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October 12, 2017

My10Inches: Mike De Marko rides Rocco Steele’s huge dick

My10Inches: Mike DeMarko rides Rocco Steele's huge dick

My10Inches.com writes:

“Rocco enjoys using the fleshjack toy on his boy’s huge meaty cock. Foreplay never looked or felt so good.

Rocco can’t resist his boy’s hole either. He slowly opens him up, easing his hard massive cock into Mike’s tight hole. After loosening his boy up to his satisfaction, Rocco picks up the speed and intensity. Mike realizes he can’t get enough of Rocco’s cock so he jumps on it and begins to ride it, letting his rock hard cock slide in and out of his now open hole.

Rocco needs to cum so he puts his boy on his knees where he can get good and deep until he finally blows all over Mike’s ass.

Now it’s Mike’s turn to cum and Rocco lays down next to him waiting for his boy’s load. Mike is so worked up that he immediately shoots a huge load for Daddy. Rocco slurps it up and thanks his boy with a kiss. There’s no better way to end a hard day.”

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October 5, 2017

My10Inches: Seth Knight gets fucked raw by Rocco Steele’s enormous cock

My10Inches.com writes:

“Rocco met up with power porn couple Seth and Chris Knight earlier this summer, and the result was mindblowing.

Seth is such a hot tatted bottom and by the time the camera’s rolling he’s already stroking Rocco, imagining that cock disappearing inside of him.

Chris captures every moment of this sucking, rimming, fuckfest, including a climax that makes Seth’s eyes roll back into his head from all the deep pounding Rocco gives him.”

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September 17, 2017

My10Inches: Rocco Steele drills Rikk York

My10Inches: Rocco Steele drills Rikk York

My10Inches.com writes:

“The raw, rough fuck falls to his knees for Rocco Steele’s ten inches! Rikk York’s latin ass is up for the ultimate test and Steele is ready to give it to him.

Watch as this tattooed hunk does his best to reach the base with his throat and hole, beg for his furry muscle ass’s life, and worship before the biggest daddy cock around.

This video shows how to make a man into a size queen for sure, if the pleading and moaning is anything to go by.”

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August 27, 2017

My10Inches: Mike Gaite rides Rocco Steele’s enormous cock

My10Inches: Mike Gaite rides Rocco Steele's enormous cock

My10Inches.com writes:

“Mike Gaite is such a little stud fucker with truly one of the hottest asses Rocco’s ever seen.

The scene takes place in a super cool Brooklyn loft. The only thing there was a rug and a wall and a window. The loft was bathed in morning Brooklyn sunlight, Mike had a hungry hole and Rocco was eager to stick his dick in his perfect butt.”

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August 23, 2017

My10Inches: Rocco Steele breeds Zack Acland

My10Inches: Rocco Steele breeds Zack Acland with his 10-inch cock

My10Inches.com writes:

“The bearded bottom takes it straight to the base. It’s hard to come across such intense man on man fucking. Pure ecstasy stretched across Zack Acland’s face as his pierced dick swings back and forth with every pump.

Nothing is hotter than seeing this otter’s tattooed back flex with every thrust of Steele’s massive horse cock. Watch as Acland begs to be bred ten inches deep and Rocco all too happy to seed his hole.”

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July 17, 2017

Hot New Site: Rocco Steele’s “My 10 Inches”

Hot New Site: Rocco Steele's "My 10 Inches"

Check out My10inches.com – Rocco Steele’s new exclusive website.

The weekly updates of bareback scenes feature horse hung (10×7 inches) industry veteran Rocco Steele alongside stars like Gabriel Alanzo, Ian Greene, Sean Duran, Marcus Isaacs, Dolph Dietrich and many more…

A membership to My10Inches.com costs $24.95/month.