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March 27, 2017

TitanMen: “Beards”

TitanMen: "Beards"
TitanMen Special Offer

TitanMen.com writes:

“We’ve all experienced the casual but undeniable sexual energy of a barber shop. One man giving up a bit of control while the other serves him. The unspoken give and take.

Damien Michaels, the tattooed ginger barber, gives Tex Davidson a quick trim and then gets Tex’s massive pole up his tight hole.

Tattooed, red-headed Bennett Anthony trims the hair and beard of the muscular Micah Brandt. A simple trim becomes a real sexual give and take as the two enjoy a flip-fuck right in the barber’s chair.

Hunky Adam Ramzi gets a trim from the ripped and ready Mitch Vaughan. Two big dicks and two big blasts of cum splashing all over freshly shaved skin.

Massive muscle stud Bruce Beckham gets a trim from ripped Alex Mecum before a flip fuck scene you’ll never forget.”

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March 26, 2017

NakedSword: Falcon Studios’ “Pitching Tents”

NakedSword: Falcon Studios' "Pitching Tents"
NakedSword Special Offer

Falcon Studios writes at NakedSword.com:

“When a bunch of gorgeous, horny men show up in the middle of the woods, you know that they’re going to be ‘Pitching Tents’.

Tony Dimarco directs this prime group of beautiful Falcon studs as they rim, suck, and fuck their way to enormous cum shots in the middle of expansive natural splendor.”

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March 20, 2017

NakedSword: BelAmi’s “Dirty Blonds”

NakedSword: BelAmi's "Dirty Blonds"
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BelAmi writes at NakedSword:

“Get dirty with BelAmi’s blondest and naughtiest boys…

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March 14, 2017

NakedSword: Corbin Fisher’s “Down On The Farm”

NakedSword: Corbin Fisher's "Down On The Farm"
NakedSword Special Offer

Corbin Fisher writes at NakedSword:

“Ready to get plowed? A whole stable of Corbin Fisher studs go Down on the Farm for a smokin’ photo and video shoot in no-holds-barred action. Not only can it get dirty down on the farm, you’ll see what really goes on in the haystacks.

On a rustic, rural, Midwestern farm, these guys get into hot, wild fun and prove there’s nothing more American than baseball, apple pie, and ripped, hung men. They head down to the farm to saddle up the horses – and each other.

Down on the Farm is two hours of steer wrestling, bucking broncos and pole-bending – and that’s just the indoor action!

The video also features hilarious outtakes and other extras. (And we promise – none of our two-legged stallions were harmed during the making of this film.) Outdoors, in fields, barns, and wherever else they can sneak away to hardcore play. Shot entirely on location in the American heartland, get ready to ride hard so you can see what’s growing Down on the Farm.”

– Watch “Down On The Farm” at NakedSword.com
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March 12, 2017

NakedSword: Falcon Studios’ “About Last Night”

NakedSword: Falcon Studios' "About Last Night"
NakedSword Special Offer

Falcon Studios writes at NakedSword.com:

“The studs are all asking ‘About Last Night’. Find out just what happened when this bachelor party squad got lit and let it all hang out with super-hung husband-to-be JJ Knight.

The bachelor party gets rolling on a party bus and it doesn’t take long before this crazy night in Vegas gets seriously sexed up. These horny, ripped men throw caution to the wind and let loose for the sake of cocksucking, ass-rimming, hole-pounding action!”

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March 3, 2017

NakedSword: Treasure Island Media’s “Full Tilt”

NakedSword: Treasure Island Media's "Full Tilt"

Treasure Island Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“Hole wrecking tops breed the UK’s hungriest pig bottoms in intense 1 on 1’s 3 ways and all out gangbang cumdumps. Featuring Peto Coast, Lucky Joe, Frank Klein and Ed Gunn. These are the men that make London burn.”

– Watch “Full Tilt” at NakedSword.com
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February 27, 2017

NakedSword: Treasure Island Media’s “Fill ‘er Up”

NakedSord: Treasure Island Media's "Fill 'Er Up"

Treasure Island Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“You’re climbing-the-walls horny. You want me to strip you naked, pin you down, stick my hard dick in you and fuck you deeply. You want to be used completely. FILL ‘ER UP.

– Watch “Fill ‘Er Up” at NakedSword.com
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February 21, 2017

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media’s “Slut Drive”

NakedSword: Dark Alley Media's "Slut Drive"
NakedSword Special Offer

Dark Alley Media writes at NakedSword.com:

“When your sex drive in overload you’ve entered a state of mind called Slut Drive; where raw, uninhibited fucking is all you want.

Anytime, anyplace; any guy will do as long as they use your mouth and ass in every way, shape or form.

Matthias Von Fistenberg directs four scenes illustrating the ins and outs of lust-filled, depraved men; ready to blow their loads inside of you or all over you.”

– Watch “Slut Drive” at NakedSword.com

February 10, 2017

NakedSword: “Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story” (Documentary)

NakedSword: "Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story" (Documentary)
NakedSword Special Offer

NakedSword.com writes:

“Seed Money is the story of Chuck Holmes, a San Francisco pornographer turned philanthropist.

Holmes helped create and shape gay identity in the years after Stonewall, and later became a major contributor to gay advocacy groups like the Human Rights Campaign and the LGBT Victory Fund, only to find later in life that while his money was welcome in philanthropic circles, he sometimes wasn’t.”

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January 22, 2017

NakedSword: Falcon Studios’ “Wild Weekend – Part Two”

NakedSword: Falcon Studios' "Wild Weekend - Part Two"
NakedSword Special Offer

Falcon Studios writes at NakedSword.com:

“Ready for a sexual adventure? Get onboard with this international group of horny, hunky Falcon guys who meet up in the Bay Area for a ‘Wild Weekend’ enjoying San Francisco gay pride, summer weather, and uninhibited sex! They’ve arrived in California ready to let loose, celebrate their sexuality and share it with each other.

Get your front row seat and an up-close-and-personal view in the two-part, steamy Falcon event, ‘Wild Weekend.’

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December 19, 2016

NakedSword: Raging Stallion’s “Bout to Bust”

NakedSword: Raging Stallion's "Bout to Bust"
NakedSword Special Offer

Raging Stallion writes at NakedSword.com:

“Sexual desire brings these men together, and the intense chemistry between them has them edging and ‘Bout to Bust.’

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