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November 27, 2013

Falcon Studios: Spencer Fox and Jed Athens pound each other in “Sit Tight 2”

Falcon Studios: Spencer Fox and Jed Athens pound each other in "Sit Tight 2"
Falcon Studios: Spencer Fox and Jed Athens pound each other in "Sit Tight 2"

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Exuberance zips into overdrive as sexy Spencer Fox gets it on with rock solid Jed Athens. Their hot kissing session steams up the picture window next to the oversize tub that’s home to their high spirited sport fuck.

Spencer worships Jed’s meat and savors his lengthy shaft and tight balls.

His cock couldn’t be harder with anticipation as he settles his granite ass down on Jed’s cock. He rides so hard in that sweet saddle you’d think his steely pipe would crack clear off.

Before that can happen, Spencer and Jed switch their roles, and Spencer shows what his strapping dick can do when it’s welcomed up a eager hole like Jed’s. It’s so intense the tightly clasped pair launch a mutual jack-off that lets their cream erupt.”

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Falcon Studios
September 4, 2013

Falcon Studios: Spencer Fox and Dylan Roberts flip fuck in “Knockouts & Takedowns”

Falcon Studios: Spencer Fox and Dylan Roberts flip fuck in "Knockouts & Takedowns"
Falcon Studios: Spencer Fox and Dylan Roberts flip fuck in "Knockouts & Takedowns"

Falcon Studios writes:

“You can hear the crowd outside the locker room waiting for the next match, but Spencer Fox has a problem: his huge woody has made a tent out of his spandex wrestling singlet. When Dylan Roberts enters, it’s not long before he offers to help his teammate take care of the situation.

He’s quickly on his knees deep throating Spencer’s gigantic, thick dick. Spencer is now in the classic, on-all-fours wrestling position allowing Dylan to take it to the rear and spit coat Spencer’s tasty, hairless hole.

In a show of team spirit, Spencer returns his teammate’s favor by swallowing Dylan’s stiff, uncut cock, paying special attention to his foreskin.

Dylan’s muscled, milky bod with Spencer’s tan and toned frame sets the stage for a featured match of flip fucking. Dylan’s face reads of agonizing pleasure with Spencer steadily surging into his ass doggie style, and delivering the occasional smack to Dylan’s white ass.

After the flip, Spencer’s on back with his legs on Dylan’s shoulders, groaning with a grin as Dylan delivers ball-slapping hole punching.

Finally both lean lads unleash large locker room loads. Spencer spurts on his stomach while Dylan still inside him and Dylan pulls out, shooting his jizz in the same spot.”

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Falcon Studios
July 22, 2013

Men.com: Spencer Fox gets fucked by Marcus Ruhl and Tommy Defendi in “Contempt of Court”

Men.com: Spencer Fox gets fucked by Marcus Ruhl and Tommy Defendi
Men.com: Spencer Fox gets fucked by Marcus Ruhl and Tommy Defendi

Men.com writes:

“After being held in contempt of court, Spencer Fox realizes he’s going to lose his court case. He makes a last minute plea with the Plaintiff & the plaintiff’s lawyer (Marcus Ruhl) who both obviously need and want their dicks sucked. Before long, Spencer is bent over and getting pounded by both huge cocks!”

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May 30, 2013

Falcon Studios: Edin Sol rides Specer Fox’s big cock in “Come And Get It”

FalconStudios: Specer Fox pounds Edin Sol in "Come And Get It"

Falcon Studios writes:

“Spencer Fox and Edin Sol are so twisted with lust they don’t even make it to the bedroom. Tangled together, they’re going at in on the stairway.

Compact hottie Edin isn’t fazed that Spencer’s one of the meanest fucks around. He’s got Spencer in a mad frenzy. They rip their clothes off, and hurtle into mad cocksucking. Edin may be small, but every inch of Spencer’s swollen cock disappears down his throat. The kid holds still only so Spencer can give him a brutal face fucking.

And then Edin’s backing his sweet rump up against Spencer’s mammoth tent pole, impaling himself so brutally that Spencer braces himself against the onslaught of ass. He sits on the top step, and Edin lowers himself onto Spencer’s huge steel rod and pistons up and down every inch of its extreme length.

It’s such a sensational fuck that they’d explode if they pumped any faster. With Spencer’s cock buried deep in his sweet, succulent boy-hole, Edin explodes a sparkler of high flying cum.

Spencer jets his load over Edin’s chest, and the sated youth licks the left overs off the shiny slick surface of Spencer’s still achingly hard cock.”

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Falcon Studios
December 19, 2012

Men.com: Tyler Sweet and Spencer Fox get fucked by Mitch Vaughn in “The Bully”

Check out this hot threeway in which Tyler Sweet gets his tight twink-hole fucked hard by two big-dicked studs.

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November 28, 2012

Falcon Studios: Big-dicked studs Valentin Petrov and Spencer Fox fuck each other in “Cabin Fever, Part 2”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Valentin Petrov towels himself off, feeling hot and clean after his steamy shower. He is quickly aroused when he sees Spencer Fox soaking in the tub. Stewing in the warm water, Spencer and his equally giant cock get Valentin fired up. Spencer invites his friend over, and Valentin gets busy lapping up his thick hard dick, hefty balls and juicy manhole.

The mad Russian’s tongue darts all around and deep inside the Spencer’s chute. Spencer gets so excited that he quickly takes his turn to suck cock. He buries his face in Valentin’s crotch and nurses on his swollen 9+ inches. Valentin is wanting more and he positions himself on Spencer’s thick dick and bucks up and down, his hard cock swinging madly.

The two friends switch roles again in this exchange of huge dicks, flipping so Valentin can plow Spencer aggressively in the ass.

Ready to explode, the guys beat their meat together, stroking hard and fast until Spencer and Valentin blast their loads.”

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Falcon Studios
November 12, 2012

Men.com: Colby Jansen pounds Spencer Fox in “Stiff As A Board”

Men.com writes:

“Any time is a good time for a blowjob, even while in the middle of a boardroom meeting. Cock hungry Spencer Fox crawls under the table and helps himself to a mouthful of Colby Jansen’s boner. When the meeting ends, the real action begins and Colby drills Spencer’s insatiable hole right there in the conference room.”

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October 26, 2012

Men.com: Dean Monroe, Phenix Saint, Spencer Fox, Tommy Defendi and Colby Jansen’s hot orgy in “Masked Men 2”

Men.com writes:

“Phenix Saint is back for the second episode of MEN.COM’s “Masked Men”. The action begins with Dean Monroe blindfolded and led into a mysterious underground sex party where three masked studs (Tommy Defendi, Colby Jansen and Spencer Fox) are waiting to use his ass and mouth any way they want.

The scene features a DP with the massive cocks of Spencer & Tommy and includes Phenix’s MEN.COM bottoming debut!”

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October 22, 2012

NakedSword: Jocks Studios’ “Sit Tight 2”

JocksStudios.com writes:

“Sit your ass down on some hard and overheated young cocks, and hold on tight for the butt-busting rides delivered in four hole-stretching scenes of JOCKS` Sit Tight 2.

This energetic and horned up group of fresh and smooth JOCKS are eager to release their lust on an action-packed summer`s afternoon.

Bruno Bond directs JOCKS Exclusives Micah Brandt and Donny Wright, who are joined by enthusiastic stars Spencer Fox, Tanner Wayne, Luke Milan, plus up-and-cummers, Jed Athens and Leo Sweetwood. They throb for deep-tongued kissing, flip-flop fucking and fiercely grinding joy rides, and their tight holes get skewered by their buddy`s huge pokers.

Pristine assholes are plundered and explosive loads blast free in Sit Tight 2!”

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October 16, 2012

Raging Stallion: Spencer Reed pounds Spencer Fox in “Use Me Like A Tool”

RagingStallion writes about this hot scene:

“These two stars named Spencer were bound to finally come together for a blowout scene — Spencer Fox, the smooth youth gluttonous for big cock, and Spencer Reed, the heavy hung, solid hunk of beef ready to wreak havoc on his partner’s fine hole.

A work area scattered drop cloths and aluminum siding can’t confine their intense arousal. Fox pulls Reed’s cock free of his musky jock, and Reed pumps the full bloated length of the rammer into Fox’s face, holding his head down on it until the young sucker chokes. But this is no lopsided lust. “Nice fuckin’ dick,” Reed says as he buries the entire length of Fox’s steel rod down his throat.

But Reed flourishes on fucking, and he rims the fresh, hairless hole into readiness for the ruthless stretching his colossal cock’s going to give it. Fox braces himself against the barrage of brute force, as Reed repeatedly pulls his ass-mauler all the way out before heaving it back in.

Fox finally blows across his stomach, and Reed throws his load on, too, as he hungrily laps up Fox’s hot pearls. He clamps his mouth over the shuddering bottom’s cum-slick cock, and shares jizz flavored kisses with the dazed and spent youth.”

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Raging Stallion
August 3, 2012

JocksStudios: Spencer Fox and Jed Athens’ hot flip-fuck

Spencer Fox and Jed Athens take turns fucking each other at JocksStudios.com!

– Watch the full scene at JockStudios.com