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September 5, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Robert Van Damme fucks Jessie Colter in “All Star Studs”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“No one in porn was built for the industry quite like Jessie Colter: he’s a hot power-bottom with a killer body only matched by his passion for sex.

That’s a lesson he teaches to Robert Van Damme, a steamy top stud with a looming, rock-hard physique.

These two have intense chemistry from the beginning: they worship each other’s cocks long and hard, swallowing deep. Robert, whose meat is thick and uncut, at one point has to lean against the wall just so Jessie can swallow him!

Robert then flips the power-bottom over and licks his hole into an excited frenzy that can only be fulfilled by a hard, intense fucking. Robert hammers Jessie as hard as he can, and Jessie takes every slam until the top is ready to drop his seed all over Jessie’s face and in his wide-open mouth!”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

September 4, 2011

MyBrothersHotFriend: Parker London fucks Gavin Waters

MyBrothersHotFriend.com writes:

“Parker is practicing on his guitar when his brother’s friend, Gavin, stops by. Gavin has just started learning and is amazed at Parker’s talent. Gavin compliments Parker and mentions how he wants to “play with him”. Confused, Parker states they are playing together so Gavin shows Parker what he really means.”

– Download the full scene at MyBrothersHotFriend.com

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September 3, 2011

ChaosMen: Darius barebacks Roger

Chaosmen.com writes:

“What can I say, this one seemed like an odd pairing. But it worked!

Roger wanted to do a sex scene, agreed that bottoming would be easier for him, and also wanted to work with someone uncut, but not TOO big.

Enter Darius. In my mind, not super hung.

But I kind of forget that Darius IS rather well-endowed. He is such a massive guy, tall and thick, that though his dick looks appropriate and it is in scale with his body, his cock is really impressive!

So Roger was not too happy when he saw how big Darius was getting.

Darius was pleased as punch, because he knew we would be playing with some toys, and the dude is just a pro. He loves talking dirty and using the toy on Roger, but moreover, loved having someone take a toy to him.

He Tops quite nicely in this video, but the boy seems to be truly a Bottom. I have got to get him fucked or TagTeamed! (Vander! Vander! Vander!)

Roger struggles a bit to take the cock, but eventually succumbs.

I think the hottest moment is Roger riding Darius’s cock, while Darius has a vibrating toy up in him. Talk about one hard cock!

Like his last video, he even uses the toy to cum. His cumshot is not trimmed down because I thought it was hot watching him fuck himself with the toy until he cums all over Roger’s hole and breeds him.

We fade to Roger’s cumshot as he nuts then sucks on the cock that was pillaging his hole moments earlier!”

-Download the full scene at Chaosmen.com

September 3, 2011

Sean Cody: Jarek pops Liev’s ass cherry

Sean Cody writes:

“Sometimes you just have to let boys be boys! Jarek and Liev had a lot of fun together from the beginning. They clicked instantly and were laughing and horsing around like they’d known each other forever. I could tell Liev really liked Jarek. It turns out that Liev likes boys with big, uncut cocks!

The initial plan was that Liev was going to get fucked, but these two got along so well that they decided they wanted to fuck each other instead!

This was Jarek’s second time getting pounded, but it still sent goose bumps all over his body!

Liev really wanted it badly, so they switched, and Liev finally got to take his first cock! Once he got a dick inside him, he could not stop moaning…

He started off carefully — you have to when you’re dealing with a cock as big and thick as Jarek’s. But once things got going, he rode it hard!”

-Download this hot scene at SeanCody.com

September 2, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Newcomer Rick Mathias takes on Ace Rockwood in “Auditions 41: Rock Hard”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Rick Mathias is a newcomer to the gay porn industry, and for his introduction at Lucas Entertainment, Michael Lucas himself breaks the Latin cutie in before turning him over to the black bombshell, Ace Rockwood.

From the beginning, Ace is a passionate and controlling top: he takes charge of Rick with deep kissing and gruff groping. While Rick is still lounging on the bed, Ace stands up before him and pulls down his pants, revealing the fat outline of his hard cock through his tight briefs. Rick can’t resist running his lips along the piece of hidden meat.

Not looking to waste time, Ace pops his erection out, and the flopping piece of meat quickly vanishes down Rick’s throat. Rick takes his time worshipping Ace’s dick, licking and sucking it until the chocolate top is ready for the next phase of their fun.

First, he rolls Rick over and lathers up his anus with a tongue-fucking before slipping on a condom and plunging into his naive bottom.

Rick is helpless on his stomach and back for most of the fucking: his ass is offered up high in the air, and Ace takes every opportunity to dig and drill his pecker deep inside of his boy-toy. The scene explodes with white ecstasy — and Rick licks it all up!”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
September 2, 2011

Lucas Raunch: Jonathan Agassi soaks and fucks Manuel DeBoxer in “Hard & Wet”

LucasRaunch.com writes:

“The brawny Manuel DeBoxer is enough to make even the most stoic porn viewer salivate: he’s blessed with rugged good looks and a hard physique. The only thing that matches his looks is his piggish attitude: he loves raunch!

So, there’s no one better to pair him with than the king of piss himself, Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi!

The pair pulls down their jockstraps and starts spraying arches of golden, heated piss from the onset. Manuel is a meaty statue standing over Jonathan, who takes all of his partner’s urine with a gleefully open mouth.

But because Jonathan is the original piss god, Manuel submits his ass to him: Jonathan fucks and pounds Manuel’s beefy, fuzzy cheeks (which are dripping and damp).

They even take pause so Jonathan can insert a small, metal funnel into Manuel’s asshole, filling the bear-turned-bottom with his steaming nectar!”

– Watch the entire scene at LucasRaunch.com

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August 31, 2011

TitanMen: “Overheated”

TitanMen On-Demand writes:

“Temperature rising. Sweat building. Biceps burning. You’re Overheated, and you need some fluids fast. Fear not: TitanMen exclusives Jessy Ares, Philippe Ferro and Hunter Marx run to the rescue with a pack of hot and horny hellions ready to help you recover. So lay back and soak up the sensual sun as relief rushes to every inch of your body.

After sharing a suck session with smooth beauty Cavin Knight, hairy Hunter Marx plows Ethan Hudson over an outdoor bathtub as the buds bask in their own juices.

Dreamy Jessy Ares takes turns sucking with trim and hairy Philippe Ferro, the two then bending over for each other in an uncut anal assault that gets sweatier by the second.

After deep-throating each other’s monster cocks, Adam Killian and Damien Stone fill both of Cavin Knight’s holes in an aggressive fuck that has them grunting and groaning.”

– Watch the entire movie online at TitanMen On-Demand

August 30, 2011

WorldOfMen: The Andrus twins

WorldOfMen.com writes:

“The Andrus Twins are a unique and sexy find by World of Men.

The twins were walking the streets of Havana with their friend Alexander Medina when the young men cruised a World of Men producer and started chatting him up. One thing led to the next and the twins were convinced to come over and let World of Men see if everything matched on these twins.

When filming a scene between the twins and Alexander Medina Leandro went over to Frank and started playing with his cock and then sucking it.

Many times the twins touched each other very intimately and caressed each others’ chests and nipples. Their actions led to the idea of an interview of the twins on their sexuality including why exactly they like touching each other.

If you ever wondered why two brothers touch each other, you will definitely find this interview very interesting!”

– Get the full scene at WorldOfMen.com

August 30, 2011

College Dudes: Logan Holmes busts a nut

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Logan Holmes showed up for a jerk-off video while we were on vacation, and he was so hot we filmed him on the spot! Logan has a solid muscular build – sexy as hell from head to toe!

As he starts undressing you can see how hard he works to keep in shape, and as he works up his cock you can also tell what a hornball he is! Logan works his dick easy at first, then as he sits down he begins to get more into his show. Playing with his balls, lubing up and stroking his shaft – Logan is a natural. He slowly lift his leg – and then another – into the air.

Then he begins to gently rub his asshole. Staring at the camera, he instinctively knows what is going to come next, and he begins slowly inching a finger up into himself. Logan goes on like this pleasuring himself and then finally blows a hot load.

As he is calming down post-orgasm a grin comes across his face – he is obviously happy with his performance. What a great show from a sexy guy!”

– Download the full scene at CollegeDudes.com

August 29, 2011

Falcon Studios: Will Helm fucks Roman Heart in “Retreat”

Falcon Studios writes:

“Will Helm and Roman Heart are anxious to make their perfect day more perfect. Forget the breakfast croissants on the table; those buttery treats don’t stand a chance compared to Will’s lean body. Hell, Roman would rather nibble up that well-sculpted torso, and then chow down on the thick uncut cock springing boldly from his trimmed crotch.

He sucks Will’s willy with gusto letting his tongue slurp up and down the length of the shaft and parting his lips wide enough to engulf the hooded dickhead and swallow it down.

The tables turn and Will exerts total control: he blows Roman, munches his ass and then stuffs his willing hole. Roman bends forward taking it well; then he’s down on his back with his legs up as he begs for Will to dig in deeper.

Will delivers fast and furious thrusts until he withdraws and squeezes out huge shots of cum. Then he goes down on Roman, head bobbing up and down and sucking his partner’s swollen cock vigorously until it finally pops a load.”

– Watch the entire scene at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios