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January 14, 2010

Hot House: Arpad Miklos pounds Craig Reynolds

Hot House Backroom writes:

“An after-hours delivery turns into a muscle-man fuck fest when Arpad Miklos and Craig Reynolds meet in an ally. Reynolds sucks his long hard cock and teases the foreskin before stripping down and offering up his enormous bubble butt. Miklos licks and lubes Reynolds’ tight hole then rams him with his fat cock inside. Once on his back Reynolds milks his own cock while Miklos fucks him hard then blows his load.”

– Watch the complete scene at Hot House Backroom

January 14, 2010

Pride Studios: Diesel Washington bangs Steven Ponce

Extra Big Dicks writes:

“ExtraBigDicks.com puts the “hump” back in hump day, as everyone’s favorite chocolate power bar, Diesel Washington and his 10” of thick dark fuck stick, returns and gives Steven Ponce, that lucky fire crotch, the fucking of his life. ”

– Download this hot scene at PrideStudios.com

January 11, 2010

KinkMen: Race Cooper vs Brenn Wyson

KinkMen.com writes:

“The battle of the winners. Race Cooper and Brenn Wyson return. Both have a record of 1-0. With an amazing body and wrestling background, Race is all confident and ready to go. Brenn has a body to match and he fights professionally. After he annihilated Brandon Monroe in his first match, is he going to do the same to Race?”

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January 11, 2010

ActiveDuty: Horny soldiers fuck each other “Bulletproof 2”

In Bulletproof 2 super cute and super hung Randy gives up his ass to Elijah and new guy Trent gets plowed by Thomas. Also features Kaden, Gage and Cash.

– Watch the complete movie at ActiveDuty.com

January 11, 2010

Next Door Studios: Manny Vegas’ hot solo

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Manny Vegas is the king of his castle. He regularly enjoys the accoutrements of his fine bathroom and bedroom. And he usually does so while in the nude, as he finds it most comfortable.

This time he has become aroused while soaking in a warm mineral bath. As Manny’s cock grows harder and harder, he massages his muscular chest and arms, working his way down to what is becoming a raging boner. He retreats to his bedroom to jerk his cock on soft, downy covers.”

– Get the complete scene at NextDoorStudios.com
– Full-sized pics in the gallery

Next Door World
January 10, 2010

Twinks.com: Dustin Michaels bangs Austin Wilde

Twinks.com writes:

“Austin wild is a real twink lover. The popular muscle stud has convinced Dustin Michaels to put his horny tongue and cock to work on his muscle bod and our hot new twinky boy is only too happy to oblige.”

– Get the complete scene at Twinks.com

January 9, 2010

Randy Blue: Alex Eden gives Cayden Ross his first guy on guy ass fucking

Randy Blue writes:

“After taking a little time off, Alex Eden returns to Randy Blue, showing off those gorgeous muscles while sporting an overall leaner appearance. Add to that a nice tan, that handsome face and award winning smile and you’ve got one hot stud. Then we have Cayden Ross, who’s sexy tattoo’d body has been the talk of our blog lately. Getting these two mounds of muscle together is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. And the fact that they were not only so hot for each other but they had such a good time shooting just made it all the better.

I love guys who aren’t afraid to laugh even in the middle of totally getting their rocks off. I also really love watching Cayden give a blowjob. He takes Alex’s huge dick deep into his throat, and doesn’t slowly approach it either, He just opens wide and impales his beautiful face all the way down to the shaft without even blinking. You can tell he’s all about the cock and is not going to hold back even for a second. But don’t think that Alex made him to all the work.

Alex could’t wait to tap Cayden’s tight hole. This is a Randy Blue first for Cayden and I just knew that not only would Alex take good care of him but that having a stud like Alex be your first manmeat would be quite an experience. And it wasn’t long before he was begging for more.”

– Download the complete scene at Randy Blue

January 9, 2010

Sean Cody: Matt pounds Isaac

Sean Cody writes:

“So I guess Isaac has developed a little man crush on Matt! The two of them spent a lot of time together in Hawaii, and got pretty close. “His body is amazing,” Isaac said. “I love his muscles.”

Of course, when Matt found out he acted like he was a little embarrassed. But, as he mentions in the film, he likes to check out all the blogs that have viewer reviews of his performances… so I definitely think he enjoys the attention!

Isaac was pretty excited about getting some one-on-one time with him. “I can’t wait,” Isaac said with a big grin. “I don’t want to have to share!””

– Download this hot scene at Sean Cody

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January 9, 2010

Cocksure Men: Slade and David Dakota fuck each other

CocksureMen writes:

“David is relaxing on the bed when Slade returns from his daily workout. Dripping with sweat, Slade says he’s going to take a shower. David has other plans and starts licking the sweat off Slade’s chest and neck. Cut to a few moments later and David is starting to work up a sweat of his own! The guys lick and tease nearly every inch of one another. Swallowing cocks, toes and assholes along the way.

Both of these hunks get their holes stuffed full of hot cock. Slade is the first to get plowed and then David goes for a ride. Slade feels so good inside him, that David cums while still getting fucked. Slade then lies next to David and squirts a creamy load onto his own hard stomach.”

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January 9, 2010

LucasKazan: Alex Magnum fucks Federico D’Angelo in “Master of the House”

Lucas Kazan writes:

“”No smoking in the house.” Italian newcomer Federico D’Angelo finds out the ‘hard’ way when the Master of the House (Alex Magnum) teaches him a lesson he won’t soon forget.”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasKazan.com
– Check out the gallery

Lucas Kazan
January 7, 2010

ActiveDuty: Kaden, Thomas, Randy and Damien fuck in “Pullin’ Rank 3”

Active Duty writes:

“The second scene of Pullin’ Rank 3 features hung cutie Randy, all-American dreamboat Kaden, sexy muscular Thomas and tiny green-eyed Damien. Hang on to your hand grenades ’cause this is one hot four-way.

Thomas and Damien are so into each other and sex between them is oh so hot. You’d swear they were made for one another. Thomas makes such a good “daddy” for little Damien who loves to be dominated and used for his partner’s gratification. He’s a dirty talking daddy that knows how to get the most out of his partners and Damien knows how to give his best.

The other hot pairing is that of Randy and Kaden. If their hard cocks are any indication of how much fun they’re having, I’d say they’re in heaven. I’m not sure when I’ve seen Randy get this into sucking a cock. And man, does Kaden’s cock love the attention. They are totally horny for each other as they service one another’s hot cocks. Kaden decides to bottom for Randy’s huge cock and from there its pure bliss.”

– Watch the complete scene this week at Active Duty