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July 16, 2013

Lucas Entertainment: D.O. and Vito Gallo fuck each other in “Lovers in Paradise”

Lucas Entertainment: D.O. and Vito Gallo fuck each other in "Lovers in Paradise"
Lucas Entertainment: D.O. and Vito Gallo fuck each other in "Lovers in Paradise"

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Vito Gallo and D.O. escape from their everyday lives on their first vacation together, and it couldn’t be better! They travel to Costa Rica where they run and romance each other on the beach. But men have needs and after awhile they return to their private room where they can totally embrace each other.

Vito is the first to remove D.O.’s bottoms and start sucking his cock, but D.O. flips the situation and services Vito’s massive cock before getting rimmed.

D.O. is the first to slide his dick inside of Vito, and while it’s a lot to take, Vito gets his stride and is able to enjoy his lover’s thrusts. After D.O.’s had his fun, it’s his turn to take some dick, and does he have a lot to handle with what Vito is packing in his pants. But they’re in love, so it’s worth the effort!”

– Watch the entire scene at LucasEntertainment.com

Lucas Entertainment
July 15, 2013

Men of Montréal: Tyson Tyler fucks Felix Brazeau in “Make That A Large Please!”

Men of Montréal: Tyson Tyler fucks Felix Brazeau in “Make That A Large Please!”
Men of Montréal: Tyson Tyler fucks Felix Brazeau in “Make That A Large Please!”

MenOfMontreal.com writes:

“Pink Balls everywhere! This was Tyson Tyler’s first time in Montreal and Félix Brazeau decided to take him around the Gay Village to get a taste of the city’s hospitality. Tyson was overwhelmed by the bevy of hot guys and by how Montreal decks out the Village for the summer months. In fact, from May to September, Ste-Catherine Street, the main drag in the Gay Village, is closed to vehicular traffic on a stretch of almost 1 mile long, as restaurant, café and bars set up exterior store-front patios under a 14 block rooftop stringing together over 200,000 pink balls.

Among the hot guys that Tyson was spotting was none other than his scene partner of the day, Félix Brazeau. It was interesting to have these two talking as Félix’s English is pretty decent, but we thought that being accustomed to English Canadian and American accents, he would struggle with Tyson’s Manchester intonations. No such problem as they chatted comfortably, and ultimately, the language of sex prevailed!

Félix was both intimidated and excited about Tyson’s 10” dick. So it wasn’t long before the conversation focused on our guest’s massive uncut tool. This was clearly Félix’s largest dick ever and he appeared up to the challenge of taking it up his butt. In fact, I think that this massive stick made him even more eager.

After their walk in the Village and chat in the park, they headed to the loft and went out on the deck to get things going. In a matter of seconds, Félix was on his knees sucking away at Tyson’s ebony dick, making great efforts at deep-throating his way as far as he could. They moved to the chaise lounge to give Tyson full access to Félix’s stiff rod. Loving every second of this servicing, Félix moved in to straddle the chaise and started face fucking Tyson’s mouth. Tyson was quick to move in sync. The cock sucking was intense and so was the heat outdoors. So the guys moved inside.

After some kissing and mutual jacking off by the jukebox, Tyson bent Félix over the back of the sofa and started playing with his partner’s butt hole, prepping it for his cock. He then shoved his dick into Felix’s ass and started fucking him intensely. Félix didn’t miss a beat and joined in Tyson’s rhythm. You could tell by our French Canadian’s facial expressions that his ass was taking a beating.

Tyson then stopped and pushed Félix over to the other side of the sofa as he moved to join him. Our friendly Brit then sat down and had his bottom man sit on his tool. Félix was bravely taking it all in. Félix’s ass loves a good fucking and he was keen to unload. He wanted Tyson to drop his load on top of his own, so the guys moved into position and each came on after the other, mixing their baby batter as one.

Next on Tyson’s Montreal hit list is Christian Power!! Stay tuned.”

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Men of Montreal
July 15, 2013

BaitBuddies: Zaikel pounds Gabriel

BaitBuddies: Zaikel pounds Gabriel

BaitBuddies.com writes:

“Ai! Papi!

Gabriel and Zaikel have been buddies since as far back as both can remember. Both are Cuban and at 24 years old are hot, handsome, built and very nicely endowed. They’re here at BaitBuddies.com to break into porn – straight porn, for, as they say “the fuck and the money”.

It’s tough enough for Caruso to communicate with Zaikel, who has a pretty good grasp of the English language, but Gabriel is another story – some of his answers are not exactly matching the questions Caruso is asking, but they’re so sexy and endearing that no matter what they say these two hot studs have our attention all the way through the shoot.

They tell Caruso that they are roommates, so many times they wind up watching porn together and jack off next to each other – pretty hot. They also tell him that they double team “together we fuck”, and we wouldn’t mind seeing that either.

We get both boys stripped down and their bodies are very different, but one is as hot as the other – it just depends on the viewer’s preferences.

Caruso goes to get the girl, but of course she’s not available for the video shoot. We are surprised by the guys’ reactions to that news – not so endearing now – as Zaikel goes off on Caruso about taking the day off from work to be at the studio and losing that money. So, Caruso gives him the alternative – having sex with his buddy.

Well, that really sets both guys off, especially Zaikel who sums that idea up in two words “so nasty!” Zaikel is really angry and Caruso has to work hard at calming him down. Logic and cash wins out in the end and Zaikel does a ‘180’ while Gabriel reluctantly agrees to the gay sex thing also, because he needs the money, anyway it appears that he’s the follower and Zaikel is the leader.

Agreeing to Caruso’s deal is one thing, but when you see these two buds sexing each other up, you’d almost think they’d been doing it for a while. There’s some cock sucking and Gabriel is pretty good at it – Zaikel likes getting, but not giving.

When it comes to fucking, both Latino hotties are in 100%. When Caruso asks Zaikel how he starts with fucking a girl, he answers “licking”, and that’s just what he does with his buddy’s hot bubble butt. He really gets into it, he rims Gabriel until he’s prepared to take the stud’s 8.5″ cock and the boy takes it right to root.

Watch as Gabriel sits on top of his hot friend who starts feeling up his chest and says “I love your tits!” and the kissing is as hot as it gets between two guys – especially lifelong buddies.

Zaikel then goes into overdrive and fucks the living daylights out of his horny bud until Gabriel shoots a giant load right on his fucker’s big muscled chest. Zaikel then stands up, puts buddy Gabriel on his knees and shoots his own extra big load all over the boy’s face! Ai Papi!!!!

– Download the entire scene at BaitBuddies.com

July 12, 2013

Broke Straight Boys: Adam Baer, Kaden Alexander and Mick Torrence’s bareback threesome

Broke Straight Boys: Adam Baer, Kaden Alexander and Mick Torrence's bareback threesome
Broke Straight Boys: Adam Baer, Kaden Alexander and Mick Torrence's bareback threesome

BrokeStraightBoys.com writes:

“It’s like that soup…”Mmm,Mmm Good.” We’ve got Mick, Adam and Kaden in a delicious threesome. Adam introduces us and gives us a brief run down of the menu.

“Today everyone is getting fucked but me,” Adam says into the camera.

Adam instructs today’s bottoms to strip down. Adam blesses us with a theatrical strip tease, tossing his clothes off camera seductively. The trio reassembles on the bed. Teasing their soft dicks. Kaden leans over and sucks Adam and Adam leans over and sucks Mick. The sexiest little assembly line you’ll ever see. Kaden puts his juicy lips to work on Adam’s fat cock, stroking his own meat. Mick sits back comfortably as Adam deep throats his tool.

After a while Kaden stands up and prepares to get sucked by Adam and Mick returns the favor.

“I’ve never had a black dick in my mouth, but let’s do this shit,” Adam says.

He must love black dick because Adam sucks Kaden like his rent is due! Taking Kaden’s meat all the way down his throat, periodically looking up at him. Meanwhile Mick slurps and sucks Adam.

Before you know it Kaden is sitting on Adam’s thick cock. He slowly eases himself onto it. Adam is gentle but you can only go so easy when you have such huge dick. Kaden repositions himself on his knees and prepares for Mick.

Mick slides his meat into Kaden’s virgin slot. Kaden’s ass is being busted in two. But it ain’t over for the newbie. He gets on his hands and knees, and Mick saddles up. Mick is gentle to the virgin, slow dicking him. A few strokes are balls deeps. Those cause the loudest cries.

“I should not be enjoying this, but I am,” Kaden says.

The guys switch it up and Kaden enters Mick while Mick slobs on Adams knob. Kaden can’t stop moaning as he digs into Mick’s ass .

Kaden kisses Mick’s shoulders as he fucks him. Adam, the old pro, leans down and gives Kaden a sloppy kiss.

Adam wants one last taste of Kaden’s virgin hole, so Kaden get flat on his back as Adam fucks him. Mick sits on Kaden’s chest and feeds him his dick. Kaden is filled at both ends! Before you know it, Mick explodes on Kaden’s mouth. Kaden cums next, shooting a fat load onto Mick’s ass and his abs. Finally, Adam shoots a big load, mixing his cum with Kaden’s.”

– Download the full-length scene at BrokeStraightBoys.com

Broke Straight Boys
July 12, 2013

Pride Studios: Angel Rock drills Mario Costa in “Latin Lust”

Extra Big Dicks: Angel Rock slams Mario Costa in "Latin Lust"

ExtraBigDicks.com writes:

“Mario Costa is planning a trip to the beach. His boyfriend, Angel Rock, offers him a ride. As Mario digs around his beach bag for the sun block, he discovers he packed a tube of LUBE by mistake!!! Angel can’t help but laugh. As hilarious as a mix up like this can be, both guys quickly think of a way to put the sex juice to good use!

After some deep smooching, Mario doesn’t waste any time going down for a taste of Angel’s fat cock. Mario loves the way Angel’s dick grows big and hard in his warm mouth.

Then Angel’s returning the favor by taking long, passionate slurps of Mario’s Extra Big Dick.

Mario’s been asking Angel for a while now to fuck him in different, new positions. Angel, being in a wild mood, takes this opportunity to pound Mario’s sweet hole in some crazy, fun ways!

Watch these hot dudes get it on Latin style for this totally hot, wildly different encounter.”

– Download the full-length scene at ExtraBigDicks.com

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July 12, 2013

TimTales: Tim Kruger pounds Marco Sessions

TimTales: Tim Kruger pounds Marco Sessions

Tim Kruger of TimTales.com writes:

“I was waiting to shoot with Marco for a long time and finally when we were visiting London for Gaypride we both had time and arranged a meeting.

He is such a hot, sexy and sweet guy and I loved playing with him. We totally forgot the camera and just enjoyed fuckaction!”

– Download the full-length scene at TimTales.com

July 11, 2013

Sean Cody: Brandon barebacks Spencer’s virgin ass

Sean Cody: Brandon fucks Spencer's virgin ass bareback
Sean Cody: Brandon fucks Spencer's virgin ass bareback

It’s Spencer’s first time and he gets to play with Brandon!

– Download this hot scene at SeanCody.com

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July 10, 2013

Fratmen: Blond jock Adomas

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Fratmen.tv: Blond jock Adomas
Fratmen.tv: Blond jock Adomas

Fratmen.tv writes:

“Adomas the blonde haired, well sculpted and uncircumcised Lithuanian is a wonderful addition to the Fratmen brotherhood.

He’s smart, good looking and has a bodacious irresistible booty that you just have to stare at when he walks around the house with his little tight underwear on.

Might I add he has one of the best looking uncut dicks to date! Yes I’m sure of it, I love him!”

– See more of Adomas at Fratmen.tv

July 9, 2013

BelAmi: Jim Kerouac, Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert’s hot bareback threeway

Bel Ami: Jim Kerouac, Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert's hot bareback threeway
Bel Ami: Jim Kerouac, Jack Harrer and Roger Lambert's hot bareback threeway

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“History has shown us that Jack Harrer & Roger Lambert can take big cocks while wielding some of the biggest cocks around too. So we decided to pair them with 100% hung top Jim Kerouac for a huge 2 part 3 way scene sure to tantalize you.

Part 1 features Jack fucking Roger while getting fucked by Jim plus 3 amazing cum shots exploding from their giant cocks! In part 2 Jack & Roger takes even MORE cock!”

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July 9, 2013

Men.com: Paul Walker gets fucked by Kayden Gray in “Hooker Hook Up”

Men.com: Paul Walker gets fucked by Kayden Gray in "Hooker Hook Up"

Men.com writes:

“Paul Walker has an itch he needs to get scratched and it’s in his ass! After trying to satisfy his desire with fantasy and porn he decides to hire an escort to give him what his horny hole demands. Kayden Gray is the hooker with the enviable “job” of getting to eat and pound Paul’s bubble butt!”

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