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May 7, 2010

Pride Studios: John Magnum bangs Tommy Defendi

ExtraBigDicks: John Magnum bangs Tommy Defendi

ExtraBigDicks.com writes:

“20 year old uber hung and majorly sexy Tommy Defendi returns to ExtraBigDicks.com and definitely has the kind of “magnum” cock every size queen dreams of unwrapping. With that in mind, we have a costar by the same name, Mr. John Magnum. John is a buff, beautiful Southern addition to our stable of hung men. One look at this dreamy jock and you know that more than stars fell on Alabama the night this 25 year old arrived.

They both consider themselves bisexual and both agree that men and women are different in between the sheets. For Tommy he loves that with men it’s aggression for control. John agrees completely and gingerly confesses that women aren’t so good at topping. Fortunately, no ladies will be topping this afternoon.

They start breaking the ice slowly as they make out. Tommy can’t keep his hands off his new toy as he gropes John’s crotch with one hand while pulling off John’s tee with the other. Tommy just watches as John hauls out his cock and gets to work. John sucks on his thick cock making it throb as he swirls his mouth all over it. Tommy soon wants to return the favor. Much to his surprise, John is packin quite the whopper of his own.

Tommy shoves that thick 8½” rod deep wanting to get every inch in his mouth as John’s eyes roll into the back of his head. The next thing we see is that thick massive cock and smooth balls start to make their way closer to one clenched hairy hole as Tommy gets that hole fucked by smooth muscle god behind him. John means business and he’s in that ass deep as he makes Tommy moan like a bitch, pounding away at that ass.

John pounds away at Tommy’s ass doggy style for a while til Tommy decides he wants to ride it instead. Tommy is ordered to sit back down on that thick cock as he gets that ass stretched wide. “Oh, it feels good” he groans as John continues buries his cock. Tommy likes when a man takes control and that’s exactly what he’s getting. The fucking is insane as John is relentless in getting as much of his beer can cock up into Tommy’s cock loving hole.

To finish him off, John fucks that sweet hole missionary and that’s gonna do the trick. Tommy takes it as long as he can before exploding his thick load all over himself while John fucks the cum out of him all over his face and pecs surprising even himself. John pulls out and stroked off his own batch that he blows all over Tommy’s cum drenched abs.”

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March 4, 2010

Pride Studios: Scott Alexander fucks William Vos

ExtraBigDicks.com writes:

“Scott Alexander and his fat, chocolate uber cock reign supreme at ExtraBigDicks.com this week. Its most loyal subject of all is lucky William Vos, who makes every massive inch of the cock disappear in every hole he has.

The chemistry between these two is unmistakable as they kiss passionately and continue exploring each other’s bodies. William gets more than a mouthful as he starts sucking on his cock. “Look up here at me, Babe” Scott says, as he slowly starts to face fuck William, who’s doing his best to take every thick inch of Scott’s black cock that’s being forced down his hungry throat. Soon, William’s cock is deep inside Scott’s hungry mouth.

Scott loves to suck cock, and goes to town on William’s pole. All this oral action is leading to some intense action, and things are only getting started. Judging from the look on William’s face, he loves every minute of it. “Awww that’s a big fucking dick!” William groans with delight, as Scott picks up the pace. The grin on William’s face is priceless as Scott continues to drill his ass.

They then switch into Missionary, which will do the trick. William’s the first to nut as he stands over Scott and bathes him in his load. That’s enough to send Scott over the edge as he too blasts his load ALL over William’s chest and face.”

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February 25, 2010

Pride Studios: Christian Wilde bangs Kurt Wild

ExtraBigDicks writes:

“It massive dicks gone Wild on ExtraBigDicks.com. Two hung stunners with piercing baby blues and thick 8” plus man sized poles, Christian Wilde and Kurt Wild, battle to the finish to see who cums out on top.

Christian starts the war as he licks down Kurt’s chest as he strips his jeans off. Kurt is hard in seconds as Christian goes to work on his thick cock. Christian spits on his knob before going right back down on his meat as he gives him an intense oral session. “It’s my turn” Kurt says as he kneels to release Christian’s monster meat. Kurt takes his time as he tries to pleasure every thick inch Christian has to offer. He knows he’ll need more than his mouth soon enough.

Christian then suits up and sits back so Kurt can have that cock. Kurt squats down as his small ass slowly takes Christian’s cock balls deep. “Fuck that ass is so good around my big dick” Christian groans as Kurt rides him hard. “Grab my hair and FUCK ME!” grunts Kurt as Christian happily obliges pound! ing him harder.

Christian’s cock starts hitting all the right spots and soon Kurt’s moaning he’s gonna cum as he gets the cum fucked out of him. Christian isn’t far behind as he pulls out and unleashes a massive load. Christian’s first 2 blasts of cum fly way over Kurt who is still in the throes of his own orgasm. The rest of Christian’s load splatters across Kurt’s chest and face. Now THAT’s how it’s done out in the Wild(e)!”

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February 4, 2010

Pride Studios: Trevor Knight fucks Drake Jayden

ExtraBigDicks writes:

“Drake Jayden walked into the studio at ExtraBigDicks.com, took one look at the 9 plus, mouth-watering, jaw-breaking inches on Trevor Knight, and knew instantly his hairy hole needed to take a joy ride. Insert your Knight Rider joke here.

It didn’t take Trevor long to do his insertions either. They were actually in a lip lock, with Trevor’s fly down, before they even got the red recording light going on the cameras. Trevor goes down to get a taste of Drake’s hairy 8 incher, then Drake has a go at Trevor’s 9½ python as it bobs and throbs with every swirl of Drake’s tongue.

He gets Drake on all fours and moves in for the tossed salad appetizer. He dives into Drake’s ass tongue-first before going to town on that hairy ass he will soon claim. Trevor’s fat cock is being introduced to Drake’s tight ass. The two hit it off wonderfully, with Trevor’s heavy low hangers joining in on the fun as they soon meet Drake’s hungry ass—repeatedly! Trevor slaps away at his ass as Drake grinds and bucks back on his cock. Trevor’s fat cock is hitting Drake in all the right places.

Sure enough, that does the trick. “Feel that fuckin dick?” Trevor grunts, as he picks up the pace. “Fuck me!” Drake grunts repeatedly, as Trevor literally fucks the cum out of him. He blasts all over his furry abs. Trevor follows suit as he hauls his cock out and blows all over Drake’s cum drenched bod.”

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January 29, 2010

Pride Studios: Drake Jayden pounds Matthew Rush

MenOver30 writes:

“We here at MenOver30.com feel just like you: the only thing hotter than seeing the round, tight booty of Matthew Rush would be seeing it rammed with a thick cock. We, along with the fat shape of sexy, hairy Drake Jayden, make that fantasy cum true.

Matt’s cock is the first one out as Drake seizes the opportunity to get a better taste. He wraps his lips around Matt’s thick shaft and begins to bob his head on his cock, taking it all the way down. “Oh that feels so fucking good”, Matt grunts, as he hauls Drake up so that he can kneel and get in on the oral fun. Matt loves the dick Drake’s giving him, so Drake stands up to fuck Matt’s face and stroke it as Matt works his balls.

Drake then preps that thick ass for a proper pounding by shoving his tongue up inside it, which only drives Matt to take a forceful seat on Drake’s dick. Matt’s cock is rock hard and thumping against Drake’s furry chest with every bounce. Soon, Drake wants more control. He puts Matt on all fours and slides his cock in for more. Matt is cock-crazed and begging for more.

Drake starts to piledrive his rock hard cock up into Matt’s ass as he starts to stroke Matt’s hard cock. “Oh, fuck my ass!”, Matt grunts, as he slams his ass harder and harder back onto Drake’s dick before falling next to him. They stroke to a mutual, and mutually explosive, shower of man juice.”

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January 22, 2010

Pride Studios: Nick Moretti bangs Sebastian Keys

MenOver30.com writes:

“We here at MenOver30.com know nothing looks as hot a hairy stud under the water with all that fur dripping wet. Therefore, our update this week is with sexy, hirsute uber-dad Nick Moretti in the shower, much to the delight of the peeping Sebastian Keys. Catching Sebastian in the act, Nick’s takes his towel off as Sebastian’s hands start to explore Nick’s muscular bod. This daddy must live at the gym.

He slurps and gags on Nick’s massive meat as he tries to get as much of it in his mouth. Nick starts to strip his young friend while still feeding him dick. Nick is loving the attention as he fucks Sebastian’s throat while holding his head in place. “Let me see your ass!” Nick orders, as he bends Sebastian over onto the chair. Nick’s not one to wait for what he wants, and is soon pounding that ass with reckless abandon.

Sebastian takes every deep plunge with ease. “Aww that feels good” he coos, as Nick continues to fuck away at his hole. The sound of Nick’s balls slapping away fill the room as Sebastian can only beg for more. Nick lifts those smooth legs and slides back inside the hairless hole that will soon claim his load. Sebastian takes that thick cock to the hilt as Nick pounds him harder and harder. Sebastian is soon busting his nut all over his contracting abs. Nick is next as he pulls out and blows his thick load all over Sebastian’s chest and cum-coated abs. Clean up in “Aisle Fur!””

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January 14, 2010

Pride Studios: Diesel Washington bangs Steven Ponce

Extra Big Dicks writes:

“ExtraBigDicks.com puts the “hump” back in hump day, as everyone’s favorite chocolate power bar, Diesel Washington and his 10” of thick dark fuck stick, returns and gives Steven Ponce, that lucky fire crotch, the fucking of his life. ”

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July 26, 2009

Pride Studios: John Stone fucks Dean Tucker

MenOver30: John Stone fucks Dean Tucker

MenOver30 writes: “Its east meats west today on MenOver30.com and the heartland in the middle has never been so hot. They begin with 32 year old Dean Tucker, and has more than 30 titles, and seven rock hard inches, under his belt on a sexy fur covered chassis.

His playmate today is Florida’s own “grown man” lover, John Stone. John is a 22 year old smoldering hottie with a rock hard bod and a tight round ass that wet dreams are made of.

Dean is first at bat as he sucks on John’s growing cock. After a bit, he stands and begins to feed John his own growing boner, face-fucking the native Floridian with his throbbing meat. These boys are into oral and soon Dean is back on John’s rock hard cock for more action as he sucks and swallows every delicious inch of it as John lays back and enjoys the head he’s getting. Dean assumes the position on all four as he looks back at John who is suiting up to take the plunge.

John’s cock slides into Dean’s ass with ease and begins to fuck him deep. Dean can only moan and beg for more as John begins to fuck him with a steady pace. Sitting on John’s cock is! hitting Dean in all the right spots – he kneels beside John’s chest as he unloads all over his chest and abs. John isn’t far behind as he too unloads all over his sexy self.”

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