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September 10, 2012

TitanMen: “Powerstroke”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Lay back and relax… it’s already rock hard and ready, itching for your attention.

Spit in your hand, grip it tight and slide to the Powerstroke of pros like TitanMen exclusive Dario Beck, who heads a group of cock-strong showoffs with all hands on dick.

As the rain makes him horny, a jacking Dario Beck is joined by voyeur Adam Russo — who keeps the bottom stiff as he fucks both of his holes.

Blond and beautiful Christopher Daniels locks lips with tattooed bottom Caleb Colton, their two tight bods glistening as they work up a sweat.

Horned before a party, tall and trim Ty Roderick shares a favor with smooth Jecht Parker — a big and thick boner ready to burst in a heated outdoor encounter.”

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September 9, 2012

Men.com: Paddy O’Brian fucks Marco Sessions in “Bashed and Furious 2”

Men.com writes about this hot scene:

“Paddy waits patiently in his car while his criminal colleague is in the throws of a heist. With a balaclava he runs to the car holding a carrier bag. He gets into the car at rapid speed and they speed off. They pull off the main road to a hidden road track. Paddy grabs the bag off his colleague. He opens the bag sternly looking through.

The item he is looking for isn’t there. He knows that when he tells the client his arse is fucked!

And If Paddy’s got to pay the price so will his incompetent friend… it’s drilling time!”

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September 9, 2012

Pride Studios: Brady Jensen fucks Lance Alexander

PrideStudios.com writes:

“A little baking in the kitchen. Some flower, eggs, milk and two hot guys. Lance is cooking away with nothing on but a cooking apron. His bubble ass is sticking out begging for attention.

Brady gets home and walks in the kitchen and loves what he gets to come home to… sex in the kitchen. You can see both of their hearts pounding from excitement. Kissing, sucking, sugar and spice, leads to two guys fucking and everything nice.

Watch Superstar Brady Jensen & soon to be superstar Lance Alexander in their first scene together.”

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September 9, 2012

Cocksure Men: Jessy Ares bangs Phillip Aubrey

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Opposites attract and there’s plenty of attraction, and passion, between smooth-bodied Phillip Aubrey and hairy Jessy Ares.

The two begin making out passionately and Phillip can’t keep his hands off of Jessy’s hard and hairy body. Phillip’s tongue finds its way to Jessy’s hairy armpits licking every inch. When Jessy whips out his hard, uncut cock Phillip drops down to his knees and swallows it whole.

Jessy begins to pump his throbbing cock in and out of Phillip’s mouth. Phillip is in heaven and we know it every time he gags. Phillip Aubrey takes a brief break from tasting Jessy’s dick and moves down to his feet where he sucks on every toe. Jessy Ares is now horned up and flips Phillip unto his stomach, giving Jessy’s tongue clear access to Phillip’s smooth ass and his pink hole.

Phillip’s hole is hungry for Jessy’s cock. Jessy rides Phillip’s ass from behind and pulls his hair to make sure Phillip isn’t going anywhere. Phillip Aubrey climbs on top of Jessy and gyrates his hips, making sure he feels every inch of Jessy’s cock.

Jessy throws Phillip back unto the bed and nails him in the missionary position until Phillip shoots his load all over his abs. Jessy Ares pulls out and drops his heavy load on Philip’s cock and balls.”

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September 9, 2012

Men.com: Rocco Reed pounds Marcus Ruhl in “The Landscaper”

Men.com writes:

“Marcus Ruhl is feeling angry about being left home alone too much so he heads to the garage to initiate some one-on-one time with his hunky landscaper, Rocco Reed. The guys head back to the bedroom where Marcus services all of straight Rocco’s sexual needs!”

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September 8, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: “Position to Fill”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“If a hot guy is willing to work long and hard, there will always be a “Position to Fill” — especially when he’s making full use of his mouth and ass to get ahead!

Adrian Long’s photo shoot of Issac Jones quickly turns into an aggressive flip-fucking session. Dominic Pacifico gets up close and personal with Johnny Venture’s fat uncut cock during a blog interview. Brandon Jones scouts Lorenzo Star at a club after closing, where they make use of their privacy for a hardcore audition. Johnny Venture returns to bend Hayden Colby over the casting couch to see how much of his tree-trunk cock the bottom can handle. And Adam Avery’s photo shoot with Adrian Long concludes with a lot of uncut cock sucking and ass pounding.

All of the hunks and studs here are more than capable of filling every position available!”

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September 8, 2012

Men.com: “Pool Party” with Phillip Aubrey, Adam Killian, Jessie Colter, Hans Berlin and Trenton Ducati

Men.com writes:

“Five muscular studs get together for a pool party that leads to an inevitable fun-in-the-sun orgy. Phillip Aubrey, Jessie Colter and versatile Hans Berlin give up their asses to Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati.”

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September 7, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Ashton barebacks Dawson

Corbin Fisher writes:

“New freshman Ashton and CF legend Dawson finish playing football in the hot sun. Once they get into the locker room, Dawson promises to show Ashton a few of his tricks –one of them being a rub down that heats Ashton up!

Ashton sits on the bench and Dawson goes right for Ashton’s shoe. He takes it off and sucks Ashton’s toes and kisses the insole of his foot. Ashton strokes his own cock through his shorts.

Dawson licks and kisses both feet and Ashton pulls off his tank top. Dawson kisses Ashton’s muscled chest and abs. The guys make out and Dawson rubs Ashton’s cock through his shorts. He goes around behind Ashton and massages Ashton.

Ashton lies on the bench so Dawson can play with his cock through his shorts. Dawson pulls off Ashton’s shorts and his own, and grinds against Ashton is his jock strap.

Dawson pulls Ashton’s jock to the side and sucks Ashton’s cock. Ashton leans back and enjoys the blow job. Dawson pushes Ashton’s legs back and eats out Ashton’s hole. He rims Ashton nice and deep.

Dawson gets a leg up on the bench and feeds Ashton his dick. Ashton goes down on Dawson, sucking him while stroking his own cock. Dawson leans over the bench so
Ashton can fuck him.

Ashton slides his cock into Dawson’s ass. Dawson grabs his ass as Ashton pounds him even harder. Dawson lies down and Ashton holds Dawson’s legs apart to drive his dick in even deeper.

Dawson strokes his cock as Ashton fucks him. Ashton sits on the bench and Dawson sits down on Ashton’s dick to ride it. He grinds up and down on Ashton’s cock.

Ashton fucks a load out of Dawson. Dawson shoots his cum all over the locker room floor. He kneels down to sucks Ashton’s cock. Ashton shoots his hot load into Dawson’s mouth. Dawson sucks Ashton’s dick dry.

Whew! Definitely no benchwarmers on this team!”

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September 7, 2012

Randy Blue: Christian Sharp fucks Roman Todd

Randy Blue writes:

“Christian Sharp is looking incredible as he gets ready for some hardcore ass sex with Roman Todd.

These two are all over each other with Roman showing exceptional skill in pleasuring every inch of the big thick cock that Christian is waving in his face. He uses his soft, warm lips to work up and down the shaft and then takes the whole monster meat deep down his throat. He also gives Christian a good face fucking when it is time for his cock to be worked over.

Christian then gives him a major ass pounding in various positions, all of which leave Roman gasping for air and begging for more cock. He loves getting his ass pounded, especially when it gets done by a hot stud like Christian, with that gorgeous muscled body and adorable face.

Roman shoots a nice load all over himself followed closely by Christian, who neatly adds his to the mix.

Super hot video from two of our hottest guys.”

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September 7, 2012

Falcon Studios: Paddy O’Brian fucks Ray Diaz

Falcon Studios writes:

“Buck naked on the patio of a spectacular vineyard, two dark-haired and dark-skinned demi-gods make out passionately in the open air. These two sculpted, handsome studs are no other than Paddy O’Brian and Ray Diaz.

Their fiery kisses lead Ray to navigate his mouth across Paddy’s bulging pecs and over his rippling abs to his stiff, massive cock. Ray slurps up this monumental testament of manhood producing approving sighs from Paddy. Ray delivers a breathtaking blowjob that has Paddy at full hardness, and both of them want to put his enormous hard on to good use.

Ray gets on all fours and offers his ass to Paddy, and he relentlessly fucks it with energetic jabs and thrusts.

Just when you think Ray can’t take any more, he gets in reverse cowboy and the two of them take turns. Ray works his hole furiously over Paddy’s huge trunk for a spell, then he stays stationary so Paddy can piston up into him mercilessly.

After engaging in this exchange repeatedly, you would think these expert fuckers would be done, but there’s more. Ray lies back and Paddy takes the driver seat expending every ounce of sexual energy until Ray shoots a magnificent load all over his chest, and Paddy follows with milky streams of cum!”

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