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December 11, 2009

Sean Cody: Jake fucks Jay’s tight hairy ass

SeanCody: Jake fucks Jay's tight hairy ass

Sean Cody writes:

“Jay has become quite the little bottom boy! “When are you going to switch and fuck someone?” I asked.

“Not yet,” he replied. “Why not?” “I’m actually kind of enjoying this,” he said, referring to being on the bottom. “It feels good and it’s less work!”

When a straight guy gets fucked, sometimes you have to take it slow. But now that Jay has become a “seasoned” bottom, I felt safe bringing out the big gun! And that big gun belongs to Jake!

Damn, it was hot seeing Jake’s fat cock fucking Jay’s big, beefy, hairy ass!! And, of course, Jake is always so fun!”

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December 9, 2009

Randy Blue: Richard Pierce bangs Eddie Diaz

RandyBlue: Richard Pierce bangs Eddie Diaz

Randy Blue writes:

“There’s nothing like waking up on Christmas morning wrapped in the arms of the man you love… especially if he’s a gorgeous porn stud like Eddie Diaz or Richard Pierce. When Eddie opens his special present from Richard and finds it’s a glass candy cane dildo he gets a gleam in his eye and a smile on his face. Richard can’t wait to plunge his yuletide treat deep into Eddie’s holiday hole. And rather than the traditional eggnog and turkey dinner, Eddie decides to dine on Richard’s huge meatstick.

With all the excitement of big tools fitting into not-so-tight places Richard can’t resist any longer and jams his ramrod right where Eddie wants it most. He fucks him good and hard making Eddie let loose with the kind of heated moaning that’s enough to trim your tree and pretty soon Eddie’s dumping his gooey sweet man sugar all over his beautiful six-pack abs.

And if you like that, just wait until you see Richard shoot a load so big he almost hits Eddie in the face. What a perfect way to spend the holidays.”

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December 9, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Muscle jock David

CorbinFisher: Muscle jock David

Corbin Fisher writes:

“David is an insanely hot (in my humble opinion!), studly, 20 year old that I was incredibly eager to film after meeting him. In the first few seconds of his solo video, as we’re staring at that hot face of his, seeing that smile, and hearing that voice, he wins you over. He’s one of those guys at whom you can’t help but stare when he’s around and, thankfully, he likes to be looked at!

“It turns me on, actually! I like that!” He responds, when Pete asks him what he thinks about the idea of being watched and showing off on camera.

That certainly comes in handy! While he was quite blown away by the fact that he was about to get naked and jerk off for us, he couldn’t help but find the entire situation exciting and get a kick out of it. He definitely looks more than comfortable and at ease in front of the cameras – and with looks and a body like that, how could he not be?

His defined abs and flat stomach get a fair amount of compliments from girls, as does that big dick of his! What’s more, he admits to being fond of his own muscular legs and ass – things we couldn’t help but notice and are also quite fond of! Back to that dick, though! It’s only fitting that this tall, buff, masculine stud has a nice, big, thick dick to boot! As he lays back and starts stroking, it gets harder and harder until he’s got a pretty impressive piece sticking straight out from that body! He simply never stops providing us with something hot to look at!

After jerking off for us, that big dick of his is soon spraying those tight abs with a nice, thick load that shoots out in spurt after spurt, until he’s thoroughly spent and satisfied.

“How was it?” Pete asks.

“That was invigorating… rejuvenating… all of the above!”, he says, with a laugh and smile. For us, too!”

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December 9, 2009

Cody Cummings: Bi threeway with Cody, Coco Velvett and Christian Wilde

CodyCummings.com writes:

“Coco Velvett is very excited. She’s getting dolled up for two hot studs she knows will treat her right. Cody Cummings and Christian Wilde finally arrive and have also been anticipating some wild fun.

The guys start out slow, getting Coco’s motor running and ready for some double dick action. Christian is turned on by the way Coco passionately sucks Cody’s huge cock. He can’t help but jump in and get a little taste for himself! Get ready for some serious pounding as these guys give Coco a double dose of that sweet dick she was craving.”

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December 8, 2009

Stag Homme: Francesco D’Macho and Rob Nelson fuck each other in “Eros”

StagHomme: Francesco D'Macho and Rob Nelson fuck each other in "Eros"

StagHomme.com writes:

“Stag Homme introduces muscle-god Hungarian newcomer Rob Nelson in a sensual versatile fuck galore with Francesco D´Macho. “Eros” focuses on a higher form of sex. It´s about everything that is beautiful and poetic about sex.

This XXX feature is over half an hour of intense and passionate love-making between the two lovers. Stag Homme has done it´s share of envelope-shredding with reality porn and the more agressive and darker sides of sex, but now the studio shreds the envelope once again by bringing you to a place you´ll never want to leave, unscripted sexual intimacy.

This feature also contains one unforgettable oral cumshot. Stag Homme, home to sex in every single one of its facets!!! OVER HALF AN HOUR OF SENSUAL LOVEMAKING!”

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December 6, 2009

Stag Homme: Lucio Saints and Damien Crosse fuck each other in “A Fuck in the Sun”

StagHomme: Lucio Saints and Damien Crosse fuck each other in "A Fuck in the Sun"

StagHomme writes:

“The summer heat has arrived to Madrid and what better way to celebrate the season than with some hot fucking in the sun. Stag Homme Studios brings you the ultra-ripped and very well hung Lucio Saints in an outdoors flip-flop fuck scene with Damien Crosse.”

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December 5, 2009

Cocksure Men: Tristan Jaxx bangs Zach Alexander

CocksureMen: Tristan Jaxx bangs Zach Alexander

CocksureMen writes:

“They’re both hot, they’re both hairy, they’re both hung, they both wear glasses and they’re both uncut. Time for some fun. They start out with some “docking,” or fitting one guy’s dick head in the other’s foreskin. Seeing those tools rub together and watching them play ‘hide and seek’ with their dick heads is enough to melt your computer. Zach somehow takes all of Tristan down his throat before they roll into a blazing-hot rimming 69.

Tristan shoves that big dick into Zach’s hairy hole. Zach takes every inch and begs for a hard pounding which Tristan certainly delivers. Zach cums all over Tristan’s furry chest while still getting hammered. Tristan follows suit, jerking out a wave of cum while Zach plays with his balls. Both guys agree, this was a HOT one!”

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December 5, 2009

Stag Homme: “Cruising the Urinals” with Jean Franko and Lucio Saints

StagHomme: "Cruising the Urinals" with Jean Franko and Lucio Saints

StagHomme writes:

“This video footage was filmed during an actual club night at the legendary Spanish hook-up bar “Black and White” (discoblack-white.net). Jean Franko walks into the toilets to take a piss. Lucio Saints notices Jean and follows him into the toilets as well. What unravels is one of the best public suck and fuck-fests of the year.”

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December 4, 2009

Fratmen: Casey and Cole blow each other

Fratmen.tv: Casey and Cole blow each other

Muscle jocks Casey and Cole get each other off at Fratmen.tv!

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December 4, 2009

TommyDxxx: Tommy pounds Parker London’s virgin ass

TommyDxxx: Tommy bangs Parker London

TommyDxxx writes:

“Parker London was just chillin’ out, jerkin’ his meat when TommyD popped in for a visit. These guys hardly say hello before Tommy has Parker’s large cock in his mouth. You may have seen Parker before recently, but this is the first time he was ever fucked in the ass.

Parker loves the cock. For someone who’s getting his hole filled for the first time, he sure seems like a natural. Watch Tommy pound this virgin ass with his one-of-a-kind intensity and then blow a hot one all over this tattooed stud. And stick around after for a mini-interview with the freshly deflowered Parker.”

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