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August 20, 2010

Randy Blue: Malachi Marx pounds Diego Sans

Malachi Marx returns to Randy Blue and to welcome him back he gets to plow the ass of the ultra-sexy Diego Sans.

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August 19, 2010

Hot House: Brandon Bangs fucks Lucas Knowles

Hot House Backroom writes:

“Brandon Bangs has a perfect cock; it starts out thick and spongy then snakes down your throat, making it a cocksucker’s dream. Brandon loves a good cocksucker so we hooked him up with Lucas Knowles who greedily swallows every inch of Brandon’s uncut meat. Brandon turns his attention to Lucas’ tight hole and orders him to open up for a wild fuck. Lucas hops on top and rides him until they both shoot their loads!”

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August 18, 2010

Englishlads: Jon Saunders fucks himself with a dildo

Englishlads.com writes:

“Str8 hunk Jon Saunders has been training harder than normal and when his top comes off you can see he has also been on holiday; his body is really well ripped and tanned to a dark brown tone making his blond hairs on his legs stand out even more than normal!

Jon strips to his briefs and as them get yanked down his uncut cock bounces into view; it is already a lot semi! A purple toy is soon parting Adam’s virgin hole, no toys have been there before, just his fingers in his last shoot and today he slides in a dildo gently easing in each inch til there is no more to go!

Jon is plugged and looking at how hard his cock has become its not a bad feeling either! Once his hole has expanded to its new intrusion Jon starts to pump his ass with ever increasing eagerness, more lube is soon needed to cool it down and as he giggles it some more Jon spurts cum all over his abs! Another hole willingly explored!”

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August 18, 2010

Stag Homme: Bruno Fernandez Gutierrez fucks Damien Crosse in “Barceloneta by Night”

StagHommeStudios.com writes:

“On enormous rocks covered with graffitti on the Spanish Barceloneta beach two horny fuckers record themselves getting it on with their camera on night vision.

As the Mediterranean waves crash against the rocks Damien tells Bruno to get down on his knees. Bruno starts sucking but Damien tells him to hold on a minute…. He’s got quite the piss load to unleash all over Bruno. He then comes back to Damien’s cock to get those last drops and then finish sucking him off till Damien busts a nut all over him.

Damien hands the camera to Bruno and gets down on his knees since his turn to swallow that big fat Catalonian cock. Bruno decides he wants more, so he sticks that monster dick of his deep into Damien’s hole. “Slowly, slowly!”, Damien begs. Bruno doesn’t pay him too much attention, until Damien finally can’t take it anymore and takes Bruno’s dick out of his ass, only to end up with all of Bruno’s thick whit splooge all over that pretty face of his!!!”

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August 16, 2010

Sean Cody: Jamie fucks Esteban

Sean Cody writes:

“Esteban and Jamie have a lot in common. They both wrestled in high school, and both are extremely hot and very horny! I thought it would be fun to get them together and although Jamie has always liked to get fucked by very large cocks (like Esteban’s), this time I wanted to let Jamie expand his horizons. Jamie and I were both very excited as this would be Jamie’s first time as a top!

“Well, I’m usually the top,” Esteban said, referring to his limited experience so far. “But today, I’m going to do something new.” “Are you excited, a little nervous, what’s going through your head?” “I’m a little nervous,” he replied.

Jamie was really sweet with Esteban — making out with him and sucking his cock. I saw Jamie’s eyes when he noticed how large Esteban’s cock is — almost as if he was second-guessing being a top this time around!

Esteban worked Jamie’s dick with his lips and tongue before sitting on it. I was surprised by how good Jamie was at fucking, and Esteban really seemed to enjoy it!

Jamie pounded into Esteban and stroked his big uncut dick, until finally Esteban came while Jamie was still inside him. Jamie eagerly licked up Esteban’s cum and then gave him a long, deep kiss.

Esteban finished Jamie off by fingering his asshole, making Jamie shoot his load all over his stomach. Although I still think Jamie loves to get fucked, he definitely loved this taste of something new!”

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August 16, 2010

Sean Cody: Football jock Julio busts a nut

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Sean Cody writes:

“Julio is all about life. He’s got the sweetest smile, a great chest, nice abs, muscular arms, thick hairy legs and a huge, thick uncut cock. Oh, and it was his 21st birthday. He was so excited to be in California to celebrate it that he had already planned out his evening adventures.

“What are you going to do special for your birthday?” “Probably go downtown, hit some of the clubs, have fun,” he said. “It’s going to be a blast!”

Julio loves football and the gym, and he is a car fanatic. He likes to work on them and race them. The best birthday present he ever received was from his mother — his first car that he still keeps shiny and waxed to this day.

At the park, Julio’s cock was obvious through his shorts. He was not shy at all about his body and even joked around while showing it off.

But damn that cock is huge! He sat on the bed and started stroking, working his balls and foreskin. Then he got up and used both of his hands on his fat dick. He ended up on the chair where he blew his load all over the place!

“So, how was the birthday orgasm?” “One of the best birthday orgasms ever,” he replied with a smile. “Now it’s time to go celebrate.””

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August 15, 2010

Falcon Studios: Brandon Bangs fucks Nash Lawler in “Depths of Desire, Part 1”

FalconStudios writes:

“Über-horndog Nash Lawler approaches Brandon Bangs and starts to manhandle the handsome young stud. He’s so impressed with Brandon’s muscled frame and the hefty jockstrap he’s packin’ that he can’t keep his hands off the goodies.

Nash unsnaps Brandon’s codpiece, frees the uncut dick buried inside and starts to suck it to hardness. Brandon gets so jazzed up that he demands his share of booty; he lays Nash down to suck on his erect cock and eat out his ass.

Craving more action, Brandon bangs Nash’s ass hard, driving his pole deep inside the hole until he climaxes and cums, squeezing every drop of juice outta his hooded piss slit. And Nash follows up jerking himself off excitedly and dousing Brandon’s face with his creamy load.”

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Falcon Studios
August 13, 2010

Hot Jocks Nice Cocks: Gavin Waters bangs Rusty Stevens

HotJocksNiceCocks writes:

“Gym buddies Gavin Watters and Rusty Stevens have been admiring their transforming bodies since they started working out together. It was only a matter of time till they compared arms, chests and legs. Lucky for us, they wanted to compare some other body parts as well.”

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August 13, 2010

BiLatinMen: Dice barebacks Ruthless

BiLatinMen writes:

“This is an incredible video where Dice fucks Ruthless super hard. Ruthless also got pounded mercilessly by Dumbo, but we think that maybe Dice fucks him harder. You be the judge.”

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August 12, 2010

Pride Studios: Mario Costa bangs Dylan Roberts

ExtraBigDicks.com writes:

“The Man, the Myth, the Cuban Legend is back on ExtraBigDicks.com with that 9″ uncut, monster python our members can’t seem to get enough of. We, of course, are talking about none other than Mario Costa. Mario is a 24 year old local boy; and he brings an awful lot to any table.

This week Mario helps us welcome a new face to EBD, Dylan Roberts. Dylan is 21 years old and from San Francisco, CA. Dylan was a huge success over on our brother site so we figured it was only fair to share.

They break the ice by kissing as their hands start to roam. His shorts come off as we see his tight jock strap struggling to contain its content. Dylan drops to his knees for a closer inspection and soon has a fat Cuban cock in his hands as it throbs for more than a handshake. Dylan obliges and takes that delicious meat in his mouth. Dylan then stands up and drops his own drawers and he isn’t skimping on portions either. Dylan has a rock hard, uncut cock that’s damn near 8″. Go White Boy! lol

Mario takes to it like a calf and sucks that rod like there’s candy on it. Dylan just watches as he gets his cock spit-polished by his Caribbean consort. Mario then puts Dylan on his back as he slowly starts to push his huge cock inside. It’s not going in without a struggle as Dylan tries his best to relax. He finally gets his knob inside and slowly but surely he manages to slide more and more in with every thrust until he’s fucking that hot ass deep.

Dylan can only groan and say his prayers as he moans and groans. His hot ass is stretched around that fat cock that’s now pounding his hole. Mario braces himself on the back of Dylan’s thighs as he pumps away at that tight ass. He bends Dylan over and starts to fuck him doggy style. His fat cock now slides in with less resistance and now Dylan’s not groaning in pain but in ecstasy. “Oh, that feels good” he moans as Mario continues to pump away at his ass. Dylan’s ass is getting a proper fucking, but wait—there’s more.

Mario sits back and has Dylan sit on his cock. He bounces on that cock as his eyes roll into this head. This position gets them both close to climaxing sooner than they wanted to as they dismount and cum all over themselves. Leche all around, Boys.”

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