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July 23, 2014

ChaosMen: Gennaro and Griffin get each other off

ChaosMen: Gennaro and Griffin get each other off

ChaosMen.com writes:

“I asked both Gennaro and Griffin if they had used Fleshjacks before, and neither had. They are kind of expensive, so it is not surprising that most guys have not spent a good chunk of change on one for personal use.

Griffin is a very sexual guy, and Gennaro was eager to get a nut off. Both guys are hard and ready to go even before we started. Griffin, though it is his first film, is clearly the more experienced, and the aggressor. They both REALLY enjoyed the Fleshjacks, and they take turns kicking-back and letting the other guy do the stroking.

Griffin’s biggest turn-on is sucking a guy’s cock, deep throating, and making him nut. He of course likes having his own cock sucked, but as he mentioned in his solo, they really have to have skills. Griffin attacks Gennaro’s cock with his mouth with expertise and enthusiasm! I think we have a new guy to work in the Serviced videos!”

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July 9, 2014

ChaosMen: Graham gets serviced by Bryan

ChaosMen: Graham gets serviced by Bryan

Bryan of Chaosmen.com writes:

“Graham has a very busy work schedule, but we stayed in contact about doing a Serviced video together, and we finally got our schedules to match.

When he arrived this time out, he was a little less shy and more talkative. He truly is a fan of erotic massages, and has had a few on his own. He loves watching the ChaosMen ones, so he was psyched about doing this video.

This is one of those videos we shot pretty much straight through, with me occasionally adjusting a camera, not even taking a break to take high res photos.

Definitely an awesome massage table video, with a dude who was REALLY into it!”

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July 9, 2014

Randy Blue: Killian James fucks himself

Randy Blue: Killian James fucks himself
Randy Blue Special Offer

Randy Blue writes:

“Killian James has one of those gregarious personalities that just makes you feel like you have known him for years after your first conversation. He knows how to make you feel at ease. This man hails from New York and is definitely a fan of the dick.

This gay boy knows how to please a man and the things he can do with his ass has literally won awards. No really. The only problem he had with the solo is that he wanted another man there to jam a dick inside of him.”

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May 17, 2014

Sean Cody: Duke busts a nut

Sean Cody: Duke busts a nut

Muscle jock Duke fucks his bubble butt with a dildo and rubs out two big loads in his solo debut at SeanCody.com

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May 8, 2014

ChaosMen: Armani and Bay ‘Edge’

ChaosMen: Armani and Bay 'Edge'

ChaosMen.com writes:

“You guys REALLY gave me great feedback on Armani, and he is down for doing more for sure.

This time out, he tackles not only getting his dick sucked, but also sucking back, and even a toy in the ass.

And he isn’t pee shy, so in, this video, things get a little wet!

As I said, Armani joined the team, so expect more great things from him in the future!”

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April 16, 2014

Randy Blue: Paolo Maldini busts a nut

Randy Blue: Paolo Maldini
Randy Blue Special Offer

Randy Blue writes:

“Paolo Maldini is a half Italian an half Latin sex machine. He loves to fuck whether it be a boy or girl, or a tipping customer.

He is a go go dancer, and in this gay porn video, he shows off all the right moves. He strips down slow and sensually. He loves to be watched it gets him hard. So he pulls out his long uncut cock. He jerks it as he covers himself with baby oil and gets his whole body greasy. He then plays with a flesh jack and his ass hole.

Finally Paolo turns around and unleashes a gusher of cum all over the floor.”

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April 3, 2014

MenOnEdge: Colt Rivers

MenOnEdge: Colt Rivers

Gym jock Colt Rivers gets relentlessly edged, sucked, und fucked with a vibrator till he blows his load all over himself!

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February 12, 2014

MenOnEdge: Connor Maguire

MenOnEdge: Connor Maguire

Officer Maguire gets taken down by two pervs as they fuck his ass and milk all the cum out of his cock.

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January 20, 2014

Raging Stallion: Boomer Banks slams Mike Dozer in “Open Road, Part 2”

Raging Stallion: Boomer Banks slams Mike Dozer in “Open Road, Part 2”

Raging Stallion writes:

“Mike Dozer swerves his van off the road to pick up sexy hitchhiker Boomer Banks. Boomer climbs in and Mike drives to a place to pull over. They jump out and commence chewing lips and nipples. Mike massages Boomer’s cock through his pants and the bulge grows enormously until Mike has to yank down Boomer’s pants to see the beast firsthand.

Mike’s oral capability is astonishing; he can swallow every last inch of Boomer’s massive endowment and withstand a full-bore face-fucking and not gag.

Mike ditches his shirt and drops his pants. He’s a hairy barrel-chested guy with a big dick of his own. Boomer slurps up Mike’s meat, but he really wants his face in Mike’s meaty ass. Boomer spots a toolbox and grabs a crescent wrench, using the handle as a dildo. Every time he sticks it in, Mike urges ‘Go deep.’ The wrench provides just the right stretching for Boomer to sink his cock with little resistance.”

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January 2, 2014

CockyBoys: “Men, Boys & Toys” with Jake Bass and Ty Roderick

Cocky Boys: "Men, Boys & Toys" with Jake Bass and Ty Roderick
Cocky Boys: "Men, Boys & Toys" with Jake Bass and Ty Roderick

CockyBoys.com writes:

“If you’ve watched the scene with Colby Keller and Ricky Roman, you’ll know we’ve been having some fun experimenting with some new sex toys. Because, who doesn’t love playing with toys? Our boys do of course!

As part of a series we’ve affectionally named Men, Boys & Toys, we had Ty Roderick and Jake Bass try out a few little “gifts” we got them– a fleshjack (a staple for any toy collection), a shock-therapy anal probe (Jake hates that word– “probe”), and a gyrating, twirling dildo (we’ve nicknamed it the “pleasure-stick”).

When we got Ty and Jake together, there were some definite sparks in the room– and not from the electric toys… But the toys did add to it! They were intrigued by the array of new toys and excited to try them out on each other.

Ty started by loosening Jake up with the dildo, and the whole time you could see in Ty’s eyes that it was getting him eager to get into Jake’s ass. But like any good meal, you gotta have your appetizer before the entree!

They take turns playing with each other’s asses with the electric anal probe. And boy, we weren’t expecting Ty’s reaction to it! We’ll save the surprise, but let’s just say Ty found his new favorite toy.

But Ty wanted more. He came to plow Jake and he wasn’t leaving until he had accomplished that. And, boy, did he accomplish it! Ty starts fucking Jake from behind and then on his back and the whole time Jake is desperately trying not shoot his load. Ty then takes a break to double-fuck the fleshjack with Jake, before he starts hammering Jake again.

When Jake finally couldn’t hold his cum in anymore Jake’s dick erupted like a volcano and kept shooting loads of cum one after another. And that wasn’t all! After Ty shoots his load, Jake decides that he has more cum left in him and starts pumping it out of his cock – again!!

This one is really a “must-see-to-believe-it” type of scene.”

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