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October 28, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Gavin Waters hammers muscle-bottom Marc Dylan in “Auditions 42: Horny Fuckers”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“It’s impossible to match the physiques of these two guys: Blond hunk Gavin Waters is tall and built like an Olympic power-top, which is just fine with Marc Dylan, the Southern sex-pot with a killer body ripped with muscles. He truly has the chest and stomach of a superhero!

Because this is an “Auditions” movie, there’s some discussion with Michael Lucas at the beginning, but what’s really wanted is to watch these two hardcore guys collide into each other.

Marc kicks back on the bed while Gavin runs his excited mouth all over the muscle-bottom. It’s incredibly hot when Gavin’s lips run over Marc’s bulging package. His cock of steel pops out and slides right down Gavin’s throat; Marc’s low-hanging balls look good enough to eat at these angles!

Because Marc loves to bottom, he soon switches places with Gavin and sucks on his top’s cock; they both pay special attention to their ripped bodies as they work on their cocks.

But it’s that sweet, Southern voice everyone wants to hear moaning in pleasure, so Gavin put on a condom, lays Marc down on his tight, defined stomach, and pushes his dick inside; Marc’s incredibly tight, so Gavin is slow at the beginning. But he doesn’t show Marc much mercy for long, and once he finds his rhythm, Gavin pumps him — only for Marc to ask for it harder!

Marc eventually sits on Gavin’s lap, and his fuzzy ass bounces up and down on Gavin’s dick. They have an intense fuck session that leads to an explosive cumshot!”

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October 28, 2011

Randy Blue: “Boys Night Out” with Caleb Strong, Derek Atlas, Paul Wagner and Eric Pryor

When Eric Pryor gets involved in a Halloween orgy with Caleb Strong, Derek Atlas and Paul Wagner, he can’t quite shake the feeling that amidst all the cock sucking and ass fucking something is terribly wrong.

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October 27, 2011

Men.com: Tyler Saint fucks Kirk Cummings in “The Wrestling Challenge”

Men.com writes:

“Kirk Cummings is a terrible wrestler, in fact he doesn’t even like wrestling, so why would Krik join the school wrestling team? Kirk signed up to the wrestling team right after he found out that training involved Tyler Saint manhandling him while wearing sweaty skin tight spandex.

You see Krik has a weak spot for muscles and big cocks, two things that Tyler has clearly an abundance of according to the outline of wrestling suit.”

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October 27, 2011

TitanMen: Marc Dylan gets fucked by Jimmy Durano and Harley Everett in “Game On!”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Tall and tattooed Brit Harley Everett is in charge of dark-haired hotties Jimmy Durano and Marc Dylan, calling the shots over a game of strip darts. Harley’s superhero pecs and Marc’s incredible abs are soon on display. “I want your ass over that desk,” demands Harley, worshipping the hunky bottom’s muscle butt as voyeur Jimmy shows off his boner.

Harley takes turns sucking them, then stands up to fuck their faces as his pecs flex. He fucks between their puckered lips, their tongues wrapped around his shaft. After a suck chain, Harley’s balls twitch as he gets his body drenched (“Gimmie your cum!”).

Harley takes control of Marc, who gazes into the top’s eyes as he gets plowed — the two frequently clasping each other’s hands as their connection ignites the screen. Jimmy gets inside Marc’s ass, the bottom sucking and kissing Harley.

Marc’s rock-hard cock is caught in low shots as he gets impaled from behind by Harley, whose balls frantically bounce. A tight-abbed Marc then sits on Jimmy, sliding up and down before the three soak Harley again.”

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October 27, 2011

ChaosMen: Vander fucks Oliver bareback

Chaosmen.com writes:

“What would Monster Cock week be without Vander’s ginormous cock?!

His dick looks super-sized when matched with Oliver’s tiny frame.

Vander loves to Top, and he had been asking me if I had any guys that would let him fuck the dude with wild abandon. No tentative fucking of a straight or even a gay guy.

I asked Oliver if he could take Vander’s cock full-speed, and he said, “No problem.”

I have mentioned before, Oliver is definitely Orally Fixated. He loves to suck cock, or even just watch it being done. Letting him suck on Vander’s knob was like giving a baby a pacifier. He was in cocksucker bliss.

True to his word, he was able to handle Vander’s ample cock, and with only a few “ouchie” moments, he takes a pretty good pounding.

I think Vander gets a cardio workout on this one, so I think he got his wish of having his way with a bottom boy.

Oliver “kind of” nuts (I sure can’t see it, I know you wont be able to) when Vander fucks him in the last position. He is jerking so quickly, that I don’t see anything flying. But he was spent, and that was all that was going to come out.

Thankfully, Vander shows that he can fuck right up to the last second. Sliding in and out of Oliver’s hole to the point of cumming, then unloading on his hole, squishing all that DNA up into him!

Anyway, hope you enjoy Vander’s Monster Cock doing what it does best- splitting a boy in two!”

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October 26, 2011

Fratmen: Muscle jock Clayton is back

Fratmen.tv writes:

“Our amazing bodybuilder, Fratmen Clayton, has returned for a second shoot, and he brought his big, bulging muscles with him.

He looks even bigger than he did in his first shoot last year and in his 2 stays at Fratpad.com. This update begins with a little football between buddies on a sandy beach. Later, Clayton retires to his room to jerk off and cum on his hot, muscular body!”

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October 25, 2011

Men.com: Gavin Waters bangs Cameron Foster in “Strapped for Cash”

Cameron Foster gets fucked by Gavin Waters in this hot scene at Men.com!

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October 25, 2011

NakedSword: Raging Stallion’s “Blue Collar” in HD

Raging Stallion writes at NakedSword.com:

“Everyone knows blue collar workers are the ones who always get the dirty work done. This brawny crew of working stiffs get the really serious labor done — with each other — working on each other when they have a moment. Their daily grind turns into grinding, and they know how to sweat and muscle their way through their work-loads. These are the rewards of their intense efforts.”

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October 24, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Hairy hunks John Magnum and Samuel Colt bang each other in “Lucky Fuck”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“John Magnum might be playing a game of pool, but it’s a game of cat-and-mouse that beefy hunk Samuel Colt is interested in. He admires John from afar, and when he strolls into the bathroom, Samuel follows. John misplaces his phone (or so he wants us to think), prompting Samuel to hand it over to him.

A reward is needed: Samuel’s cock is hanging out of his pants. John wastes no time dropping to his knees, swallowing the piece of meat, gagging and slobbering with each bob of his head.

The bar gets hotter, so the guys take their clothes off, and even though Samuel is a big, strong top, he leans over the bar for John to top him — a rare treat. The blond cutie with the hot, toned body digs his hard dick deep inside of Samuel, who grunts and yells for more!

But John doesn’t want to be left out, so he gets down on his hands and knees like a dog on the pool table. Samuel mounts him like a sex beast and ravages his asshole. All of his thrusts and pounds lead to a strong load-busting!”

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Lucas Entertainment
October 24, 2011

NakedSword: SX Video’s “Bareback Me, Please!”

SX Video writes at NakedSword.com:

These sexy hunks want you to Bareback them…..they will even beg.”

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