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April 19, 2012

Men.com: Robert Van Damme fucks Kyle Quinn in “The Hot Mover”

Men.com writes:

“Kyle Quinn needs a big strong man to help him move and asks his friend Robert Van Damme if he would help out. Robert, always the nice guy agrees to help but when moving day arrives Kyle is all but useless which is pissing him off. Kyle doesn’t want his friend to be upset with him and offers him a deal, if Robert moves the rest of the stuff into the van Kyle will suck his dick!”

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April 18, 2012

UKNakedMen: Harry Louis fucks Shane Frost

UKNakedMen: Harry Louis fucks Shane Frost

In this scene from UKNakedMen.com, Shane Frost shows Harry Louis some hoop tricks and gets eight inches of uncut cock in him as a reward …

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April 18, 2012

HardBritLads: Luke Desmond gets fucked by straight lad Daniel Johnson

HardBritLads.com writes:

“Fit Hung Str8 Daniel goes all the way with Luke D, fucking his face, sucking his huge 9 incher, then fucking his arse in 3 awesome positions, making Luke spunk plenty, before shooting his load into Lukes face & mouth. Super Hot.”

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April 17, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Adrian Long and Tate Ryder flip-fuck on stage in “Open Bar”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Both Adrian Long and Tate Ryder know how to please their audiences: Adrian shows off the body of a model, while Tate’s wild sex appeal is enough to make any man hard.

Tate first demonstrates one killer pole dance before Adrian makes his move, wanting Tate to show him a new trick or two. They don’t get far with practicing, though: Tate and Adrian start out with a heavy make-out session before Adrian looses all of his clothes and pushes Tate down toward his erection.

Tate starts blowing Adrian while he shows off his round bubble butt, teasing Adrian to bite it through his black briefs. Tate continues to suck on Adrian’s uncut cock until the Aussie pulls his briefs down and presents his hole for an excited tongue bath.

Tate takes control of the situation when he stuffs his cock down Adrian’s throat before telling him to bend over. Adrian grabs onto the pole as Tate slips inside him and shows little mercy as he slams his cock into the Canadian model.

Tate bends over as Adrian resumes eating him out and slapping his cheeks before fucking Tate as hard as he deserves, and this bad boy deserves one hard rail after the other. Tate grapples the dance pole as he clenches his face up and groans with every pound Adrian delivers to his ass.

The scene turns beyond hot when Adrian lies down on the stage and Tate simultaneously rides the dance pole — and Adrian’s pole, too! They both hold out as long as they can before blowing their cum all over each other’s faces!”

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Lucas Entertainment
April 17, 2012

Randy Blue: Diego Sans fucks Jayden Tyler

Diego Sans fucks Jayden Tyler after giving him the hottest rim job in this wild hardcore video at RandyBlue.com!

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April 15, 2012

TrystanBull: Trystan fucks Cody Allen

TrystanBull.com writes:

“As a security guard at a posh hotel, Trystan Bull has seen little shits like Cody Allen before. Little know it all fucks with no concern for people around them. Little cocky, mouthy pricks who back talk authority, show a general lack of respect toward humanity and all in all, need to be taught a lesson.

This is pretty much why Trystan is in this line of work. So when he gets called to Cody’s room and the tv is blaring, Trystan does his professional duty and asks nicely for Cody to turn it down. No dice, predictably, which is what Trystan was hoping for.

So he pulls out his big stick and uses it to intimidate Cody, but don’t you know, the little fucker is just enjoying it. So Trystan whips out his other “stick” and crams it down Cody’s throat.

Finally Cody shuts his yapper and puts it to good use, choking himself on Trystan’s fully erect penis. Trystan fucks his mouth some but somehow feels that the lesson isn’t quite learned, so he mounts Cody from the back and fucks him silly til the dude finally gets it.

And by “it” I mean a nice cumshot all over his chest. “All in a day’s work,” Trystan thinks as Cody promises to be quiet for the rest of his stay.”

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April 14, 2012

Lucas Entertainment: Adriano Carrasco pounds Issac Jones in “The Last Day”

Lucas Entertainment writes:

“Damien Crosse has no need for friends — only fans — which is why he dispatches of Rafael Carreras after they’re done having sex. Unfortunately, getting rid of the body isn’t his only problem: he realizes that his lesser henchmen haven’t been paying attention to the hideout, and Jonathan Agassi slips by before they can catch him. But instead of a chase, Adriano Carrasco follows Will Helm and Kriss Aston and see where they live. He investigates to find Issac Jones at home. Issac is taken hostage and tied up outside by the pool; for being a hostage, he none the less has a bit of a smart-ass streak in him. He goads Adriano into letting his guard down by giving into his animal instincts.

Adriano first plants a kiss on Issac, who is defenseless to decline it. But despite being his captor, Adriano is gorgeous male specimen, and so long as the moment is available, he runs with it. They kiss and tease one another until Adriano takes his pants down and shoves his big, flopping uncut dick in Issac’s face. He doesn’t bother hesitating, and only opens up and lets Adriano face-fuck him, loosening up his throat and mouth for his captor’s pleasure.

Adriano first pumps Issac’s mouth before turning around and burying his ass and hole in Issac’s face and forcing him eat his butt out. Adriano trusts Issac and undoes his restraints, and when he’s free he wastes no time taking his clothes off and setting Adriano onto his own hard cock for a sucking. They take turns using their mouths on one another before Adriano gives Issac a deep ass-eating.

That signals that he’s ready to fuck: he puts on a condom and mounts Issac, fucking him deep; to hold Issac still, he wraps his muscular arms around his shoulders. Issac flips onto his back and throws his legs up into the air with his hole exposed and ready to be plunged.

While Issac is on his back getting fucked, his cock head swells before it explodes with cum, and Adriano follows soon after!”

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Lucas Entertainment
April 14, 2012

BelAmi: Mick Lovell and Manuel Rios fuck each other bareback (Parts 1&2)

BelAmiOnline writes:

“Mick Lovell has taken the porn world by storm and this week he turns it up another notch. See Mick Lovell in his first condom free scene with BelAmi big dick star Manuel Rios.

In part 1 Mick tops the muscle of ass of Manuel and makes him cum while fucking him.

In part 2 Manuel drills Mick with his huge uncut cock until Mick shoots a giant load. Manuel unloads an equally big load all over the sweet hole of Mick in a super hot finale!

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April 14, 2012

ManRoyale: Calvin Koons gets fucked by Luke Hass

Calvin Koons and big-dicked stud Luke Hass frolic by the pool in this hot scene at ManRoyale.com.

April 13, 2012

BiLatinMen: Peru barebacks Amargo

BiLatinMen.com writes:

“Peru is a hot top, so this time we matched him with professional bottom Amargo.

Peru’s thick uncut pito gets rock hard inside Amargo’s mouth. Then Peru tears up the bottom boy’s culo in all types of positions.

Watch Peru fuck with total passion and abandon as he tries to dig deeper and deeper into Amargo’s willing hole.”

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