time 7”

ActiveDuty: Shawn and Dorian bang each other in "Double Time 7"

ActiveDuty writes:

“The first scene of Active Duty’s forthcoming DVD, Double Time 7, features Dorian and Shawn two super sexy studs.

Things kick off with Dorian and Shawn shooting pool and shooting the shit. Dorian is excited because he’s sure he’s going to beat Shawn at the game of strip pool their playing and therefore get to fuck Shawn’s ass as the prize.

From there it’s nothing but extra hot and steamy mansex between these two fine specimens as we watch them go from some aggressive deep kissing and playing with one another’s hard cocks to Shawn literally stuffing his fat dick in Dorian’s tight ass.

Once Shawn’s reached the point of no return he hops on top of Dorian’s tight abs and lands his hot load all over Dorian’s huge chest and it just gushes all over the place.

Then Dorian returns the favor with gusto as he tears Shawn’s tight little ass out of the frame with his rock hard cock banging him increasingly harder and faster until Dorian is ready to blow his wad. Mr. Fun Size (Shawn) decides to get on his knees and take Dorian’s load all over his chest.”

– Watch the entire scene at ActiveDuty.com

May 12, 2010

Cody Cummings: Phenix Saint gives Cody a special massage

CodyCummings.com writes:

“Cody loves getting a massage, but even though he loves the gentle touch of a hot young woman, sometimes those tense muscles need the strength of a man, and that’s where Phenix Saint comes in.

After laying down on the massage table, Phenix shows up and gets to work, kneading and rubbing his hunky buddies muscles. Once Cody rolls over, Phenix goes from the muscles to the cock, slowly rubbing and tugging on it before Cody’s rock hard and Phenix decides to work the cock with his mouth instead of his hands, easily making Cody bust his nut.”

– Get the entire scene at CodyCummings.com

Next Door World
May 11, 2010

Randy Blue: Jackson Kale rubs one out

RandyBlue: Jackson Kale rubs one out

Jackson Kale shows off his beautiful black muscular body as he jerks off his rock hard dick at RandyBlue.com!

– See more of Jackson at RandyBlue.com

May 10, 2010

Sean Cody: Alan bangs Dennis

SeanCody: Alan bangs Dennis

Sean Cody writes:

“I always get a kick out of hearing two guys talk about the girls they’re fucking just before they fuck each other! Alan said he’s been fucking some chick with big tits. Dennis said he’s been fucking a girl who likes to watch his movies and then have him fuck her.

Yes, I know, it’s vagina talk, but it is one hell of an ice breaker!

After they had finished relating their stories, Alan dove straight into Dennis’ ass, first by planting his face there and then by fucking the shit out of it!

I think the thing that sets Dennis apart is the fact that he gets goose bumps all over his body when he gets fucked. So you can tell he’s really enjoying it!

Then, after all that rough fucking, Alan gave Dennis a big, messy facial!”

– Downlaod the entire scene at Sean Cody

May 10, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Caught in the Crossfire 2”

DJ is a new Active Duty recruit straight from the Marines. Kaden, Thomas and Elijah get to know him and his thick 9″ cock real quick.

– Watch the entire movie this week at ActiveDuty.com

May 9, 2010

Stag Homme: Sebastian Cole and Rick Moreno in “The Last Sin”

Stag Homme Studios writes about this hot scene:

“‘The year is 2018 and World War III is taking it’s course. While the Nations of the World are fighting each other on the brink of complete annihilation two Franciscan monks in a small monastery on the Argentine Andes take solace in their brotherly love and passion while unbeknownst to them these tender moments will be their last.’

Shot on location in Argentina, starring hunks Sebastian Cole and Rick Moreno and directed by Francesco D’Macho. Featuring 2 juicy oral cumshots.”

– Get the entire scene at StagHommeStudios.com

Stag Homme Studios
May 9, 2010

Fratmen: Navy stud Dom

Fratmen.tv: Navy stud Dom

Fratmen.tv writes:

“Fratmen have got one hell of a new fratboy for us this week! Dom (aka Sean Cody’s Mike) is currently in the Navy and while you might think he’d be a bit shy about revealing that kind of information, he wasn’t at all. Besides his very laid back, cool and amicable personality, Dom is also thickly muscled, very nicely tanned and packs one fat, tasty dick between his athletic thighs. It’s certainly also worth mentioning that Dom has a great sense of humor and definitely debunks the “dumb jock” myth that so often takes place. No, Dom has some brains, as well as a smoking hot dick and body!

This super sexy Navy boy is pretty quick to take his clothes off and show off his assets. He knows he’s got the goods going on and is quite comfortable with revealing them. While he really wanted to show us his sensational set of buttocks and big, thick cock, Dom isn’t in a rush to do much of anything. He takes life in stride and this crosses over to the way he stroke his man meat. He works it slow, but so seductively at the same time.

Stepping into the shower and turning around to show off his perfect set of buttocks, Dom from head to toe is a dense ball of sexy muscle. Even with a side view, this gorgeous, blue eyed Navy boy’s dick is still prevalent. Yeah, Dom is the real deal folks. Smart, straight forward, quite well muscled and hey, smart too!”

– See more of Dom at Fratmen.tv

May 9, 2010

MenAtPlay: Doctor Stevens examines Rio

MenAtPlay: Doctor Stevens examines Rio

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“The horny and oh so sexy Doctor Stevens is at it again! This time with the even hornier Greek stud Rio as his fuck buddy! When the doc asks Rio for a sperm sample he is more than happy to help Rio reach his climax. Both men have beautiful toned bodies and Rio gorges on the docs monster cock. Doctor Stevens returns the cock worshipping before inserting his own tool into Rio’s gorgeous bubble butt. Rio explodes whilst Doctor Stevens pounds his ass shortly followed by the docs own explosion!”

– Get the entire scene at MenAtPlay

May 8, 2010

Cocksure Men: Arpad Miklos fucks Leo Alarcon in “The Gay Coach 5”

CockSureMen: Arpad Miklos fucks Leo Alarcon in "Gay Coach 5"

CockSureMen writes:

“Leo Alarcon is one lucky dude to have hunky, hairy, muscle god Arpad Miklos as his coach. After a series of sprints and some deep stretches, they hit the gym to pump some steel.

While laying back, busting out some bench presses, Leo finds Coach Miklos’s cock too close to resist and begins to paw at the hidden monster. Coach spins around the bench and slurps down Leo’s dick, jock-strap pulled aside. After getting sucked himself, Coach Miklos buries his thick dick deep in Leo’s hairy hole. Arpad’s massive frame slams into Leo with such force the entire weight bench shifts with each thrust.

Coach and student find their way to a nearby mat where Arpad makes sure Leo receives every inch of his huge cock. Arpad makes a mess of Leo’s face, leaving sticky cum everywhere and sending Leo into a convulsive orgasm. Coach licks up his own cum and lets Leo know he’s got 5 minutes to rest before getting back on that weight bench.”

– Download this hot scene at CockSureMen.com

May 8, 2010

ManAvenue: Muscular and ripped Peter Jackson busts a nut

ManAvenue: Muscle jock Peter shows off

ManAvenue writes:

“When this guy stepped into our office for his interview, we knew we wanted to see him naked and hard. With his beautiful blue eyes, we were mesmerized at first sight. But as the clothes came off, we were obviously not really thinking about his eyes anymore.

Hot fucking body, covered in a soft layer of hair, hard dick for most of the video and some posing and flexing, showing off his ass – well – Peter (aka Jon Saunders at Englishlads, David Jones at MenAtPlay and Samuel at BlakeMason) did a real number on us… (translation: jerking our own dicks many times while this video was being edited)

Shit. No wonder we can never get our work done around here.”

– See more of Peter at ManAvenue.com

May 7, 2010

ChaosMen: Vance barebacks Antonio

Chaosmen: Vance barebacks Antonio

Chaosmen writes:

“I thought it would be interesting to put hairy Vance with shaved-up Antonio.

Antonio likes to bottom, and Vance definitely likes to top and be a little bossy. So it turned out to be a good match-up, even though I think Antonio was a bit nervous his first time being filmed.

They both made lots of noise. A bit of dirty talking to spice things up! Antonio was so loud that he was blowing the mics out a bit. He was WAY into it! Antonio tried to ride Vance’s cock, and I don’t think they both achieved a good rhythm. Vance’s dick kept popping out, but hey, we get to see a lot of inserts!

As for the ending, I don’t think I have ever seen Vance nut as much as he did today!

What’s cool, but you can’t tell, is Antonio drops his legs to nut and after a minute or two ramps up and shoots, all while Vance’s cum is sticky in his ass.

Normally if the guys don’t shoot at the same time, we do a little clean-up, (I know you have seen dried cum when both models clearly didn’t nut at about the same time!). But not Antonio. I think he got off the cum oozing around and it totally made him nut all that much faster!”

– Downlload this hot scene at Chaosmen.com