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December 19, 2009

Sean Cody: Heath bangs Dennis

SeanCody: Heath bangs Dennis

Sean Cody writes:

“Heath’s big, uncut cock is like a cum hose! I was amazed when he shot his first video at just how much that boy can cum. The spurts are so long and voluminous it almost looks like he’s peeing cum!!

Plus, he’s got and adorable smile and a fun personality.

So, I was excited about seeing him fucking. I knew he’d be great! I also knew that Dennis would be a good hookup for him. OK, I admit, I just like seeing two big dicks go at it!

The awesome thing about Heath was that he didn’t seem embarrassed or hesitant at all about fucking another dude. He dove right in and gave Dennis’ asshole a good workout!”

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December 16, 2009

Sean Cody: Trevor bangs Brendan

SeanCody: Trevor bangs Brendan

Sean Cody writes

“Brendan has been really excited about his new “experiences.” First, he got fucked by Pete, then he flip-flopped with Nate. So, he’s some had experience on both ends, and seems to genuinely enjoy whatever he does.

Which does he prefer? “I gotta say, I prefer bottom,” he explained. “It just feels really good. You get to let go and… well it just feels really good!”

As he was sitting on the floor, with Trevor seated behind and above him, Brendan was playing with Trevor’s feet. I could tell they liked each other!”

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December 11, 2009

Sean Cody: Jake fucks Jay’s tight hairy ass

SeanCody: Jake fucks Jay's tight hairy ass

Sean Cody writes:

“Jay has become quite the little bottom boy! “When are you going to switch and fuck someone?” I asked.

“Not yet,” he replied. “Why not?” “I’m actually kind of enjoying this,” he said, referring to being on the bottom. “It feels good and it’s less work!”

When a straight guy gets fucked, sometimes you have to take it slow. But now that Jay has become a “seasoned” bottom, I felt safe bringing out the big gun! And that big gun belongs to Jake!

Damn, it was hot seeing Jake’s fat cock fucking Jay’s big, beefy, hairy ass!! And, of course, Jake is always so fun!”

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December 9, 2009

Sean Cody: Heath shows off his hot body and his big, uncut cock

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SeanCody: Heath shows off his hot body and his big, uncut cock

Sean Cody writes:

“How would you describe yourself in high school?” “Jock,” Heath said confidently. “I did football, I wrestled, and I threw shot put and discuss, track and field.”

That’s not hard to believe. Heath is the quintessential jock. Chiseled face, hot bod, and (most importantly) a big, uncut cock.

He was also a jock in college. “I went on an athletic scholarship,” he said proudly. “Full ride.” He’s 22 now, and trying to get some experience under his belt. “The job market is tough,” he said. So he’s opted for an internship with a law firm. “It’s a great opportunity,” he said. “I’m excited to be there and I’m learning a lot.”

He became a daddy recently, but it’s not what you think. He adopted two dogs. “Labradors,” he said. “They’re so much fun. We go to the park every day.”

Damn, he’s quite a catch. Did I mention he’s got a big, uncut cock?”

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December 8, 2009

Sean Cody: Trevor fucks Neal

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SeanCody: Trevor fucks Neal

Sean Cody writes:

“I asked Neal, “Where have you been? It’s been a while!” “I’ve been dating a girl,” he said. “She lives in Germany and we were spending some time there.” Ah, yes. I remember. Neal loves to travel.

“We were there for a couple of months,” he explained. “But I ran out of money and I couldn’t work there because I didn’t have a visa.” “So are you still seeing her?” “Maybe,” he said. “I had to leave to come back to work. She wanted to stay. We’ll see how it goes.”

So Neal is back working in a restaurant. “It’s OK, but I can’t wait to get out of there.” “Are you seeing any guys in the meantime?” “No,” he said. “I thought I’d save that up for you guys!”

Trevor liked Neal right away. Trevor likes the young, skinny ones and was all about fucking his tight ass!”

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December 3, 2009

Sean Cody: Kurt pops Scott’s ass cherry

SeanCody: Kurt pops Scott's ass cherry

Sean Cody writes:

“I mentioned the first time we met Scott that I would love to see his bubble butt get fucked. It’s round and fuzzy and perfect.

Well, Kurt’s back and he got to pop Scott’s cherry!

“It’s like a roller coaster you’ve never been on before,” Scott said as he was sitting next to Kurt (he was referring to how he felt about getting fucked for the first time). “You’re most likely going to enjoy it, but until you really strap in you’re not going to know!”

I think he really did enjoy it…

First, they went down on each other. Kurt has gotten really got at sucking cock. Scott was a little clumsy about it, but for a beginner it was pretty good.

The real fun started when Kurt’s dick went up Scott’s hole. Scott’s head went back and his eyes rolled up!”

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November 30, 2009

Sean Cody: Nate and Brendan’s hot flip-flop fuck

SeanCody: Nate and Brendan's hot flip-flop fuck

Sean Cody writes:

“”About a 7,” Nate said, referring to how nervous he was on a scale from 1 to 10.

“You’ve never had anything in your ass before?” “No, never.” He actually seemed pretty calm to me. Brendan, on the other hand, seemed a little more nervous.

“What do you enjoy doing when you’re here?” “I’m not going to lie,” Brendan said. “The end, the very end…” “Busting a nut?” “It does feel good… I won’t lie.” “I think that’s everyone’s favorite part.” “Yeah, with another guy — you don’t expect it,” Brendan explained. “Unexpected.”

At that point, Brendan gave Nate a secret up-and-down glance and at that point I knew he wanted that flip-flop fucking pretty badly!”

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November 25, 2009

Sean Cody: Fuller fucks Martin

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SeanCody: Fuller fucks Martin

Sean Cody writes:

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone as nervous about doing a video as Martin was! He was so nervous he could barely talk. He told us during his first visit that he’s “bi-curious,” but getting that curiousness to manifest itself took some doing.

You see, he’s very specific about what kind of guys he likes. So it took a while for us to come up with a pairing he was comfortable with. “What was the deciding factor in your decision?” we asked him as he was sitting next to Fuller. “Seeing who it was,” he replied shyly. “So you think he’s cute then?” “He’s adorable!”

Then we asked Fuller, “Are you going to be gentle at first?” “At first? Of course,” he replied. “Not in the end though!””

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November 22, 2009

Sean Cody: Trent fucks Jay

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SeanCody: Trent fucks Jay

Sean Cody writes:

“”So now that you’re not a virgin anymore,” I asked Jay, “how are you liking the whole ‘getting fucked’ thing?” “It’s interesting,” he said. “It’s different. I couldn’t believe it was happening the first time I did it. I never thought that’s something I would do.”

“But you enjoyed it?” “At first it was a little painful,” he said. “But then, yeah, I did.” “So how do you think today is going to go?” “Good,” he said. “I think it’s going to be good.”

Pairing him with Trent was going to be interesting. Jay is pretty mellow, and Trent… well Trent isn’t. Plus, Jay is a huge, built, muscular guy and Trent is lean and wiry. The two of them seemed to hit it off right away though.

“I have an oral fixation,” Trent said out of nowhere. “If he wants something in his mouth,” Jay replied, “I can put something in his mouth!” And off they went!

After they started fucking, their differences seemed to even out. Jay was getting fucked every which way and Trent had the time of his life!”

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November 18, 2009

Sean Cody: Trevor pounds Dennis

SeanCody: Trevor pounds Dennis

Sean Cody writes:

“Dennis and Trevor had both arrived on early flights the day before we did this shoot. They were both staying in the same hotel and had some time to kill.

“I saw him in the restaurant,” Dennis said, looking at Trevor. “He’s cute and he was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed his muscles. I was pretty sure what he was here for!”

Trevor laughed. “I saw him in the gym,” he said, referring to Dennis. “He’s pretty ripped up.”

“Did you guys spend any time together?” “No,” Trevor said. “I wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to make an ass out of myself if I was wrong. I thought to myself , ‘He’s pretty hot,’ though.”

So they hadn’t officially met, but they got a lot of the “ice breaking” out of the way early on! They were really into each other, and their muscular bodies looked pretty hot grinding against each other!

Dennis took the pounding like a champ, and after it was over and he was covered in cum: “That was awesome!””

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