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December 24, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Lucas fucks Trey

Corbin Fisher writes:

“One of the things I’ve come to really enjoy about filming Trey in action is how he can be so expressive. He’s always got a hot look on his face, and one of the looks I enjoy the most is the one that betrays his anticipation and eagerness. That look is very apparent here, as he and Lucas first start to make out, and then Lucas works his way down to stroke and lick Trey’s chest.

Trey can’t hide the fact that he can hardly wait for what’s in store, and wants to have as much hot fun as possible. He knows he’s going to end up with Lucas’ hard dick inside him, and his eyes make it obvious he wants that to happen as soon as possible!

The guys don’t leap right into the fucking, though. First, Trey gets Lucas’ cock wet and hard by sucking on him for awhile and swallowing as much of it as possible. Trey then stands up so that Lucas can work on his hard dick. Lucas does just that, bobbing his head up and down on Trey’s cock, his lips wrapped around it tightly while he works the head, using a hand to stroke it up and down and play with Trey’s balls a bit.

It’s hot seeing Lucas on his hands and knees, sucking on Trey’s dick and occasionally looking up so they can make eye contact. I don’t think they’d said a single word to one another at this point, instead focusing on using their mouths to suck and lick as much of each other as possible. Their hands are constantly roaming across the other’s body, their hard dicks rubbing together as they make out.

Finally, they do talk a bit – letting one another know they’re both ready for some fucking! Trey immediately bends over in front of Lucas, and Lucas begins to guide his dick into Trey’s hole. Trey starts to moan loud and deep, Lucas doing the same as he feels Trey’s ass engulf his cock.

Trey looks like he couldn’t possibly be enjoying this more, with Lucas’ dick sliding in and out of his ass. Lucas also can’t help but get totally into it once Trey starts to push back to meet his thrusts, eventually fucking himself on Lucas’ cock for awhile!

They fuck doggy style before Trey gets up so that they’re both on their knees, Lucas fucking Trey from behind. I have to say, this position looks insanely hot, and it only gets hotter the more Lucas gets Trey to work his ass back and forth, again fucking himself on Lucas’ cock. We’re used to seeing Lucas be in charge, but I think even he was caught off guard by just how good it felt to have Trey be so eager, pushing back to meet every one of his thrusts and constantly using Lucas’ cock to fuck himself.

Eventually, Lucas just gets closer and closer to cumming, and has to take charge to make that happen! He leans forward, pushing Trey down on to his stomach, and starts to pump into him hard, fast and deep. Trey is face down, ass up, taking each of Lucas’ thrusts and gasping in response. Lifting his ass up so that Lucas can fuck him deeper, Trey finds he gives himself enough room to reach under himself and stroke his cock. As he does this, he’s soon shooting a huge load all over, moaning and whimpering as he does so. Lucas fucks harder and harder while Trey is cumming, and soon pulls out to drench Trey’s back in his own load!”

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December 24, 2009

WorldOfMen: Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin

Wolrd of Men writes:

“Some of my scenes are very complicated (and expensive to produce) and this is one of them. I really wanted to do something special for Pedro and Daniel so we boarded a plane in Sao Paulo for Iguazu Falls, a very exotic place with some of the most amazing water falls in the world. I filmed Pedro and Daniel wandering around the falls first, catching their amazement and then later I took them back to the hotel to film a scene with them with the windows open to the falls. This is one of my favorite scenes between this (former) hot super couple because they were very turned on by the romantic surroundings.”

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December 23, 2009

Cody Cummings: Cody first all-male threeway (with Christian Wilde and Taylor Aims)

CodyCummings.com writes:

“This is a moment many Cody Cummings fans have been long awaiting. Cody is taking a plunge and jumping into some intense action with not one, but two of his good friends. Christian Wilde and Taylor Aims are here to help ease the Stallion into the warm water of an all-male threesome.

Christian and Taylor are already warmed up and ready when Cody meets them. Taylor has had Cody’s monster cock on his mind for some time and doesn’t waste any time getting his mouth around it. And when Cody gets his ass eaten and dick sucked at the same time, something about his reaction tells me this won’t be his last three-man adventure! This one’s a special gift from Cody to his loyal fans.”

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Next Door World
December 23, 2009

Stag Homme: Pedro Andreas fucks Brazilian newcomer Peter Fill in “Fresh Meat”

Check out Brazilian newcomer Peter Fill in in his porn debut, “Fresh Meat”, starring Pedro Andreas. This feature on StagHommeStudios.com is a straight-up fuck flick taking place in a hot tub overlooking the Spanish urban jungle.

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December 23, 2009

Cocksure Men: Tristan Baldwin and DJ Mann fuck each other bareback

CocksureMen.com writes:

“It’s been a while since Tristan and his buddy DJ have gotten together and they are ready to make up for lost time. Both take notice of each other’s incredible physiques since they’ve last seen each other; Tristan with a gym body and DJ lean and cut. It’s each other’s cocks they anxiously want to get reacquainted with the most.

The men unleash their swords and swallow them down. Rock hard, Tristan eats DJ’s ass, priming it for a drilling which he then provides. They flip and Tristan’s bubble butt is getting plowed by DJ’s long dick. Now the flop and DJ is spread eagle, accepting Tristan’s fuck-pole once more. DJ let’s loose a cumshot with Tristan still deep in his ass. Tristan straddles DJ’s chest taking aim for a facial both falls short, splattering DJ’s chin. Tristan makes up for it by licking up his own cum and then kissing DJ, making sure he gets a taste.”

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December 22, 2009

ChaosMen: Vance fucks Kay bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“I thought I would start of this End of Year Blow Out with a quickie.

If you pay attention to the film dates, you can see I filmed this about 6 months ago. Kay went on to work for quite a few sites, and as this was his first time sucking dick, it seemed a bit unbelievable. But as far I as I know, it was his first time.

I kind of wanted him having to suck dick as the the focus of the beginning of the video. I asked Vance to massage his back and ass, all the while keeping his cock within sucking range. Not really forcing him to suck his dick, but just putting it out there.

Kay also was also still new to fucking, as this was only his second time. Vance had to take it easy, but they do finally ramp it up and Kay gets properly fucked.

If you like Kay or Vance, you will enjoy this short film of them, but overall, I would likely not have released this video but for the Marathon.

As usual with these marathons, I try to not have a bunch of solos, so I wanted to start off with a sex film, so I hope you will enjoy this quickie!”

– Download the full-length scene at Chaosmen

December 20, 2009

WorldOfMen: Juan Velez fucks Alejandro Fernandez

WolrdOfMen: Juan Velez fucks Alejandro Fernandez

Collin O’Neal of WorldOfMen.com writes:

“I really wanted to find a unique looking hairy Colombian model so one night when we threw a party in our hotel in Bogota, Juan Velez came by with some friends and I immediately thought he would definitely fit the bill.

Juan was happy to do a scene, especially with a guy with a nice round butt. I had a model planned, but he backed out at the last minute so I turned to a friend of mine and asked if he knew anybody. A quick phone call and the scene was back on.

We drove to the bar, a very cool seedy joint, in a grimy neighborhood, to film the scene with Alejandro. All of the staff wanted to watch so I had a few issues shooing them off, then we went back to work. Watching Juan fuck Alejandro’s pretty, smooth, tight butt made me think how hot my job is.”

– Get the complete scene at Collin O’Neal’s World of Men

Collin O'Neal's World of Men
December 20, 2009

PatAndSam: Straight muscle stud Adrian fucks himself

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PatAndSam.com writes:

“There are few who don’t get all turned on by a hot and horny straight boy muscle stud. Adrian brings all that to the table. With his humpy body and tons of tattoos, Adrian looks the part of a bad assed mother fucker. But, what’s really cool is watching him turn into a little fuck puppet when the door closes and we’re alone.

Of course, Adrian is straight, and he’s got a wife and kids. But, what is also true is that Adrian has a hungry butthole and an obvious infatuation with hard cock. (…)

We think it’s really a kick in the pants watching a humpy straight guy fuck his own ass with dildos. In this case Adrian uses two different toys on himself, and that makes him all hot and nasty. He savagely fucks himself, which in turn makes him cum in gushers.

We’re very happy to have found Adrian, and we’re looking forward to seeing more and more of him on film. He said he’s ready to offer up his hot straight boy ass to a real cock, and he said he’s looking forward to getting fucked hard, like only a man can do.

Woo Hoo!”

December 20, 2009

Randy Blue: Chris Rockway bangs Eric Pryor

RandyBlue: Chris Rockway bangs Eric Pryor

Randy Blue writes:

“When I asked Eric Pryor who he really wanted to get his ass plowed by he blurted out Chris Rockway’s name before I could even finish. And anyone who’s been on this site for a while will know that I take this as a sign that these guys will do an excellent job together. Obviously if one guy is asking for it then he’s going to bring it all when he gets it. And if someone knows they’re being requested then they usually step up to the plate because they don’t want to disappoint. That’s the way we roll here.

And by the sounds that Eric makes with Rockway’s meaty stick of dynamite buried deep in his gut you know that he got everything he wanted and then some. And Chris, never one to disappoint, really got into it. They both had such a hot time and it really shows.

I love watching Eric get fucked. There are moments where he goes into receptive bottom mode and just lets everything happen, and then there are times when he uses the most powerful thigh muscles known to man to raise and lower his amazing hole down onto the top, almost like fucking him in reverse. In fact, I’m sure Chris had heard about Mike West’s incredible time with Eric and had to get a taste for himself.

If you look close you’ll even see Chris grab Eric’s hard cock and use it to direct his potent pelvic thrusts to perfectly work his raging tool. And it’s so much fun watching the both of them cum because they each do it in their own unique way.”

– Download the full-length scene at Randy Blue

December 19, 2009

Falcon Studios: “Pledgemaster – The Hazing”

FalconStudios: "Pledgemaster - The Hazing"

FalconStudios writes:

“The green grove of academia is mowed down as sexual hijinks sweep hallowed halls and secret chambers.

It’s all elementary … fresh pledges are fresh meat … low men on the totem pole … the bottom of the food chain. And for six unsuspecting collegiates hoping for admittance to Phi Epsilon Chi, little do they know what they’re in for — a raucous night of ritual hazing that’ll separate the men from the boys. Freshmen, Beware, ’cuz Mayhem rules!”

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December 19, 2009

Cocksure Men: “Geared Up” with Bo Dean and Leo Alarcon

CocksureMen: "Geared Up" with Bo Dean and Leo Alarcon

CocksureMen writes:

“The best part about riding is never the destination, it’s the ride. Bo and Leo Alarcon finish up a day of riding on Bo’s Hyabuza and head into their bedroom for some more riding. The passion has an electric starter and both of their engines are revving in the red. Bo rides hard and he fucks hard but Leo is there to take it all. Can Leo handle that amount of power? YES.

Bo revs it slow at first making sure Leo’s comfortable before opening up the throttle in a full out furious fuck. The guys hug the curves of each others body going faster and faster. The speed proves too much and the guys wipe out, leaving sticky white trails over Leo’s hairy body.”

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