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April 22, 2011

TimTales: Olivier de Rénac fucks Joe Bexter writes about this hot scene:

“Olivier has become real popular since we had introduced him on Timtales. He is a real good bareback fucker. He goes deeeeep with his long hard uncut cock. Of course that hurts a bit. But you know it: No pain, no gain. :)

In this episode you can see him hardfucking Joe Bexter, who has appeared as a Top before on our site, but proves that he is really flexible and enjoys taking a good cock.”

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April 22, 2011

Machofucker: “Banging Adriano” writes:

“You guys remember this sexy Bottom stud from the “Rio cum slut” video?

Adriano was his name, and he is back on track, looking sexier than ever. A big Black dick fucks the hell out of him in this week’s update.”

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April 22, 2011

RagingStallion: “Live Sex” with hairy hunks Roman Wright and Heath Jordan writes:

“Heath Jordan and Roman Wright are two tight bears playing it up for the camera. Flexing, joking and laughing, it’s refreshing to see performers at ease connecting and being themselves.

Heath’s pale muscled furriness is well matched with Roman’s beefy brownness. Equally handsome, equally rugged and masculine, equally into each other. The video is a dream for men who like lots of rimming, kissing, connecting and cocksucking, and Roman has a big one that Heath can’t stop sucking on!

Finally is Heath on his back and Roman fixated in his blue-green eyes, fucking him as if he’s under a spell. Both men laying on one another when it’s time to release their loads. This may be directed by Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond, but it’s the natural chemistry that takes charge here, real men having real sex. We the audience just lucky to be there! And what a view.”

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April 21, 2011

ChaosMen: Kent, Nash and Kristopher fuck each other bareback writes:

“I had three eager guys wanting to try something new. A quick TagTeam adventure for your mid-week pleasure!

Kent was the most nervous, yet ironically stayed hard consistently, whereas Kristopher was excited, especially with the idea of being fucked and sucking a dick. The boy is straight, but he does love to perform, and a little anal stimulation does him good.

Nash was a little nervous after seeing Kent’s cock, but then realized he has taken much bigger.

I thought for sure Kristopher and Nash would ‘carry’ the film, but with Kent’s ever hard cock, and Kristopher’s on the set ‘directing’, they lead the way.

It’s so cool to see Kristopher just take charge of a situation. There is a moment when he was going to go sit on Nash’s cock then realizes it wasn’t gonna be hard enough to sit on, he switches gears and sucks on it, and then pulls Kent back into the scene, guiding Kent’s cock into Nash’s mouth as if to say, “Hey! Stay busy!”

We try a few challenging positions and I thought I had a bit more footage then I had, but a lot of it was scrambling to hurry and get a dick in a hole before it goes down. Not something to highlight.

But there are a couple cool highlights. We have seen Nash nut like 20 times by now (he is on hiatus for 6 months, though some other videos might still be due to release in the coming months), but this was a major nut for him!

Then Kristopher always needs something extra, like a vibrator on his dick, or a butt plug up his ass, to get him over the top.

When it came time to nut, all the other dicks were spent, and I think Kristopher was counting on some prostate stimulation to make him cum. We of course have a few toys around, and he sneaks a butt plug up there, pulling it out just after coming.

I will have to remember that trick with him the future, but frankly, I think with him, it always has to be something different. So, who knows? Maybe next time he will want a female blow up doll.

Overall, some super hot oral, nice fucking, and three awesome cumshots!”

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April 21, 2011

BiLatinMen: 3Trez bangs PYT writes:

“Members asked to see 3Trez back in action, so this time we teamed him up with 18-year-old newcomer PYT, an expert cocksucker with a nice firm ass.”

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April 21, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Sean pounds Dawson

Corbin Fisher writes:

“It’s an epic matchup when sizzling new freshman, Sean, dives into his first guy/guy action at CF with superstar icon, Dawson in this almost half-hour scene!”

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April 21, 2011

Randy Blue: Awesome solo set of Malachi Marx

Randy Blue writes:

Malachi Marx is very active, loves working out and doing lots of outdoor activities such as running, camping, mountain biking, rock climbing and something he calls ‘Ultimate Frisbee’. He also says he’s a big fan of eating delicious foods, which could make me totally hate him if I didn’t adore him so much. And while I love his friendly, playful side, he goes through quite a transformation when he’s naked and has his cock in his hand.

This guy feels sexual heat throughout his entire body. It’s so hot the way his hips lunge forward as he’s jerking his cock, so he’s not just stroking himself, he’s fucking his hand. But his whole body language shows off the pleasure he’s feeling, the look of wicked determination on his face, the soft, sultry breaths that escape his beautiful lips, and the way his free hand roams his perfect body, outlining the indentations of his sculpted abs, running along his pecs and down his muscular legs.”

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April 21, 2011

Next Door Studios: Cody Cummings gets serviced by Brandon Lewis writes:

“Brandon Lewis is a hard-working, fun-loving guy. While making his usual room service rounds at the resort, he enters the room of one Cody Cummings, just as Cody is finishing up his shower. Brandon figures he’ll just leave a few nicely folded, fresh towels in the closet. But before he can duck out, Cody, wearing only a turquoise towel, emerges from the bathroom, a bit surprised to find this attractive visitor in his room.

Wouldn’t you know it, Cody remembers Brandon from a cable repair job he did recently. After they have a good laugh over seeing each other again, Cody invites Brandon to spend his break hanging out in Cody’s luxurious suite. Brandon can’t resist the chance to see Cody drop that towel, so he agrees.

As the resort’s top bell boy, Brandon seizes every opportunity to go above and beyond, this time it means wrapping his lips around Cody’s massive cock. It’s the fringe benefits that make his job worthwhile.

And to top it all off, you’ll get to see Cody jerk Brandon’s incredibly hard dick! Watch Cody enjoy five-star treatment and tip generously as these guys engage in some hot, hotel hijinx!”

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April 20, 2011

ActiveDuty: Dustin fucks Kale in “Double Time 9” writes:

“Dustin and Kale are two new Active Duty recruits whose streaming scene heated up this weekend’s update. Things kick off with these two hotties on the bed and Dink gives them his usual round of bullshit, trying to loosen them up and get them at ease. It doesn’t take much of that before you realize that these two were born ready.

Kale is a little rascal and always smiling and laughing, but always ready as well. Dustin follows his lead in the beginning, but it won’t take long for him to “get in where he fits in” and forge his way into Kale’s ass and our hearts all in the same scene.

From Dustin first giving oral, to hot kissing, and even sucking Kale as he tops him, this scene has it all!”

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April 20, 2011

BelAmi: Luke Hamill pops Adam Archuleta’s ass cherry

BelAmiOnline writes about this hot scene:

“Adam Archuleta is coming of age slowly here at Today see him get fucked for the first time ever by all top Luke Hamill! Luke warms up our young bottom but sucking on his huge uncut cock, but soon its Adam’s ass thats gonna take a pounding.”

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