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May 30, 2011

Cocksure Men: Robert Axel fucks Conner Habib

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Robert Axel is Cocksure Men’s own version of Iron Man. The guy’s muscles are huge! After he and Conner Habib’s make-out session turns into something much, much more, you can see Conner’s eyes grow wide when he gets a look at Robert’s massive biceps.

Conner has some impressive attributes himself,one of them being his superb oral skills. He and Robert both moan with pleasure during their 69 session, which we capture from every possible angle. Simultaneous rim jobs are added to the mix as well. Someone’s about to get fucked. Guess who?

Normally quiet Conner suddenly gets real verbal as he slides down on Robert’s superhero pole and goes for a nice long ride. His pleasure is multiplied once he’s on his back and Robert pries his legs wide open. Both of our studs shoot their loads for this very hot scene’s climax.”

– Download the full scene at CocksureMen.com

May 30, 2011

Falcon Studios: Colby Keller pounds Heath Jordan in “The Other Side Of Aspen VI”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Heath Jordan and Colby Keller have been together for several years – and what a pair they make! Both have striking faces, fine butts, huge cocks, and stunning bodies. Life in Aspen suits them well – kind of like two young, lanky lumberjacks who really like to fuck.

Heath has been out shoveling snow. When he comes in from the cold, he needs some quality time with his boyfriend to warm him up. Colby’s smirk tells us that he is horny as hell, so it doesn’t take much to get this fire burning! Heath loves cock, and Colby has one of the best dicks of all time. First off, it’s long. It’s also nice and thick and the whole shaft is covered with some impressive veins. It’s not only nice to look at, it’s nice to suck.

The temptation is too much, and before you know it Heath is on his knees, gagging like a maniac.Colby also likes to suck his boyfriend’s cock. One of the best things about Colby is his fine face – it’s about as handsome as it gets and it really looks remarkable when his lips are wrapped around a cock. This is a blow job to remember!

OK… lets get to the fucking! Colby has the bigger dick, so he gets to do the topping in this amazing scene. We watch as two positions unfold and then a dramatic reverse cowboy – that is where the top lies on the floor with his giant cock pointing towards the sky. The bottom, facing the camera, then rides furiously up and down. It’s a great position – one that GayVN Hall of Fame director Chris Ward fully exploits throughout the entire movie.

You are going to blow your load as you watch Heath ride up and down, penetrated by Colby’s massive cock. Watch as Heath blows a giant load while being impaled and fucked! How can one man have so much cum? Then Colby comes all over Heath’s face and no one seems too upset by cum going in Heath’s eager mouth.”

– Watch the full-length scene at Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios
May 29, 2011

Dominic Ford: Gavin Waters busts Bryce Evans’ ass cherry

Dominic Ford writes:

“This is it: the scene everyone has been waiting for. Since Dominic Ford announced his first exclusive, Bryce Evans, everyone has been wondering if this muscly hunk it a top or a bottom. Catch him here in his first time ever having sex on film, and ever bottoming.

Watch the equally sexy Gavin Waters break him in, or just break him! Plus, catch the post-coital interview in which Bryce talks about his first time, about Gavin, and about being in the porn industry!”

– Watch the full scene at DominicFord.com

Dominic Ford
May 27, 2011

Falcon Studios: Landon Conrad and Brandon Bangs blow each other in “The Other Side Of Aspen VI”

Falcon Studios writes:

“Landon Conrad and Brandon Bangs relax in a steaming hot tub amidst the sun-soaked snowcovered Aspen landscape. Landon’s striking features and perfectly chiseled physique bathe in the mist like an erotic mirage… and big blond Brandon goes in for a drink of the bright lusty visage.

The muscles on Landon’s torso ripple with excitement as Brandon sucks his long veiny cock and the action grows steamier with every urgent uptake of cock.

Before long Landon takes his turn deepthroating Brandon’s uncut cock… taking his breath away and causing Brandon’s jaw to drop in awe over Landon’s cocksucking skills.

The steamed and steamy studs switch it up again with Brandon licking Landon’s balls until he finally gives into the urgency of orgasm and shoots his load. Landon settles into the heat of the whirlpool while he sucks and jacks Brandon’s thick uncut cock until the boy pumps out his own thick load.

Satisfied and energized the two studs seal the scene as they kiss deeply and passionately.”

– Watch the entire scene at FalconStudios.com

May 26, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: “Hardcore Ass Pounding” from “Fuck!”

LucasEntertainment.com writes:

“Does it get any hotter than this? The scene opens with all-American stud Spencer Reed sprawled out on a chair enjoying the rough gyrations of Israeli hunk Avi Dar as he bounces up and down on his hard, 8-inch dick. Because Spencer is large and in charge, he doesn’t even have to do much work in the beginning: all he needs to do is stare at Avi with his intense eyes, and the bottom rides him even harder than before! But when Spencer has enough of Avi power-bottoming, he stands tall and picks Avi up, ravenously thrusting him up and down on his cock.

As the scene transitions to Adam Killian, all the tattooed hunk has to say to blond sex-pot John Magnum is, “Yeah, ride it,” and John’s meaty bubble butt hammers up and down with vigorous momentum. Adam continues to conquer John’s ass when he tosses him onto his back and jackhammers him so hard that John’s head lolls back and fourth and his eyes roll up into his head. Then, unexpectedly, the two flip-fuck and Adam’s ass is slammed by John’s 8-inch cut cock until they both erupt cum!

The scene once again shifts to none other than the Israeli sex-god himself, Jonathan Agassi, as he slams fellow Israeli hunk, Naor Tal. If there is one thing that Naor enjoys it’s a good ass-pounding, and Jonathan is more than happy to oblige. He bends Naor over a balcony in the open air of Israel and hammers his tight hole repeatedly. The two climax with Naor on his back as Jonathan pumps away until they both blow their cum all over Naor’s chest!

In the final scene, power-top Rafael Alencar proves that kitchens are meant for more than just cooking. He bends the sexy Matan Shalev over a kitchen sink and plunges his fat, throbbing, 10-inch cock all the way up his ass. With every inch that Matan takes, he moans and thrives in ecstasy. Rafael knows exactly what he want, so he orders Matan to position his left leg on the top of the refrigerator, allowing Rafael the deepest penetration possible! Rafael finishes with Matan pinned on his back until he cums in the bottom’s wide, open mouth!”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

May 25, 2011

ActiveDuty: “Double Time 8”

Six men, three scenes, ActiveDuty‘s Double Time series continues! This time with Diego & Elijah, Kaden & Evan and Dorian & Styx.

– Watch the full-length movie at ActiveDuty.com

May 24, 2011

Randy Blue: Jeremy Walker pounds Jay Stone

Sexy muscular stud Jeremy Walker blows, rims and fucks a horny Jay Stone by folding him up and propping his hot bubble butt up in the air like a living sex toy.

– Download the full-length scene at RandyBlue.com

May 24, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Michael Lucas passionately fucks Adam Killian in “Assassin”

Lucas Entertainment writes about this hot scene:

“The finale of “Assassin” has arrived as Michael Lucas meets with the sexy muscle-stud performer Adam Killian to learn everything he knows about who’s trying to kill him. But it’s not just information that the assassin is after: it’s Adam himself!

Adam and Michael embrace each other in slow, soft kisses before he moves up and down Michael’s sleek body and hard, 10-inch cock. Michael can’t keep his hands off of Adam, either – he runs his hands along his face and through his hair as Adam licks and sucks Michael’s stiff shaft and works his balls with his hands.

The scene turns even hotter when Michael slips off Adam’s white briefs, flips his ass into the air, and deeply eats out his tight hole. When Adam can’t take it anymore, Michael slides his rock and ready dick deep into Adam’s ass, slowly and deeply riding him – making intense eye contact the entire time! Eventually Adam rolls over onto his stomach and buries his face into a pillow with low moans as Michael continues to fuck him with unending momentum.

As the climax nears, Adam once again moves onto his back as Michael drills them both toward a passionate cum shot!

This is a romantic side of Michael and Adam never before seen. But the action doesn’t stop here as the detective enters Adam’s apartment and Michael races back to his place to cover his tracks. The fuse is ignited and the suspense burns to an inevitable end in the shocking finale of this edgy porno noir!”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

May 24, 2011

Stag Homme: “Madhunter’s Stalls” featuring Damien Crosse and Valentino

Stag Homme Studios writes about this hot scene:

“Madhunter established itself as one of Madrid hottest nightlife spots for the hunky and masculine all-men crowd in the Spanish Capital.

Following the great sexual vibe we get every time we step a foot into this club, we decided to recreate what seems to be an ongoing situation in the bathroom stalls of this popular venue. What happens behind closed doors of Madhunter’s bathroom stalls? Watch as this question gets answered in the smallest detail.

Introducing fresh and hunky newcomer Valentino, leaded by Damien Crosse.”

– Download the full-length scene at StagHommeStudios.com

May 23, 2011

Sean Cody: College stud Hank

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Sean Cody writes:

“Hank is a college student who recently moved out of the dorms. He said he didn’t get along with his roommate, and that might be because the roommate caught him jerking off on more than one occasion!

He says he will miss the dorms because they were right next to the campus athletic facilities, where he spent a lot of his time outside of class. He said he works out six times a week and he likes to lift heavy in order to build muscle. It’s working!

His experience with us was a new one. He’s never done anything like this, but I got the feeling that having someone watch him show off his perfect body is something that he’s been wanting to try for a while…. And his body certainly is perfect. He has a furry butt, washboard abs, huge bulging biceps, and amazing pecs.

He was really intense and focused too, which added a certain confidence to his boyish charm…”

– Download Hank’s hot solo session at SeanCody.com