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September 5, 2009

JocksCocks: Soccer boy Fabian rubs one out

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JocksCocks: Soccer boy Fabian rubs one out

JocksCocks writes:

“Soccer boy Fabian loves playin his football on the fields with his cute jock team mates. He gets all hot and sweaty and loaded with sexual energy, then its time to hit the locker room where he gets to enjoy watching all his soccer team mates strip and shower. It gets Fabien excited, and he has to bust a nut in his kitchen with an extremely erotic jerkoff session.

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August 30, 2009

Broke Straight Boys: Ajay and Anthony fuck for cash

Broke Straight Boys writes:

“I had setup the scene to be a threesome, but one of the models Nickolas canceled on me at the last minute. He freaked out over what the shoot was going to entail, and didn’t know if he could handle it. So, the shoot got a little smaller and became a duo with Ajay and Anthony.

Ajay asked what I had in store for them and that is when I told them that I wanted to see the two of them fuck. Anthony was really shocked and I could tell that neither one knew what to say. I told them to wait until I told them about how much they would be making. I told them that I would pay them $2000 each for the shoot, but they wanted more. I wanted to see fucking and rimming. When we raised the pay, then started talking about it. Both needed the money really bad, so they agreed to do it.

Once, I got that ok, I told them about the female requests that we got on the site, about having the straight guys kiss. Ajay was a little puzzled that the girls wanted to see that, but realized that straight guys like to see two girls kiss.”

Broke Straight Boys
August 27, 2009

CorbinFisher’s AmateurCollegeSex: Kenny fucks Chloe

CorbinFisher's AmateurCollegeSex: Kenny fucks Chloe

CorbinFisher writes:

“I have to confess right away that while filming Kenny in his first bit of hardcore action here at CF, it was all I could do to not keep the camera focused on that ass of his the entire time! As you’ll see in this vid, when he’s lying down on the bed with his face between Chloe’s legs while totally naked, he has himself one hot ass! It features prominently in this video, but I did my utmost to show the rest of his hot body and his hot face as well ;)

You can tell Kenny spends plenty of time out in the sun with that great tan he has all over his upper body. It’s not too hard to picture him hanging out at the beach in boardshorts, as he has a tan line resting right above his butt cheeks, and then the tan picks up again as you get just above his knees. For some reason, I’ve always found that tan pattern kind of hot! Part of it is because it’s obviously so natural – gained from time out on the beach, rather than in a tanning booth; picked up from being active out in the sun. I also have to say that, though often not the most revealing, I’ve always had a weakness for guys in boardshorts!

Alas, pardon the digression! We’re here to see Kenny fuck, and not listen to me analyze tan lines and boardshorts! And Kenny definitely fucks, here! With that tight ass of his flexing and pumping away, he and Chloe go at it doggy style, Kenny thrusting away with a steady rhythm, his head thrown back and his mouth hanging open in a clear expression of total pleasure. Throughout every second of fucking, he looks like he could cum at any second and looks like it’s all he can do to hold off that orgasm so he can fuck just a bit longer.

When he does finally shoot, the orgasm suddenly hits him and he simply can’t hold back. In the missionary position, laying on top of Chloe while he pumps in and out of her, he gasps, “I’m gonna cum!” out of nowhere and pulls out to shoot a nice load all over!”

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August 14, 2009

College Dudes: Shane fucks Logan Birch

CollegeDudes: Shane fucks Logan Birch

College Dudes 247 writes:

“Logan Birch gets nailed by Shane in this sweaty vid full of balls-deep rough fucking. Shane and Logan hit it off when they met, and you can tell that when the camera turns on each of these studs cannot wait to get into each others pants.

After Shane swallows Logans rock hard cock, Logan gets an amazing face-fucking and keeps begging for more. Logan is eager to get a big dick up his ass, and when he finally gets Shane inside he rides his dick harder than we have ever seen him take a cock. Shane bends Logan over onto a stool to get a little deeper, then finishes off with some loud hot slam-fucking until neither of them can wait to explode. Shane got so excited by Logans tight pink ass that he pulled out and spewed a rainshower of cum all over Logans tight athletic bod.”

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August 6, 2009

Next Door Studios: Andrew Blue fucks Justin Jameson

Next Door Studios: Andrew Blue fucks Justin Jameson

NextDoorWorld writes:

“While at the pool earlier, Andrew Blue saw the lifeguard’s dick from up his shorts. It was MUCH bigger than average, which made Andrew quite horny. He raced over to meet up with Justin Jameson who Andrew knows is always ready for action.

Sure enough, Justin was just as horny as Andrew and ready to deepthroat some cock. And Andrew couldn’t wait to taste Justin’s ass before shoving his meat in there. Now if only Andrew could get his hands on that lifeguard!”

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August 4, 2009

Randy Blue: Brett Swanson is all wet

RandyBlue: Brett Swanson is all wet

Brett Swanson brings his adorable 21 year old self to Randy Blue and gives you a shower jerk-off performance you won’t soon forget.

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July 20, 2009

EnigmaticBoys: New photos of Stanley

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Euro-twink porn site EnigmaticBoys.com released some new pics of sexy boy-hunk Stanley! Enjoy the sample pics …

stanley7_enigmaticboys_02 stanley7_enigmaticboys_10 stanley7_enigmaticboys_03 stanley7_enigmaticboys_09

(Photos: EnigmaticBoys)

May 25, 2009

BareAdventures: Michael Smith gets gang fucked

BareAdventures writes:

“Blond Elliot is in a boxing match with handsome, muscled Michael Smith. Elliot wins the match, with the loser Michael forced to be treated as a sex object by Elliot and his eight mates.

Soon all the guys are naked and hard; this is one of those scenes when you don’t know where to look, every one of the lads is really attractive. Each lad takes it in turns to force his cock into Michael’s willing mouth, then they each fuck him bareback.

Lucky Michael gets his ass well ploughed in this fabulous, raw gangbang. Some of these lads are really hung, but Michael takes every inch manfully.”

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March 5, 2009

Fratmen: Grady rubs one out

Fratmen.tv writes:

“No doubt about it, Grady is a farm boy from the Midwest. When he was young, a tractor rolled over on him leaving him with a big scar by his collarbone. This didn’t bother him one bit. Tough guy Grady’s work as a farmhand paid off he’s got a sinewy, killer body and a kind demeanor. He seems like the kind of guy who’s just discovering his sexuality, so it’s a total turn on watching him get hard and work that hard dick.”

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January 29, 2009

College Dudes: Jason Matthews and Ryan Dyser

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Jason Matthews and Ryan Dyser settle down on the couch for some hot cock-sucking. Both of these dudes slurp up dick, ball-lick, and deep-throat like they had not had cock in months! After some mutual face-fucking, Jason blows a load all over Ryans face and Ryan, on his knees, pops his nut all over Jason’s feet. Hot scene by two hot dudes!”

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