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July 9, 2012

Hot House: Jimmy Durano fucks Randall O’Reilly

HotHouse.com writes:

“Workout buddies Jimmy Durano and Randall O’Reilly hit the gym late and find they have the whole place to themselves. Jimmy gets up to spot Randall on the free weights and strips the young stud out of his t-shirt and shoves his tongue down his throat.

When Randall pulls out his hard cock Jimmy gets down on his knees and starts sucking. Jimmy bobs up and down on Randall’s dick then stands up, pulls out his thick Latin meat, and fucks Randall’s face.

The real workout begins with Randall sitting down on Jimmy’s fat cock for a wild reverse cowboy, then standing over the workout bench and letting Jimmy power-fuck his hole.

Sweaty and ready to blow, Jimmy stands over Randall and showers him with cum!”

– Watch the entire scene at HotHouse.com

July 9, 2012

BelAmi: Jack Harrer and Manuel Rios fuck each other raw

Bel Ami Online writes:

“Manuel and Jack are out having fun on the Beach. Manuel is trying out his ‘boogie board’ in the waves. Jack has brought along his little Sony flip camera to record Manuel’s attempts at riding the South African waves. What fun Jack has trying to keep the jetting Manuel in his viewfinder.

They finally head up to the beach house to continue Jack’s little movie.

Jack suggests they film their sex – Manuel whole hearting agrees. Such wonderful images appear on the little camera’s viewfinder as the 2 ride each other (and one lucky dildo) in the ocean view bedroom.”

– Download the full-length scene at BelAmiOnline.com

July 9, 2012

MenAtPlay: Alex Marte and Samuel Colt pound each other in “Captive”

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“When Samuel wakes up slowly from a fuzzy sleep and finds himself tied to a chair and blindfolded he panics not knowing whats happened to him, or who’s holding him captive. But slowly it becomes clear that his captor’s intentions lie far from causing him harm.

At first he feels a hand stroking his thigh, then a tongue running along his neck… slowly getting him more and more excited by dangerous thrill of the situation. His cock hardening by the second until its freed from his suit trousers by his captor, and sucked slowly.. slowly.. until he’s almost bursting to come.

But his captor Alex, has only use gotten started with Samuel, and goes on to use him for his twisted pleasure, ripping the suit of his muscled body and riding his hard cock till they both shoot their hot loads.”

– Download the full scene at MenAtPlay.com

July 7, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Alex Marte and Vito Gallo’s hot flip-fuck in “The Power of Love”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Alex Marte and Vito Gallo’s journey to the isolated rocky shore of the Aegean Sea began innocently enough — they first dipped into the warm water, but the longer they admired one another’s sculpted bodies the more their passion increased.

Leaving behind the water and risking their dangerous craggy surroundings, they decide to experience each other fully.

Alex and Vito peel off their wet briefs to reveal stiff cocks — Vito is large and cut, while Alex displays his European heritage with his uncut dick. They pucker their lips and taste each other with some passionate oral sex.

Alex and Vito’s excitement grows and they decide to risk the harsh landscape to go further. With only a pillow to protect them from a jagged boulder, Alex perches on his back and throws up his legs so Vito can enter him. It’s unlike anything Alex has felt — painful at first, but it turns to pleasure as his top builds a rhythm.

The guys switch positions so Vito can offer Alex his own ass. Alex grabs Vito’s legs and holds onto him closely as he thrusts until they reach climax.”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
July 6, 2012

TitanMen: Race Cooper gets fucked by Stany Falcone in “Stud Finder”

TitanMen.com writes:

“With his ass crack peeking out of his jeans, handyman Race Cooper gets a grab from co-worker Stany Falcone. The two kiss, their jean bulges grinding against each other. Race munches on Stany’s uncut meat, the sucker’s huge boner throbbing below.

Race stands on the work bench, showing off his smooth muscle bod as his cock throbs. The handsome Stany gets to work, spit strands dangling between his mouth and Race’s cock before he licks the stud’s sac. “Right there!” moans Race, soon issuing a command: “Stick your fingers in there!” Stany finger fucks Race as he sucks him, then eats his smooth hole.

Race shows off his boner as he gets tongued, then breathes deep and fast as Stany fucks him — the bottom’s head hitting the bench ledge above him as he gets plowed, his abs nice and tight. Stany turns him over and continues, his own stomach clenching before the two squirt, their sweaty bodies meeting as they share a final kiss.”

– Watch the full scene at TitanMen

July 6, 2012

Falcon Studios: Topher DiMaggio fucks Angelo Marconi in “Couples”

Falcon Studios writes:

“Topher DiMaggio is finishing rinsing some dishes when his man Angelo Marconi walks in. These hot Latin lovers can’t keep their hands off each other. Who could if they were coupled with either of these dark-skinned, passionate men?

We’re not sure if there’s anyone in the world who loves cock more than Angelo, and he is quickly on his knees swallowing Topher’s sizable stick. The only thing that Angelo might like more than cock is having his ass worked over, and Topher knows how to deliver a mean rim job.

Each time Topher comes up for air, Angelo fingers himself preparing for the real treat he wants up there: Topher’s stiff thick dick.

Their kitchen counter gets a workout with Angelo using it to position himself in every way to get the maximum impact of his man’s meat. Topher serves it up and delivers it deep until Angelo blows a thick load onto his abs, which sends Topher over the top spraying cum all over the kitchen counter.”

– Watch the full scene at FalconStudios.com

Falcon Studios
July 5, 2012

Men.com: Robert Van Damme fucks Mitchell Rock in “Show Me Some Initiative”

Men.com writes:

“Robert Van Damme has his eye on Mitchell Rock for the new team captain. The only trouble is he’s not sure that Mitchell wants it badly enough.

When Robert tells him what’s on his mind, Mitchell doesn’t hesistate to use every hole he has to close the deal!”

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July 5, 2012

BelAmi: Tommy Hansen’s hot pin-up photoset

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“It’s been several years since we had any unreleased content with Tommy Hansen on BelAmiOnline, so I’m very happy that we are finally able to bring you this classix photoset.

The setting for this shoot may be a little unusual, but as we could always expect of Tommy the pictures turned out fantastically.”

– See more of Tommy Hansen at BelAmiOnline

July 4, 2012

BaitBuddies: Nicko Morales fucks Devin Adams

BaitBuddies.com writes:

“This video is “Uncensored and Uncut”. Well, all BaitBuddies videos are uncensored, but the keyword here is uncut – yes, a play on words. That’s because the very hot and sexy Devin Adams, our returning Bait boy in this video, loves big uncut Latino cock.

So, Caruso went out of his way to bring in a Straight guy who fit the bill. His name is Nicko and after his visit to BaitBuddies.com, we know you’ll be seeing lots more of him.

Nicko comes in with the straight macho Latino boy “all business” attitude. Caruso gets him stripped down and we get to see just what this ‘rough around the edges’ dude was hiding. And that’s a beefy, hairy, manly body with a big uncut cock.

After jacking their 8 inch cocks for a while and showing off their butts, Caruso breaks the news – no girls – no money… unless they’re willing to hook up with each other. Of course Mr. Macho won’t have any of it until Caruso talks him down and waves all that potential money in his face.

Next thing you know Nicko is making out with our Bait boy like they’ve been dating for a few months. And, within a half hour Nicko’s receives and gives his first blow job and has his cock up a boy’s butt, and he really must be into it because he gets very verbal with Devin “You like my cock?” and all that shit.

The best part is Nicko’s orgasm. First, he’s all sweaty – and who doesn’t like a hot sweaty, straight Latino dude – and jacking that uncut meat for all he’s worth. His cock starts pulsing and the cum is shooting up onto his belly and he’s moaning and his body starts undulating…this dude is having a full body orgasm.

Caruso just lets the camera run – it seems to go on forever. The guy can’t catch his breath – his cock is dry pulsing and his body and head keeps jerking. He slowly comes down from that high, but he just can’t talk. After an experience like that, as we said at the beginning…you’ll be seeing a lot more of this guy around. End scene – unCUT.”

– Get the full-length scene at BaitBuddies.com

July 3, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Boston Miles and Devin Dixon fuck each other in “Auditions 46: Take It Like A Man”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Boston Miles and Devin Dixon start out their scene together a bit slower, a bit more sensual. After Michael Lucas’ interview and the boys are free to play, Boston crawls on top of Devin and gives him slow and passionate kisses up and down his body. Boston peels off Devin’s clothes and begins romancing the uncut cock between his legs.

Devin is very cute and has a lean body, but don’t let any of that fool you: Devin has a lot of meat between his legs, and Boston doesn’t shy away from servicing it. Devin thrusts his ass up in the air, and Boston uses the exposure to lick it and tongue the tight sphincter. Boston’s own heat increases and he strips off his underwear and kneels over Devin’s head and thrust his erect dick into the brunette’s mouth.

They are both hard and ready to go: Boston throws on a condom and penetrates Devin’s tight hole, fucking the slim bottom just like he deserves.

Boston tests his own ability to take a dick and Devin pounds him for a little while, but the guys finish with Boston balls deep inside Devin until they both cum!”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com