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February 25, 2013

MenAtPlay: Wilfried Knight gets fucked by Jake Genesis in “Bespoke, Episode 2”

MenAtPlay: Wilfried Knight gets fucked by Jake Genesis in “Bespoke, Episode 2”

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“Menatplay’s appointed tailor, and man of the moment Jake Genesis is back and ready to give another customer the famous Menatplay makeover. And when the customer is French beefcake Mr Wilfried Knight, its like Jake’s Christmases all come at once.

From the moment Wilfried walks in Jake’s eyes light up. Well its no secret that Jake loves a man who fills a suit well, especially when it comes to the trousers, and Wilfried definitely packs his trousers well. So well in fact that Jake cannot keep his eyes off it, and when it comes to measuring his customers in seam Jake gets instantly hard imagining whats hidden inside that bulge.

But he doesn’t have to imagine for long and soon enough he’s on his knees swallowing his customers fat, uncut cock and enjoying every second of it.

But Jake’s attention to his customers goes all the way, and Wilfried is given the full service ending in him giving Wilfried’s hairy, muscular ass a deep and hard pounding all over the shop floor.

Another very satisfied customer for Mr Genesis!”

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February 25, 2013

Fratmen: Hugo busts a nut

Fratmen.tv: Hugo rubs one out

Fratmen.tv writes:

“Fratmen Hugo is part polish and part German and we all know what great physical characteristics those ethnicities bring but more than anything Hugo has a very striking European look that stands out among the Fratmen.”

– See more of Hugo at Fratmen.tv

February 23, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: Jessy Ares fucks Landon Conrad in “Kings of New York, Season 1”

LucasEntertainment: Jessy Ares pounds Landon Conrad in "Kings ff New York, Season 1"
LucasEntertainment: Jessy Ares pounds Landon Conrad in "Kings ff New York, Season 1"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“It’s the day of a Fire Island talent show and Bianca Del Rio and Derek from “The A List” are the judges presiding over the event. None of the performances catch their attention, but Landon Conrad, the beefcake bar owner who is hosting the show, takes a liking to Jessy Ares as he sings. Jessy really gets into his song and starts to get frisky on stage and allows some slippage of his dick to happen. Landon puts a stop to it, but asks Jessy if he wants to continue his performance in private.

Landon leads Jessy to his home on Fire Island where he is given the chance to show off his other talent — the guys get naked and randy.

Landon is smooth and bulging with muscle while Jessy is muscled and furry. Looking at Landon it’s easy to assume he’s a top, but he takes out Jessy’s uncut cock and starts nursing on it, getting hornier and hornier as he does so. Eventually Landon can’t take it anymore and offers his ass to Jessy for a long, deep pounding. Jessy proves how much of a top he is and Landon demonstrates how much power he can take!”

– Watch the entire scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
February 23, 2013

Men of Montréal: Alexy Tyler fucks Christian Power in “Initiating Christian – Round 2!”

MenOfMontreal: Alexy Tyler fucks Christian Power in "Initiating Christian – Round 2!"

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“Christian has launched on a path of discovery, a discovery of gay sex. Although in his first interview, we got the impression he has had sex with guys in the past, we could see that this wasn’t necessarily an environment he was all that familiar with. So today, our bodybuilder is moving forward on the road to bulkier and more endowed guys.

After Marko Lebeau and Alexy Tyler, this leaves you wondering who his next scene partner will be… For Alexy, a veteran porn star from Germany who has made Montreal his home for the time being, he was more than willing to help our muscle man get better acquainted with dicks and ass. In fact he was rather excited at the prospect of taking on this massive, yet gentle hunk.”

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Men of Montreal
February 22, 2013

Raging Stallion: Muscle studs Alex Marte and Damien Crosse flip-fuck in “Addicted”

Raging Stallion: Alex Marte and Damien Crosse flip-fuck in "Addicted"
Raging Stallion: Alex Marte and Damien Crosse flip-fuck in "Addicted"

Raging Stallion writes:

“Muscle studs Damien Crosse and Alex Marte spend an entire afternoon fucking each other on a roof top in downtown Madrid, out in the open and under the sun with the whole city watching—including Francesco D’Macho who gets a close up view with a pair of binoculars!

These men love sex, and both are experts in the art of pleasure. If you are a fan of hairy bodies and Olympian muscles, this switch-hit scene is a must watch. Damien, one of the greatest porn stars of our time, never looked better with his dark handsome Cuban looks, and Alex Marte may very well be the top body builder in porn today!

Some back story on this scene—since it was shot out in public, the Spanish police actually raided the set during filming, responding to complaints from all across the city! But the police in Spain are cool guys—rather than stop the shot, they just asked the actors to hurry up with their cum shots!

Damien and Alex were so turned on by these two straight policemen, that they blew the biggest loads of their careers!”

– Watch the full-length scene at RagingStallion.com

Raging Stallion
February 20, 2013

Men of Montréal: Olivier De Long shows off his 10 inch uncut cock

MenOfMontreal: Olivier De Long shows off his 10 inch uncut cock

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“Straight guy Olivier De Long decided to offer us a close up view of his 10” long and incredibly thick uncut dick. At 22 years of age, this rather quiet yet masculine Chris Evans look-alike has a little bad boy streak that begs to be revealed. Olivier is a construction worker originally from Montreal’s North Shore, but now lives in the City to be closer to his day job.

To get things going, he welcomed a massaged by our in-house pro, Marko Lebeau. After several minutes of stress relief, our 5’10’, 165 lbs. Sagittarian was left alone to chill. That is when he decided to give us a peak of his weapon of mass destruction.

As the shoot got started, our photographer was unaware of our model’s impressive equipment, but he was pleased by the guy’s good looks. To the rest of the crew, the site of his jaw dropping when Olivier stripped and started getting hard was priceless. He just couldn’t believe his eyes.

One gets the full measure (so to speak!) of Olivier’s cock when he starts jerking off with both hands one on top of the other, not overlaid. Both of them are not enough to cover the entire length of his dick. Plenty of room left at the head and the base for a good shafting. And, the girth!… His hands could barely grasp the entire thing… Ironically, his dick head is much smaller compared to the rest of his tool.”

– See more of Olivier De Long at MenOfMontreal

Men of Montreal
February 20, 2013

BelAmi: Todd Rosset pops Sasha Akunin’s ass cherry

BelAmiOnline: Todd Rosset flip fucks with newcomer Sasha Akunin

BelAmiOnline writes:

“We have brought Sasha Akunin along quite slowly and today will be his very first flip flop fuck ever with Belami veteran Todd Rosset.

Todd was a perfect fit because is one of our most passionate lovers, just right for our newcomer to take his first cock.

You’ll see more of Sasha in the new KinkyAngels series too.”

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February 19, 2013

Men.com: Paddy O’Brian and Paul Walker fuck Darius Ferdynand in “Mates, Part 3”

Men.com: Paddy O'Brian and Paul Walker fuck Darius Ferdynand in "Mates, Part 3"

Men.com writes about this scene:

“Episode 3 of the MEN.COM British porn-drama “Mates” finds Paddy O’Brian and his best mate Paul Walker a few steps further down the road of self acceptance. Still not ready to admit their feelings for each other, the guys hire the world’s luckiest escort (Darius Ferdynand) and take turns fucking his mouth and ass.”

– Download “Mates Part 3” in full length at Men.com
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February 18, 2013

TitanMen: Ty Roderick fucks Dario Beck in “Momentum”

TitanMen: Ty Roderick fucks Dario Beck in "Momentum"
TitanMen: Ty Roderick fucks Dario Beck in "Momentum"

TitanMen.com writes:

“Perched on a ladder, hot contractor Ty Roderick has expensive news for Dario Beck—but Dario is more concerned with Ty’s groin. They share an extended, silent stare before Ty pulls Dario in and leans down for a kiss.

The blue collar stud gets on his knees, his mouth working on Dario’s bulge before releasing it. Ty rubs Dario’s clipped pec as he sucks down to the hairy bush, then stands up and shows off his jockstrap bulge. Dario works up Ty’s huge boner as side shots capture it in all its glory. Dario holds the beast at the base, licking the tip like a lollipop before offering his hole. Ty eats it up, his cock pulsing in excitement.

He fucks Dario, whose boner pops up with each deep thrust. The bottom gets on his back, whispering “Fuck!” as gets plowed — a hot strand of glistening precum leaking from his cock and sticking to his stomach.

An amazing climax follows—Dario lets out two impressive rounds of hands-free squirts, a hot first load followed by a mammoth encore. Ty then splits Dario’s tight stomach down the middle with another hot stream.”

– Watch the full-length scene at TitanMen.com

February 13, 2013

Corbin Fisher: Cameron cums in Harley

CorbinFisher: Cameron cums in Harley

Corbin Fisher writes:

“After a workout in the gym, Cameron is getting undressed when Harley comes in. The tension is obvious and there’s only one way to dispel it – and that’s by fucking!

Cameron and Harley make a great match. Similar in size and physique, they also share an enthusiasm for sex that turns them into eager fuckers once they start making out.

It’s so hot to see how far Cameron has come since his first attempts at sucking cock. He goes down on Harley and takes care of Harley’s cock the way he wants his sucked.

Harley always puts 100% of himself into what he does and when he came to CF, he jumped into guy/guy action with no hesitation. He’s just gotten better and better, as he proves when he sinks to his knees to blow Cameron.

Cameron rims Harley as Harley kneels over the bench. He slides his cock inside Harley and pounds him. Harley moans loudly, enjoying Cameron’s dick thrusting in and out of him. Cameron speeds up as Harley holds onto Cameron’s neck.

Flipping Harley over, Cameron fucks him hard, holding Harley’s legs wide apart so he can go in as deep as he can. Cameron fucks a huge load out of Harley, that lands all over Harley’s legs, tight chest and abs.

Cameron keeps fucking Harley and the cum keeps cumming. Cameron pounds Harley until he’s ready to blow – and instead of shooting it on Harley, he pumps his load inside him.

That’s definitely one way to relieve post-workout tension!”

– Download the full-length scene at CorbinFisher.com

Corbin Fisher