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February 10, 2010

Sean Cody: Gabe fucks Jonah’s virgin ass

Sean Cody writes:

“Gabe and Jonah both have one thing in common — they both had sex with Pete! For Jonah, it was his first ever experience with a guy. Gabe had a little experience under his belt, but admitted it was the first time he really let go and just fucked!

So, when they first met, they immediately had something to discuss! And the thing they both agreed on was that Pete’s ass was very fun to fuck!

From there, it was obvious that Gabe was excited to plow Jonah. Yes, it was Jonah’s first time on the bottom!

The funniest thing was when we asked Jonah, “Did you ever think you’d actually have sex with a guy?” His response: “Everyone always thought I’d turn out to be gay, so I figured, probably, eventually I would!”

Gabe thought that was the funniest thing he’d ever heard!”

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February 10, 2010

Raging Stallion: Mickey and Alfredo

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RagingStallion.com writes:

“There’s nothing quite like seeing a masculine, bald stud with an incredibly body get his ass well and truly pounded. And that’s exactly what you’ll find with this video featuring Mickey and Alfredo. What a match this pair make and what fantastic butt-blowing the right dynamic can produce. It’s muscle-on-muscle at its finest.”

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February 9, 2010

ChaosMen: Muscle jock Antonio

Chaosmen writes:

“Antonio is a hot Sicilian muscle boy. He spends most of his free time trying to build his body, do personal training, and I think he even strips or dances at clubs. You can tell by the way he takes off his underwear!

He is super polite and super excited to be doing porn. After doing this solo he was eager to take on more work right then and there. I think he will be part of the team for sure.

He is very flexible in his thinking. He watched straight porn during his solo, but said the gay porn would have worked too. He just seems like a sexual guy and versatile at that. Can you imagine his amazing bubble butt getting pounded?!?

So stay tuned for more Antonio!”

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February 6, 2010

Cocksure Men: Bo Dean fucks Kelly Taylor

CocksureMen writes:

“Kelly Taylor is the latest bottom we have for superstar top Bo Dean. Don’t let Kelly’s innocent schoolboy appearance fool you. He’s done this before a time or two and takes Bo’s massive member down his throat and in his tight hole with ease. Bo does NOT take it easy on Kelly, and Kelly wouldn’t have it any other way.

The feeling of Bo’s big dick in his ass sends Kelly into orgasm while still bobbing up and down on his cock. Bo pulls out and jerks a load out onto Kelly’s smooth skin and both men collapse into each other’s arms.”

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February 6, 2010

All-AmericanHeroes: Firefighter Mikey tears Devin a new one

All-American Heroes writes:

“Firefighter Mikey and Civilian Devin are two of the hottest, sexual men with an abundant amount of chemistry that would make any man want to see them fuck. Just watching them talk to each other, one can see the energy building up between them, so the sex can begin.

The men get undressed, slowly stroking their cocks in preparation for the fun to cum. Devin looks over at Mikey’s amazing dick asking if he can help him out and the cock sucking begins! He works Mikey’s cock until he is finally over it and is ready to get fucked. Devin gets on all fours sticking his muscular ass in the air, so Mikey can stick his rod in that tight hole. Civilian Devin takes it like a champ working his fine ass against Mikey’s rock hard dick.

As they both get into a fucking frenzy, Mikey pulls out of that warm ass and rips of his condom. They both stand up, jacking off together trying to out-cum one another. Both of them blow huge loads of white, thick semen all over the sheets in the studio, moaning all the while. This is definitely one of the hottest cum shots, but you can decide who wins the game…”

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All-American Heroes
February 5, 2010

Next Door Studios: Alexy Tyler and Erik’s flip flop fuck

NextDoorWorld writes:

“Alexy Tyler is having troubles with his French homework and has called his long time friend Erik to come over to his house and help him out.

The two sexy men sit down to discuss the homework situation but Erik wants to fuck Alexy for helping him out. Alexy has no problem with it and lets Erik know that him coming over wasn’t just about helping with homework.

The books are pushed to the side and they strip each other’s clothes off. These two suck some mean cock and take turns fucking one another. You know the end is near when Erik pulls out a huge dildo to fuck Alexy to full climax.”

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February 4, 2010

Falcon Studios: Derrek Diamond, Trent Davis and Adam Killian fuck in “Morning Wood”

FalconStudios writes:

“Out on their morning jog, Derrek Diamond and Trent Davis come upon a stranded biker–Adam Killian–sidelined with a flat tire and no help in sight. Trent suggests they all head home to repair the bike and Adam agrees.

Derrek and Trent are the perfect hosts and treat the tattooed hunk to a two-man blowjob and ass rimming. Adam luxuriates in their generosity before he reciprocates by sucking on their hard cocks.

They then position themselves on the stairs: Derrek on top getting sucked off by Trent while Adam takes up the rear. He licks, fingers and slaps Trent’s ass; then charges on to fuck the pinched hole. Adam assumes the middle position next with Derrek’s cock stuffed up his butt, while Trent sucks his dick.

The excitement causes Trent to bust his nut, followed by Adam and then Derrek – three explosions of goopy cum to seal the deal.”

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Falcon Studios
February 4, 2010

Pride Studios: Trevor Knight fucks Drake Jayden

ExtraBigDicks writes:

“Drake Jayden walked into the studio at ExtraBigDicks.com, took one look at the 9 plus, mouth-watering, jaw-breaking inches on Trevor Knight, and knew instantly his hairy hole needed to take a joy ride. Insert your Knight Rider joke here.

It didn’t take Trevor long to do his insertions either. They were actually in a lip lock, with Trevor’s fly down, before they even got the red recording light going on the cameras. Trevor goes down to get a taste of Drake’s hairy 8 incher, then Drake has a go at Trevor’s 9½ python as it bobs and throbs with every swirl of Drake’s tongue.

He gets Drake on all fours and moves in for the tossed salad appetizer. He dives into Drake’s ass tongue-first before going to town on that hairy ass he will soon claim. Trevor’s fat cock is being introduced to Drake’s tight ass. The two hit it off wonderfully, with Trevor’s heavy low hangers joining in on the fun as they soon meet Drake’s hungry ass—repeatedly! Trevor slaps away at his ass as Drake grinds and bucks back on his cock. Trevor’s fat cock is hitting Drake in all the right places.

Sure enough, that does the trick. “Feel that fuckin dick?” Trevor grunts, as he picks up the pace. “Fuck me!” Drake grunts repeatedly, as Trevor literally fucks the cum out of him. He blasts all over his furry abs. Trevor follows suit as he hauls his cock out and blows all over Drake’s cum drenched bod.”

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February 4, 2010

Next Door Studios: Cody Cummings, Parker and Kandi’s bi threeway

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Cody Cummings doesn’t like to waste time and when he and Parker London get together they both pound every hole on Kandi Milan.

These two defined men are giving Kandi just what the doctor ordered but when Kandi tries to hog Cody’s cock Parker steps in and swallows it up. What a good friend Parker is to help out Kandi with suck a big piece of meat.

This scene has so much heat that you can feel that sexy hotness pour out. You better grab a rag and get your dicks out.”

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February 3, 2010

MenAtPlay: Steve Hunt pounds Eddie Diaz in “Filthy Rich”

MenAtPlay writes about this hot scene:

“Hottie Eddie Diaz lays naked with a throbbing cock when his mother’s servant the sexy Steve Hunt brings him breakfast! Eddie is a rich spoilt brat who blackmails Steve into getting his cock out.

Soon Eddie is sucking on Steve’s ample cock, almost choking on the size of it! Steve’s cock and balls are huge and ready to play!

He pounds on Eddie’s tight ass until Eddie can take no more and explodes his hot white jizz all over Steve. Steve’s cock is rock hard and wants more! He ties Eddie to the bed and fucks Eddie hard and rough – just the way he likes it!

The sexual chemistry between these guys is explosive and Steve deserves an Oscar for this performance!”

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