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January 11, 2018

Corbin Fisher: Beau works out Wesley raw

Corbin Fisher: Beau works out Wesley

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Though lately Beau has been showing off his talents as a bottom, he’s got a burning urge to fuck and lucky Wesley is left in the enviable position of getting to suck his thick cock, eat out his perfect, hairy ass, and then take a pounding from him all over the gym equipment!”

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November 20, 2017

Corbin Fisher: Wesley barebacks Dane

Corbin Fisher: Wesley barebacks Dane

CorbinFisher.com writes:

“Dane has been eyeing Wesley, eager to take his turn with the tanned, toned, Texas stud, and who can blame him? Wesley gets right down to business, going down on Dane, before smacking his own thick cock on Dane’s lips and sliding it inside his hot mouth, as Dane looks him in the eyes and jacks himself off.

After a long, sloppy blowjob, Wesley lays Dane down on the floor and pushes his entire dick into him, grinning as Dane moans loudly for him. Wesley bites his lower lip and relishes the way Dane’s tight ass feels around his cock.

Wesley fucks Dane all over the couch and the floor until they’re both on the edge of losing control. First, Wesley fucks Dane doggy style until he can’t hold off anymore and blast his load with a moan, and then Wesley cums in Dane’s mouth and Dane gives him a look of eager thanks.”

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