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June 13, 2012

KristenBjorn: Brad Hern, Rodrigo Cal, Sergio Serrano and Tomas Friedel’s hot orgy scene in “Jagged Mountain 2”

KristenBjorn writes:

“Sergio and Tomas have been treated to the oral expertise of Bran and Rodrigo, now they want to see if the guys are just as talented bottoms.

Brad starts out by sitting on Tomas’ hot cock and taking it to new depths of pleasure.

Tomas has his cock buried deep within Brad and then releases his desire to plow him hard and furious.

Sergio takes a different approach by bending Rodrigo over and thrusting his cock deep into Rodrigo’s hungry hole, then pulling out completely and thrusting forward and fully into that hot hole.

Brad continues to ride Tomas’ hot cock to its fullest, pounding his ass on that hot cock as hard and deep as he can go.

Tomas sees the delight that Brad is getting from his cock that he takes control of the pounding and jackhammers Brad’s ass as hard and deep as possible giving Brad a profundity of pleasure.

Sergio continues his onslaught on Rodrigo’s ass and stretches his hole to new limits with his fat and meaty cock.

Our hot bottoms find that it is time to return the pleasure to their partners and flip them. Brad puts Tomas on his back and is now penetrating his ass.

Sergio lays on his side as Rodrigo takes him from behind.

Both men have their legs spread wide and invite us to visually enjoy their pleasures along with them.

Sergio’s hot cock mushrooms in girth and hardness as he reaches and explodes his hot load as Rodrigo continues pounding his ass.

Tomas explodes his hot, thick load all over his chest as Brad continues to pump his ass.

As Brad feels Tomas’ ass contract on his cock in unison with his orgasm he is driven to deliver his hot load on Tomas’ abs and cock.

Don’t you love when your friends call and share their good times with you?”

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June 12, 2012

Cocksure Men: Mario Romo and Dean Monroe fuck each other

CocksureMen.com writes:

“Mario Romo eggs on Dean Monroe to blow him in the shipping area. Dean is worried they’ll be caught, but Mario’s THICK cock is very convincing.

Dean goes down on Mario and sure enough someone tries to walk in the room. Mario tells them to come back later and Dean continues to slurp down Mario’s meat. Dean stands up and Mario gets right to business, sliding Dean’s dick down his throat. Dean spins around and kicks a leg up so Mario can eat his pink hole. Mario licks Dean’s ass while Dean fingers himself, priming it for Mario’s huge cock.

Mario eases himself in and begins pounding Dean. Mario wants Dean’s cock in him, too. Dean sits so Mario can go for a ride. After a long ride the guys flop again. Dean lays back and Mario buries his boner deep inside Dean’s ass. Dean says Mario’s cock is “perfect” and he winds up cumming while still getting hammered. Mario cums shortly thereafter all over Dean’s beautiful cock.”

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June 12, 2012

BelAmi: Manuel Rios bangs Phillipe Gaudin bareback

BelAmiOnline.com writes:

“We were not sure wether to present this as a sex scene initially or a bull fight. Our Canadian duo filmed this scene for BelAmiOnline during one of our trips to Capetown.

Manuel and Philippe are enjoying a trip to the Green Street Market to pick up a souvenir of their trip to Cape Town. They discover 2 animal horns with carvings in them. What a cool reminder of their day together. They leave the Market and run down the beach by the Beach House– chasing each other like a bull with big horns.

They arrive exhausted in the living room of the Beach house. Manuel discovers an interesting use for the bull horns that Philippe will probably never forget.”

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June 11, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Johnny Venture drills Ryan Russell’s hole in “Drain Your Load”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Johnny Venture is rough trade that is always horny. When he’s not scoring for cash, he’s looking around to see who he can bend over and fuck like a dog for the sheer fun of it.

Ryan Russell catches his eye as he’s groping his crotch in an ally known for its seedy activity. A few deep, hard kisses lures Johnny back to Ryan place, where they are free to get into each other completely.

After making out and pulling their shirts off, Johnny shows off his compact, worked-out body for Ryan. They pull out their packages (though they’re still wearing white briefs) and Ryan feels around to find out what he’s in store for. Johnny plays it cool, but he knows he’s got a cock hidden in his underwear that’s thicker than a cannon, and he’s always ready to blast off in a hot guy’s mouth!

Ryan can’t wait to test his skills, so he pulls down Johnny’s underwear and starts sucking on Johnny’s dick, who leans back and simply enjoys the ride. They switch positions and Johnny opens his throat up for Ryan’s hard uncut cock — he even pumps his face for a while!

In a flip-flopping turn of events, Ryan first plays with Johnny’s hole, which is one of the smoothest and tightest in the gay industry! But this bud isn’t going to be plucked tonight: it’s Johnny who rolls the condom on and situates Ryan on his hands and knees.

Johnny is into fucking, so when he enters Ryan he’s anything but gentle. Ass pounding, hole slamming — it’s what Johnny is into, and Ryan at times doesn’t know if he can take it. Just watch the clenching expressions on his face. Johnny flips him around position after position until they’re ready to bust their loads!”

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Lucas Entertainment
June 8, 2012

Cocksure Men: Topher DiMaggio fucks Edin Sol

CocksureMen.com writes:

“In the midst of making out, Topher DiMaggio flexes and poses for Edin Sol. “You like that? That turn you on?” he asks as Edin worships Topher’s ripped body. Once Edin makes it down to Topher’s cock, we see that Topher’s muscles aren’t the only BIG thing about him.

Topher lays down on the bed and Edin gets down on his knees next to him to suck his dick. Edin has a flawless ass which bobs up and down in unison with his head as he shoves all of Topher down his throat. Topher moans wildly as he fucks Edin’s talented mouth from different positions, making sure Edin gets all the cock his mouth can handle.

With Edin’s oral appetite quenched, Topher has him bend over to show him that perfect ass so he can fuck it. Topher rams Edin aggressively from behind. As hard as Topher dishes it out, Edin takes that big dick like a pro. Edin hops on top and you get a great view of his ass as Topher’s long cock slides in and out of it.

After a long ride Edin lays on his back and jerks off while Topher continues to pummel his sweet hole. Edin lets out a big, thick cumshot all over his hard body. Topher follows up with a mighty cumshot of his own, plastering Edin.”

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June 7, 2012

Men.com: Boston Miles gets fucked by Robert Van Damme in “How To Kiss”

Men.com writes:

“Robert Van Damme and Boston Miles get together to hang out but things don’t get interesting until Robert admits he could use some tips on how to kiss. When Boston leans in to give him a quick lesson it really gets Robert’s motor running and they end up doing it on his bed!”

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June 5, 2012

Randy Blue: Sean Zevran and Diego Sans’ hot flip-flop fuck

Randy Blue writes:

“Sometimes you put two guys together for the sole reason that they are gonna make the hottest sex ever.

Sean Zevran and Diego Sans have been wanting to work together for a while now. Sean gets this look anytime there is a photo of Diego on a DVD box cover or a scene of his on one of the computers here. It was obvious to everyone that he was going to give this his all and I tell ya, he brought it.

He started sucking Diego off like he could not think of anything else. And Diego just drove him wild by working his hot ass with his tongue just before totally plowing it with his raging hard boner.

But Sean loves to top as well and pretty soon he was riding Diego left and right. They look so hot together, their skin tones different yet complimentary, both with perfect bodies covered in chiseled muscle.

Diego tries several different positions with Sean until they are both dripping with sweat and covered in each others cum.”

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June 5, 2012

Fratmen Sucks: Jackson and Trent blow each other

FratmenSucks.com writes:

“It looks like Trent scores again with another workout buddy. Jackson is back in town, and he’s ready for some heavy lifting.

Fratmen Trent is truly in his element in our private weight room. He is able to lift, sometimes fully nude, and work his muscles until he is covered in a sheen of sweat. Fratmen Jackson has surfaced again in Cyberspace, and he joins Trent for what is certain to be a hot session of lifting, and sucking cock.

After Trent and Jackson break a sweat, they head for a refreshing, cooling outdoor shower. Things only heat up as our boy’s cocks start to swell. Jackson and Trent can’t resist, and start blowing each other. Jackson goes down on the hammerhead, but not before Trent tries his uncut cock.

Yearning for more comfortable setting, these jocks move to the bed where they indulge fully and cum together.”

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June 4, 2012

Falcon Studios: Chris Tyler and Brian Bonds bang each other in “Body Shop”

FalconStudios.com writes:

“Needing a break from the manual labor, horny and sexy Chris Tyler checks on his stunning buddy Brian Bonds. The sexy mechanic is finishing up when he turns around and sees Chris crankin’ his big shaft. Pleasantly surprised and feeling pretty frisky himself, Brian is eager to get down on his knees to siphon Chris’ hose.

The muscled brunet is soon breathing deeply and reeling with pleasure as he enjoys the expert blowjob. Then anxious to feed as well, Chris buries his face in Brian’s crotch and begins to service him. Fast and steady like a well-oiled piston, his head bobs up and down as he sucks his partner’s cock.

The action ramps up when the guys take turns fucking each other. Chris goes first and then Brian with both of them working so hard that their muscled bodies are soon glistening with sweat.

Then balanced atop a stool with Brian still pounding him, Chris beats his meat until he cums. Brian quickly follows, finally pulling out to blast his creamy load.”

– Download the full-length scene at Falcon Studios

Falcon Studios
June 4, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Damien Crosse takes Johnny Venture’s beer-can cock in “Cock Riders”

Lucas Entertainment writes::

“Both Johnny Venture and Damien Crosse had too much to drink at a party, where they were left unconscious. Johnny is the first to awaken, where he sees his hot buddy whose pants are partially down and his ass is hanging out. Johnny can’t keep away from Damien: he hovers over the hunk, sniffing him and wanting to touch his body badly.

And that’s exactly what he does — Johnny sinks his hands into Damien’s ass and gropes away, waking him up, But Damien isn’t upset. Instead, he’s turned on and joins in!

They quickly rush to strip off their closes and show off their fat uncut cocks. Johnny starts the oral fun by sucking up Damien’s cock, who loves every second of his blowjob. When it’s Johnny’s turn, he’s not ready for what Johnny has in store for him. Johnny’s cock is as thick as a beer can, and it takes Damien a little while to loosen his jaw up while bobbing up and down on the cock.

The guys are really into each other as they switch between blowjobs. Soon their heat is so high they need to fuck. Damien is first, and he isn’t prepared to accommodate Johnny’s thick penis, but Johnny also isn’t giving him much of an option. He fucks him deep and hard, so hard that when it’s Damien’s turn he doesn’t go slow either!

But it’s all in good fun between these two hot guys, and their loads of hot cum are proof!”

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Lucas Entertainment