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September 20, 2014

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media’s “Desperate Householes 2”

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media's “Desperate Householes 2”

Dark Alley Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“Can these Desperate Householes ever be satisfied? Will their yearning for cock and cum ever be quenched?

Shane Frost does his best, grabbing a tight hold of hot Latin hole Armond Rizzo and man-handling him into sucking his huge cock. He flips Armond around in every position imaginable and fucks his hole till he spews all over it.

But Armond’s muscle hole is still hungry when Troy Moreno swings by, waving his impressive black cock in Armond’s face. Troy pounds the living hell out of his eager young ass before spewing a load of sweet jizz all over him.

Hole-Pleaser and resident Italian stallion Nick Moretti meets Dylan Saunders and immediately owns his ass. It’s not long before Nick serves up a nice thick load on Dylan’s hot hole.

Turns out, Dylan’s not be satisfied either, a problem which Shane Frost tries to remedy with the full 8.5 inches of monster Monty. Horny Dylan proves to be down to fuck, and before you know it, Shane’s cock is being worshipped and Dylan’s ass is getting tongue-fucked. It’s only inevitable that Shane will take his monster cock and tear up Dylan’s ass.

Last but not least, the smell of gang bang is in the air when hot and hung tops Dayton O’ Connor, Shay Michaels, and Adam Russo wreak havoc on Tate Ryder’s asshole. One by One they use his mouth and take turns plowing his big, hot ass, doing their best to match their pounding with the desperate hunger of Tate’s juicy bubble butt. Tate takes two at a time proving that perhaps he is truly the most Desperate of these Holes.

Tune into this final episode of the Desperate Householes to see if these horny bottoms will finally drink their fill or be left clamoring for more…”

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July 30, 2014

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media’s “Desperate Householes”

Dark Alley Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“Life behind closed doors is about to be fully revealed as the exploits of hungry bottoms craving big cock is exposed in Desperate Householes.”

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April 25, 2014

NakedSword Originals: “Dream Team”

Naked Sword Originals: "Dream Team"

NakedSword.com writes:

“There are porn stars and then there are superstars. NakedSword takes eight of the hottest men in porn and spit-shines them to a high-gloss!

NakedSword Original’s Dream Team brings together porn’s biggest cover models for a fashion-forward centerfold of style and sex. And while they may look sharp in runway couture, these guys are way too horny to keep their clothes on for very long.

In the heat of the photographer’s flash, the guys show that they’re more than pretty faces and that true beauty runs balls deep.

So shut down that blurry video of skid-row amateurs and give it up for some real sex stars – NakedSword’s Dream Team!”

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November 16, 2013

NakedSword Originals: Topher DiMaggio pounds Tate Ryder in “Dream Team: Ep. 2”

Naked Sword Originals: Topher DiMaggio pounds Tate Ryder in “Dream Team: Ep. 2”
Naked Sword Originals: Topher DiMaggio pounds Tate Ryder in “Dream Team: Ep. 2”

NakedSword.com writes:

“Putting Tate Ryder in a room with Topher DiMaggio is like introducing caviar to champagne: delicious and deluxe. In the second scene from NakedSword’s Dream Team, we get Tate with his firm, gorgeous ass paired with Topher, the irresistible jackhammer top.

These are porn superstars, and when NakedSword Originals dresses them up — Topher in sophisticated Alexander McQueen and Tate sheathed in Versace — you see the men behind the muscle.

But keeping guys this hot apart is futile, and it doesn’t take long for Topher to grab Tate and dive in.

This is heart-throbbing, ass-pounding sex at it’s finest, the kind that makes your mouth water… and your cock pop.”

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October 8, 2013

Pride Studios: Tate Ryder fucks Logan Vaughn in “Made in Australia”

Extra Big Dicks: Tate Ryder fucks Logan Vaughn in "Made in Australia"

ExtraBigDicks.com writes:

“The Aussie is back in town and ready to hit the clubs hard until his buddy Logan crushes his dreams by ragging him about his pants. His jeans are just not good enough for the club scene and Logan does not want to be seen with an out of style Aussie.

After all the complaining Tate finally agrees and just drops his pants for the cock feast to begin. There is definitely a hot sexy connection between these two studs that easily cums across the screen. The amazing slobbery BJs go both ways but the ass eating is all up to Tate and he loves that hairy blonde ass of Logan’s.

Once that ass is juiced up Tate is balls deep and making the best of the night considering the jeans incident. If you love a man with a sexy accent and another with some luscious golden locks all around a nice round ass than this scene is all you.”

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September 30, 2013

Lucas Raunch: “Cum in My Mouth”

LucasRaunch.com writes:

“Get your rocks off and drop a load with Lucas Entertainment’s all-star performers in the studio’s latest title, “Cum in My Mouth”!

Get ready, because you’ll be swimming in cum with more than 400 shots of the best Lucas Men doing what they do best: reaching climax and blowing their wads.

Adam Killian, Scott Carter, Jessy Ares, Mathew Mason, Tomas Brand, Tate Ryder, Will Helm, Jonathan Agassi, Vito Gallo, Rafael Alencar, and dozens more all have one thing on their mind in this film, and that’s to “Cum in My Mouth”!”

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May 5, 2013

Dominic Ford: Tate Ryder gets pounded by Topher DiMaggio

DominicFord: Topher DiMaggio fucks Tate Ryder
DominicFord: Topher DiMaggio fucks Tate Ryder

Dominic Ford writes:

“Two of our hottest stars, Topher DiMaggio and Tate Ryder, finally have a scene together at DominicFord.com.

Both guys are the top of their games and look amazing. Tate is such a dirty, hungry bottom – Topher has no problem dominating him in every way imaginable.

This is one hot scene, and it even includes an amazing rimming section on the banister of the stairs. It’s so hot. And you can watch it in 2D or 3D only at DominicFord.com.”

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May 2, 2013

Pride Studios: Tate Ryder bangs Hunter Vance in “Deep Passions”

HighPerformaceMen: Tate Ryder bangs Hunter Vance in "Deep Passions"

PrideStudios.com writes:

“The connection between Hunter and Tate was immediate when the two met each other and we knew that this scene was going to be a hot one.

The two start out in bed with a very hot make-out session that leads to their clothes coming off and some deep throat action. Hunter does his best to take Tate’s massive cock down his throat and he gags a bit in the process. Tate then returns the favor before placing Hunter face down as he drives his tongue deep up Hunter’s ass.

Hunter loves having his ass eaten and the more he moans, the more eager Tate is to please him. Tate then fingers Hunter’s hole for a bit before driving his cock deep inside Hunter’s eager hole. Hunter groans very loud with each thrust and you just know that he is loving every moment.

Hunter then climbs on top of Tate and rides his cock deep as Tate sucks on Hunter’s cock. Tate then drags Hunter to the side of the bed where he can drive his cock deeper and deeper into Hunter’s ass until Hunter shoots a nice thick load of cum that Tate tastes and then feeds back to Hunter.

Soon Tate is shooting a massive load all over Hunter’s chest and the two do a bit of cum swapping as they kiss passionately and out of breath from their hot sex.”

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April 29, 2013

NakedSword: Falcon Studios’ “Sun Kissed”

Falcon Studios writes at NakedSword.com:

“The sun is shining on Paddy O’Brian, who has risen to gay porn super stardom in record time.

Sun Kissed showcases his British charm, stunning looks, magnificent body and epic cock in three of his best scenes ever.

Directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond offer Paddy a selection of hot welcoming bottoms, and he fucks them every which way with the deep, intense, unrelenting pounding and slamming that have become Paddy’s signature.

First up, Edin Sol, who is relaxing by the pool, but when Paddy emerges from the water, there’s no rest for Edin’s smooth buns.

Next, hard-bodied Trenton Ducati surrenders his mouth and hole to an onslaught of Paddy’s beer-can cock.

In addition to Paddy’s Sun Kissed escapades, Cruz and Bond bring you an spectacular flip fuck featuring Tate Ryder and Shane Frost.

Finally, Paddy returns, and claims Ray Diaz’s hole. Ray is only too happy to submit his amazing ass to the massive meat Paddy delivers.

You’ll want to skip the sun block and grab the lube when you enter into Paddy’s Sun Kissed world filled with the sexiest men and the hottest sex.”

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April 10, 2013

Pride Studios: Angel Rock fucks Tate Ryder in “Deep Inside”

HighPerformanceMen: Angel Rock fucks Tate Ryder in "Deep Inside"
HighPerformanceMen: Angel Rock fucks Tate Ryder in "Deep Inside"

PrideStudios.com writes:

“From the moment Angel and Tate met each other, they could not keep their hands off each other and when we asked them what they wanted to do on film together, Angel asked if he could massage Tate. Of course we said yes and this is perhaps the most passionate and sexy massage we have ever seen.

Angel slowly works Tate’s muscles with his strong hands paying close attention to Tate’s beautiful gluteus maximus. Tate obviously loves this and he raises his ass up to allow Angel better access. Angel soon has his face buried deep in Tate’s ass as he gets his hole nice and wet. Tate inserts one of his own fingers and then Angel inserts his finger. Tate rolls over and Angel soon has Tate’s hard cock outside his jock-strap and deep down his throat.

Tate then pulls out Angel’s hard uncut cock and begins to deep throat him. They then go into a 69 on top of the massage table and go crazy sucking each others big cocks.

Tate then goes on all fours and Angel climbs up on the table and begins fucking him long and slow and first and then with increased intensity. Tate loves every moment and begs Angel to fuck him harder. Tate then climbs on top of Angel’s cock and rides him fast and hard. Angel fucks Tate on his back for the final position and fucks him so hard that Tate shoots a big load of cum all over himself.

Angel works up a big load and Tate begs Angel to shoot his load in his mouth which Angel does. The two then swap the cum back and forth in a deep kiss before getting up and washing each other off in the shower.”

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