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October 31, 2009

Cocksure Men: Tyler Andrews fucks Zach Alexander

CocksureMen: Tyler Andrews fucks Zach Alexander

CocksureMen writes:

“Tyler and Zach find a nice shady spot and decide to ‘take a load off’. They lay out a blanket and get comfortable. Tracing each other’s bodies with their eyes; Tyler smooth and defined, Zach furry and chiseled, they begin to get undressed. Tyler has a beautiful cock, but Zach is packing a monster! Try as he might, Tyler cannot choke it down. Zach is ready to get fucked and Tyler happily obliges him, shoving his dick deep inside Zach’s hairy ass. Zach’s pounded doggie-style, goes for a ride on top, and finally gets his hole rooted missionary style until he can’t hold back any longer and cums all over himself, leaving his fur dripping with warm cum. Tyler cleans Zach up only to make a mess of his own moments later.”

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October 31, 2009

Videoboys: Jessy Karson pounds Damien Munroe

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Videoboys: Jessy Karson fucks Damien Munroe

Videoboys writes:

“Damien Munroe has been keeping the truth from us. First of all we didn’t realize that Damien really likes to play rough. Hard pounding, sweaty, rough. And second of all, we just found out that he has been indulging this desire for a week or so now with everyone’s favourite rough play master Jessy Karson. With this scene the truth comes out. Jessy and Damien recreated their first night together, or at least what we could fit into one scene. That is to say, 8 hours of extreme face fucking and extreme hole pounding distilled down into a 15 minute scene for our camera.”

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October 31, 2009

CorbinFisher’s AmateurCollegeSex: Kenny and Connor’s bi tag team

CorbinFisher's AmateurCollegeSex: Kenny and Connor's bi tag team

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Kenny’s first experience with guy/guy action was incredibly hot to film – he took to it extremely well, could not hide the fact that he was insanely turned on throughout, and obviously discovered he loved all the new feelings. He couldn’t help but enjoy most every aspect of that first time and, after that video, I simply had to get Kenny filmed in some more action with a guy!

Seeing just how he was able to totally let go and have fun had me suspect he’d do just as well in a guy/guy/girl threesome as he would one-on-one with another guy – all the opportunities, all those mouths and limbs and holes!

Recent Dean’s List honoree Connor made for a perfect partner here! Connor earned his spot on the Dean’s List by not only being a consistently hot performer, but by knowing how to take command of the action! He knows full well what it’s like being that guy experiencing new things in front of the camera, so knows how to put a fellow CF Stud at ease while at the same time getting them to do everything possible!

That shows here, as Connor knows all the perfect moments to press his lips against Kenny’s or put his cock in Kenny’s face to get sucked; he knows precisely when and how to make Kenny feel good and get him worked up and horny. The image of Ashley and Kenny trading off sucking Connor’s cock, while Connor towers above them as he’s standing up on the bed, is a hot one, indeed! As he starts to pump and thrust his hips forward and fuck Kenny’s mouth, Kenny eagerly sucks it for all he’s worth!

Both guys are having fun, and it shows in just how far ahead of them their hard dicks are pointing! To think that, without ever having arrived at CF, these guys might never have experienced the joys of a hot, bisexual 3-way!

They each take turns fucking Ashley, pumping in and out of her and getting off not only fucking, but having the other guy watch and watching in turn.

All of the hot fucking soon has Kenny eager to get Connor’s dick up his ass, and Connor lays back on the bed to let Kenny sit down on his dick! The look on Kenny’s face tells it all as Connor’s cock slides up in to him and he starts to bounce up and down on it! As much as he’s enjoying it, though, it only gets better once Connor takes charge of things! Connor is soon thrusting up in to Kenny fast and hard, as Kenny’s holding on, gasping with each pump, his head thrown back in pleasure!

Once Connor gets Kenny on to his hands and knees so he can fuck him from behind, Kenny’s dick is as hard as can be! Connor resumes fucking Kenny hard and deep, occasionally pulling his big dick all the way out so he can quickly bury it back in – all of which is driving Kenny wild!

Out of nowhere, Kenny’s cock starts oozing cum! He grips it and strokes it, gasping “Oh my god!” while spraying cum all over, as Connor continues to pump his ass! Immediately following Kenny’s orgasm, Connor pulls out to start shooting his own load all over!

Drenched in cum, his hole thoroughly fucked, Kenny has this blissful look on his face as Connor and Ashley then take turns kissing him!”

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October 30, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Dawson pops Brody’s ass cherry

CorbinFisher: Dawson pops Brody's ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Needless to say, I’m pretty excited about this one! Not only is chiseled and stunningly hot young Brody getting into some guy/guy action for the very first time, but he’s also taking things a step further and bottoming for muscled Dawson!

Switching things up and having Brody’s very first experience with another guy involve getting fucked was quite the big decision to make and, as you can imagine, quite the big step for him to take! I’d talked with him about doing some guy/guy work beforehand and, suffice to say, he took a bit of convincing. The prospect of ever doing anything with another guy had simply never been on his radar until he’d arrived at CF, and he just wasn’t all that interested in it. Ultimately, though, he agreed to give it a shot.

As soon as the action starts here, I think both of us were thinking, “This was definitely the right way to do it!”

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October 30, 2009

Fratmen: College jock Bryson

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Bryson is a guitar playing college freshman who likes to stay fit by rafting and mountain biking.

If you like all natural guys with long cocks and low hanging balls then you’ll love the two cum shot scenes in this video.

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October 29, 2009

Sean Cody: Pete gets double fucked by Matt and Doug

SeanCody: Pete gets double fucked by Matt and Doug

Sean Cody writes:

“The Hawaii trip was winding down. What started out as a vacation ended up being one hot fuck session after another! I was really surprised at how much fucking went on during our trip. I guess the hot weather and humidity will do that to you — especially if you’re young, hot, and horny!

Pete seemed to fit that category pretty well. That boy had a serious case of sex on the brain. It was literally all he wanted to talk about!

He had been double penetrated once and he wanted to try it again! So Matt and Doug fucked him both at the same time, and then took turns pounding his hole.

They all shot big loads at the end, which (I think) means they enjoyed it! Especially Pete… he was covered in it!”

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October 29, 2009

Randy Blue: Malachi Marx and Eddie Renzo at the gym

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RandyBlue: Malachi Marx and Eddie Renzo at the gym

Randy Blue writes:

“We put Malachi Marx in the Randy Blue Gym with Eddie Renzo and told him to act like they were in a pubic gym but no matter what he did, he would not get caught.”

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October 29, 2009

ActiveDuty: Colt, Kaden, Brian and Trent fuck each other in “Pullin’ Rank”

This week at ActiveDuty: Colt, Kaden, Brian and Trent fuck each other in "Pullin' Rank"

ActiveDuty writes:

“Today, in our Streaming Videos of the Week we are streaming the full second scene from Pullin’ Rank and it features Colt, Kaden, Brian and the long awaited return of that hot, sweet Marine, Trent. I just love those tight nuthuggers he wears with his cowboy boots and that big Texas belt-buckle. Trent is a horny little devil and he adds a lot of spice to things when he’s around.

In the second scene of Pullin’ Rank when Brian and Kaden are about to fuck him and Colt, Trent looks over at Colt just as Kaden gets his cock all the way inside him and says, “Feels good don’t it?” in this Texas twang that just drives you crazy. You can tell from that moment that Trent is here for the fun of it all and he loves the feeling of being rode hard and fucked good. He also loves to suck cock and shows off his skills on Colt’s massive meat and any others he can get his lips around. There’s no need for an instructional video to show Trent how to arch his back and take a cock like a pro, it just seems to come natural to this Marine. He arches that back and that beautiful milky-white ass just begs to be fucked. A top’s dream!”

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October 28, 2009

Cocksure Men: Dakota Rivers fucks Colby Keller

CocksureMen writes:

“Friends are great. Friends with benefits are better. Dakota and Colby are two friends who are hanging out under the hot California sun and decide to have some fun together. Clothes gone, they work each others cocks until both men are raging hard and ready to fuck. Colby arches back and Dakota eases his throbbing member slowly inside. Our bearded bottom moans wildly from the intense fuck Dakota gives him. Both men can resist no longer and Dakota cums all over Colby’s dick which immediately bring Colby over the top, releasing a thick wad of cum all his own.”

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October 28, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Vince bangs Micah

CorbinFisher: Vince bangs Micah

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Micah’s a guy I saw a great deal of potential in when he first arrived at CF. He was very upfront and open about the fact that he loves sex and can hardly get enough, he has an incredibly defined body, and he’s cute as heck! I really wanted to ensure he had the opportunity to fully meet that potential once we got him in to guy/guy action, and there’s no better way to do that than to get a guy to bottom and bottom often!

Sure enough, the more Micah did in front of our cameras, the more he totally let loose and better he kept looking! Here, with Vince, he’s again taking on a fellow CF stud’s big dick and doing a great job of it!

As the two kiss, their roaming hands gradually peel off one another’s clothes until they’re able to grip each other’s cocks and stroke one another. After pulling on Vince’s big dick for awhile, Micah then licks his way down Vince’s chest, reaches Vince’s cock, and starts to suck it. We’d all joked with Micah at one point or another that he has himself a definite set of “DSLs” (Dick-Sucking Lips!), and he puts those lips to work on Vince’s cock here. Sucking it and paying special attention to licking around the head, Micah soon has Vince moaning in approval.

They break from the sucking so that Micah can turn around, get on his hands and knees, and present his ass to Vince. Vince quickly buries a finger in it, moving it in and out and getting Micah’s hole ready. Vince gets two fingers in to Micah’s ass, asking Micah if it feels good and if he’s liking it. Micah moans about how good it feels, and that’s all Vince needs to know that Micah’s ready to get fucked!

Vince starts to push his uncut cock against Micah’s hole, getting a bit of resistance at first and even commenting on how tight it is. It seems that just makes Vince more eager to get his dick buried in to Micah, so he keeps up the pressure until his whole cock has slid in.

Both of these guys are talkers, and they can’t stop mouthing some dirty talk to one another as Vince starts to pump in and out of Micah’s hole. It’s subtle, passionate talk and it’s clear from what they’re saying to one another they’re both incredibly turned on by it all, Vince thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to fuck Micah’s tight hole and Micah unable to get enough of Vince’s cock inside him.

Micah’s ass is looking as hot as ever as it’s split apart by Vince’s dick, and soon Micah has Vince on his back so he can ride him and move up and down on it. Micah looks completely fascinated by the sight of Vince’s cock sliding in and out of his hole, and can’t help but turn around to check it out in the mirror!

“It looks so hot! Your dick looks huge!” He says, as he watches himself get fucked by Vince. I knew setting a mirror up in the room would make for some cool filming opportunities, but didn’t realize just how much the guys would enjoy it! Micah can’t get enough of seeing himself get fucked, and it’s obviously turning him on!

Ultimately, Vince gets Micah on to his back so he can pump him harder and faster, and that’s all it takes for Micah to blurt out, “I’m about to cum!” He does just that, shooting his load all over his abs as Vince continues to fuck him. We know by now that Vince is incredibly turned on by seeing another guy cum, and he immediately follows up Micah’s load with his own as he pulls his dick out to cum all over Micah as well!”

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