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September 24, 2016

Men.com: Dalton Briggs, Dirk Caber and Vincent Diaz in “Stepdick, Part 4”

Men.com: Dalton Briggs, Dirk Caber and Vincent Diaz in "Stepdick, Part 4"

Men.com writes:

“Dalton, Dirk, and Vincent test just how oblivious Dalton’s mother is by having an all-out fuck fest just feet from her. Balls deep in pleasure, the three men are barely phased when they are finally caught cocks out in the living room.”

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September 10, 2016

Men.com: Dirk Caber fucks Vincent Diaz in “Stepdick, Part 2”

Men.com: Dirk Caber fucks Vincent Diaz in "Stepdick, Part 2"

Men.com writes:

“Vincent wakes up horny as fuck, and wants nothing more than to have Dalton Briggs help relieve him of his morning wood. Unsuccessful in waking Dalton from his slumber, Vincent takes matters into his own hands.

He’s in for quite the surprise when Dalton’s stepdad Dirk hops into the bottom bunk with him for some discrete fun while Dalton snoozes up top.”

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September 3, 2016

Men.com: Vincent Diaz rides Dalton Briggs in “Stepdick, Part 1”

Men.com: Vincent Diaz rides Dalton Briggs in "Stepdick, Part 1"

Men.com writes:

“Dalton Briggs and Vincent Diaz are enjoying some discrete fun while Dalton’s parents are out of the house.

Vincent goes down on him just in time for his stepdad Dirk Caber to walk in. It’s a close call for Dalton as he keeps the man whose lips are around his cock a secret from Dirk while they’re all in the same room together.”

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July 10, 2016

ChaosMen: Clyde and Franco fuck each other bareback

ChaosMen: Clyde and Franco fuck each other bareback
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Franco bangs Clyde’s tight hole before Clyde fucks two loads out of Franco – hot flip fuck update from ChaosMen.com.

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June 10, 2016

ChaosMen: Clyde fucks Noah Riley raw

ChaosMen: Clyde fucks Noah Riley raw
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Clyde is back at ChaosMen.com – hotter than ever, fucking Noah Riley bareback!

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June 10, 2012

ChaosMen: Clyde barebacks Allen

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Clyde is still working on his cock sucking skills. He really has a pretty strong gag reflex. I was hoping letting him have free reign to move about and suck would help, but he still looks like he is getting dental x-rays.

Allen hardly notices though, or at least his dick didn’t. One thing we have learned about Clyde is that getting his ass eaten makes him hard. So Allen went to town on his back door, and sure enough Clyde boner-ed up! Allen flips him over an gives him his trademark sloppy blow job.

Like you, I think the ass eating makes me think Clyde should bottom, but he has his hands firmly crossed on that. We will see, but he tends to be an “extra sensitive” guy, and there is quite a bit of fear there. Might not be able to overcome that.

We continue to try play to everyone’s strengths. I know Clyde likes to be ridden, and Allen likes to control the insert, so we start off with Allen riding Clyde. Clyde is a little wobbly so we get him upright and he got his momentum going.

Speaking of momentum, truly Allen loves being fucked. His dick just loves having something in his ass! Clyde really can stay hard as long as he is fucking full-speed, and thankfully, Allen enjoyed it.

I really wanted to do an undershot of Allen nutting, and it is pretty awesome to be underneath as Clyde slowly moves his dick around, making Allen shoot out giant jets of cum!

Clyde was pretty close to cumming while fucking, but I think after Allen’s intense cum shot, he was not up for Clyde fucking him till he nuts. So Clyde juices him instead, and overall, this match-up was stellar!”

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April 20, 2012

ChaosMen: Clyde barebacks Vander

Chaosmen.com writes:

“It was time for Clyde to suck some dick. I think he had done it once before, but he was certainly putting it off for me. I told him I would let him get by with one video, but after that, he needed to step up his game, after all, this IS gay porn.

I thought it would make it easy on him by blindfolding him, and having Vander use the rope cuffs on him. Make him feel “passive” about it…but also I didn’t want him to see how big Vander’s cock was.

For those of you guys who don’t think that most of these guys self-identify as straight, you likely will realize that Clyde is pretty dang straight. He does look ‘made to’ suck Vander’s cock, and though he is gagging and fighting back the urge to toss his lunch, he tries. He actually did um, urp up on one take. I think Taylor had the same problem with Vander.

I noticed right away while he was blindfolded that he was pretty much deep throating Vander’s dick… causing him to spew. Plus he was kind of trapped there and couldn’t pull away if his gag reflex was going into overdrive. So I had Vander take off the blindfold and told him every time he felt he was going to gag, to just lick around his cock. He did much better, and though there are some grimaces and dry heaves, he did a fine job with a very “Advanced” cock.

I also like the idea of Vander eating out his hot muscle ass, and I am a little irritated with myself that I didn’t catch/film continuously on the ass eating cuz Clyde had gotten a boner. I was REALLY surprised when Vander lifted back his cock and it was hard. Not that having your ass eaten isn’t arousing, but Vander has a lot of scruff that I thought would tickle him, plus he HAD just got done being throat fucked. I figured he would be down for the count.

So maybe the tying thing worked. It sure was easy to flip him on over to suck his hard dick. Clyde doesn’t wear deodorant, so Vander was in armpit piggy heaven licking his pit and sucking his cock.

You would think that Clyde would be getting fucked, but alas, he is likely not going in that direction (ok so he is a big baby about it..but so was Taylor!) Vander just goes from sucking him to sitting on his cock.

Clyde is pretty dominant and he loves to be serviced in any way. Fucking in any position he is dang good at.

Apparently too good. If you notice, Vander accidentally dumps his load while riding Clyde’s cock. Gotta give Clyde AND Vander props. Clyde stayed hard with another guy’s jizz on him, and Vander just kept at it until his dick woke back up again. Vander said at the time he didn’t cum “all the way” but after reviewing the footage, he pretty much busted!

As for Clyde cumming, he does have the one issue where he has to fuck someone till he cums. He is terrible at jerking-off. I think he grew up humping his pillow, which is hard to do on a porn set.

Vander was certainly ready to take his load deep inside like Solomon did, but I didn’t want to duplicate the same thing for those of you who cry, “Fake!” for internal cumshots…even though everyone keeps requesting it. It is kind of a No Win situation.

So he busts all over his hole and shoves it in. What is awesome is there is cum dripping out of Vander’s hole, and Vander just busts out his second load! My “under light” gets in the shot as I wasn’t totally ready for him to bust, but it is pretty damn hot!

Vander came with his own idea about the ending. He really loves it when a guy gets dumped in, then the Top goes around and makes him clean his cock off. He really wanted it to be shot continuously so there was no doubt he was having to clean his own cum of Clyde’s dick. I did have to get out of the way, but believe me, Vander is eating Clyde’s load fresh from his own ass.

Vander left that shoot EXTREMELY satisfied! I think you will too!”

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February 17, 2012

ChaosMen: Clyde creampies Solomon

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Clyde is like most first-timers. They just want to Top, and they don’t want to suck dick. Baby steps.

Clyde wasn’t very confident going into this. As I mentioned before, he is used to fucking girls or getting blown by girls till he cums. He is unbelievably bad at jerking his own cock. (How is this possible?!) But I knew that once Solomon got a dick in his ass, and after the initial penetration, he could take a beating and Clyde could just fuck him until he cums.

Well, Clyde gives him a pounding that’s for sure. He is not graceful or smooth when he fucks. I think “jack-hammer” would be good adjective for his technique. Poor Solomon. He really just kind of “takes it” for the first portion of the video- face buried into the mattress. The dude loves to give and receive pain, but as far as anal play goes, he is still pretty..ummm..uptight.

Solomon HAS come a long way in a short while. He can now suck dick without flavored lube (yep, trade secret!) and actually really set his mind to getting Clyde’s cock hard. Took him a bit, and he looks very intense (when does he not?) but he seems to have had an epiphany when it comes to sucking dick. He took charge.

I think it helped that he thought Clyde was in fantastic shape and though I don’t think he would admit it, thought that Clyde was hot. He also liked that after only a few videos, he was taking a newbie through his paces. Maybe a little proud that only a few short videos ago, he was the one unwilling to suck dick.

Just like Solomon’s first video, I try to get the other model, Clyde, to at least reach out and jerk-off the other dude. Baby strok…steps.

When it came to the fucking though, Clyde stays amazingly hard. It may be hard to tell, but I don’t think Clyde’s dick goes limp once. A couple angles it looks like Solomon is riding a soft cock, but if you pay attention, Clyde will pull out just enough and the dude is buried balls deep inside of Solomon. I need to teach Solomon to take longer strokes, but he was bouncing up and down on Clyde’s dick like it was an exercise ball.

We get Solomon on his back and he is writhing around in pain/ecstasy. You can hear him whimper on occasion. Does he like it? Does he hate it? I can’t tell because he is such a sadomasochist.

I’m down on the ground filming the undershot, and Solomon is tossing and biting pillows. I had no idea! He eventually starts stroking his cock and I scramble to catch his cumshot. I have to admit, he usually struggles to nut, but this time it was easy.

Meanwhile Clyde is telling me that he can cum too if he can just fuck Solomon a few seconds longer. Solomon was about to say, “No!” but Clyde was “There.”

I’m get back down on the ground to catch it, but the dude, totally unloads inside of Solomon. Just like I thought he would. Something the audience has been asking for over and over. I usually avoid this, cuz some cry “Fake” but mostly, you just never know what is going to spill out besides cum…ruining a good breeding shot. Thankfully, only a slightly discolored cum oozes out.

Solomon is so pleased to have unloaded easily AND Clyde came quickly that he is just completely wiped out while trying to push out the cum for us. I don’t think I have video ending quite like this.

I kind of left me getting up from underneath so I could catch it all, but I think it adds to it, despite it being very amateur.

I even talk a bit to the two of them as Solomon lays in a pile of his own jizz while cum oozes out of his hole.

I think it is a perfect ending for a perfect ending!”

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February 2, 2012

ChaosMen: Clyde gets serviced

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Clyde had done an oral video once before, but I wanted to take him through the paces in case he wants to do more later on. Get a feel for how well he interacts with other models.

I had Brooks in to do the honors of blowing him, and I think Clyde was actually looking forward to having a gay guy blow him this time. True to our claim to fame, Brooks did us gay guys proud by blowing the…socks off of Clyde.

It is just so awesome to see Clyde’s cock so hard. He’s barely looking at the TV, and though there is some delivery of lines that made even Brooks laugh, he seems to be genuinely into getting his cock sucked.

If you remember last week, Clyde SLAMMED his cock into his FleshJack in order to cum. He grabs Brooks head and basically does the same thing.

There is always debate when a model unloads inside of a model. I don’t do it very often, despite tons of request for “Cum inside the dude” requests. I don’t do it ‘cuz someone always chimes in that it is fake.

Well, Clyde just busts completely down the back of Brooks throat, not leaving much in the way of evidence. We do squeeze some out his piss slit and Brooks had some on his knuckles, for the ending pan and photos, but for the most part, Clyde coated that back of Brooks throat.

I dunno. I think it is hot to see his body cum, knowing Brooks is choking down his load.

We don’t get too many guys willing to suck back a load, so I am super happy to have Brooks helping Service the guys. I asked him if there was any in his mouth to spit out, but when you watch Clyde cum, you know there was no where else to go but right down the gullet!

After working with Clyde on a few sex films (yep they’re coming!) Clyde makes it a habit of unloading inside of a dude. It’s seems to be the only way for this guy who doesn’t really know how to jack-off (?!?!?) to nut.

So fans of true Breeding will be happy, while the some of you will, as always, remain skeptical. But it is one of the most requested “endings” so we shall see what everyone says.”

– Download the full scene at Chaosmen.com

January 24, 2012

ChaosMen: Clyde busts a nut

Chaosmen.com writes:

“Clyde has done some video work before, and decided he wanted to come play at ChaosMen. He is a bit of home boy, and has the “chill dude” thing going on.

For his Solo I wanted to do something different. Clyde told me he doesn’t jerk-off very much but has had good luck with FleshJacks. I have been wanting to try to mix-up the solos a bit, but it is hard because there is just only so much one can do when beating-off.

I love the idea of guys at home, on a computer or tablet, rubbing-one-off to my stuff. In my mind, watching a guy sit at a desk jerking off has kind of become a small fetish. I like the “Spy On Them” feel to them, and watching them get lost in their own world.

I kind of didn’t give Clyde very much direction as I just wanted him to do his thing. He ended up playing to the cameras a bit, breaking the fourth wall. Another challenge was trying to get him to showcase his ass while sitting in a chair. I know many of you may not care about the dude’s cock at all, and just want to imagine fucking him. So he did his best to show-off his hairy hole.

For the cum shot I told him to just sit in the chair and go till he nuts. I don’t think in the thousands of videos I have shot, I have had anyone jump up and completely move out of position where they were at…which is what Clyde did!

So basically I got a close-up of his dick busting in 3 angles. I really like the three angles I get cuz I want to see a guy’s face when he is cumming. A little disappointing, but hey, we REALLY get to see his dick cum!

Regardless of that flub, it is a different solo than what I normally have, and you have to admit, this kid is H.O.T.!

Stick around for next week when Clyde shoots his load down the back of a guy’s throat!”

– See more of Clyde at Chaosmen.com