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June 30, 2009

Next Door Studios: Mason Wyler fucks Kevin Wood (aka Jason Crystal)

MasonWyler: Mason fucks Kevin Wood (aka Jason Crystal)

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Seems Mason has run into Kevin Wood whom he hasn’t seen in a few years. Kevin is built like a Roman soldier who has been fighting battle building up his enormous biceps and pec’s.

At 5’11 and only 23 years of age Kevin spends majority of his time working out at the gym and being a bartender at the local Pub. This sexy hard body did not expect to accidently run into Mason but we are sure glad he did because Mr. Wood has a tight round ass and Mason can’t wait to penetrate it.

After some catching up they both decide to shower up outside on a lovely sunny day. Once the water starts pouring out next you know it hands and cocks are rubbing all over bodies. Mason slides his fat cock into Kevin’s tight hole and if you listen carefully you can here Kevin whimper a bit.

Just when things have heated up and Mason is loving where his cock is buried he has a change of heart and can’t let his boyfriend find out what he has done so he has to stop everything and leave Kevin by himself.

The scene is exciting and very hot with these two hunks but you will love the end when Kevin creams a hot load all over himself.”

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June 26, 2009

TommyDxxx: Tommy gets fucked by the Studding twins

TommyDxxx: Tommy gets fucked by the Studding twins

The Studding twins are back with Tommy D and they are ready to tag team his sweet little ass.

Tommy loves these furry masculine little guys and with all their energy combined it’s going to lead to some hot sweaty grinding.

It’s the twins first time fucking Tommy and they both get to tear up that ass just the way he likes it.

Get that lube ready and sit back for an awesome 3 way cum shot that soaks up Tommy’s chest.

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June 25, 2009

Next Door Studios: Shane Erickson fucks Alexy Tyler

Next Door Studios: Shane Erickson fucks Alexy Tyler

Next Door Studios writes:

“The tattooed hunk Alexy Tyler is back for more ass slamming action, and this time his encounter is with the tall, slim stud Shane Erickson.

The two hit it off really well on our set, so we decided to see how the sparks would fly when pairing these two up for a scene.

All the action takes place in the bathroom. First in the shower, and then on the flood. Plenty of making out, cock sucking and ass pounding to keep you cuming back for more.”

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June 22, 2009

Next Door Studios: Mason Wyler and Justin Ryder’s super-hot flip-flop fuck session

Mason Wyler and Justin Ryder fuck each other at MasonWyler.com

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“There is no delay in getting this scene started with Mason Wyler and the tanned Italian hunk Justin Ryder.

Mason quickly wraps his lips around Justin’s eagerly awaiting cock and both love to passionately kiss in between swapping BJ’s. These two studs flip flop back and forth so you get to see Mason fucking a nice tight ass and Justin taking charge of Wyler’s smooth little hole.

This scene has lots of BJ drooling and dick riding on both fronts and its sure to be a wild ride so pull out your lube and grab your cock.”

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June 19, 2009

Next Door Studios: Mike Roberts fucks DJ

Mike Roberts fucks DJ at NextDoorBuddies

NextDoorWorld writes:

“You know that 25 year old hunk Mike Roberts? Well, if you don’t, you’ll get to see him in some hot ass fucking action in this scene with his buddy DJ.

These two sexual young guys were playing video games the other day when Mike beat DJ. Of course here at NextDoorStudios, when you lose at something, you’ve got to give it up, and that’s exactly what DJ does. First he services Mike’s fat cock, then he bends over, spreads his ass and lets his buddy pump him until they both cum all over the place.”

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June 15, 2009

MasonWyler.com: Up close and personal with Mason Wyler

Mason fingers his hole at MasonWyler.com

It’s time to get up close and personal with Mason again!

For this week’s hot solo scene on NextDoorStudios.com, Mason shows up on the porch wearing only a towel. Of course he quickly sheds the terrycloth and proceeds with stroking his horse-like cock until he’s quivering and moaning with orgasmic ecstasy. Fun in the sun!

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June 12, 2009

Next Door Studios: Taj Waters and A.J. Irons’ hot shower fuck

A.J. Irons and Taj Waters at NextDoorBuddies

It’s always good to see new faces especially when these two studs meet for the first time!

A.J. Irons is a stocky piece of sexy meat who loves to hit the waves and hang out at the beach all day looking for young hunks jogging. Taj Waters is a tall piece of art but at a nice young age of 23 and rocking a huge beefy cock which is around 8 inches. He loves to hang out at the beach as well and he also takes his skateboard to the streets.

Taj and A.J. are getting hot and heavy in the shower cleaning themselves up and making out intensely. You can watch the soap suds drip down these chiseled bodies as the light gleams off each ripped muscle. They both love to suck dick and switch it up in the shower but only A.J. wants to feel a huge throbbing cock in his ass.

Come and watch A.J. take this big dick in his tight little hole. He can barely withstand Taj’s pulsating member. You have to listen to the moans from A.J. cause it sounds like he can’t take it but he loves it anyways as he gets fucked hard and slow.

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June 9, 2009

MasonWyler.com: D.J. fucks Mason Wyler

Mason gets fucked by D.J. at MasonWyler.com

NextDoorStudios.com writes:

“Mason was so excited that D.J. was coming back to fuck him that they wasted no time in introductions and got right to it.

Mason pushes him down on the couch and quickly starts to remove D.J.’s attire. Next you know it Mason is choking on his buddies cock and drooling all over the place. Hard and ready to fuck Masons tasty smooth hole D.J. plows right in.

When at least you expect it these two hard bodies lick and eat all the cum off their bodies and face, not a drop is left behind.”

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March 3, 2009

TommyDxxx.com: Tommy’s hot tub fun with the Studding twins

Tommy D with the Studding Twins

TommyD has two new friends in town and has decided to show them off. Lucky for him these two twin brothers Matthew and David Studding are ready to experiment and let Tommy deep throat both of their cocks.

After a day out at the club they all head back to the house for some hot tub relaxation. These twins are two sexy men whom work in the dentistry industry and are ready to strip down and play.

Cum watch this scene and see who blasts there load the farthest but I’m sure you all know who wins that one.

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March 3, 2009

Behind the scenes of TommyD’s and the Studding twins’ hott


TommyD gets naked with the Studding Twins, Matt and David, in a Jacuzzi in this behind the scenes footage. TommyD takes a break to pee in nature, before returning to his work giving one of the twins a wet blowjob.

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