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July 11, 2009

Randy Blue: Leo Giamani bangs Benjamin Bradley

RandyBlue: Leo Giamani bangs Benjamin Bradley

RandyBlue writes:

“Benjamin Bradley thought he’d seen it all. He’s been around the modeling scene and knows a lot of guys from all over the industry. He had heard about Leo Giamani’s huge cock but he didn’t seem to believe me that it was going to be the biggest one he had ever seen. With that adorable smile of his he proudly exclaimed that if it was that big he’d be ready for it.

We all had a lot of fun making this video because when Benjamin finally got a look at that monster cock swinging between Leo’s legs his eyes almost popped out. Then that adorable smile of his lit up again as he winked at me and told me to get started. These guys bring sexual heat to a new level, I swear I saw the walls sweat.

The intensity between the two of them made the whole crew need cold showers when they were done. Benjamin attacked Leo’s cock like he had to suck the cum out for his sole source of nourishment. You can see him use his lips, tongue and throat muscles in an effort to extract his sweet juices. And Leo was more than happy to feed it to him, grabbing the back of his head and face fucking him with the kind of skill he’s perfected during his time at Randy Blue. And once he could hold off no longer he popped on a condom dove his dick deep into Benjamin’s hot hungry ass.

And as talented as his mouth is, Benjamin knows how to work it so he isn’t just passively getting fucked but that he’s using all of his being to give his partner the ultimate ride. He even had to pull back so he didn’t cum too quickly, which couldn’t have been easy with Leo’s huge manrammer deep in his gut. But it all paid off in the end as he rode Leo’s cock while cumming all over his chiseled abs, giving him just enough time to pull out and spray his seed all over Benjamin’s smooth muscular chest.”

– Download this hot scene at Randy Blue

July 10, 2009

TommyDxxx: Tommy fucks D.J.

TommyDxxx: Tommy fucks D.J.

TommyDxxx writes:

“Looks like Tommy’s pal DJ is back to take care of some unfinished business. He wants to get fucked this time, and he ain’t kiddin’. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that Tommy likes the idea and can’t wait to thrust his thick dong into DJ’s man hole. But first, Tommy gets his amigo warmed up with some hot dildo action.

It’s a whole lot of cock swappin’ and jizz slingin’ when these two horny varmints get together again. Get your hands near your cock holster…draw!

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July 7, 2009

SexGaymes: Muscle hunks Tibor and Levente fuck

SexGaymes writes:

“Tibor is one brave guy to go one-on-one with Levente. The guys is not so much boxer as professional wrestler, he’s massive. Despite his courage, poor Tibor is knocked out, only to be awoken by some a spit of water and a passionate kiss from his sparring partner. Now it’s time for a round in a different kind of ring, by which we mean Tibor’s. Holding the ropes, these two smooth muscle boyz go at it in a match you’re going to love.”

– Download the entire scene at SexGaymes.com

Raging Stallion
July 3, 2009

Sean Cody: Fuller fucks Kurt

SeanCody: Fuller fucks Kurt

Sean Cody writes:

“Fuller is back after a long eight-month absence and he’s put on more muscle! He’s been busy with school and being a personal trainer.

I hadn’t heard from him in a while so I was pleasantly surprised when I received an e-mail from him, complete with pictures of him flexing naked in his bedroom. He was always muscular before, but now he’s certifiably buff!

He’s got a lot of energy too, because he’s a more aggressive fucker than before. He really fucks the shit out of Kurt!

– Download the complete scene at Sean Cody

July 2, 2009

Falcon Studios: “Manhole 2”

FalconStudios: "Manhole 2"

FalconStudios writes: “The party rages on underground … that’s where all the action in.

Clandestine and secret … down a back-alley, covert and subversive … our band of eight knows where to ferret the nasty manaction they’re starving for. Hidden in the shadows, they’ll discover a smorgasbord of manmeat to feast on.”

– Watch the complete movie online at FalconStudios

July 1, 2009

Randy Blue: Chris Rockway bangs Nicco Sky

RandyBlue: Chris Rockway bangs Nicco Sky

Peek in on a private moment with Chris Rockway and Nicco Sky as they put a copy of the Kama Sutra to the test.

– Download the full-length scene at Randy Blue

July 1, 2009

Cocksure Men: Bo Dean fucks Bobby South bareback in “Lube Job”

CocksureMen: Bo Dean fucks Bobby South bareback in "Lube Job"

Check out CocksureMen‘s latest scnes .. it’s smoking hot!!

Mechanic Bo Dean is hard at work, banging around underneath Bobby South’s car. Bobby comes back a little earlier than anticipated and finds that Bo is working something else at the same time.

Bo lets Bobby know his fuel injection needs some work and Bobby quickly notes that it’s his exhaust system that needs some extra attention. Bo thoroughly inspects all of Bobby and concludes he’s missing a part – a cock in his ass – and decides to replace it.

Who is Bobby to argue with a trained professional? Bo is one mechanic you won’t mind fucking you over!

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June 30, 2009

ManifestMen: Xavier’s hot beach photoshoot

ManifestMen.com writes:

“Xavier is one of those no-nonsense attitude-free muscle men with an tough, disciplined and serious masculine look and a thickly muscled body to back it up. Take one look into Xavier’s eyes and you’ll know what we mean.

It doesn’t take much imagination to picture Xavier in a variety of roles – construction worker, football jock, leather man, etc.

And each one he would fit perfectly and he’d do it with a smile”

– Download the full-length scene at ManifestMen.com

June 30, 2009

MasonWyler: Mason fucks Kevin Wood (aka Jason Crystal)

MasonWyler: Mason fucks Kevin Wood (aka Jason Crystal)

MasonWyler.com writes:

“Seems Mason has run into Kevin Wood whom he hasn’t seen in a few years. Kevin is built like a Roman soldier who has been fighting battle building up his enormous biceps and pec’s.

At 5’11 and only 23 years of age Kevin spends majority of his time working out at the gym and being a bartender at the local Pub. This sexy hard body did not expect to accidently run into Mason but we are sure glad he did because Mr. Wood has a tight round ass and Mason can’t wait to penetrate it.

After some catching up they both decide to shower up outside on a lovely sunny day. Once the water starts pouring out next you know it hands and cocks are rubbing all over bodies. Mason slides his fat cock into Kevin’s tight hole and if you listen carefully you can here Kevin whimper a bit.

Just when things have heated up and Mason is loving where his cock is buried he has a change of heart and can’t let his boyfriend find out what he has done so he has to stop everything and leave Kevin by himself.

The scene is exciting and very hot with these two hunks but you will love the end when Kevin creams a hot load all over himself.”

– Download the full-length scene at Mason Wyler
– Full-size pics in the gallery

June 28, 2009

HairyBoyz: Vinnie D’Angelo fucks Logan McCree

HairyBoyz: Logan McCree fucks Vinnie D'Angelo

HairyBoyz writes:

“Now here’s what you’d call two happy campers. After some deep-throating action and a bit of cock-docking, Logan McCree gets royally rammed by muscle man Vinnie D’Angelo.

Vinnie fucks him in virtually every position, tossing him from back to front to make sure he’s getting him from every angle.”

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