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June 17, 2011

Randy Blue: Raphael Cedano bangs Roman Todd

After getting his dick sucked by Roman Todd, Raphael Cedano does a little cock sucking of his own and gets Roman so horny he’s almost begging to get his ass fucked.

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March 22, 2011

Randy Blue: Blake Powell bangs Roman Todd

Randy Blue writes about this hot scene:

“Blake Powell and Roman Todd work out in the Randy Blue Gym like a couple of horny college jocks.

Blake is looking really hot as and Roman explore each other’s bodies. His dick is long and slender with a nice big mushroom head. He’s very outgoing and you can tell he takes great care of his body, keeping it meticulously trimmed and his muscles well toned.

Roman has been working out a lot lately too and it shows. He loves working his body but even more he loves sucking a nice slender dick with a big mushroom head.

These two jock studs love working each other’s hard cocks more than lifting weights and pretty soon Blake can’t hold off any longer and pounds Roman’s tight hole with all he’s got.

And Roman can’t get enough. Pretty soon his legs are up over his head and Blake has free reign over that hot ass of his. They fuck like a couple of horndogs and shoot nice big loads all over each other.”

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January 11, 2011

Randy Blue: Diego Sans pops Roman Todd’s ass cherry

Randy Blue writes:

“Roman Todd has a little surprise for Diego Sans. Well, not so little. He needs to practice for an upcoming bottoming scene and what better way than with a real live cock? Especially if it comes attached to the incredibly sexy Diego Sans.

So Roman offers up his smooth milky white ass to this hot Latino sex machine for some hardcore interracial good old fashioned butt sex. But not before giving Diego a blowjob that would curl his toes. Then Diego goes down on Roman’s college jock cock and then rims his beautiful bubble butt.

When the ass fucking starts it’s no surprise that Roman didn’t need much practice. He’s such a horny stud who loves cock and once Diego gets done with the first round of hole hammering he practically leaps on top of his thick rod and rides it so hard he shoots his load all over Deigo’s smooth chest. And once he’s done, Diego shoots a load that goes all the way up his six pack abs and hard pecs and it almost hits him right in his adorable face.”

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June 23, 2010

Randy Blue: Roman Todd bangs Brett Swanson

This is Roman Todd’s first piece of man ass on Randy Blue and with the talented Brett Swanson as bottom you know he’ll be back for more.

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March 23, 2010

Randy Blue: Chip Tanner, Donny Wright and Roman Todd

RandyBlue: Chip, Donny and Roman ... from self-suck to daisy chain

While Chip Tanner is trying to suck his own delicious uncut dick, Donny Wright and Roman Todd walk in on him and catch him in the act.

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February 24, 2010

Randy Blue: Roman Todd gets serviced by Malachi Marx

Randy Blue writes:

“Say the name Malachi Marx in a room full of gay men, and maybe a few women, and someone will swoon. Every time I’m out running around town with him it’s always amazing to see how people get this dreamy look in their eyes as he walks by. And rightfully so. He’s absolutely gorgeous, has the most incredible body and with his award winning personality he could charm the paint off the walls.

When it came time for Roman Todd to get his first experience of having a man’s mouth wrapped around that huge cock of his I could’t think of anyone better than Malachi. Todd was a little nervous but Malachi did such a great job of making sure he was comfortable with the idea but that he fucking loved it too.

They say only a guy can really truly know what turns another guy on and Malachi showed Roman all the things that he himself loves having done to him when someone is going down on his stiff dick. And with the amount of hot steamy spunk that came splattering all over Malachi’s chest it was obvious that he did all the right things.”

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February 1, 2010

Randy Blue: Roman Todd shows off his stuff

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Randy Blue writes:

“Outrageous, funny, and so sexy. You could totally picture Roman Todd on a reality show where hot young studs hang out on a Los Angeles beach and spend their days and nights partying, having fun and getting it on. He’s got a pure, unfiltered honesty about him. What you see is what you get, and what you see is pretty fucking hot.

When he came to me for an interview and I started to suggest he take off his shirt so I could get an idea of what his body was like he just threw off all his clothes and looked at me, waiting to see my reaction. It was that kind of ballsy attitude that got me to sign him up.

While I love the kind of guys you could take home to meet your mother, fully clothed of course, there’s something about a bad boy that always grabs my attention. And not that I would consider Roman an all around bad boy, but he does have an edge to him. And I find that so sexy.

His debut appearance on Randy Blue Live brought down the house and I got so many requests to have his solo up on the site we literally rushed it through production to get him out there. He had such a hot time making this video and I know you guys will go nuts for him.”

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