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September 30, 2010

Falcon Studios: Jayden Grey and Brandon Lewis bang each other in “Layover – Los Angeles, Part 3”

FalconStudios writes:

“Brandon Lewis finds Jayden Grey so intoxicating, so digestible that he can’t help but wrap his arms around him and smother him with kisses. Jayden is equally enamored with his big-dicked buddy and quickly shows his appreciation by sucking on his salami, feeling it get thicker and harder with each loving slurp.

Brandon then gets his turn to feed on Jayden’s cock, almost gagging with his efforts. Next he lays back and contorts into a pretzel position, exposing his ass for Jayden to rim and prep for their big fuck. And Jayden delivers, drilling him fast and rough.

The guys switch it up and Jayden screws himself onto Brandon’s pole and rocks back and forth. They finish themselves off by hand and blast their manjizz all over.”

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Falcon Studios
September 30, 2010

NakedSword: Hot Desert Knights’ “Raw Weekend Reatreat” writes:

“Ardon Masters is back with a vengeance in “Raw Weekend Retreat.” Ardon and friends take the motor home and go on a weekend retreat to a private home located on a scenic river and deep in the woods. As the temperature outside begins to drop the temperature inside begins to heat up as Ardon fucks his way from one friend to another.”

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September 30, 2010

ChaosMen: Danny and Jamison get serviced writes:

“If you have been following along with the solos, then you know Danny and Jamison are Best Friends.

For some reason, they didn’t think they could do a side-by-side jerk-off, well, not without cracking up too much. But getting blown at the same time sounded easier to do.

I’m glad they did the Serviced instead of the side-by-side, cuz you can just tell it was a bit awkward for them. More so I think for Jamison, who fortunately was closer to the TV. Which they both pay a lot of attention to.

You can really see the height difference between these two. Jamison is about 5”6” while Danny is 6’3”.

I was kind of excited because in the many years of this site, I have never had two guys getting Serviced at the same time! A ChaosMen first (I know, so sad!)

I’ve watched a lot of guys get Serviced. It’s one of my favorite type of videos (Obviously!). One thing I have never liked is when there is only one guy doing the blowing. Works fine if the guys getting head are gay and can wait their turn. But the straight guys just lose their hard ons when no one is paying attention to their cocks.

So I join in for a lot of the video, tag-teaming with Ransom to suck and rim both boys.

After we get both boys riled up, I step away on occasion and let Ransom handle both boys at once.

I dunno, I like this video. It still has the rhythm of my Serviced series, but has twice the meat, and twice the special sauce!”

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September 29, 2010

Falcon Studios: Parker London bangs Jake Austin in “Dripping Wet 3”

Check out Parker London as he bangs away at Jake Austin’s tight ass in Falcon Studios’ “Dripping Wet 3”!

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Falcon Studios
September 29, 2010

Corbin Fisher: Cain fucks Justin

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Surfer dude Justin has totally gotten into the guy/guy action here at CF. His pairing with Connor was so hot, I didn’t want to waste any time getting him to ride the wave of one of our other hot tops – Cain!

Cain kisses Justin. They lose the shirts and Cain flexes his huge bicep. Justin worships it, kissing and rubbing it. Cain lays him down, kissing him from head to stomach.

Pulling out Justin’s cock, Cain sucks it. You get so used to seeing Cain be totally dominant, that you forget that he can suck dick with the best of them. He enjoys it so much, doing to Justin what he loves getting done to him.

Cain swallows Justin’s cock deeply, spits on it, and slaps it against his tongue. “You’ve got some big balls,” he tells Justin. He sucks away, playing with Justin’s nuts, then stroking and sucking his shaft more.

Then it’s Cain’s turn! He pulls back Justin’s hair and starts skullfucking him. Cain’s dick is so big, it’s hard to find a guy who can swallow it all, but Justin makes a valiant effort. Then Justin concentrates on swallowing Cain’s nuts while Cain strokes his cock.

Cain tells him he can’t wait to shove his cock in his ass, and Justin says he can’t wait for it. Justin gets on all fours while Cain licks his fingers and teases Justin’s ass, getting it ready.

“Oh my God, it’s so hard to get in there!” Cain says. He keeps teasing that hole, pushing the head in and out slowly. It takes a little time, but he’ll make sure Justin will be able to take it all!

Once Cain penetrates Justin’s ass, he goes for broke. He drills into him, holding onto Justin’s shoulders so he can shove it as far in as possible. Justin cries out in ecstasy at the bigger guy’s cock going all the way in.

Cain lies on top of Justin and kisses his shoulder as he slides back into that tight hole. Cain pulls back Justin’s hair, and Justin moans even louder with pleasure. Cain’s own big balls slap against Justin’s ass as he pounds him.

Flipping Justin on his back, Cain goes in missionary style. His huge pecs bounce as he slams his cock deep into the smaller guy. Justin kneads the head of his cock and it explodes with cum all over his stomach.

Cain keeps pounding, then pulls out to shoot his thick load all over Justin’s balls, shaft and stomach. This surfer definitely hung ten today!”

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September 29, 2010

Randy Blue: Chris Bines blows Max London

Randy Blue writes:

“Chris Bines loves cock. Sucking cock is one of his favorite pastimes. And when he got a look at Max London’s thick piece of tube steak his eyes got real big and his eyes began to water.

Seeing these guys together you get the feeling that they would rip each other’s clothes off at any moment if given the chance. Well, we gave them the chance and within minutes they were naked and working over each other’s bodies like hungry animals.

There are just not enough redheads in the adult industry and one look at Max’s patch of bright red pubes will have you wishing for more. Chris totally got off on having all those red hairs in his face as he swallowed Max’s huge dick, nostrils filling with his musky man scent, fingers running over the ridges that form that perfect V just under a stomach so tight you can bounce quarters off of it.

And while Max may still be getting used to messing around with other guys he sure as hell recognized a perfect blowjob, enough to grab Chris’ hair and begin fucking his face. Meanwhile Chris just kept gobbling up every inch of Max’s mighty member until Max shot a nice big load all over his Chris’ chest, splashing some right onto that handsome face of his.”

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September 29, 2010

Cocksure Men: Trent Locke pounds Alex James writes:

“Trent Locke and Alex James are laying about enjoying a cold beer and a hot porno. It’s pretty obvious where that’s going to lead and within moments Alex and Trent are playing tonsil hockey.

Alex has a ripped body and a sexy southern accent. Trent is a furry beast with a sly grin that will have you hard in seconds flat.

That’s exactly what happens to Trent as Alex bobs up and down on his cock. He then puts that hard dick to work, fucking Alex’s super-tight ass. Trent is easy on Alex at first, but once he loosens up that tight hole he really starts to pound him good. Both guys shoot their juicy loads onto Alex’s washboard stomach leaving him a hot, sweaty, cummy mess.”

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September 28, 2010

All-AmericanHeroes: Petty Officer Clayton rubs one out

All-American Heroes writes:

“Hot, ripped, and tattooed Petty Officer Clayton comes to us this week with stories of hooking up with his shipmates, fucking foreign military officers and getting randy alongside his bunk mates while they were still sleeping. He is from the East Coast and says he loves to fuck! Clayton is definitely eager to show off his furry pecs, nice muscular body and the way he works out his throbbing cock…

Massaging his dick through his white shorts, Clayton plays with his hard-on until he is finally ready to pull out his thick pole. Jerking up and down, muscles bulging in every stroke, he then pulls off his pants to get more comfortable. Feeling the urge for a little ass play, he bends over and slides a couple of fingers inside his pink hole. After stimulating his prostate for awhile and getting close to cumming, he gets up on his knees ready to release his load.

Clayton beats his meat furiously, where every single vein and muscle pulses with energy, eagerly awaiting a release. His swollen cock finally blows out a glorious load of white juicy nectar all over the couch. Breathless and exhausted, he sits back on his knees completely relieved.”

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All-American Heroes
September 28, 2010

College Dudes: Felix Boyd busts a nut writes:

Felix is a horny eighteen year old kid with a rock hard cock and a willingness to explore. When we met Felix he was very shy at first but very insistent about breaking into the biz. We did not doubt he had a chance when he took off his pants and his boner was rising through his undies!

Felix strokes his young cock up and down, gives us a show off his ass all covered with a a bit of hair, and then flips over and cums a gusher! His jizz was flying everywhere.

He told us later that he was so turned on by being filmed that he shot his biggest load ever.”

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September 28, 2010

ActiveDuty: “Rear Gunners 3”

Elijah has his video debut in ActiveDuty‘s “Rear Gunners 3” … with Dean, Cole and Chaz.

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