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March 25, 2012

Men.com: Hairy muscle stud Arpad Miklos pounds Troy Collins in “Captain’s Test”

Men.com writes:

“Troy Collins really wants to be the team captain and he thinks he has what it takes, but that will be upto the team coach Arpad Miklos of course. Coach Miklos tells Troy that he must be willing to do anything to be the team captain. Troy is unfazed and assures the coach that he is ready and willing to do anything needed.

The coach explains that there is a two part test to be captain, first a physical examination and if that makes the coach hard the second test is deep throating!”

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March 25, 2012

SouthernStrokes: Haigan Sence fucks Cole Markum

SouthernStrokes.com writes:

“You better have a towel near by before you settle in to watch Haigan and Cole. These two Southern Steers were horned up for each other as they fucked like only two real country boys could know how. Cole is a big boy which only made Haigan want him more. We all know that Haigan loves to fuck but who knew how much he loves tossing salad.

Haigan worked his tongue in and out of Cole’s hole as Cole squirmed on the couch. The deeper Haigan’s tongue penetrated Cole’s ass, the more they both went wild. At one point, I was sure that Haigan was going to blow his load as his tongue was darting in and out of Cole’s tunnel while his other hand was tending to his uncut cock.

Cole was begging to have Haigan inside him so Haigan lubed up Cole’s hole with a solid spit and then slowly teased him with his uncut cock. Cole was ready to be taken and he let Haigan know it by bucking his hips and forcing Haigan’s throbbing cock to go deeper and deeper inside him. Haigan fucks Cole in every position imaginable until both studs were ready to burst.

Cole let his load out first as Haigan was drilling him deep as he held his ankles up in the air. Cole shot a huge load all over his hairy chiseled chest and stomach. Haigan pulled out and let go of a shower of yummy cum that Cole desperately wanted to taste.

Cole caught Haigan’s cum midstream and milked the rest out of Haigan with his expert oral skills before the two shared Haigan’s juices by a passionate kiss.”

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Southern Strokes
March 21, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Latin power-top Jimmy Durano pounds Colin Black’s ass in “Cock Riders”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Don’t let Colin Black’s handsome looks fool you: he might have beautiful facial features, but he’s constantly lusting for new guys to have sex with, and when Jimmy Durano darkens the doorway of Colin’s room, the mocha hunk couldn’t be more pleased.

Their looks tell each other everything they need to know: Jimmy is ready to fuck, and Colin is more than willing to answer his need.

They embrace with kisses and hard, masculine touching before Colin works his way down to the erection growing in Jimmy’s pants. He undoes the Latin top’s zipper, lays down on his side, and works his wet lips around Jimmy’s cock, sucking his thick, curved meat.

Jimmy strips down: he peels off his shirt and flexes his amazing torso, showing off every possible muscle who Colin works on his cock. Colin works his way in back and eats out Jimmy’s furry hole, getting him excited before the time comes to fuck.

Jimmy is any bottom’s dream top: he’s handsome, muscular, has a huge uncut cock, and knows how to fuck a bottom. Colin is put to the test and flips into several positions — on his back, on all fours — as Jimmy drills and pounds deep into his ass before they both shoot their hot gay cum!”

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Lucas Entertainment
March 21, 2012

TitanMen: Devin Adams gets fucked by Tristan Jaxx in “Hard Up”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Bursting through his tank top, Tristan Jaxx sets his sights on cute passerby Devin Adams — who follows his admirer into an empty building. The two lock lips, Devin’s tongue roaming Tristan’s pit. Devin unzips the hung stud, working up the huge bulge in his briefs. Tristan’s uncut beast grazes Devin’s jeans before getting devoured, spit strands clinging between his shaft and Devin’s wet face. The breathless sucker looks up at the smiling Tristan: “Choke on that!”

After fucking Devin’s mouth, Tristan tightly wraps his juicy lips around the cutie’s stiff shaft — then strokes their cocks together as they stare at each other.

Tristan eats up Devin’s hole, fingering him before sliding his huge cock inside. The top starts slow before picking up the pace. “There you go!” whispers the bottom as Tristan hits the spot, his pecs and abs clenching. Devin sits down on the top, his boner bouncing as he slides up and down.

Devin gets on his back and rubs Tristan’s bod as he gets fucked some more — Tristan’s curved cock sliding all the way inside. “Make me blow!” begs Devin, who soon releases his load before Tristan fires a hot multi-gusher that flies over Devin’s bod.”

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March 20, 2012

Men.com: Girth Brooks fucks Gavin Waters in “Cum In My Office”

Gavin Waters gets fucked by big-dicked Girth Brooks at Men.com!

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March 19, 2012

Machofucker: Kriss Aston gets barebacked by Antonio Biaggi and Quawn

Machofucker writes:

“French Bottom hunk Kriss Aston is giving his debut on MACHOFUCKER, getting his hungry fuckhole destroyed by two of our most popular Tops, Antonio Biaggi and Quawn. After Carlito, Kriss Aston is the second Bottom victimized by these two Black and Latin power dicks.”

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March 19, 2012

Dominic Ford: Marko Lebeau fucks muscle stud Dylan Roberts

Dominic Ford writes:

“Marko has a hot French accent, and couldn’t wait to do a scene with hunky Dylan Roberts. Because of the language barrier, they didn’t really have the ability to communicate aurally, so they had to communicate orally. And anally. A lot. :)”

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Dominic Ford
March 19, 2012

MenAtPlay: Jean Franko pounds Scott Hunter in “Take It All”

MenAtPlay.com writes:

“If you’ve ever found yourself sitting across a handsome stranger in the underground or in a waiting room and got lost fantasizing what you would do if you had your chance with him, trying to hide the growing bulge in your pants, you will know exactly what Scott Hunter is going through when he clocks the sexy Jean Franko in the office reception.

Staring at his package he gets lost in thoughts of unzipping his trousers and taking out his fat dick before feasting on it and swallowing it whole, while his ass is gagging to get fucked good and proper… first with a medium dildo, then with a monster dildo and finally pounded senseless by Jean Franko’s rock hard, uncut dick.

His hungry ass taking it all in like a real pro begging to fuck him harder, and harder. Until finally he gets a shower of hot, juicy cum over his face, just the way our horny Scott likes it!”

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March 18, 2012

TitanMen: Spencer Reed fucks Carsten Andersson in “Hard Up”

TitanMen.com writes:

“Walking down the street, blond Carsten Andersson is caught by the arresting smile of bearded stranger Spencer Reed — who leads them into an empty building as the two passionately kiss. Carsten rubs the growing bulge in Spencer’s jeans — dropping down to worship the big and thick beauty.

Spencer takes control, wrapping his man hands around the sucker’s head and plowing his face. Carsten whips his face with Spencer’s cock, sniffing it before sucking some more. Spencer returns the favor, spitting on tan and smooth Carsten’s cock. After sucking Spencer some more, the two kiss as their cocks clash in hot swordplay.

Spencer buries his beard in Carsten’s smooth hole, then fucks him doggie style before Carsten sits down on the alpha stud — whose furry balls are caked with sweat and spit. On his back, Carsten gets it harder and faster — the bottom shooting a wad that drips down his own thigh before Spencer unloads on him.”

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March 18, 2012

BelAmi: Brady Jensen and Jean-Daniel Chagall’s hot flip-flop fuck

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“Brady Jensen has made a big splash at BelAmiOnline and we’ve been working to pair him with equally muscled counter parts like today with Jean-Daniel Chagall. These 2 were quite an amazing combo of hot ripped bodies, sweet bubble asses and just flat out sexy muscle studs.

Watch as they flip flop fuck in this massively hot 2 part scene exclusively at BelAmiOnline.com!”

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