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July 4, 2012

BaitBuddies: Nicko Morales fucks Devin Adams

BaitBuddies.com writes:

“This video is “Uncensored and Uncut”. Well, all BaitBuddies videos are uncensored, but the keyword here is uncut – yes, a play on words. That’s because the very hot and sexy Devin Adams, our returning Bait boy in this video, loves big uncut Latino cock.

So, Caruso went out of his way to bring in a Straight guy who fit the bill. His name is Nicko and after his visit to BaitBuddies.com, we know you’ll be seeing lots more of him.

Nicko comes in with the straight macho Latino boy “all business” attitude. Caruso gets him stripped down and we get to see just what this ‘rough around the edges’ dude was hiding. And that’s a beefy, hairy, manly body with a big uncut cock.

After jacking their 8 inch cocks for a while and showing off their butts, Caruso breaks the news – no girls – no money… unless they’re willing to hook up with each other. Of course Mr. Macho won’t have any of it until Caruso talks him down and waves all that potential money in his face.

Next thing you know Nicko is making out with our Bait boy like they’ve been dating for a few months. And, within a half hour Nicko’s receives and gives his first blow job and has his cock up a boy’s butt, and he really must be into it because he gets very verbal with Devin “You like my cock?” and all that shit.

The best part is Nicko’s orgasm. First, he’s all sweaty – and who doesn’t like a hot sweaty, straight Latino dude – and jacking that uncut meat for all he’s worth. His cock starts pulsing and the cum is shooting up onto his belly and he’s moaning and his body starts undulating…this dude is having a full body orgasm.

Caruso just lets the camera run – it seems to go on forever. The guy can’t catch his breath – his cock is dry pulsing and his body and head keeps jerking. He slowly comes down from that high, but he just can’t talk. After an experience like that, as we said at the beginning…you’ll be seeing a lot more of this guy around. End scene – unCUT.”

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July 3, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Boston Miles and Devin Dixon fuck each other in “Auditions 46: Take It Like A Man”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Boston Miles and Devin Dixon start out their scene together a bit slower, a bit more sensual. After Michael Lucas’ interview and the boys are free to play, Boston crawls on top of Devin and gives him slow and passionate kisses up and down his body. Boston peels off Devin’s clothes and begins romancing the uncut cock between his legs.

Devin is very cute and has a lean body, but don’t let any of that fool you: Devin has a lot of meat between his legs, and Boston doesn’t shy away from servicing it. Devin thrusts his ass up in the air, and Boston uses the exposure to lick it and tongue the tight sphincter. Boston’s own heat increases and he strips off his underwear and kneels over Devin’s head and thrust his erect dick into the brunette’s mouth.

They are both hard and ready to go: Boston throws on a condom and penetrates Devin’s tight hole, fucking the slim bottom just like he deserves.

Boston tests his own ability to take a dick and Devin pounds him for a little while, but the guys finish with Boston balls deep inside Devin until they both cum!”

– Watch the full-length scene at LucasEntertainment.com

July 3, 2012

BiLatinMen: Los barebacks TooShy

BiLatinMen.com writes:

“Popular Latin models Los & Too Shy get together to fuck like rabbits.

We love the way Too Shy’s fat vergota looks inside Los’s mouth. Both Los & Too Shy are expert ass eaters, so they lick each other’s boy cunts like candy.

Finally Too Shy gets to ride the Los dick he has been longing for.”

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July 2, 2012

BelAmi: Marco Bill barebacks Dario Dolce

BelAmi Online writes:

“Marco Bill and Dario Dolce have a very odd idea of what it is to be soldiers as our cameraman Marty finds out in todays epidode, Marco’s first command to Dario is to kiss his butt.

Of course this is exactly what Dario wants and we soon progress to Marco pounding Dario’s butt. This is one wild scene!”

– Download the full scene at BelAmiOnline.com

June 30, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Adam Avery and Nick Ford fuck each other in “Drain You Load”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“A jog under the hot sun doubles as a cruising opportunity for both Nick Ford and Adam Avery, two dark-haired men who cross paths at just the right time. Their jog turns into a follow-the-leader game as Kick lures Adam back to his apartment, where he tears into the young man the minute the door shuts.

Nick pulls up Adam’s shirt, pulls down his gym shorts, and lets the smooth and beautiful uncut cock hidden away pop out and into Nick’s mouth. Slowly and sensually Nick works on Adam’s meat, who grabs Nick’s head and shows him exactly how he likes it.

When Nick is ready for some service himself, Adam drops to his knees — it didn’t take him long to get completely naked — and Nick gets ready. With all of his clothes off too, Nick leans against the wall while Adam uses both his hands and mouth to swallow up Nick’s erection, slurping on it every second of his wet blowjob.

The oral sex turns into a rimjob: it’s the perfect way for Nick to tease Adam, who is a hungry bottom when the time for penetration finally arrives. Adam bends over at first, but he shows off his true skills at getting fucked when Nick sits down in a chair while Adam straddles him. While they’re staring into each other’s eyes, face-to-face, Adam rides Nick’s hard cock until they both cum!”

– Watch the full scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
June 29, 2012

Randy Blue: Caleb Strong and Jorge Fusco’s hot flip-flop fuck

Randy Blue writes:

“Caleb Strong gets bigger and more cut every time we see him. And Jorge Fusco has such a fiery sexual energy that anyone getting within a five mile radius will get an automatic boner.

We started off planning to have Caleb nail Jorge because we could just tell that having that big muscular body pressed up against his sexy ass would be too hot but then Caleb threw us a curve ball. He figured it would be cool to mix things up a bit and get his own ass plowed by the raging, dripping, throbbing hard on of Jorge.

But first they start off with mutual blowjobs, which is just so damn hot. Then Jorge dives into that beautiful bubble butt and gives Caleb one fuck of a rim job.

Then once they flip flop fuck Jorge ends up giving Caleb a face full of spunk for a job well done.”

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June 29, 2012

College Dudes: Angel Rock fucks Teagan Scott

CollegeDudes.com writes:

“Angel Rock fucks the living daylights out of Teagan Scott in this scorcher of a scene.

Both Angel and Teagan are hot and have huge dicks, which makes the blowjobs amazing. Seeing each one of these guys stuff a huge cock in his mouth and lick it up and down, then shove it down his throat – it is a surefire bet that these guys enjoy sucking a mean dick.

After Angel and Teagan are sufficiently horned up, Angel – in his typical dominant style – bends Teagan over and begins to push the head of his dick through Teagan’s tight butthole. As Angel inches in further and further with each stroke, Teagan starts moaning in pleasure.

Both Angel and Teagan are loving the fuck, but Teagan wants even more and soon he is riding Angels cock. Teagan makes sure to go balls deep with each stride down on Angel, and Angel is enjoying this action very much. Angel grabs Teagan’s waist and starts thrusting from beneath – these two college studs are in a groove for sure!

To top it off, Angel flips Teagan on his back. Once inside, Angel slam-fucks Teagan in the likes of which we have not seen in a long while. Angel pumps fast and furious, not stopping to take a break as Teagan’s balls start to ache for release.

Tegan shoots a huge load as he is getting fucking, and Angel is not far behind. The two – sweaty and exhausted – end with a hot passionate kiss. Amazing Fuck!”

– Download the full-length scene at CollegeDudes.com

June 28, 2012

HardBritLads: Beefy stud James Carter gets fucked by big-dicked Tristan Jaxx

Extra Hung muscular top Tristan Jaxx and cute beefy bottom James Carter have an incredible session, sucking each other’s big dicks, then James gets his hole worked on before getting plowed three ways by Tristan’s throbbing nine inch cock!

– Download the full scene at HardBritLads.com

June 27, 2012

Stag Homme: Hairy muscle stud Carlos Gustavo fucks Abel Pozsar in “Good Times”

StagHomme.com writes:

“Brazilian muscle-daddy Carlos Gustavo sure knows how to have a good time. Enter again that gorgeous and insatiable bubble butt boy Abel Pozsar who’s always up for a good ride. get into the groove right now at stag Homme with “Good Times”.”

– Download the full scene at Stag Homme Studios

June 27, 2012

Eurocreme: Aaron Samuels, Luke Desmond and JP Dubois’ hot threeway

Eurocreme.com writes:

“The big party is a matter of hours away, and Luke Desmond, handyman extraordinaire arrives in good time with his invitation to join in the fun and celebrations. Although he’s early, he’s well up for getting the party started already and asks manager JP if there’s anything he can arrange for him. Ever eager, JP gets thinking and as luck would have it, cute young delivery boy Aaron turns up and the whole thing falls into place!

Toned, slim Luke undresses in his room and discovers a condom on the pillow instead of a welcome mint just as JP arrives at the door with Aaron close behind, willing and wanting to give the first guest a proper welcome. Luke’s enormous dick is soon bouncing around as JP and Aaron get to sucking it as deep as they can, but neither can fit it all down their throats; it’s just so massive!

Skinny, tiny and damn cute, Aaron could well be the token passive boy in this meeting of hung tops – the lucky lad gets his ass eaten and pulled open as JP pushes his hot tongue inside, all the while Aaron’s tucking in to Luke’s dick and who can blame him?! However, this awesome three-way is full of surprises and JP fucks Aaron as he’s spit roasted exactly how we like it but then Luke gets the pleasure of JP’s dick in his arse before Luke then gets Aaron on top and he’s spit roasted once more and then covered in both lads spunk, his pretty young face totally dripping with jizz as he jerks himself to finish… where’s my invite to such a hotel…?”

– Get the entire scene at Eurocreme.com