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May 25, 2012

RagingStallion: Spencer Reed pounds Heath Jordan

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Two bearded studs stand lip locked, giants of fur and muscle.

Both are rock hard and way into each other. Heath goes down on Spencer, eager to gag on it. Spencer moans and writhes in pleasure. Soon they are both ’69’, Heath throat deep with Spencer’s engorged hog and taking a seat on his face. Spencer is all to happy licking that fuzzy pink hole.

Spencer flips Heath on his back and stuffs him up right! Looking deep into each other’s eyes, Heath gets a good pounding from his top daddy. Spencer is ready to plunge deep doggy style. Heath gets on his knees and takes it like a man before taking a white hot face load of sperm!

Both men unload milky white cum shots and collapse in an embrace of their own man sweat and jizz.”

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Raging Stallion
May 24, 2012

Corbin Fisher: Nine hot studs bang each other bareback in “CF 9-XXX Workout”

Corbin Fisher writes about this uber-hot scene:

“Nine hot CF studs. Eight creampies. Four DP’s. A lot of hot action all over the place. It’s definitely one of the hottest, funnest and downright filthiest videos we’ve ever done.

There’s over 50 minutes of heavy lifting – and I don’t mean barbells!

Duncan, Kenny, Dawson, Connor, Tom, Cain, Zeb, Marc and Harper are working out, pumping up, spotting each other and of course, trying to outdo each other. It was a lot of testosterone for one gym! As the guys worked out their pecs, biceps, backs and shoulders, one thing was clear – they were getting sweaty and turned on – and turning me on, too.

When Connor pulled down Kenny’s shorts as he did pull ups, things started getting frisky. Connor challenges Zeb and Kenny to fight out the number of pull ups – and the loser has to suck Cain’s big uncut cock.

Zeb loses (or wins, really) and sucks Cain’s thick dick. That sets off a chain reaction of cock-sucking in the gym. Dawson blows Marc, Duncan takes on Harper, Kenny sucks Tom off, and Zeb takes turns working on Cain and Connor.

From there, the action shifts to rim jobs (with some dick sucking still going on!) with Cain and Marc getting Zeb and Dawson ready to get plowed. Before long, Kenny is getting nailed by Tom, Harper is pounding Duncan, Marc’s balls deep in Dawson and Connor’s taking his turn at Zeb’s tight ass.

Cain shifts over to fuck Kenny as Tom feeds Kenny his cock as he stands over Duncan. Marc sucks on Dawson’s toes as Cain sucks Duncan’s. It’s a frenzy of cock – and especially once Dawson takes Connor and Cain’s massive cocks at one time!

Zeb steps up … and on to Cain – and follows Dawson’s lead taking two huge dicks in his ass at one time. The dynamic DP duo doesn’t stop there – Kenny hops on and takes both Connor and Cain’s big cocks in his tight hole.

Dawson bends over the weight bench and Cain pounds his ass as the other guys watch, jerking their cocks in anticipation. Connor slides in and fucks his buddy hard. Then Tom, then Marc… alll eight of the guys run a train on Dawson, making him take cocks of every size and shape.

Connor steps back up to the plate and creampies Dawson. The other guys follow suit, until Dawson’s been creampied by all eight guys! Dawson takes load after load, until he’s filled with eight guys’ cum. Once Cain finishes Dawson off with the last creampie, the guys hit the shower.

Whew! It was a totally amazing shoot, and I don’t know if we could ever duplicate the intensity of that room again. Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t try ;)!”

– Download the full scene at CorbinFisher.com

May 24, 2012

Men.com: Luca Rosso and Ayden Marx fuck each other in “Bike Thief”

Big thief Ayden Marx gets caught by Luca Rosso – and gets punished with a smoking hot flip-flop fuck!

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May 24, 2012

Next Door Studios: Brandon Lewis fucks Anthony Romero in “Erotic Behavior”

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Brandon Lewis is an insatiable cock lover who’s taken one Anthony Romero to a nice, below-street-level space he’s prepared. He’s been trying to get into Anthony’s pants for a couple weeks now and Brandon expects this swanky, private atmosphere will do just the trick. Sure enough, the mood and the spirit of the occasion goes straight to Anthony’s head.

Brandon’s hands are down Anthony’s pants, squeezing his plump ass cheeks and feeling his growing bulge. Brandon pulls Anthony’s fat cock out and takes it deep. The warm feeling of Brandon’s mouth makes Anthony alive with sensuousness. He lets his inhibitions go, taking Brandon’s dick now in his mouth, sucking like he’d dreamed of doing to Brandon.

Then, after Brandon gets a good taste of Anthony’s asshole, he slides his throbbing cock into Anthony. It’s as tight as he suspected.

After warming up, the two switch, with Anthony sitting on top of Brandon for a ride. Watch them share this intense, very sensuous experience as they explore together the many enchanting realms of extreme pleasure. Enjoy!”

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May 24, 2012

TitanMen: Brad Kalvo fucks Devin Adams in “Reckless”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Deliveryman Devin Adams arrives with a package for beefy Brad Kalvo, who’s strapped for cash. “Is there any other way I can pay you?” asks the hairy Brad, guiding Devin down and taking out his cock as the smoothie sucks down to the bushy groin.

The sideburned Brad then has Devin lay back and enjoy, beautifully working the moaning stud’s big dick. Devin places his hand on Brad’s head, holding him down on his cock as he rub’s the sucker’s bod — Brad’s huge chest, shoulders and arms filing the frame.

“Suck that shit!” says the jock-voiced Devin, whose balls get worked over. Devin smiles as his cock gets stroked while Brad’s fingers enter his ass, warming it up and teasing it. Devin snaps his cock as he talks dirty. “Beautiful ass!” compliments Brad, who soon fucks Devin doggie style, the bottom showing off his stiff shaft as he gets rammed.

On his back, the bottom gets it some more — his body soon coated in both of their loads.”

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May 23, 2012

Cocksure Men: Robert Axel and Cole Streets bang each other

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Robert Axel and Cole Streets are lending a hand in our shipping department. Robert asks Cole if he’s ever worked with Jake Cruise. Cole says yes and shows Robert the DVD of his servicing scene with Jake. Seeing Cole naked, Robert immediately says he wants a piece of that.

Robert drops to his knees and Cole gives him a piece alright; all the way down his throat!

When Robert’s pants come down, Cole attacks his piece of meat like his life depends on it. Cole eats Robert out and then plants his cock firmly in Robert’s ass.

Robert swats a pile of DVD’s to the floor as he braces himself from Cole’s hard fucking. After getting it from behind, Robert lays back on the table for Cole to give him every inch.

The guys flip, and now it’s Robert who’s plowing Cole’s tight hole with his thick pipe.

Robert continues to fuck away until he sprays his load onto Cole’s rock hard cock. Cole jerks out a big load of his own onto his furry stomach. Fun in the workplace!”

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May 22, 2012

Men.com: Phenix Saint pounds Trenton Ducati in “Bet Your Ass”

Muscle hunk Trenton Ducati gets fucked study Phenix Saint in this hot scene at Men.com!

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May 21, 2012

NakedSword Originals: Christopher Daniels gets fucked by big-dicked Rafael Alencar in “Hooker Stories Episode 1: The Professional Escort”

NakedSword.com writes:

“NakedSword Originals presents the first episode from Hooker Stories entitled “The Professional Escort“.

Some seasoned hookers have got “the world’s oldest profession” down to a science, and horsehung Rafael Alencar is one of them. The consummate professional, Rafael knows that his client — a handsome blonde played by Christopher Daniels — is a pretty nervous first-timer and gives him exactly what he is paying for: the most-intense ass-fucking of his life.

By the end of their mammoth scene (which clocks in at over 45 minutes long!) the two will have completed a non-stop fuck session that takes them through over 10 different positions and simply must be seen to be believed.”

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May 21, 2012

Sean Cody: William barebacks Troy

Sean Cody writes:

“”This is the first dick I’ve ever had in my mouth,” William said. “Ill never forget you!”

He and Troy were taking a hot shower together and he had been going down on Troy’s cock aggressively.

“Fuck yeah! I’m in there for life!” Troy said, and then guided William’s mouth back onto his cock.

William was really excited. He admitted before that he had fucked ass, but I think Troy was something completely different for him.

“It’s going to be like a Chihuahua mounting a Great Dane!” I said, referring to their size difference.

“Yeah, but I’m really gonna fuck his ass hard to make up for it!” William said with his trademark confidence.

The boys were drying off from the shower, but William’s curiosity was as strong as ever, and he dove right into William’s ass.

“I want to get it ready before I fuck it,” he said. “Kind of like a taste test!”

“You know what I never knew about myself?” Troy asked rhetorically after he had been fucked silly…

“That I really like having something in my ass when I cum…. it triples the orgasm!””

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May 21, 2012

Raging Stallion: Bruno Knight pounds Jason Michaels

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Bruno Knight claims Jason Michaels as his new fuck-toy in this video. Jason buries his face in Bruno’s thick chest fur and brushes Bruno with his own whiskers as he slides his mouth down to Bruno’s crotch. Greedy Jason devours all of Bruno’s massive meat like a good lad.

Bruno attacks Jason’s tight puckered hole with a vengeance licking, spitting and tongue-fucking him. It’s not long before Jason is face down – Bruno delivering his stiff cock deep.”

– Download the full scene at RagingStallion.com