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December 25, 2010

Raging Stallion: D.O. bangs Dayton O’Connor

RagingStallion writes:

“Dayton O’Connor decides to pop by for a little ‘in-out’ with D.O. in this video. Dayton deeps throats D.O.’s perfect thick cock like he’s been starved for it. D.O. then fucks Dayton from behind as he grasps and screams for more. Dayton jumps on D.O.’s lap and rides him hard and furious until he ejaculates all over himself. Immediately D.O. cums all over him. They fall on top of each other in ecstasy.”

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Raging Stallion
December 21, 2010

Raging Stallion: Manuel Torres rims and fucks his real-life boyfriend Vin Costes

RagingStallion writes:

“Real-life porn star boyfriends Manuel and Vin trade blow jobs, rim jobs and a very nice loving fuck in this one-on-one. Starting with cuddles on their bed, the encounter is an intimate look into the bedroom secrets of two of the industry’s finest performers.”

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December 20, 2010

Raging Stallion: Tony Aziz and David Dirdam bang each other

RagingStallion writes:

“David Dirdam’s hands roam over his body, caressing his muscles and releasing his beautiful, uncut cock.

In comes Tony Aziz who works his way down Dirdum’s body with his lips, licking down to the water flowing off his cock. Tony then fucks Dirdum under the water, pounding his cock in his ass as the water rains all over Dirdum’s back. Aziz pounds him harder, deeper until the hard pounding makes Dirdum releases a load of cum all over his soaked torso.

Aziz now yearning to be fucked by Dirdum’s sill hard uncut cock, stands with his back to Dirdam and pushes his rear back to impale himself, on the thick piece of manhood.”

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December 20, 2010

Raging Stallion: Topher DiMaggio fucks Austin Wilde

RagingStallion writes:

“Topher and Austin show us some excellent oral sex in a fantastic 69 position and then Austin Wilde gets fucked hard by that big tool of Topher’s. Austin doesn’t bottom much, but he will stick his ass up in the air for the right guy – and Topher is definitely the right guy.”

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December 15, 2010

Raging Stallion: D.O. fucks Derrick Hanson

RagingStallion.com writes:

“D.O. dives into a fitting room and starts to feed on Derrick’s rock hard cock in this muscle boy encounter. Both guys have rock- hard sculpted bodies and perfect 6-pack abs. D.O. switches up the action and soon Derrick is sucking his huge uncut cock. D.O. takes Derrick from behind pounding away and Derrick is loving it. Derrick hops on top and rides it, his own big dick whipping around with every pump until both men blow.”

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December 14, 2010

NakedSword: Raging Stallion’s “Steamworks”

RagingStallion writes at NakedSword:

“Steamworks…..it’s a legendary place where men have gathered for unfiltered sex for many years. It’s the best sex club in the United States.

We took our men and our camera’s to Steamworks to film a brilliant all sex movie with some of the finest porn studs in the business. Add to this the excellent directing talents of Tony Dimarco and Steve Cruz and you have a recipe for one of the finest porn movies of the year!”

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December 7, 2010

Raging Stallion: Wilfried Knight pounds Vince Ferelli

RagingStallion writes about this hot scene:

“Wilfried Knight and Vince Ferelli are on a rooftop getting hot and heavy. Soon they are naked and trading blowjobs. They move inside the stairwell to fuck and what a fuck it is!

Hairy Wilfried Knight takes massive body builder Vince Ferelli from behind thrusting his mass up with every fuck blow. From start to finish it’s a high impact fuck the way men do, grunting and spitting and thrusting until the last drop of cum explodes from their meaty cocks.”

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November 21, 2010

Raging Stallion: Ricky Sinz pounds Paul Wagner

RagingStallion.com writes:

“Paul is an expert cocksucker and laps up every inch of Ricky’s meat with sensual sucking precision in this video. Ricky returns the favor on his knees before bending Paul over a hay bail and pumping his eager hungry hole from behind. The hungry bottom soon takes over, and Paul gets up on stallion Ricky and rides that dick like he’s at the rodeo!”

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November 9, 2010

Raging Stallion: Angelo Marconi and Brenn Wyson pound each other in “Brutal”

RagingStallion.com writes:

“If you think you’ve seen a pair of studs go one-on-one in the ring, wait until you see the brutal fuck between Angelo Marconi and Brenn Wyson.

This duo bring all new meaning to being “rough up” as their sexual encounter looks more like a wrestling match than an effort to make love.”

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October 3, 2010

Raging Stallion: Wilfried Knight and Kennedy Carter’s hot flip-flop fuck

RagingStallion writes about this hot scene:

“Hairy muscle boy, Wilfried Knight, puts his cock to work on the ass of tattooed jock Kennedy Carter in this Raging Stallion exclusive scene. It’s the only place you’re going to see this rimming, sucking and fucking spectacular.”

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