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April 20, 2012

Men.com: Jessie Colter and Mitchell Rock bang each other in “Clash Of The Coaches”

Men.com writes:

“Coach Mitchell Rock just found out that Coach Jessie Colter has been inappropriately sextexting students at the school. When confronted with these allegations Jessie not only doesn’t deny his dirty texts but also adds that he’s fucked the short-stop who has a giant cock!

Jessie has dirt on Coach Rock too and pulls out one of his favorite pictures, Mitchell fucking a student! All this sex talk is making both of them hot and the locker room is empty sooo…..

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April 20, 2012

ChaosMen: Clyde barebacks Vander

Chaosmen.com writes:

“It was time for Clyde to suck some dick. I think he had done it once before, but he was certainly putting it off for me. I told him I would let him get by with one video, but after that, he needed to step up his game, after all, this IS gay porn.

I thought it would make it easy on him by blindfolding him, and having Vander use the rope cuffs on him. Make him feel “passive” about it…but also I didn’t want him to see how big Vander’s cock was.

For those of you guys who don’t think that most of these guys self-identify as straight, you likely will realize that Clyde is pretty dang straight. He does look ‘made to’ suck Vander’s cock, and though he is gagging and fighting back the urge to toss his lunch, he tries. He actually did um, urp up on one take. I think Taylor had the same problem with Vander.

I noticed right away while he was blindfolded that he was pretty much deep throating Vander’s dick… causing him to spew. Plus he was kind of trapped there and couldn’t pull away if his gag reflex was going into overdrive. So I had Vander take off the blindfold and told him every time he felt he was going to gag, to just lick around his cock. He did much better, and though there are some grimaces and dry heaves, he did a fine job with a very “Advanced” cock.

I also like the idea of Vander eating out his hot muscle ass, and I am a little irritated with myself that I didn’t catch/film continuously on the ass eating cuz Clyde had gotten a boner. I was REALLY surprised when Vander lifted back his cock and it was hard. Not that having your ass eaten isn’t arousing, but Vander has a lot of scruff that I thought would tickle him, plus he HAD just got done being throat fucked. I figured he would be down for the count.

So maybe the tying thing worked. It sure was easy to flip him on over to suck his hard dick. Clyde doesn’t wear deodorant, so Vander was in armpit piggy heaven licking his pit and sucking his cock.

You would think that Clyde would be getting fucked, but alas, he is likely not going in that direction (ok so he is a big baby about it..but so was Taylor!) Vander just goes from sucking him to sitting on his cock.

Clyde is pretty dominant and he loves to be serviced in any way. Fucking in any position he is dang good at.

Apparently too good. If you notice, Vander accidentally dumps his load while riding Clyde’s cock. Gotta give Clyde AND Vander props. Clyde stayed hard with another guy’s jizz on him, and Vander just kept at it until his dick woke back up again. Vander said at the time he didn’t cum “all the way” but after reviewing the footage, he pretty much busted!

As for Clyde cumming, he does have the one issue where he has to fuck someone till he cums. He is terrible at jerking-off. I think he grew up humping his pillow, which is hard to do on a porn set.

Vander was certainly ready to take his load deep inside like Solomon did, but I didn’t want to duplicate the same thing for those of you who cry, “Fake!” for internal cumshots…even though everyone keeps requesting it. It is kind of a No Win situation.

So he busts all over his hole and shoves it in. What is awesome is there is cum dripping out of Vander’s hole, and Vander just busts out his second load! My “under light” gets in the shot as I wasn’t totally ready for him to bust, but it is pretty damn hot!

Vander came with his own idea about the ending. He really loves it when a guy gets dumped in, then the Top goes around and makes him clean his cock off. He really wanted it to be shot continuously so there was no doubt he was having to clean his own cum of Clyde’s dick. I did have to get out of the way, but believe me, Vander is eating Clyde’s load fresh from his own ass.

Vander left that shoot EXTREMELY satisfied! I think you will too!”

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April 20, 2012

Randy Blue: Colby Keller and Jaxton Wheeler’s hot flip-flop fuck

RandyBlue.com writes:

“It’s been a while since we’ve seen Colby Keller and he’s looking awesome. Tall and lean, he’s got that hairy muscular jock look that everyone goes crazy for. And so handsome. We asked him what he would like upon his return to Randy Blue and he said he wanted something in a sexy beefy hunk with lots of muscle.

We knew he would love Jaxton Wheeler, one of the hottest hung bodybuilders around. And as soon as Colby got a look at him he knew he’d have to tap that ass, no doubt about it.

Mutual blowjobs were a great way to start the scene which got Colby so horned up he couldn’t wait for some major ass fucking. And as big as Jaxton is he just melted once Colby rammed his huge dick deep in his hole.

Colby worked Jaxton like a human sex doll, running his hands all over that deliciously furry body and fucking him as hard as he wanted to go. And once Jaxton’s legs were in the air he was practically begging for it.

But turnabout is fair play so when he got his chance he turned the tables on Colby and not only stuffed his ass good but he busted a nut all over his hot furry face.”

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April 20, 2012

ManRoyale: “Three for Fun” with Marc Dylan, Rylan Shaw and Ayden Marx

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April 19, 2012

Sean Cody: Landon barebacks Austin

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“”Wait… his dick is huge!” Austin said, his eyes wide.


“And that’s going in my butt?”


That was how the day started. There was a nervous excitement in Austin’s eyes.

Landon came strutting into the room, his usual confidence in full force.

“Let’s do this!” he said with a big grin.

I think Landon’s personality really allowed Austin to relax and open up. It made him feel comfortable.

“I’ve never had a foot massage,” Austin hinted as he and Landon were sitting on the sofa.

“Game on!” Landon laughed. “Gimme me those toes!”

Austin relaxed and let Landon take control. That foot massage quickly led to some serious cock sucking!

“Damn, he gives really good head!” Austin admitted.

He laid back and let Landon work his magic. Landon soon had four fingers inside Austin, really opening up his hole.

“Was I just fisted?” Austin asked.

“Yeah, kinda!” Landon replied.

Austin was ready. As Landon slid his dick inside it was clear that Austin was loving it.

“I don’t want him to know how good this feels,” Austin confided during a quick breather. “But holy shit… it feels so fucking good!”

By the time the film came to a close you could see that both guys were exhausted and ready to cum!”

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April 19, 2012

Next Door Studios: James Jamesson fucks Jimmy Clay

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Sometimes it’s tough doin’ contract work in an automotive garage, workin’ in rented space on borrowed time. Jimmy Clay’s just happy to be around fellow grease monkey, James Jamesson. They’re a couple of fellas who’ve learned the hard way the value of a dollar, but still know the importance of levity and camaraderie around the garage.

Today Jimmy’s sweatin’ one out under the chasse of a four-wheel, all-terrain vehicle. James is up top, working the handbrake and passing down tools when Jimmy asks. Jimmy’s close to being finished when he requests a screwdriver from James. When he reaches up for it, he gets a surprise he never could’ve imagined. Jimmy’s sure noticed that James takes good care of his body. He’s been wondering what he looks like without a shirt.

When instead of a screwdriver, James gives him a handful of hard cock, Jimmy can’t help but smile. He knows exactly where this is going. He’s been catching James eyeing his ass all morning and now the two will finally indulge their fantasies.

Jimmy’s taking a break from the ATV repair to wrap his mouth around James’s huge dick! And James is getting a real good taste of that ass he’s been wanting. Then see these guys get their motors running as James slides his boner into Jimmy’s tight, waiting asshole for a high-octane, greasy fuck session that’ll rev your engine into overdrive!”

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April 19, 2012

Men.com: Robert Van Damme fucks Kyle Quinn in “The Hot Mover”

Men.com writes:

“Kyle Quinn needs a big strong man to help him move and asks his friend Robert Van Damme if he would help out. Robert, always the nice guy agrees to help but when moving day arrives Kyle is all but useless which is pissing him off. Kyle doesn’t want his friend to be upset with him and offers him a deal, if Robert moves the rest of the stuff into the van Kyle will suck his dick!”

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April 19, 2012

TitanMen: Race Cooper bangs Jessie Colter in “Hot Wired”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Perched atop a ladder, contractor Race Cooper is interrupted by scruffy Jessie Colter: “Think you might need a break?” asks the boss, smiling up at Race as he unbuckles the smooth stud’s jeans. Jessie plants his stubbly chin to the base of Race’s big shaft, deep-throating the muscle stud and whipping his dick around. The breathless Jessie strokes his own throbber as he sucks, spit gobs falling to the floor.

Jessie rubs Race’s defined stomach, then offers his ass for eating. Jessie gets his big dick serviced, holding Race’s head down as the gagging sucker’s juicy lips are buried in his groin.

The two squirt, Jessie offering his ass again.

Race slides his cock in, Jessie arching his back and moaning as pieces of the wall fall to the floor from his tight grip. On his back, Jessie shows off his boner as Race thrusts in slow and deep before picking up the pace, his balls banging Jessie’s ass. The bottom gets it from behind, his ass rippling as he strokes to come — followed by a monster load (and moan) from Race that coats Jessie’s chest.”

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April 19, 2012

Men.com: Jake Steel gets fucked by Ryan Evans in “Wife Woes”

Men.com writes:

“Newly wed Ryan Evans is quickly finding out that the married life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, he just isn’t getting the “attention” that he use to get from his wife. Ryan needs a little time for himself and heads over to his friends (Jake Steel) place to have a couple drinks and one thing leads to another…

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April 18, 2012

NakedSword Originals: Brady Jensen fucks Brian Bonds in “Stalker – Episode 1: The Move”

NakedSword.com writes:

BelAmi Online exclusive Brady Jensen his following his dreams and moving to San Francisco, having been presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the face of a new fragrance. For an aspiring model like Brady, its a dream come true, not only has he just signed a one-year modeling contract, but his new company is paying for his move, his apartment, and all his moving expenses.

As the movers bring in his stuff, it quickly becomes clear that one of the movers — Brian Bonds — has his eye on the up-and-coming model: After sending the other movers home, Brian can’t wait to offer up a housewarming present he isn’t going to soon forget: His delicious, tight ass!

Brady puts the powerbottom to the test, pushing the hungry bottom to the limit in a scorching-hot scene.

After their scorching sex, however Brady finds a hand-written note in one of his moving boxes that leaves him worried. This, coupled with some other suspicious events has Brady wondering if maybe his move to SF isn’t quite as smooth sailing as he had hoped. This scene ends with an edge-of-your-seat cliffhanger: Who is the Stalker?”

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