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March 20, 2013

NakedSword Originals: “Wilde Road”

NakedSword Originals: "Wilde Road"

NakedSword writes:

“Cash, Grass, or Ass: No One Rides for Free. Join NakedSword exclusive Christian Wilde for the wildest ride of his life across Northern California!

Along the way, he encouters a dirty trucker, watches Tantric sex, eats a plate of magic brownies and learns a lesson in what it takes to be a man.

Join the cast of super-hot men for a sexual trip that only director mr. Pam and NakedSword originals could take you on!”

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September 9, 2012

Cocksure Men: Jessy Ares bangs Phillip Aubrey

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Opposites attract and there’s plenty of attraction, and passion, between smooth-bodied Phillip Aubrey and hairy Jessy Ares.

The two begin making out passionately and Phillip can’t keep his hands off of Jessy’s hard and hairy body. Phillip’s tongue finds its way to Jessy’s hairy armpits licking every inch. When Jessy whips out his hard, uncut cock Phillip drops down to his knees and swallows it whole.

Jessy begins to pump his throbbing cock in and out of Phillip’s mouth. Phillip is in heaven and we know it every time he gags. Phillip Aubrey takes a brief break from tasting Jessy’s dick and moves down to his feet where he sucks on every toe. Jessy Ares is now horned up and flips Phillip unto his stomach, giving Jessy’s tongue clear access to Phillip’s smooth ass and his pink hole.

Phillip’s hole is hungry for Jessy’s cock. Jessy rides Phillip’s ass from behind and pulls his hair to make sure Phillip isn’t going anywhere. Phillip Aubrey climbs on top of Jessy and gyrates his hips, making sure he feels every inch of Jessy’s cock.

Jessy throws Phillip back unto the bed and nails him in the missionary position until Phillip shoots his load all over his abs. Jessy Ares pulls out and drops his heavy load on Philip’s cock and balls.”

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September 8, 2012

Men.com: “Pool Party” with Phillip Aubrey, Adam Killian, Jessie Colter, Hans Berlin and Trenton Ducati

Men.com writes:

“Five muscular studs get together for a pool party that leads to an inevitable fun-in-the-sun orgy. Phillip Aubrey, Jessie Colter and versatile Hans Berlin give up their asses to Adam Killian and Trenton Ducati.”

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September 7, 2012

NakedSword Originals: Christian Wilde bangs Phillip Aubrey in “Wilde Road: Episode One”

NakedSword writes:

“Cash, grass or ass, no one rides for free. At least not in the newest NakedSword Original series, where Christian Wilde gets a lesson in what it takes to be a man.

The movie starts out with a bang, and not the kind you’re used to seeing in gay porn. After a rude interruption, and an uncomfortable forward pass from best friend Dylan Roberts, Wilde takes off for the open road.

But running away from your sexuality is easier said than done, and when a country trucker, Phillip Aubrey, stops to pick him up, Christian has to negotiate. He may be “straight”, but he’s also horny. And there’s a soft mouth and a tight ass in the driver’s seat. How far is he willing to go?”

– Watch “Wilde Road: Episode One” at NakedSword.com
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August 13, 2012

Hot House: Phillip Aubrey bangs Trenton Ducati in “Kiss Lick Suck Fuck”

HotHouse.com writes:

“Trenton Ducati loves the taste of Phillip Aubrey. He licks the young stud’s rippled washboard abs and uses his expert tongue to massage Phillip’s thick cock until it’s rock hard. Trenton licks and sucks Phillip’s cock to the base then stands up so Phillip can put his tongue to work.

Phillip licks Trenton’s fat, huge dick then pumps it with his hot mouth. Phillip fingers his own hole the whole time, teasing Trenton with an invitation to fuck. Trenton throws Phillip on all fours so he can lick his round bubble-butt. Trenton lubes up Phillip’s gaping hole with his own spit then stands up to fuck him hard.

Trenton gives Phillip a brutal ass-pounding until Phillip can’t take it anymore. He backs up on Trenton’s cock and jacks him off with his tight butthole; just who’s fucking whom? Phillip rides Trenton’s cock and jacks his load all over the hot muscle-daddy then licks it up while Trenton rubs one out and blows.”

– Watch the entire scene at HotHouse.com

July 11, 2012

ManRoyale: Tyler Saint fucks Phillip Aubrey in “Rub Me Some More”

Pillip Aubrey heard about this great masseur… Apparently Tyler Saint has a gentle touch that is unmatched in the industry.

Phillip looks like he can handle a rough man touching his body. However today, he wants something more on the relaxation side…

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June 7, 2012

ManRoyale: AJ Irons fucks Phillip Aubrey in “Sweet Serenade”

AJ Irons fucks Phillip Aubrey’s sweet ass in this scene at ManRoyale.com!

May 19, 2012

Cocksure Men: Phillip Aubrey and Mitch Vaughn’s hot flip-flop fuck

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Sexy blond stud Phillip Aubrey is here to play with one of the sexiest men in porn, Mitch Vaughn. Phillip has a tanned, toned body and a deep, booming voice. It’s clear that Mitch is ‘excited’ to fuck around with Phillip.

The two studs exchange blow jobs, getting each other rock hard. Phillip gets on his knees and spreads for Mitch to taste his tight hole.

After a thorough tongue bath Mitch is ready to fuck, and that’s just what he does. Phillip’s ass gobbles up all of Mitch in doggie and missionary positions.

But Phillip wants to top too. Mitch jumps on his cock and rides him cowboy style. Mitch’s muscles glisten with sweat, and then with cum as Phillip shoots his load all over him. Phillip cleans up his mess, licking up his sweet juice.

Mitch jerks out a HUGE load all over himself. Phillip feeds him some and then they kiss passionately.”

– Download the full scene at CocksureMen.com

April 25, 2012

NakedSword Originals: Phillip Aubrey fucks Robert Axel in “Stalker – Episode 2: The Drive”

NakedSword writes:

“The hang-up phone calls and mysterious letters have left Brady Jensen on edge. So his agent, played by Adonis-bodied, dark-skinned hottie Robert Axel and photographer from his agency, played by blond hottie Phillip Aubrey, try to take his mind off it by taking him for a ride along the picturesque Northern California coast in a convertible.

Brady goes off by himself for a hike to clear his head as as soon as the coast is clear, Phillip and Robert — so taken by the stunning natural beauty of their surroundings — decide to go for it!

With the waves crashing far below them, the two begin by kissing on a breathtaking cliff. Oral and rimming lead to fucking: all completely in the great outdoors. They duck into a nearby abandoned army barracks for the ass pounding (although who fucks whom may come as a bit of a surprise to viewers).

After two ample, messy cumshots (Phillip blasts all over Robert’s balls and Robert feeds his big load to Phillip), we meet back up with Brady, who is being enveloped by the legendary NorCal fog. As it rolls in, he gets that distinct feeling like he’s being watched …”

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February 22, 2012

Men.com: Girth Brooks pounds Phillip Aubrey in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”

Phillip Aubrey gets his cute ass thoroughly fucked by big-dicked stud Girth Brooks in this hot scene at Men.com!

– Download the full-length scene at Men.com
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February 20, 2012

Men.com: Phenix Saint bangs Phillip Aubrey in “Cum In My Bed”

Phenix Saint gets seduced by Phillip Aubrey… then fucks his tight ass in this hot scene at Men.com!

– Check out even more scenes from Str8ToGay
– Check out even more scenes from Str8ToGay

November 27, 2011

Men.com: “The Slammer” with Phillip Aubrey, Gavin Waters, Cliff Jensen and Christian Wilde

Men.com writes:

“Philip Aubrey, Gavin Waters, and Cliff Jensen have been very bad boys and are sent to the slammer. Christian Wilde is in charge of making sure these new fish pay their debt to society and isn’t afraid to pull out his 8″ inch cut nightstick to make sure that happens.

Christian escorts the convicts to their cell for the night, stealing a quick feel from Jensen’s perfect ass as he shuts the cell door ordering them to “Shut the fuck up and go to sleep”. Gavin and Philip quickly fall asleep, exhausted from a long day and still wearing their orange prison uniforms, but Cliff has been rock hard since feeling that hand on his ass and can’t rest till he blows at least once.

Cliff starts stroking his beautiful meat, unabashed that both Gavin and Philip sleep only feet away. Christian, on a routine patrol sees Cliff stoking and can’t help but enter the cell. Christian immediately lays down the law throwing Cliff’s rock hard rod down his throat, rubbing Cliff’s chest and balls at the same time.

It’s Christian’s turn now, standing up he pulls his rock hard cock out. The second Cliff puts his mouth on Christian’s giant head the moaning starts, his mouth is so good that Christian is already thinking about how to keep Cliff locked up forever.

Cliff pulls off ready to fuck Christian, but disaster strikes as Christian was ready to fuck Cliff – what are two tops to do? Cliff has a eureka moment and points at his two sleeping cell mates, Christian, the gentlemen, lets Cliff pick first – Philip is suddenly woken up and a second later Cliff’s dick is in his mouth.

A foot away from the other two Christian begins face-fucking Gavin, demanding Gavin better control the amount of spit ending up on his cock. Christian is getting great head from Gavin but he can’t keep himself from staring at Philip sucking on Cliff’s cock, almost making him blow in the process – These perfect bottoms with perfect assess need to be fucked NOW!

Christian demands that these greedy hole bottoms get on a single prison bed and in his own words tells them to “Get on your fucking knees!”.

Cue the best foursome ever.”

– Get the full-length scene at Men.com
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October 20, 2011

Lucas Raunch: “Fuck Me Hard”

Lucas Raunch writes:

“The fine line between pleasure and pain is obliterated in the savage new Lucas Entertainment feature film, FUCK ME HARD. Going to a rougher, harder place than ever before, these 10 New York City studs pummel and plow each other in five white-knuckle hardcore scenes that will leave you stunned!

The massively hung power tops drill deep into tight, round asses and hungry throats until the bottoms beg for mercy. Director Michael Lucas leads a cast featuring real life boyfriends Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey, plus Rafael Alencar, RJ Alexander, Ace Rockwood, Marco Cruise, Wade Warren, JP Powers, and James Hobbes on this wild ride of dick-slapping, cum-guzzling mayhem, giving all new meaning to the phrase “I like it rough.”

– Watch scenes from this movie at LucasRaunch.com