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June 30, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Dawson pops Aiden’s ass cherry

Corbin Fisher writes about this hot scene:

“It’s hard for me to believe it’s been almost a year since Aiden joined us! He’s definitely been an amazing addition to the CF student body.

Aiden’s star (and other things!) rose quickly from the beginning. Aside from his massive muscles (including the massive one between his legs) and his boyishly handsome face, we quickly discovered this gentle giant loves sex.

In fact, Aiden loves sex some much, and comes so intensely, he’s almost blacked out once or twice! Luckily I’m there if he needs someone to nurse him back to consciousness after a shoot ;)

Everyone loves Aiden. And not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask or send an email – when is this hot guy going to bottom for another CF stud?

The answer? Today!

Yes, when Aiden recently pounded the heck out of Dawson, he really bonded with the CF legend. And Aiden said for his first bottom experience, no one but Dawson would do.

What was I to do? Put two of the hottest men on the planet together and film one of them getting fucked for the first time? Oh, wait … that’s EXACTLY what I was going to do!

Aiden was nervous at first, and joked around with Dawson about getting fucked for the first time. But as they kissed, it became clear Aiden was eager to experience Dawson like he hadn’t before! Dawson kissed Aiden’s nipple, which gave the already-sensitive muscle god goosebumps.

It thrilled me to watch these guys explore each others’ bodies with their hands and mouths. In the middle of it, I wasn’t sure who was more eager – Aiden to lose his cherry, or Dawson to go where no man had gone before!

As Dawson sucks Aiden’s huge dick, it’s clear the goosebumps aren’t going away. The two 69 each other, sucking dick as deep and hard as possible.

Finally, it was time. I don’t mind telling you, I was almost as anxious as Aiden. Would he hate it? Would he never want to come back? Or would this open up a new horizon for him?

Dawson eased his dick into Aiden’s hole. Aiden felt a little uncomfortable at first, but you can almost see on his when it turns for him. Soon, he can’t get enough of Dawson’s cock. As Dawson jackhammers his virgin ass, Aiden yells with pleasure.

Aiden doesn’t even touch his own dick while Dawson fucks him. I think he knew if he did, it would be only seconds before he busted his nut.

Dawson slams into Aiden faster and faster. Finally, Dawson tells Aiden to cum for him. Aiden barely jerks his cock before he blasts a spectacular load onto his abs! Every vein in his neck sticks out as he cums! Once he finishes, he has a huge smile on his face.

Dawson rams into him again, then pulls out and shoots his load onto Aiden’s cock and balls. Dawson sucks Aiden’s dick clean, kisses him and then the guys headed for the shower. Aiden laughs while they talk about his first experience bottoming and how he loved it.

What do you think … should he bottom again?”

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June 30, 2011

TitanMen: Marco Wilson pounds Scotch Inkom in “Speechless” writes:

“On a deserted film set, two blue collar hunks get distracted from their job. Scotch Inkom can’t resist the lure of Marco Wilson’s big cock, which juts out below his super-defined abs. After polishing tan Marco’s tool, Scotch lays back for an oral worship from the increasingly breathless sucker — who gags and spits his way through an intense blowjob.

The two shoot their loads before Scotch offers up his muscle ass for eating. Marco tongues it, then slides his hard cock inside. Marco works it deep, varying his tempo as low shots capture his rock-hard shaft at work. On his back, Scotch continues to take it like a man before the sweaty studs stroke out more jizz.”

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June 30, 2011

Machofucker: Quawn pounds Carlito bareback writes:

“It says “You can’t rape the willing”, but newcomer Carlito’s Latino butt gets literally raped by Quawn’s massive fuck piston. One of Machofucker’s hottest and roughest fuck videos. Don’t miss it!”

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June 30, 2011

Corbin Fisher: Travis fucks Cameron

Corbin Fisher writes:

“Travis continues his recent reign of topping everyone he can – and this time he’s going to plow Cameron with his big dick! The guys come into the house, and by the time they hit the sofa, they’re all over each other.

Cameron opens Travis’ shirt to kiss and lick his nipples. Travis is quick to get Cameron’s shirt off and rub his tight body. It’s hard to believe it wasn’t that long ago when Cameron sucked his first cock. As he pulls Travis’ cock out of his shorts and into his mouth, it looks like he was born to suck dick!

Travis feeds Cameron his cock and then Cameron sucks Travis’ balls. Cameron’s stiff dick is ready for Travis, too! Travis swallows the head and shaft, then deepthroats Cameron’s cock.

The guys break to kiss. Travis decides he hasn’t had enough dick yet and goes back down on Cameron! Travis then bends Cameron’s legs over his head and starts eating out his tight asshole. “Ready to get fucked?” Travis asks. Cameron says he is.

Travis fingers Cameron’s hole, then licks it. He spits on it, then teases Cameron by sliding his big cock along his crack.

I never get tired of watching Travis’ technique! It must be that since he’s such a great bottom, when it comes to topping another guy, he knows exactly which buttons to push … and push hard!

Cameron moans as Travis slams his big dick deep inside him. “You feel me?” Travis asks. Cameron’s face says it all. He gasps as Travis pounds him harder. Travis holds Cameron’s feet high, so he can sink every inch of his big cock all the way down into Cameron’s ass.

“I love that fucking dick,” Cameron says. Travis smacks his ass and gets Cameron to sit on top of his cock. Travis drills up inside Cameron’s hole. Cameron’s dick is rock hard and bouncing up and down as he gets fucked.

Cameron strokes his cock as Travis fucks him. He has to stop at one point, ’cause it looks like he’s going to blow – and he doesn’t want it to stop! They move into a doggy-style position.

Travis slides his big dick back inside Cameron. After only a few moments, he fucks an explosive load out of Cameron, that lands all over the sofa! Travis starts jackhammering Cameron even harder, then pulls out and blasts a huge load all over Cameron’s back!

The guys kiss. We’re going to need a few extra towels to clean up after this one!”

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June 30, 2011

Next Door Studios: Steven Daigle gets used by James Jamesson in “Good Little Piggy Boy” writes:

“Dear Steven Daigle,

You are required to report to Mr. James Jamesson. Your movement will be restricted and your basic human liberties will be suspended. This order is not up for contest. Be prepared to accept a large, hard cock in (and around) your mouth and also in your ass.

Mr. Jamesson has been fully briefed regarding these terms and conditions. He has taken the necessary precautions to ensure a hard pounding of your asshole and a thorough abuse otherwise. You will be ball gagged for an indeterminate amount of time and cuffed as well. The nature of your interaction with Mr. Jamesson will most certainly result in warm cum spread evenly or unevenly about your face and possibly your chest. And be prepared to shoot your own load if Mr. Jamesson feels it a necessary requirement.

Your Best Buddies”

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June 30, 2011

BiLatinMen: Blanquito fucks Vago’s virgin ass writes:

“We called Blanquito and asked him if he wanted to get fucked by Vago. Of course, Blanquito said yes. Unfortunately, Vago got stage fright and he couldn’t get his dick hard, so instead Vago ended up being the bottom.

He lost his virginity on film, something I don’t like to film because the virgin is usually a terrible bottom and has to get fucked slowly etc (not a good thing for porn). You will see in the video Vago taking the dick slowly and all the pain evident on his face. He needed the money so he had to give up the pussy.”

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June 29, 2011

Randy Blue: Muscle hunk Derek Atlas shows off and rubs one out

Check out Randy Blue‘s latest model… Derek Atlas! He poses and shows off his beautiful bodybuilder physique, jerking his hot cock and playing with an ass so tight you could bounce a silver dollar off of it.

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June 29, 2011

Lucas Entertainment: Adam Killian fucks Scott Carter in “Backdoor” writes:

“Every night in all cities across the world, there are dark alleys to be explored and backdoors to be trespassed. Join Lucas Entertainment exclusive Jonathan Agassi in “Backdoor” as he does just that: he wanders through the nocturnal regions of a nameless city and discovers what sexual delights are to be experienced.

He first takes notice of Adam Killian and Scott Carter mauling each other in a public stairwell. Their kissing is intense and their hands claw at one another like wild animals. As their heat intensifies, they move into a private room — Scott ravages Adam’s amazing, muscled body and eats out his ass, which is easily one of the meatiest in the entire industry!

With their clothes off, Scott and Adam exchange deep, choking blowjobs and continue working on one another’s tight manholes. They’re so hot for each other that they eventually 69 so no one misses out on the action!

As their sex intensifies, Adam prepares Scott to receive his fat cock. Once inside Scott, Adam pumps and rides the muscled bottom like a madman, and Scott (a total power-bottom) receives every last thrust that Adam has to offer! Their climax leaves Scott glistening in streams of Adam’s cum.”

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June 29, 2011

Cocksure Men: Brady Jensen fucks Cameron Foster writes:

“Brady Jensen and Cameron Foster work up quite a sweat as they help our very own Jake Cruise put the set together at the Cocksure Men studio (that’s Jake giving the guys directions.) They are both incredibly buff, with broad shoulders, huge biceps and great pecs.

Once the set is finished, Jake tells Brady and Cameron to start kissing. Cameron works his way down Brady’s upper body and onto his cock. Brady then gets on his knees to swallow Cameron’s dick. The guys strip down and Cameron bends over and takes Brady’s rock hard dick up his ass.

The fucking continues with Cameron getting plowed on his back. Cameron shoots a huge load while riding Brady, the cum dripping down his stomach and all over Brady’s legs. The cameraman gets one last shot as Brady rubs his dick in the load he shot all over Cameron. It’s a wrap!”

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June 28, 2011

Randy Blue: Andrew Stark and Travis James’ hot flip-flop fuck

Randy Blue studs Andrew Stark and Travis James have the horniest hardcore ass fucking, blow jobbing and butt licking time which leads Travis to shoot his load three times.

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