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October 1, 2010

Sean Cody: Jonathan fucks Jamie

Sean Cody writes:

“Jamie just keeps looking better each time I see him. And, he’s always eager to get at least a glimpse of the new guys. Jonathan is still relatively new to gay sex and even though he’s had fun (mostly) topping other guys, he’s finding quite a bit of pleasure exploring versatility. Jamie, however, has taken quite a liking to being on the bottom bunk. Something about the idea of these two together said it was going to be a fun ride!

“How big is your hole… in your butt?” I asked Jamie. “It can handle…much,” he replied.

The look on Jonathan’s face was priceless. “Much…” he responded back to Jamie with just as much question in tone as matter-of-fact — like, “I’ve seen his videos, I know what he can handle!”

Jonathan appeared to be quite smitten with Jamie (almost borderline nervous) making me think he might have a little crush on him.

“I guess we’re going to put his dick in your ass,” I said to Jamie. “YES,” he said nodding intently. “Are you excited about that?” I asked Jonathan. “I’m very excited,” he replied, smiling while fingering Jamie’s forearm.

“What about you?” “Every time, no matter what,” Jamie said.

Jonathan’s becoming quite a bit more experimental with sex and recently has been bottoming more. He’s getting more and more comfortable having fingers, toys and cocks in his ass.

“What turns you on most about Jamie?” While squeezing Jamie’s pecs, he replied, “They’re big!”

Things heated up right away. These two had no reservations. They sucked each other, used butt plugs, and fucked on the stairs. Jamie even ended up getting fucked with a blindfold on! It was great watching them both cut loose and enjoy themselves…

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September 27, 2010

Sean Cody: Esteban fucks Calvin

Sean Cody writes:

“The super handsome Esteban is just one of those guys you like to be around, talk to, and hang out with. That’s almost exactly how I’d describe Calvin, whose happy, go-lucky attitude is matched by his eagerness to do and experience more. That and he likes to be naked, a lot.

“You guys ready to make a movie?” “Yeah, definitely, I’m down for that,” said Esteban. “You know, since I’m here.”

“Have you seen it yet?” I asked Calvin. “No, I have not seen his wiener, but I will see it today. Well, I’ll more than see it,” he laughed. “We’ve got all the Magnums and the XXXL’s ready.” “Uh oh, I’m fucked,” Calvin said.

As they were making out, clothes were flying off and soon, Calvin’s pants were down and Esteban was munching away on his ass. Then, to my surprise, Esteban turned around and sat on Calvin’s face, and was expecting a little reciprocity. Calvin totally got the hint.

They both ate each other’s asses, 69-style, until Esteban was ready to start fucking. And, boy did he get creative — they fucked in some pretty imaginative positions!

They both came like they hadn’t had sex in weeks. And, they expelled so much energy that all they wanted to do was just pass out – cum and all…

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September 24, 2010

Sean Cody: Jamie fucks Charlie

Sean Cody writes:

“Charlie was extremely energetic during his first video. He was bouncing all over the place and ready to get to it! I needed someone that could balance out his energy while still maintaining that excitement he has for sex.

Jamie shares that excitement and I had a feeling that Charlie would appreciate him on a physical level and would connect with him since they are both young, sexually charged studs that have a lot in common.

“What do you think about his chest?” “He has a real developed chest. It’s muscular. I like the hair man… it’s sexy,” Charlie said as he caressed Jamie’s chest. “Do you wanna suck on it?” “I’d love to.”

I hadn’t seen anyone worship Jamie’s body like that before. Charlie kissed Jamie’s chest, breathing it in with a sensuality I didn’t expect. That continued down to Jamie’s cock. This was Charlie’s first time sucking cock and he definitely took his time, ensuring Jamie enjoyed it.

That energy carried on throughout. Jamie fucked Charlie with an intensity that made Charlie’s toes curl until he came. Jamie laid on top of Charlie, kissing him and rubbing their cum covered cocks together. They stopped and looked at each other and smiled. This was definitely a perfect pairing!”

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September 16, 2010

Sean Cody: Beau fucks Mitch

Sean Cody writes:

“Beau is back! He’s been dedicating himself to school and balancing time with his friends. It seems that bars provide a bit of adventure for him — remember his jaw being wired shut after a bar fight? Well this time around he admits to another type of adventure at a bar… kissing his (male) friend after a good game of pool and a shot or two of tequila!

I don’t know if that’s what prompted him to get in touch with me again but I sensed that his curiosity was getting the best of him. Mitch immediately came to mind as the perfect guy for Beau to fuck. He’s in great shape, can take a good fucking and most of all, he can make anyone comfortable.

I could see Beau’s nerves kicking in when we started. No matter what I did to try and calm him down, he was anxious and very quiet. Mitch ended up doing exactly what I thought he would — he cracked some jokes, got a round of arm wrestling going in between takes, and really loosened Beau up.

Beau returned the favor. He pounded Mitch with his big dick to the point where Mitch’s hole opened right up. Mitch moaned with every stroke and was left soaked in sweat and cum by the time Beau was done with him. Not bad for Beau’s first time!”

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September 12, 2010

Sean Cody: Lance and Jonathan fuck each other

Sean Cody writes:

“The guys are quite busy when they aren’t here running around naked. Jonathan had just returned from India, and Lance has been making some big career changes… but his car has been in the shop, leaving him home with some time to kill.

“How do you keep yourself busy when you’re locked up in your place?” “Ah, well lots of porn, so, I’m happy to be doing this and giving back to the industry… because I’ve taken so much,” Lance replied.

“What kind of porn do you usually watch?” “Well, you know, it might just start out with something on YouTube, then the next thing you know you’re looking at porn, then the next thing you know it’s getting freaky, it’s getting weird, you know what I mean.”

“What’s freaky?” “It depends, you know, I get my S&M moments… I consider that dark horny, I guess,” Lance explained.

“Have you ever been tied up?” “Oh yeah, yeah, definitely.” “Do you usually tie up or get tied up?” “I like to do either, I mean, if it’s a first time with someone else, I like to tie them up. If we’re a good team, then I like to get tied up too, ’cause it is more fun when it’s on, you know,” Lance said.

“Well, unfortunately I didn’t bring the whips and chains today,” I laughed.

“Well, you know, maybe next time. It’s still gonna be a good show… I promise,” Lance said with a smile.”

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September 7, 2010

Sean Cody: Esteban fucks Trevor

Sean Cody writes:

“Esteban’s got such a wild imagination that maybe he should be writing porn movies instead of starring in them! (Yeah, no, he’s too hot not to be in front of the camera.)

Hooking him up with an equally imaginative and versatile stud like Trevor was an easy decision. Little did I know the trouble they’d cause!

They clicked instantly. I think they were conspiring to see who could prank the most people during their shoot. They were joking around so much in the beginning that I wasn’t even sure we were going to get the film off the ground.

But once the sex started, it was worth all the pranks and joking around. Trevor, is versatile but enjoys getting fucked, so that’s what he decided to do. Esteban, who got fucked for the first time with Jamie, was excited to be back in the top seat. And, while I know that Esteban enjoyed putting a new notch in his “experience with guys” belt by getting fucked, he’s in top form when he’s doing the fucking.

These two together are like the hot, crazy, wild fraternity brothers who cause chaos on campus all day, hit the gym to pump up and then head back to the frat house for a secret hot sweaty fuck session. How’s that for imagination…

Oh, and remember the size of Esteban’s loads? Well, I have two words for you: cum pool — something Trevor didn’t mind at all!”

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September 5, 2010

Sean Cody: Dennis fucks Jamie

Sean Cody writes:

“One of the things I love about versatility is that the sex is usually twice as intense. Take Jamie and Dennis, for instance — they both have fucked and been fucked. And they love doing both. That just makes my job harder. Usually, there’s one guy who you know is going to be the top and one that is going to bottom. With these two, it could have gone either way. So, do I let them decide? Do I just let it happen and see who takes on the more dominant role? Do I wait and hope that they’ll just end up fucking each other?

When they met, it became pretty obvious that Jamie was going to be the bottom. Dennis did his research and had heard some great things about Jamie’s exceptional “talents.” He also hasn’t topped for a while and really wanted to fuck. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jamie would have been a great top, but Dennis was so excited about fucking that he wouldn’t stop talking about it!

Both of these guys are funny, very down to earth and seemingly unafraid of almost anything. The two of them together was like “ham-it-up” central… almost as if it were a competition to see who had the biggest balls, who could make the most awkward face, or who was the most flexible. But in the end, the real question I had was…Who’s face would end up covered in cum?

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August 30, 2010

Sean Cody: Jess fucks Lance

Sean Cody writes:

“I’m not easily surprised (let’s just say I’ve seen and heard a lot). Then I got an e-mail from Lance and I was surprised!

I had asked him about having sex with another guy after his first video, but because of circumstances at the time he wasn’t interested.

Fortunately, that’s changed. He’s been dating a girl and they’ve been experimenting with a strap-ons — as in, her fucking him. I guess he saw that it wasn’t that bad, and so he found himself ready to try the real thing!

It was good to see him again when he finally arrived. We hung out and joked around a while waiting for Jess.

“On a scale of 1 to 10, how horny are you right now?” I asked. “Eleven,” he replied without hesitation. “Are you excited about this?” I asked Lance. “Yeah, it’s something new,” he replied. “You said you’ve been fucked by a strap-on before?” “That’s right. I’ve done that. I just didn’t measure it first though,” he laughed.

Jess finally got there and we didn’t waste any time.

Lance’s head eased back in shock as Jess‘ hard cock sprung out of his underwear. He was definitely nervous but also ready to have a taste of that big cock inside him. After this fuck, I think he’ll start measuring his strap-ons!”

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August 25, 2010

Sean Cody: Jarek fucks Lane

Sean Cody writes:

“Lane has come a long way since moving out of his parents’ strict home and going off to college. In his film with Jonah, he admitted to some experimentation and discovered he likes it quite a bit!

He’s maintained that adorable nerdy look, and the smile he gets when he knows he is going to get fucked is priceless.

Jarek has admitted to having been a bit of a geek growing up. Unlike Lane, his curiosity brought out a more dominant and aggressive side.

“What do you think about Lane?” “I think his nipple needs to be a little harder,” Jarek laughed. “Oh, it will, it will,” Lane replied.

Jarek wasted no time in showing Lane how he likes to take control of a situation. By the time he had fucked Lane senseless, I realized I hadn’t seen Lane THIS eager for anyone’s dick before…

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August 16, 2010

Sean Cody: Jamie fucks Esteban

Sean Cody writes:

“Esteban and Jamie have a lot in common. They both wrestled in high school, and both are extremely hot and very horny! I thought it would be fun to get them together and although Jamie has always liked to get fucked by very large cocks (like Esteban’s), this time I wanted to let Jamie expand his horizons. Jamie and I were both very excited as this would be Jamie’s first time as a top!

“Well, I’m usually the top,” Esteban said, referring to his limited experience so far. “But today, I’m going to do something new.” “Are you excited, a little nervous, what’s going through your head?” “I’m a little nervous,” he replied.

Jamie was really sweet with Esteban — making out with him and sucking his cock. I saw Jamie’s eyes when he noticed how large Esteban’s cock is — almost as if he was second-guessing being a top this time around!

Esteban worked Jamie’s dick with his lips and tongue before sitting on it. I was surprised by how good Jamie was at fucking, and Esteban really seemed to enjoy it!

Jamie pounded into Esteban and stroked his big uncut dick, until finally Esteban came while Jamie was still inside him. Jamie eagerly licked up Esteban’s cum and then gave him a long, deep kiss.

Esteban finished Jamie off by fingering his asshole, making Jamie shoot his load all over his stomach. Although I still think Jamie loves to get fucked, he definitely loved this taste of something new!”

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