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August 3, 2009

HairyBoyz: Michael Brandon fucks Francois Sagat

HairyBoyz: Francois Sagat and Michael Brandon

HairyBoyz writes:

“Can you think of a bigger star power couple than Michael Brandon and Francois Sagat? Seeing these two champions of the industry together feels like a once-in-a-lifetime event, and they do not disappoint. Brandon and Mike Power start the scene off with a bit of oral and mutual jerking where Brandon explains his need to fuck Sagat, lucky for him he gets his chance within a few minutes. When Sagat finally cums after being pounded by Brandon’s famous cock, just wait till you see the size of the load he produces. A video not to be missed!”

– Download the full-length scene at HairyBoyz

July 27, 2009

MasonWyler: Andrew Blue and Mason fuck each other

MasonWyler: Mason bangs Andrew Blue

MasonWyler.com writes:

“When Mason Wyler meets up with Andrew Blue, it’s gonna get very hot and very wild. These guys are hungry for action, but will Andrew’s tight hole accommodate a beast cock like Mason’s? What will happen when the infamous Mason uses his super, dick gobbling power on Andrew’s rock hard boner?

Will this duo combine forces for a creamy finish? Grab your cock and stay tuned!”

– Download the full-length scene at MasonWyler.com

July 26, 2009

Sean Cody: Doug fucks Harley

SeanCody: Doug fucks Harley

Sean Cody writes about this hot scene:

“I’ve worked with hundreds and hundreds of guys and it’s funny how personalities completely run the spectrum. Some guys are shy, some are cocky, some are funny, and some are charming. It’s kind of like no two snowflakes ever being the same.

Doug falls under the “funny” and “cocky” categories, and Harley falls under “funny” and “charming.” So they’re both really funny! I knew when we got them together that it was going to be comedic. And it was. My sides were hurting from all the laughing we did.

Of course, it was really sexy, too. Harley is one of my favorites and Doug has become a rising “star” with his openness to new experiences and his ability to fuck like nothing else…”

– Download the entire scene at Sean Cody

July 26, 2009

ChaosMen: Teo bangs Gavin bareback

Chaosmen: Teo bangs Gavin bareback

Chaosmen writes:

“When I interviewed Gavin during his solo, he said Teo was his favorite guy on the site. Teo was in town and ready to shoot, so while Gavin was here I thought I would make some magic happen.

Teo has been on a kick to Top as he has gotten more confident with staying hard to fuck. Not that he doesn’t mind being fucked, but topping involves less prep time for doing the shoot.

I think Gavin was in heaven as he finally got to suck on Teo’s uncut cock.

Some great fucking in this video while Teo tries to up the ante to try new things!

We all realize he has been on the site over a year now, and though I try to spread him out to one release a month, I know you, the audience, wants to see new things.

But his energy is so good, and he is a “ringer” when working with new straight guys. He is clearly straight as well, and for some reason that puts the new guys at ease. Plus he is a total goofball and that takes the grim seriousness out of the other model’s attitude.

While Gavin is not straight, it gave us the chance to do some new stuff… more freedom.

Gavin was eager to eat Teo’s load, and Teo himself suggest that after he dumps his load to go down for a cum-soaked kiss. While I don’t think he is ready to eat another guy’s load yet, he certainly went for it.

He’s nutted in his mouth by accident so it didn’t seem like it would be too hard to try. To be honest, I think most of it went down Gavin’s throat anyway, but you gotta give Teo props for trying something new!

You might have to replay the cumshot over and over as you watch Gavin squirt just as Teo fills his mouth! What Timing!”

– Download this hot scene at Chaosmen


July 20, 2009

EnigmaticBoys: New photos of Stanley

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Euro-twink porn site EnigmaticBoys.com released some new pics of sexy boy-hunk Stanley! Enjoy the sample pics …

stanley7_enigmaticboys_02 stanley7_enigmaticboys_10 stanley7_enigmaticboys_03 stanley7_enigmaticboys_09

(Photos: EnigmaticBoys)

July 18, 2009

LucasKazan: Sexy stud Paulo Cruiser

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LucasKazan: Sexy stud Paulo Cruiser

LucasKazan writes:

“Paulo is 19. He has been a boxer for four years and wants to become a world-class champion. Watch him train in the nude – with his red gloves on – and you’ll see he’s a champion already: his handsome, boyish face and his perfectly sculpted body remind me of Bill Henson. Yes, he’s this HOT!”

– Check out the preview clip
– See more of Paulo at LucasKazan.com

Lucas Kazan
July 17, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Luke Hamill fucks Josh

CorbinFisher: Luke Hamill fucks Josh

Corbin Fisher writes about this super hot scene:

“I’m thrilled to be releasing the first of many jointly-produced scenes featuring CorbinFisher.com and BelAmiOnline.com models! We shot a great deal of material with our guys and Bel Ami’s guys together on our recent trip to Europe, and this should give you a good idea of the hot stuff that was captured over there! Here, we have two full-length videos – one in which our Josh and Bel Ami’s Luke Hamill fuck, fuck, fuck and fuck like wild, and the other filled with loads of bonus footage from their filming session and other moments in Europe!

There was a great rapport between them from the start. Josh and Luke first met in San Francisco, when Luke and Dolph Lambert came out to shoot some G-rated still photos. Both Luke and Dolph speak fairly good English, and so were able to communicate quite well with our models. In some of the fun, playful photos shot in SF, as well as some of the racy and sensual photos shot in Europe, you can clearly see there was a connection between both Josh and Luke. They had similar senses of humor, spent a lot of time joking around and chatting, and were palling around like old friends.

They were the perfect pairing, as both were nervous about this scene and knew a lot was riding on it, yet were able to put one another at ease and get one another entirely caught up in some hot sex to the point where nerves were entirely forgotten.

Just watch these two go down on each other early in this video! They are literally gagging themselves on one another’s cocks, as if they were competing to see who could deepthroat the best. It got to the point where Josh was swallowing Luke’s dick down his throat so deep, he was bringing tears to his own eyes – and then going back for more!

If they weren’t swallowing one another’s cocks, they were eating out each other’s assholes, making out deeply and passionately, and doing whatever else two horny, young, energetic guys could get into!

Ultimately, that meant fucking. And Luke truly fucks the daylights out of Josh! He slowly slides his dick into Josh’s ass at first, but it’s not long before we’re treated to the sound of Luke’s balls slapping Josh’s flesh – and it’s loud! Their moans and groans are just as loud, though, and every one of Luke’s thrusts elicit a deep moan from Josh.

These two get into some pretty revealing positions while going at it, fucking all over the loft-bed they were in and using everything they could to get creative and crazy. At one point, Josh is hanging from the wooden ceiling beams as Luke thrusts up into him!

I’m sure they could have gone on forever, but it eventually gets to the point where both were more than ready to blow their loads, as well. Josh is the first one to shoot as Luke continues to drill his ass, and he fires off a massive load all over his chest and abs and clear up to his neck and face! Luke keeps pumping his hole a little while longer before pulling out of Josh’s ass, sliding up to where his dick is right in front of Josh’s face, and then giving Josh a hot facial that Josh could not have looked more happy to take!

I’d mentioned the bonus footage that accompanies this video, and there is a ton of it. There’s quite a bit of action in it, as well – outtakes from the actual filming of the scene itself! Before filming the scene, though, the guys got together with the gaggle of photographers capturing images of them (some of our crew and Bel Ami’s – you’ll even notice Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston among them!) and taking the still photos that accompany this video. It was a lot of fun watching them interact while taking those still photos and we’re sharing a lot of that footage here!

– Download the entire scene at Corbin Fisher

July 13, 2009

Cocksure Men: Arpad Miklos fucks Rod Daily

Mucho, macho, muscle daddy Arpad Miklos tackles toned, tattooed, and tanned Rod Daily in this new scene on CocksureMen.com.

Arpad wraps his huge bear paws around Rod and they pump and hump each other while making out passionately. Rod then wraps his mouth around Arpad’s huge member until Arpad decides it’s time to 69. They suck each other endlessly until Arpad eats out Rod’s sizzling ass, getting it primed and ready for the fucking of it’s life.

Arpad towers over Rod and shoves his meatstick in and out. Rod wants more and hops on top to go for a hot ride. After getting fucked reverse cowboy, Rod takes some time out to pay homage to Arpad’s massive feet. As much as Arpad love the attention, he wants right back in Rod’s hungry hole. Rod loves it so much he cums all over his ripped abs while getting fucked. Arpad soon leaves a deposit of his own all over hot Rod.

– Download the full-length scene at CocksureMen

July 7, 2009

SexGaymes: Muscle hunks Tibor and Levente fuck

SexGaymes writes:

“Tibor is one brave guy to go one-on-one with Levente. The guys is not so much boxer as professional wrestler, he’s massive. Despite his courage, poor Tibor is knocked out, only to be awoken by some a spit of water and a passionate kiss from his sparring partner. Now it’s time for a round in a different kind of ring, by which we mean Tibor’s. Holding the ropes, these two smooth muscle boyz go at it in a match you’re going to love.”

– Download the entire scene at SexGaymes.com

Raging Stallion
June 24, 2009

Hunk ‘o the day: Marcos


Marcos is a 30-something hunk from Brazil .. and definitely the hottest stud on BangBangBoys.com!

He has a manly sexy face, and his pumped up, bodybuilder physique is a knockout.

But what really sets him apart from all other models is how much he gets into jerking off his cock for you and how much cum he blows once hes finished!

marcos_02 marcos_03 marcos_04

(Photos: BangBangBoys)

(Video: BangBangBoys)