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December 31, 2009

Sean Cody: Heath fucks Trent

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Sean Cody writes:

“Trent is an open book. I think he just says whatever comes to mind without any kind of censoring going on at all.

We were getting ready for the shoot and Heath was naked, lifting some weights to get the blood pumping. That was the first time Trent saw him naked. Of course, Heath’s dick was out there, swinging all over the place. “Dude!” Trent said. “Your cock is huge!”

Heath smiled and before I knew it they were comparing cocks, biceps, and chest hair patterns. The chest hair thing became the “big deal” because they both have an almost identical triangular pattern. That was really the only similarity I saw, though. Trent has put on even more muscle, but Heath is definitely bigger.

Trent has really taken to getting fucked. I mean, he just seems to love it! He LOVED riding Heath’s big cock!”

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December 31, 2009

Broke Straight Boys: Jimmy and Austin fuck each other

Broke straight boys Jimmy and Austin fuck each other’s tight asses for cash!

Broke Straight Boys
December 31, 2009

ActiveDuty: Dorian fucks Diego’s tight Marine ass in “Pullin’ Rank 3”

Active Duty writes:

“This week we are streaming the first full scene of Pullin’ Rank 3 for you in the Streaming Videos of the Week section which features Dorian and Diego in one hell of a hot duo scene.

Watching a big muscled Marine manhandle a smaller, hard-bodied devil dog is something special. Things kick off with these two Marines talking about their tattoos and lead into Diego feasting on Dorian’s really hard cock. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen anyone any more hungry to chow down on a nice hard cock than Diego. And Dorian is right in there with him. The passion between these two is something else. You can just smell it as you watch them breathing hard and getting so into each other.

Once Diego has gotten his hungry mouth fed by Dorian’s hot cock, Dorian returns the favor with just as much hungry passion. You’d swear they’d both been waiting on this moment forever. Pullin’ Rank 3 gives them that chance. After he’s serviced Diego, Dorian wants more of Diego’s hot little mouth and Diego obliges by going back to work on Dorian’s cock while he strokes his own hard cock fast. One word keeps popping into mind as you watch these two: hungry! And that’s what they are for one another.

Diego can’t stand all the heat any longer. He’s got to have Dorian’s cock in his tight little ass and Dorian is more than ready to give him exactly what he wants. Dorian starts out fucking him doggy style to get his tight ass loosened up. He’s showing Diego just what it means to be Pullin’ Rank and Diego is liking the authority that Dorian is showing as he pounds his tight little ass from behind.

But all Marines want control and Diego is no exception. Once his ass is opened up, he decides it’s time to ride Dorian’s cock and he does just that. Diego knows how he likes it best and when he climbs on top of a hot cock he knows how to ride it. Check out the description of Pullin’ Rank 3 and see how it all unfolds.”

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December 31, 2009

ChaosMen: Hagan “Edge”

Chaosmen writes:

“How about an Edge video for last video of 2009?

Since Hagan appeared on the site, you may notice it’s only been orally-oriented videos. With his dick size, great looks, and awesome body, he is eager to do straight porn. But apparently there is a line around the block of dudes willing to fuck porn chicks, and for practically free.

After his mutual blow job with Parker, he was trying hard to get hooked up with one of the straight companies, but was not making much progress. Rent and bike payments eventually came due, and at the last minute he was texting me for more work, but still not willing to do more than oral. ~sigh~

He had heard about the Edge videos and suggested doing it. I told him that it’s just me basically giving him another blow job, and I wasn’t too sure the audience wanted to see me blow him again.

But at the same time, I have had such luck getting the guys to come back to do ‘more’ after these Edge videos, that I thought it might be worth having him come out to do one. Maverick is a perfect example. I just kept sucking away until he gave in!

Plus, I admit, the image of him tied-up and bound in the silver chair- it’s a powerful image!

As always with these films, I struggle to find new and different fantasy elements to do with the guys that still fit in their rather narrow boundaries. I did push him here and there, and my cumshot is actually kind of cool, cuz I TOTALLY surprised him with what I was up to. So just know that was very unexpected for him!

I do hope he comes back for more. He is super easy to make cum, and that cock and body is amazing. I just don’t know who would be willing to sit on that cock of his! So him sticking to oral only may really be all I can get him to do. But ya never know!”

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December 30, 2009

College Dudes: Ben Moore gets serviced by Jack Griffin writes:

“Since Ben Moore first stripped down and showed us his beautiful bod, we have been begging this stud to come back for more. Ben, however, has been more than a little iffy about doing guy-guy vids. Thankfully, Ben finally relented and agreed to get serviced by our resident hottie Jack Griffin! Since this was Bens first time with another dude, we wanted to make sure he was very relaxed, and thus Jack starts off with a nice long and slow massage to get everyone in the mood. This tactic seems to work, because it was not too long before Jack was sticking his tongue in Bens ass, and by the end of the massage, Ben is standing at attention!

After a hot full body and foot massage, with a little ass-play, Ben Moore is ready to let Jack Griffin go all the way. Jack takes advantage of Ben’s stiff cock and carefully licks, sucks, and swallows Bens hot cock – by the look on Bens face you can tell he is loving it. Jack gets Ben to hike up on all fours for a proper ass-licking, and Jack gets Bens virgin asshole wet while Ben moans. Lastly, Ben slides his dick down Jacks throat again and face fucks him until he cannot control himself anymore – blowing an enormous load on Jacks face. Jack cleans off Ben’s cock, cumming a big load himself. These two end up happy and satisfied, especially Ben!”

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December 30, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Elijah pops Mario’s ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes:

“When Mario joined us for his very first shoot (out at the rural, farm location) he hinted this day might come! Though straight, Mario came to CF knowing that if a guy was going to make some good money making videos, he’d eventually have to give some guy/guy action a shot.

He’d considered that even before he came out to shoot for us, and made up his mind that he’d not only try things out, but also totally let loose, have as much fun as possible, and really do the best he could! That was evident when we saw him get into his very first bit of guy/guy action fucking Trey! It’s entirely evident here, too, as Mario gets fucked by Elijah and for the very first time ever!”

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December 30, 2009

Broke Straight Boys: Blake, Jeremy and Austin fuck for cash

Blake Jeremy and Austin are in this hot 3 some together … What will these boys do to pay the bills? Check it out to find out!

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December 29, 2009

Randy Blue: Bruce Holman shows off his monster cock

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Randy Blue writes:

“In many parts of the world it is wintertime. Snow has fallen and many people are bundled up in their homes with the furnace blasting or a roaring blaze in the fireplace. We at Randy Blue would like to bring you a little bit of California sunshine along with a sexy little number we like to call Bruce Holman.

How can you not love a guy who lists among his hobbies clay pottery, masturbating and paper mache. He’s a real hottie with a dick that could choke a horse. And he was having such a hot time jerking it that we almost didn’t want to pull away to show his ass. But I know how much you guys love ass and really, Bruce loves playing with his, so who am I to complain?

Bruce is such a nice guy too. We had a great conversation after the shoot was over and he just had me in stitches. I asked if there was anything he wanted the Randy Blue members to know about him and he very earnestly replied, ‘I can do push-ups with my cock’. I still don’t know if he was kidding or not.

So regardless of whether you watch this video picturing yourself lounging poolside with Bruce catching some rays or if you picture yourself doing your absolute best to deepthroat that ginormous cock of his, we hope you’ll enjoy this hot as fuck video.”

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December 29, 2009

Corbin Fisher: Sexy jock Chet rubs one out

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Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s always fun having a model like Chet come out for a shoot. Chet’s a quiet guy by nature, and spent a lot of time while out for his shoot reading and studying. Smart is sexy! He’s visibly nervous as the cameras start rolling here, even when he’s talking about his new bulldog puppy (feel free to say, “Awww!”).

Sure enough, though, we see him break out into that sexy smile of his as Pete gets him to open up about some of his sexual experiences and preferences – and it is definitely a sexy smile! I suspect his lips will win him over many a fan at CF!

Chet loves Latin girls – darker features are a definite favorite of his. Further, despite his being a bit nervous as things kick off here, he opens up about having quite the wild side in bed! He likes being a bit rough, and some lucky girls have been on the receiving end of that intensity!

As his clothes start to come off, we see his muscular arms and chest, and that tuft of chest hair. Chet’s a baseball player, wrestler and waterpolo player, and you can tell he’s quite the athlete from that build of his. He has nicely defined pecs, and his arms are pretty impressive.

Things just get hotter as the rest of his clothes come off and he slides those boxerbriefs down to reveal some low-hanging balls and a hot dick. He gets hard pretty quick, and is soon eagerly stroking that cock of his for us.

There are several points where you can tell he’s getting quite the kick out of the fact that he’s here jerking off for us, from the way he reacts to some of Pete’s comments (Chet had never been complimented on those low-hanging balls of his, and couldn’t help but laugh when Pete said something about them!) to that smile he breaks out into when he glances over at the mirror to check himself out real quick.

Hopefully he realized, with that quick glance in to the mirror, just how hot he looks! I know I certainly did while seeing him jerk off and seeing him shoot that big load up his chest!”

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December 28, 2009

Next Door Studios: Mason Wyler fucks Tex Ryder writes:

“WHOA! Tex Ryder just got busted by Mason Wyler! Tex thought it would be okay to jerk off to some porn in Mason’s room before Mason arrived back home. He thought he had plenty of time, so he didn’t lock the door.

You probably could’ve guess that Mason has a sixth sense for knowing when he’s missing out on something going on in his own room. Just as Tex was about to really get into it, Mason catches him red-handed. But don’t worry, Tex! Mason has an even better idea. How about instead of masturbating to porn, you take Mason’s hard cock in the ass??

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